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Exporting “contacts” from FirstClass and Importing to a GAFE account

FirstClass Steps

STEP 1 – Log into your FirstClass account and in the Desktop area, click once on Contacts. (choose one of the two places indicated below)

STEP 2 – Go to File and click on Export.

STEP 3 – Choose For use with Outlook (.csv) and click on OK.

STEP 4 – Choose a place to save the file (for example, to your computers Desktop area), enter a file name (for example, “my contacts FirstClass list”), and click on Save. 

STEP 5 – Your “contacts” will be downloaded as a .csv file.  Click on Close. (this window may close automatically)

NOTE: Any email lists you had will not be downloaded. (i.e. you will see “The item is skipped” messages similar to below)

Google Contacts Steps    NOTE:  Use Google Chrome as your web browser.

STEP 1 – Navigate to the Contacts area of your nlesdonline GAFE account.

One way is via . 

A second way is via the “Gmail” area of your account.  In the Mail drop-down menu (top left), choose Contacts.

A third way is via . Click on the “waffle” icon and then the Contacts icon.

STEP 2 – Click on Import Contacts

STEP 3 – Click on Choose File.

STEP 4 – Navigate to where you saved the .csv file (Excel file) on your computer, click on the file, and click Open.

(In the example above, the .csv file is saved in the Desktop area and is called my contacts FirstClass list.)

STEP 5 – Click on Import.

Your FirstClass “contacts” should now be in the My Contacts area.