12/16/2022 11:04:27

Staccie Williams

Happy Missionary Mom

I am so excited to have found My Missionary Shipping! The process is quick and easy as the research has already been done for you and the forms have been greatly simplified. It is also cheaper than sending mail through other carriers AND it gets there quickly with no customs fees for the missionary if you select that option! I am able to rest easy knowing that my missionaries package is there in plenty of time for Christmas!

12/12/2022 22:00:06

Julie Wach

Missionary Mom

This was my second time shipping with My Missionary Shipping. It was so easy and our packaged arrived in Albania within a week and clear customs quickly with Todd's help and expertise. We are so happy with this service that is provided especially for international shipments. The cost was reasonable as well. We will keep using this service to get our missionary his packages.

12/12/2022 22:00:06

Julie Wach

Missionary Mom

This was my second time shipping with My Missionary Shipping. It was so easy and our package arrived in Albania within a week and cleared customs quickly with Todd's help and expertise. We are so happy with this service that is provided especially for international shipments. The cost was reasonable as well. We will keep using this service to get our missionary his packages.

12/7/2022 16:04:41



Quick and easy! Todd has researched all the things. All I had to do was fill out my info and pay the fee. They even picked my package up at home. It got there in 4 days. USPS took 10 weeks. Will definitely be using this service again.

12/4/2022 18:10:30

Gerilyn Heiselbetz

So helpful!

Our son is currently serving in the Bridgetown Barbados mission, and we were told that it is very difficult to send packages there, and actually have them delivered. We were told about My Missionary Shipping and decided to try it out. The process was so easy and helpful! We are so grateful to be able to use this throughout our son's mission. Thank you!

12/1/2022 11:56:30


Amazing, easy experience

Using MNS couldn't have been easier! Todd was very helpful in answering all my many questions and in a timely manner. I was shocked at how quickly my missionary's package arrived!! Will certainly be using this shipping service again!

11/28/2022 18:01:27

The best way to send missionary packages

Very satisfied customer

The communication was superb. Any questions I had were answered. This method of sending packages to your missionary is secure, and safe.

10/21/2022 19:44:26

Kristin Jacobs

Happy Missionary Mom

Wow! This was the easiest, fastest, most reliable way to get my son a package in Jamaica! I had heard it took about 3 days and I was like, ok we’ll see. I shipped on Monday and it arrived on Thursday. Just like I had heard. Also I had gone to another shipping place and the owner there actually told me to use My Missionary Shipping. So glad I listened! I will recommend them to everyone who has a missionary! Thanks for your awesome service!!!

9/17/2022 8:59:32


Missionary Mom

My Missionary Shipping provides an amazing service getting packages to difficult places! I have used them for two of my children serving on foreign islands and am amazed at how quickly they receive their packages! The cost is much much cheaper than other options and the packages arrive in excellent condition within a weeks time.I highly recommend this company and their services. Thank you!!

8/16/2022 15:25:20

Julie Wach

Satisfied Mom

I contacted Todd at My Missionary Shipping to ship a package to my son in Albania. Even though it's not an easy country to ship to, My Missionary Shipping made it easy. I appreciated all the help, direction and follow up I received from this company. I would highly recommend using this company.

4/22/2022 10:53:26

S. McMillan

Satisfied Customer

This shipping company is excellent to work with. They are quick to respond and quick to ship. I have shipped to multiple countries. Everything I have shipped has arrived to the destination in 2 days. The postal service told me 6-8 weeks. This is so much faster and reliable. Thank you so very much for the fabulous service. I would highly recommend this company to anyone with a missionary.

4/4/2022 17:42:30

Debbie O.

Scotland Missionary Mom

Thank you so much for walking me through how to get my package ready to send to my missionary in Scotland. She received in in just 2 days! The tracking information was very helpful. My package was picked up right at my front door. So easy.

2/17/2022 1:13:02

Brandi R.

Thanks Again for a Great Experience

This is such an amazing service for missionary parents that have children in hard-to-reach missions. Thank you for "knowing your stuff" and helping us all out.

2/4/2022 9:08:51


Happy Customer!

I have used mymissionaryshipping for over 6 years now, for 5 different missionaries and they have delivered my packages without any issues every time from Australia to the Dominican Republic. They walk you through all the steps to ship gifts to your missionary internationally. I highly recommend their services.

