Land O’Lakes Quilt Guild

Board Members

President:  Maria Hall

Is the principal executive officer of the Guild and supervises and controls all of the business and affairs of the Guild.  Maria presides over regular Guild meetings and schedules and conducts board meetings, which are open to all Guild members.  Maria is a longarm quilter and shares her expertise at guilds.DSC_1798.JPG

1st Vice President:  Lori Andreasen

Is responsible for coordinating, arranging and following up on programs, retreats, and workshops.  She is a member of the Board and stands in for Maria Hall, President, whenever she is not able to attend the guild meetings.  Lori has arranged for programs for the Guild through the next 2 years.DSC_1795.JPG

2nd Vice President:  Cheryl ParkerCheryl Paker.jpeg

Is responsible for the Block of the Month, fabric and/or ornament exchanges, Door Prizes, Birthday drawing, and the annual Challenge.  Cheryl has Committee Members who support her with each of these responsibilities.

3rd Vice President:  Pat Acker

Is responsible for greeting all members and guests to the monthly meetings and for making sure all attendees sign in upon arrival.  Pat and her Committee Members keep a current, updated list of all members.  They also handle keeping track of our small groups or Bees as well as Community Service and Hospitality.   DSC_1791.JPG

Secretary:  Jennifer Smiley

Keeps the minutes of all regular monthly meetings and board meetings.  Jennifer also provides a copy of the minutes of every meeting to the President and to the Newsletter Editor as well as keeping updated copies of the bylaws and standing rulesJennifer Smiley (1).jpg

Treasurer:  Suzanne Weber

Prepares the annual budget, makes monthly and annual reports to the guild, and handles all banding aspects (receives, deposits and disburses all funds. Suzanne keeps a detailed record of all financial activities.

Newsletter Editor:  Nancy Gaudette

Collects articles from various board members and committee chairpersons so that she can compile them into a monthly newsletter, which comes via email a week prior to the Guild meeting.  Nancy also keeps a pictorial record of each meeting or event and sends out email notices for Guild members.  DSC_1804.JPG

Committee ChairsDiannamartinez.jpg

Social Media:  Dianna Martinez

Maintains the Guild website with updated information about meeting dates and times,upcoming programs or events, and current Guild information.  Dianna also shares current Guild calendar events, updates and notices on the LOLQG Facebook page.

Community Service:  Liz Moyer and Nancy Russell

Coordinate the making of donation quilts and Christmas Stockings to be shared with Denton CASA as well as the placemats for Seniors in Meals on Wheels.  They collect donated batting and fabric from local vendors.  They deliver all Community Service items, including toiletries.  Community Service is a huge part of our Guild activities.DSC_1797.JPG


Bee Keeper:  Nita Henshaw

Keeps track of on-going friendship groups, informs new members and visitors of the Bees; helps new bees get started and keeps the members updated on current group activities and needs through the newsletter and guild meetings.

2017 Raffle Quilt:  Jackie Galubenski

Prints and distributes the raffle tickets to the Guild members.  Submits ideas to the Guild for the locations, such as area guilds, craft shows, and festivals, to sell raffle quilt tickets.   Schedules and facilitates the selling of the tickets through Guild members and these events. Maintains a running total of raffle ticket sales each month.DSC_1794.JPG

Retreats:  Marilyn Van Vooren

Schedules retreats for Guild members.  Marilyn sets up Day Retreats that focus on Guild activities, such as Christmas stockings or donation quilts.  Other retreats provide Guild members with longer opportunities to work on individual projects. One such retreat focused on a Mystery Quilt!DSC_1793.JPG

New Member Social:  Pam Dietz

Organizes snacks at each Guild meetings, the Pot Luck Dinners,  as well as the New Member Social which occurs at least twice a year.  At the New Member Social, Pam provides treats and introduces New Members to the Board and Committee members.DSC_1808.JPG

Sunshine and Shadows:  Kitti Magrini

Collects news about guild members and submits it to the newsletter editor for publication in the monthly newsletter and on Facebook.

Block of the Month:  Marilyn Van Vooren

Provides the Guild Members each month with a block that can be made.  Marilyn shares directions to the BOM on the web page editor so that it can be accessed easily.  She sets up the final showing of completed BOM quilts.  This year’s BOM was built around Redwork and its history.DSC_1793.JPG

Annual Challenge:  Connie LitfinDSC_1803.JPG

Shares the Guild challenge at the January meeting and encourages Guild members throughout the year to complete that challenge.  This year Connie has put this challenge to the members: complete a Charm or Charming Quilt.  Guild members will be showing their completed challenge projects at the July meeting.

Door Prizes:  Barbara Dickinson and Robin Pax

Coordinates the name tag and birthday drawings each month.  They also create themed door prize giveaways each month!  They travel to local quilt shops to gather free give-away’s!

Texas Association of Quilt Guilds (TAQG):  Jeanne Fletcher

Represents LOLQG at monthly TAQG meetings, informs Guild of current TAQG activities and needs, and submits updates to the newsletter editor for publication in the monthly newsletter and on the Guild website/Facebook.

Show and Tell:  David Van Vooren and Bob Rindel

Are responsible for setting up the Show and Tell portion of our monthly meetings. David and Bob also help with the handling of quilts when a speaker needs it.  DSC_1806.JPG