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Release Notes Hotfix PM3.0.4
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                                                    Release Notes: Hotfix  PM v. 3.0.4

Release Notes

Hotfix v. 3.0.4

(Release Date: September 13, 2016)


This Hotfix has 2 improvements and 8 solved bugs. Since these Hotfixes are accumulative, the list of bugs included in previous versions is listed inside the Fixed bugs list v. 3.0.2 document.

System Requirements:


  1. [HOR - 1780]        Filter PM Table data in REST API Calls.(Mantis code: 20993)
  2. [HOR - 1781]        Improve - Filter/search capabilities in endpoints.

Known Issues

  1. [HOR - 1807]        It displays an error message when a parallel case with Email Intermediate Event is exported from and imported in 3.0.4



Fixed bugs list Hotfix v. 3.0.4:

  1. [HOR - 1714]        All Users with the permission PM_SUPERVISOR can see and edit all processes even if they have not been assigned as supervisor.(Mantis code: 21157)
  2. [HOR - 1715]        Reassign available even if the user does not have the PM_REASSIGN. (Mantis code: 21159)
  3. [HOR - 1716]        (Supervisor) Users not assigned to a process can be found with a search in Review/Reassign.
  4. [HOR - 1732]        Jump to: Validate this action.
  5. [HOR - 1752]        Supervisor Review: Does not open the dynaform.
  6. [HOR - 1762]        Audit log configuration/option gets disabled randomly. (Mantis code: 20970)
  7. [HOR - 1782]        Use of Custom Cases List in participated will break case notes access.
  8. [HOR - 1783]        Change Log is being shown for all the users in the Advanced Search.

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