1/1/2022 12:37:40


Happy customer

Todd was so helpful in getting a package to my mom who is serving a mission in South Africa! He made the process simple and was super helpful and quick to get back to me when I had questions. He was also great when my Moms package got stuck in customs in South Africa and even emailed me to notify me when it got delivered! Her package took a little longer to get to her, but by no fault of Todd's - just crazy South Africa customs. I could track the package daily and see updates all along the way. I would totally use My Missionary Shipping again and recommend it to anyone!

12/20/2021 23:04:14

Martha Jacobs


I have used this service 3 times this year to send packages to my son in Paraguay. Each time the delivery was made within 7-days without any complications. Todd has streamlined the process and it’s reliable and efficient. I highly recommend this company.

12/20/2021 8:57:16


Happy Mama

So glad I found MyMissionary Shipping to send my son his Christmas box!! The post office and the UPS store were not able to be very helpful, but this sight helped me complete all the necessary steps and send my package to Jamaica, all at a fraction of the cost!! Let all the international missionary moms know!!!

12/10/2021 9:51:37

Brandi Reber

Pleasantly Surprised!

We send a package to Liberia West Africa and it made it from Utah in exactly 1 week! I can't believe how easy is was. Todd is great to work with and answered all of my "first time shipper" questions. I recommend using My Missionary Shipping without hesitation. Great service!!!

11/29/2021 17:43:03

Jessica B.

Happy missionary mom

This is a great service. So easy to use, it took the guesswork out of sending a package internationally. I was able to get a package to my missionary son within 3 business days. I wish I knew about this service sooner!

11/25/2021 18:35:10


Missionary Mom

I was so relieved to find a quick, reliable way to mail packages to my son in Jamaica. It was easy to arrange and everything went off without a hitch. I also appreciate the discount on shipping since it can be so expensive to send anything overseas nowadays.

10/5/2021 10:08:09


Missionary Mom

So quick and easy to send a large package to England. My missionary received the package within 5 days of sending. My Missionary Shipping is awesome. Thank you!!

9/29/2021 13:21:24

Heather C.

Happy missionary mom

It was so difficult for me to find a way to ship items to my son in Chile. My Missionary Shipping made it easy, much less expensive than the alternatives, and fast.

8/11/2021 15:01:50

Stephanie J.

Missionary Mom

I love using My Missionary Shipping! I have sent packages overseas myself through DHL and through USPS and My Missionary Shipping is a breeze! Todd does all the work and is so easy to work with. He patiently walked me through the process the first time I shipped a package through his company. While it does cost a little more to ship through My Missionary Shipping/DHL than USPS it is worth every penny to be able to track the package door to door. I have taken packages directly to a DHL drop off point and the process is very time consuming and the cost was a little more than if I had used My Missionary Shipping. I also love that I can do everything from home and have the package picked up by DHL.

I currently have a missionary in Albania and my most recent package was picked up on a Friday and delivered the following Monday! I highly recommend My Missionary Shipping to anyone who has overseas shipping needs! Thanks Todd!

5/25/2021 9:37:40

Cecily H

Mom of missionary #2

I have used My Missionary Shipping most recently for my second son who is serving in Berlin but had also use this service a few years ago when I had a son serving in the Dominican Republic. Every time I have gone through the process, things have gone smoothly and all of my questions have been answered promptly. Todd gave a detailed email instruction for how to do everything (so helpful since things have changed drastically since I last used this) and I was able to get the package off without an issue! I will definitely be using My Missionary Shipping again.

2/15/2021 12:04:02

Shannon C.

Satisfied Mom

I was very impressed with My Missionary Shipping! Todd responded quickly to all of my questions. The process was well explained and simple! My missionaries package arrived in Paraguay quickly! Will definitely be using their service again!

12/25/2020 18:22:58


Fast and Full Confidence

My son is currently serving in the Adriatic South Mission. He got there in March, right about the time everything shut down. It was very difficult to figure out how to get him a package. When I found out about Todd’s service, I was eager to try it out. It was a bit of a learning curve my first time trying to figure out the paperwork, but it is fairly simple and most importantly I could not believe that his package arrived in Albania at the Mission home five days after it left my home in Albuquerque. The peace of mind knowing that he will get his entire package in a timely matter is the best feeling when your missionary is so far away and locked down. Yes, it does cost a little bit more. But it is worth the amazing service, Todd stays on top of the paperwork and package the entire time, it clears customs and I am able to pay the fees ahead of time and he has gotten all of his packages within one week, delivered to his hands. Hands-down this is the best service I could use or that is even out there. Definitely recommend using it if you want to get a package to your missionary in one piece.

