Day 5--rhyming 12 lines & Story from an Email subject line


6 couplets

or 3 quatrains

Reading While it Rains

The rain on the roofs

Clomps like horse's hoofs.

An idyllic day

Being held at bay.

Do I sit and stare?

Do I grimace or glare

At this thief of sun

For chasing my fun?

No! I cuddle in

And over the din

I'm lost for an age

With each turn of the page.

Next time I might try a rhyming site like


Story from an Email subject line

"Ivy has returned home"

        "Quit spazzing out and just relax."

        Mike was leaning against a tree trunk with his notebook on his lap. He absentmindedly tapped his pen on the page to the beat of "When the Levee Breaks". He didn't need headphones when there was constant soundtrack playing in his head.

His notebook page was filled with half-lines and half-stanzas. Trying to write the nature-inspired poem for homework was already challenging. Trying to write in to write while Chaz was fidgeted and threw acorns at anything that moved didn't make the job any easier.

        "How can you just sit there?" Chaz heaved a sigh and bounced his legs up and down like a three year old. "It's so boring. And my ass is going numb."

        "You're being a pain in my ass," Mike joked back. "Besides, it's good for you. It's called getting in touch with your poetic side. It's in there somewhere." Mike reached into the side pocket of his backpack and pulled out his Thermos of coffee. "Here, drink some of this. There's nothing a little black coffee can't cure." He unscrewed the cap and poured some coffee into it, lowering his head to inhale the steam.

        Chaz reached over and took it, sloshing some over the edges as he brought it to his lips. He took a careful sip, then realizing it wasn't too hot, chugged the rest. "You do realize that you just gave the antsy kid an extra shot of caffeine, right?"

        "Oh man, why didn't I think of that?" Mike put his face in both hands and scrubbed with aggravation.

"Next time, some vanilla creamer, please."


"Blasphemy is sitting out here in the middle of these woods on a beautiful day. We should be playing Madden or something--"

"That makes no sense. Do you even realize..."

Chaz tossed his blank notebook aside and was getting to his feet. "I don't care! I just gotta--"

He took off running around the tree, then off the path they took into the woods. Mike sighed then chuckled as he watched his friend darting around.

"Dude, you look like a squirrel! Get back down here and get this poem done!"

It was pointless. Chaz zigged and zagged, then ran behind Mike's tree and out of sight. Mike followed him with his ears when he left his view. The crashing of tall grass and bushes, the crackling of branches let Mike know exactly where Chaz was.

Mike picked up his pen and returned to his notebook, Chaz's rustling still in his ears.

        And then it came to a halt.

Mike turned his head and leaned around the tree.

"Ummmm--" Chaz called out from somewhere in the deep growth. "Remember last year when I got those itchy patches on my wrists and and ankles?"

After a little more rustling, Chaz emerged from the bushes holding his hands out from his body like they were covered in nuclear waste.

        "Yeah..." Mike turned and got to his feet, disregarding the notebook sliding off his lap. "What did you do?"

"Well, I think the ivy has returned home."