Name: ________________________________________________________    Phone: ______________________________

Farmer: _________________________  Weight ______________   Brought in Date: ___________________________                

                                Time to hang: __________________________________________

   ( usual is  7 - 14 days up to 21 days depending on preference. size ect;) ( LONGER TIMES = MORE LOSS )


                                           (3/4 " is normal for steaks)   (4 lbs for Roasts)                                   Hind Qtr:        

Sirloin Steaks: ________”                                         Flank:       Y  /   N                      

T-Bone Steaks & Porterhouse ________”       or     New York Strip & Filet: ________”                                      

        (These 4 cuts above are from the same cut so have to choose,  Unless getting half or whole)

Top Round Steaks: ________”             or              Top Round Roasts: __________LB

Bottom Round Roasts: ________LB          or           Bottom Round Steaks: ________”

     (bottom or top round used for sliced jerky if ordered)   5 lb minimum:  (about one large size roast)

Eye Of Round:  Roast:  whole / in half    or    Sliced: ________”   or    minute steaks ¼ to ½ “ _______

Sirloin Tip Steaks: ________"               or                 Sirloin Tip Roast: _________LB


                                                                                                                                                               Front Qtr:

Chuck Roasts: ___________LB          or     Chuck Steaks: _________”     or      Chuck Eye Steaks __________”

Arm Pot Roast: __________LB          or     Arm Steaks: _________”          

Rib Roast: _________LB       or      Rib Steaks: ________”        or  Delmonico Steaks: ______________________

  (prime rib bone in)                                   (bone in)                                                (rib steaks w/o bone)

Brisket:    whole  /  in half   /   put into ground   /   stew meat      (circle one)

Ground Beef:   How many LB per pk __________________________________________________________ 

Stew Meat:    How many LB per pk _______________    How many pks________________

Do you want?    Short Ribs:  Y  /  N   Soup Bones:  Y  /  N   Liver:  Y / N  Tail:  Y / N   Tounge:  Y / N