11/27/2020 14:18:39

Heather Thomas

Happy Missionary Mom

This was such a great experience! Todd was helpful in making sure we had everything we needed to send my son’s package off. It was picked up from DHL on Monday afternoon and delivered to my son in Sweden by Friday!

We will definitely use this service again.

10/28/2020 12:07:01


France Missionary Mom

I needed to send a Christmas package to my daughter in France. I have never shipped a package to a foreign country before and the thought overwhelmed me. I was referred to MMS by another missionary mom. What a blessing! The whole process was so seamless! I loved that once I answered the questions, all of the necessary forms were prepared for me. All I had to do was print them. Once it shipped, it made it safely to the mission office in France in 4 days. I'm amazed! I will definitely be shipping packages in the future through MMS, and can't recommend them enough!

5/14/2020 12:05:10

Kara Clarke

Swedish Missionary Mom

I needed to send my son, who is serving a mission in Sweden, a package for his birthday. Because of the Coronavirus, the regular US mail was extremely slow, and it is likely that he never would have received his package in time. I heard about MyMissionaryShipping from another missionary Mom and I am so happy I did! They picked up my package on a Thursday, and my son received it the following Monday. Just 4 days later! I was so happy! I highly recommend this service!

3/10/2020 16:16:28


Happy as can be!

The package was picked up at my house in NC and delivered to Norway in 4 days! We enjoyed tracking the package as it made its way across the ocean and to the little island!

2/24/2020 18:32:01

Emily Hillstrom

Missionary Mom

My Missionary Shipping is the best place I've found to get packages to my missionary in New Zealand. They offer the best prices and each shipment has arrived within just a couple of days and in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier with this service.

12/20/2019 10:43:05

Kimberly Carlile

Miracle Service!

MyMissionaryShipping must employ Santa’s elves AND his sleigh because it is nothing short of a miracle that my missionary daughter got her package in Sweden in time for Christmas Day. I’m so grateful for this service!! Faster than the post office and cheaper than other major carriers! Responsive customer support and excellent CLEAR instructions are the jingle bells on top. Thanks, MMS!

12/16/2019 9:48:52


Thrilled Customer

This service worked great for us! We had poor luck getting packages to our missionary in Chile previously and thankfully we found MMS. Hallelujah that this Christmas, he actually got his package! Thanks MMS!

12/13/2019 21:31:21


Happy Mom

I've used My Missionary Shipping twice now and both times it has been so easy, quick and very reliable! They've been great to work with and communication is prompt and helpful.

12/7/2019 8:32:24

Missionary Mom


First time to use Was VERY pleased. Process was easy and my package got to the DR in 2 days!!! Unbelievable!! Thank you so much. I've never had such an easy shipment overseas. Thanks so much. Will be using this site in the future!!

12/7/2019 8:32:24

Missionary Mom


First time to use Was VERY pleased. Process was easy and my package got to the DR in 2 days!!! Unbelievable!! Thank you so much. I've never had such an easy shipment overseas. Thanks so much. Will be using this site in the future!!

12/6/2019 0:27:08


Mom shipping overseas

I am so glad My Missionary Shipping is an option for overseas packages! I loved the tracking feature and checked it frequently. Much better than the post office, and less expensive than the major shipping companies! Thanks!

12/5/2019 14:57:22

Missionary Mom

Happy momma

I LOVE My Missionary Shipping! Todd is always quick to answer my questions and my packages, which if shipped from USPS would take 6 weeks to get to their destination, but My Missionary Shipping gets them overseas in a few days!!! Each package has always arrived safely and promptly. Such a great service and a must for moms of kids serving missions internationally!!💖💖💖

12/3/2019 13:37:24


Very Happy Mom

We found my missionary shipping part way through another son's mission. It is amazing! Packages arrive to Italy, Mexico, and Chile in just days! Not only that, they actually arrive! We just had a missionary leave for Chile and I was relieved that My Missionary Shipping was still around. His package got there in a few days and was half price compared to using the local DHL provider. (Always in search of a bargain, I priced it both ways.) I really like how Todd is aware of what items might hold up a package in customs. Who knew that food (ie candy and crackers) might cause problems in customs in Chile? I was able to remove those items from his package and it was delivered to the mission office today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for providing this service!

