What I Learned

By far one of the HARDEST of the projects.

I learned to never give up if you sincerely believe in something. An example of this is when I wanted to add a particular clip of bed music and the application I was using (Camtasia) would not allow me to import the audio from the downloaded file even when I moved the music files location and renamed it so I had to upload the audio to Audacity, export it and then upload it to Camtasia to then put it into the screencast.

If had to do anything differently it would be to have a more cohesive website to make the screencasting easier. This semester I was not able to put as much energy that I wish I could have to these projects ,in that I had a full course load and have various other activities that I am a part of. If I could, I would work on all of these projects as a pastime rather than for a grade so it was upsetting that I could not put my full attention to it and post more cohesive topics and content.

Additionally, I would do my research on the screencast earlier. I learned so much about scripts and the in’s and out’s of screencasting from online searches. I had a perception that the process would be easy, but editing my footage proved to me that it is in fact difficult. I tried to incorporate my audio in the process but found that it was so difficult to sync the video and audio because the ox that I was putting my head i was too small so the ZOOM was picking up too much breathing and other noises.