12/3/2019 7:45:24


Grateful mom

My package got stuck in customs. I don’t know computers very well and wasn’t exactly sure how to answer the questions and submit the paperwork required to prevent the package from coming back home. I reached out to Todd and he helped me correct the paperwork and the package arrived at the mission home. Thank you so much Todd. You made this missionary mom very happy. I’m grateful for people like you!

11/26/2019 21:21:29


A very happy Mom

Another mom said she had used this service, so I thought I'd look into it. Everything was explained so well which made the whole process easy. I loved being able to track the package the entire way and was so happy to see it arrive safely in southern Mexico after just three days. Thank you for this service! I can now relax knowing my missionary has a little Christmas from home.

11/18/2019 10:41:01


Thrilled mom!

My first time using My Missionary Shipping and my package arrived in FOUR days to the Netherlands!!! That was after mailing it a month before with usps (and taking an hour at the post office) to have the box returned to my home a whole month later!!! So happy to have other options. helped answer all my many questions and concerns! Loved this service!!!

11/11/2019 19:00:15

Amy Nelson

Satisfied Mom!!

After USPS losing one too many packages it was a relief to have this option and know my package will reach my missionary in New Zealand in a much faster time than USPS!! Sure it was a little more $$ but the peace of mind knowing it got to the destination in 5 days was amazing! Todd was super helpful and I’ve already recommended this website to other missionary moms!!

11/6/2019 6:46:39

Pam Steadman

Impressed and Thankful Mom

I used My Missionary Shipping to ship a package to my Son in New Zealand. I was amazed the package arrived in 4 days! It was so nice to be able to track it the whole way and see it be released by customs, that was a huge relief. Todd was so helpful, I emailed him several times with questions and each time he responded quickly and so kindly. I was nervous to send the package with all the specific rules by New Zealand customs. Todd was extremely helpful with completing the customs paperwork. I am so grateful for this service!!!

10/14/2019 12:06:54


Missionary Mom

So glad I found a safe, reliable and less expensive way to get a package to Jamaica for my missionary!

10/11/2019 7:51:58


Grateful Missionary Daughter :)

Wow, I am so impressed with this whole process! My parents are serving in Madagascar as Mission President & Companion. Madagascar is one of the most expensive places to ship to, and I have had a lot of issues and expense sending items there. My mom told me that many of the mission moms were using My Missionary Shipping, so I looked into it, and I'm so grateful to have found this!! I am still in shock that my packages arrived in Madagascar in less than 4 days! And for half the price it would have cost me from the other places. Thank you so much, I truly am grateful for your services, for your prompt replies to all of my questions, and for how smoothly this all went. You really made something go from impossible to doable, not only with your better rates, but also with the security of the package arriving there without problems. THANK YOU!!!

10/3/2019 15:50:39

Betty Bennett

Missionary Mom

Thanks Todd for helping me get an important box to my missionary son in Liberia! It got there in four days. I am very grateful.

10/3/2019 10:32:48

Phil Peterson

Very Satisfied Mom and Dad

This service is great and easy to use. Customer service is also top notch. I’d recommend to all my friends!

10/2/2019 14:26:20


Satisfied Mom

I just used My Missionary Shipping for the third time for a shipment to Jamaica. It literally went from Utah to delivery in Jamaica in about 48 hours. I've had no customs issues and Todd is easy and great to work with. I quoted the same shipment through Fedex and it was MUCH higher! Love, love, love My Missionary Shipping!

9/21/2019 8:13:45

Missionary MOm

Satisfied Mom

Love mymissionaryshipping!! We needed to get a medication to our daughter quickly in Japan. We called the MTC, Post office, and UPS. The post office recommended mymissionaryshipping to us. Todd was awesome and helped me fill out the forms to send the medication to Japan. I was amazed at how quickly her package got there! The last one we sent took 3 weeks and we were worried that would be the case with her medication but it arrived in 4 days!! I will only be sending packages through Mymissionaryshipping from now on! Thank you!!

9/21/2019 8:07:30


Super happy mom!

So easy to use! I shipped internationally and my package was delivered fast, plus I saved money using

8/31/2019 11:47:14

Melissa J


This was my first time using My Missionary Shipping! My son is in Africa and packages usually take a month or two to get there but this package arrived in 3 days! Wow that was fast. It did take some prep work to get the package ready and fill out all the forms but once that was done the delivery was so fast. It got there in time for his birthday!

8/28/2019 13:50:13

Mission Mom

Happy Mom

I used My Missionary Shipping with my daughter in 2014 in Germany, now I have a son in Fiji and I am so glad I can see the progress of the packages and make sure it is there ontime for him. Easy access for quotes and directions. Thanks Todd!!!

8/28/2019 9:55:12

Another success!!

Happy Missionary Mama

It feels so great to save money and have your carefully packed missionary package arrive without any hiccups! I’ve had nothing but success with My Missionary Shipping!

8/20/2019 23:18:20

Diana Tanner

Happy Missionary Mom

As a new missionary mom, I was so grateful to find this service. We were able to send a package safely and quickly to our son in Mexico in just four days, with wonderful communication through My Missionary Shipping. So fast and easy. Thank you, Todd!

8/20/2019 15:47:16


Satisfied Missionary Parents

My Missionary Shipping was great to work with! It was so beneficial to get an estimated quote so I knew what to expect for payment. And it was much cheaper than shipping through any other carrier. Todd was fast in getting documents together, and explaining the whole process to pack and label items correctly. My missionary package was delivered in 4 days! Very pleased with the service.

8/14/2019 15:13:15

Suzanne Fiso

Happy Mom

The last package I mailed to my missionary took two and a half months to be delivered to him. This "birthday" package arrived at the mission home in five days!! Halfway around the world in 5 days!! Amazing!! I am so happy!!

8/1/2019 7:04:58

Debra Forman

Happy Mom

I love using MyMissionaryShipping because I know my package will get to my son in Mexico intact and quickly. I thought it would take weeks, but they have been delivered in less than 5 days. You guys are awesome!

7/30/2019 12:34:39


Happy Missionary Dad

This was my second time using My Missionary Shipping services. My son is in West Africa in Sierra Leone. He got his package in 6 days as promised. TODD has been fantastic to work with. You won't be disappointed!

7/23/2019 19:24:10


Missionary Mom

I just sent my first pkg through My Missionary Shipping! It was so easy and it got to Australia in 3 days. Did not get stuck in customs. Todd was so easy to work with and helped me through the whole process. I ended up dropping it off at a drop off location. I gave them the box and the forms and walked out the door. I will definitely use My Missionary Shipping again to send my packages. Thanks!

7/21/2019 4:32:58

Angie Gardner

Missionary Mom

We can always count on My Missionary Shipping to deliver packages to our daughter in the Caribbean quickly, safely, and at a reasonable price. The first few packages we sent, we used a different shipper and the cost wasn't much different and the packages took more than a month and went to Paris along the way. When we found out about My Missionary Shipping it has been so much better. A package was picked up at 3 pm on Monday and in Guadeloupe at 5 pm on Tuesday. Amazing! I wish we would have found out about them earlier!

6/18/2019 18:53:14

Mike R.

Appreciative Customer

My Missionary Shipping is fantastic! International shipments to our missionary are easy and quick. Todd does an excellent job! We've used this service multiple times - it is great!!

6/11/2019 12:00:42

Stephanie L

Satisfied customer

Easy process. Todd communicated what we needed to do clearly. Package to the Philippines got to our missionary in a week. Will use this service again. Thank you!

6/4/2019 14:21:04

Molly P

Happy Mommy

Working with Todd at My Missionary Shipping is always a positive experience. He's quick to respond and very helpful. His website is easy to navigate and he makes the process simple. Thank you, Todd!

May 28, 2019

Joann Omer

5 Stars

This is a fabulous service. Very reliable and easy to use. I can't believe how quickly my packages clear customs and get delivered!!

5/3/2019 9:46:02


Satisfied mom

With my son serving a mission in Ghana Africa I was a little nervous about how he would be able to receive packages. I have been very pleased with the service of My Missionary Shipping. Both times I have used this service the packages have gotten there within a week and everything was intact. It’s definitely worth spending just a little bit extra money for the peace of mind. Todd is very helpful and will make sure you do everything correctly to get your package safely delivered. I will definitely be using them again.

4/24/2019 9:57:47

Suzanne Bringhurst

Happy missionary mom

It is so easy to ship thru My Missionary Shipping. My packages arrive to my daughter in Albania in just a few days. Before I knew about My Missionary Shipping I sent packages to to my son in Guatemala by regular mail and his Christmas package never arrived. I know I can trust My Missionary Shipping to get my package there safe and fast.    

Apr 23, 2019

Danielle Carly

5 Stars

I love using All my packages have arrived within 3-4 days with no issues at all. I love that my packages are picked up from my work or home. This is by far the best service for shipping missionary packages. Thanks so much for providing this service for our missionaries.

Apr 22, 2019

Steve Lindsay

5 Stars

I learned about My Missionary Shipping after the person that rang up our shipping costs to send a Christmas package to New Zealand, broke the news to me that it was going to cost over $600! She told me about My Missionary Shipping. Todd sent instructions over to us and within 24 hours we had cut our cost by 66%! Amazing! Great service, great value. We’ve now used the service a couple of times and won’t send any other way!

4/16/2019 10:23:45

Christy Mann


My son is serving in France and My Missionary Shipping makes sending packages so easy and way less expensive than normal rates. The quote process is simple, the instructions are clear and makes the whole process possible. I’ve known the owner of this awesome and helpful shipping service since junior high and he handles the freight for my business. I’m most grateful to be able to send goodies and love to my son. He feels loved too! Thank you My Missionary Shipping!!!

4/12/2019 9:05:47


So impressive!

I was running late sending a birthday package to my missionary in Moldova but I still saved half the cost of DHL and my package arrived earlier than expected! Such quick service from my missionary shipping - and really easy once you give it a shot.

3/27/2019 8:19:34

Veronica D

Awesome service

I’ve used these guys for a missionary in Spain and again in Australia. I’ve been so happy with how fast and how cheap they are compared to everyone else.


Candace Reeb

5 Stars

I have used My Missionary Shipping three times to send packages to my missionary in Jamaica.  Every time the packages got there in less than a week without any problems.  I first tried to use the DHL website but found it hard to navigate. Thank you Todd for making it so easy to send things to my missionary.  

3/12/2019 16:04:44


Satisfied Customer

The service was surprisingly fast for international mail. They even suggested cheaper packing methods specific to my needs. Very helpful!

3/7/2019 10:43:46

Scott C

My Missionary Shipping Fan

I've used My Missionary Shipping multiple times and can't say enough good things about Todd and crew. Just sent my son another package on Tuesday and it was delivered this morning (Thursday) at 10:30 am. Less than 48 hours to the Dominican Republic. So glad I found them.

3/4/2019 19:30:29


Amazingly fast shipping

After sending packages to my grandson using USPS with poor success, I decided to try My Missionary Shipping to send a birthday package to my grandson in the Philippines. The package arrived at the mission home in just over 4 days. Todd was very helpful providing instructions. The cost was about the same as USPS. I highly recommend My Missionary Shipping. Thanks Todd.


Jon Vance

5 Stars

I sent my missionary a birthday package on Tuesday Feb 26th in the evening to Bogata Columbia, It arrived today Friday March 1st, on his birthday- 3 day delivery, Very Very fast!! Todd was very helpful and answered all my questions quickly! I Highly recommend his services and will definitely use his services again!! Fantastic!!!

2/12/2019 10:19:25

Kimberly Summers

Worth it!

I have had great success with this service and DHL employees tell me somehow this service gets packages through customs more effectively than they can at times! Grateful for saving nearly half the cost too! This time my package even arrived earlier than expected.

2/12/2019 10:29:06

Jackie Thompson


I am horrible at packages. It is so stressful sending to my son in the Dominican republic, but not with My Missionary Shipping. Todd is so helpful and kind and my packages always get there so quick, often in two days. Thank you for your patience with me and your promptness with my packages!

Jan 25, 2019

Aubrey Griffin

5 Stars

I love My Missionary Shipping! I was so surprised to know my package delivered to Jamaica in just 2 days!! The process is as easy can be and to not have to worry about the package is a huge relief! Todd even gave me my $10 back when I signed up for the option to pay for any custom charges because it didn’t apply to Jamaica. Definitely recommend!

Jan 16, 2019

Bill Christensen

5 Stars

Easy to use, and more cost effective than the national carriers. With having family all over the world, they can still be connected without costing a small fortune.

2/8/2019 12:32:13


Happy Mom

Thank you so much for this service! I was so happy to hear we could actually send packages to our missionary in Guyana through this service! Todd answered all my questions (even those I asked more than once) and by just following his easy step by step instructions our package arrived safe and sound and quickly! So glad to find this service! Thank you!

2/8/2019 12:32:17

McCann Family

Very happy customer

Only 4 days to get our package delivered to Jamaica! Great service!

You can track your pack all the way.

We are very happy with this service!

1/22/2019 16:04:44

David & Nancy Gardner

Grandparents of a Jamaican Elder

Our daughter told us to try My Missionary Shipping and it has worked without a hitch. Our package was delivered within 4 days to Jamaica and it made it through customs without any problems. Now all we have to wait for is for the package to make it out to where our grandson is serving. That will probably take a while, since he is serving about 4 hours away from the Mission Office. We will definitely spread the word!!


Bill Christensen

5 Stars

Easy to use, and more cost effective than the national carriers.  With having family all over the world, they can still be connected without costing a small fortune.

12/26/2018 12:00:00

Michele Smith

5 Stars

My missionary shipping is great!  My elder's package to Paraguay arrived safe in a little over a week.  I will definitely use them again!!  Thank you!!!

12/26/2018 21:52:18

Michele Smith

Happy Mom

I am so grateful for this service. I was able to send a package to my missionary in Paraguay and in only took a little over a week. What a great service to have to help us make sure our missionaries receive their packages!!! I definitely will use My Missionary Shipping again!! Thank you!!!

12/20/2018 10:55:33

Heather Campbell

Happy Mom

It was very easy to arrange shipping to Australia for my daughter. Her package arrived so quickly I forgot to even track it! But Todd notified me by email, and the photos of my daughter opening it were priceless!

12/17/2018 10:03:19

Dennis G

Happy Dad

Excellent service! Package was delivered quickly, I will definitely use My Missionary Shipping again!

12/14/2018 20:36:55

Heidi P


Our son has been in Liberia almost two years. We only found out about MyMissionaryShipping in October. I wish we had known sooner. He only received two of our packages in 18 months thru other mailing options and they took three months to get to him All the other packages never got to him. With My Missionary Shipping, packages were easily tracked and got there in four days. Great reliable service! Thank you Todd!

12/14/2018 17:38:34

Darren Lemmon

Satisfied Family

Great and Fast! Would recommend 100%!!!

12/14/2018 13:18:54

George Richards

Pleased Pop

Found this site with my 5th of 5, if only I had found it with number 1! It has taken all the frustrations out of shipping our boy in the

Trinidad Port of Spain Mission!

12/11/2018 8:02:26


Grateful Mom

We sent our package to Africa and everything about it went very smoothly! It was delivered within 5 days! This is incredible!! The website for mymissionaryshipping is simple and clear in filling out the needed forms! We will definitely use mymissionaryshipping again!!

12/11/2018 9:00:00

Kim Bass

5 Stars

I really enjoyed working with Todd at My Missionary Shipping. His service was great, he was patient as I walked through the process the 1st time. It was an affordable option to a high priced market. The international package I sent was reasonably priced and got there sooner than I expected. I would highly recommend them and they do both international and domestic shipping. Thanks Todd!

12/10/2018 21:45:52


Missionary Mom

Being a brand new missionary mom and hearing horror stories about sending packages through other carriers, I was SO happy to learn about and eventually ship my daughter's Christmas package to Australia through My Missionary Shipping! Todd was very helpful through the entire process and was very detailed in explaining what needed to be done. I followed Todd's advice and was sure to call DHL beforehand to make sure I was not sending anything that's not allowed. My shipment was picked up from my home in Utah on Wednesday afternoon, December 5th and was delivered to the mission home in Perth five days later on December 10th! I was shocked at how quickly it arrived in Australia! I am so thankful to Todd for providing this service and for making it so simple and painless to send my daughter's Christmas gift. Now I can relax, knowing she has something for Christmas!

12/10/2018 11:07:48



I had heard that Mymissionaryshipping was the only way to get things to Jamaica quickly and without issues. the service was easy to use, and things were processed very quickly. Jamaica usually is difficult to ship to, but the package got there in 2 days!!! Thank you!

12/10/2018 10:51:12

Kim S

The way to go!

Thank goodness for this missionary shipping option! It was half the regular DHL/UPS options and about the same as the post office but much faster and more trusted with international tracking every step of the way! Easy enough to do - I just had to weigh my package at UPS first because I wasn’t sure. Thank you for saving us money and stress of wondering if our package made it!

12/8/2018 11:27:02

Becky Johns

Pleased Grandmother

I was dreading sending a package to Albania for my grandson, but this service got it there in 3 or 4 days. The instructions are detailed and clear, and my package was picked up at my home to be delivered. Couldn't be more pleased!

12/5/2018 12:28:16


Happy Dad

I have a daughter serving in Mexico and have heard all of the horror stories about getting packages to missionaries serving there and was sure we would not be able to get much of anything to her for Christmas, birthdays etc. My Missionary Shipping has disproved all of that. We have been able to get things to her easily and reliably. I highly recommend this service.

12/4/2018 15:13:08

Lori Loe


I have used this shipping method twice. Each time it has gotten to Jamaica within one week! No customs issues! I am so grateful to have such a reliable service to send my missionary packages! Thank you!

12/4/2018 19:11:59


satisfied Mom

it"s a very good service and totally recommended, thank you.

Nov 20, 2018

Marci Sharp Hinnen

5 Stars

Wow! My Elder's Christmas package was received at the mission home 4 days after leaving the US for South Africa. Thanks for being fast and reliable.

12/03/2018 12:00 00

Tiffany Pollard

5 Stars

I've loved the personal touch I've gotten from My Missionary Shipping! Todd, the owner has responded personally to any questions I've had. And they rushed some customs forms changes I had to make on the label last week so my package could go out that day. My daughter's package to the Philippines arrived in 1 week!

I mailed a package to my son in Spain last Wed, and it arrived in Spain today! I've also appreciated how helpful DHL has been when I've called them with any customs questions. They've been very helpful. This is such a great way to get packages to missionaries internationally without it taking weeks or months to arrive!

Dec 7, 2018

Kris Horning

5 Stars

Todd was great to work with!  So glad to our son got his package in Tonga!  Was less than two week with My Missionary Shipping, as compared to the USPS that took almost 2 months!  

11/29/2018 6:39:53

G. McCann

😀Happy Customer!

Wow! The Christmas package we sent our son arrived at the Jamaica mission home in 3 days! We were able to track the package all the way. Thank you for this service.

11/26/2018 10:45:15

Emily Beardall

Very Happy Mom!

I am so excited! The last package we sent to our son in Madagascar we sent through USPS. It took almost 6 months to get there. For Christmas, we wanted to guarantee that his package would get there before Christmas. I had heard about My Missionary Shipping from other parents from my sons mission. Our sons package was picked up on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and on the following Monday, my son emailed and said he had his package! It took less than a week and now I know that my son has his Christmas package! I am a very happy mom! Thank you My Missionary Shipping!

11/20/2018 15:32:28

Brooke Tabone

Satisfied mom

Wow that was fast shipping. My package got from Utah to Jamaica in 4 days without any problems at all. Super easy. I will definitely use this service again.

11/19/2018 10:54:12


missionary mom

I received an email from Todd telling me that my son's package had been delivered to the mission home in Liberia after having sent it just days earlier. I honestly thought that Todd had sent the email in error. The same day I read my son's email and he had the boxes! His were delivered before his sister's boxes arrived in New Jersey! Thanks for walking us through an involved process and helping us stay a little closer to our missionaries!

Nov 1, 2018

Julie Egan

5 Stars

Excellent, fast delivery! After having a package lost through USPS, I decided to try It was delivered from Dallas to Jamaica in 48 hours. Will definitely use again.

Oct 15, 2018

Tyler Curtis

5 Stars

I just wanted to say "Thank you" for providing this most valuable shipping service to missionaries throughout the world. Even though shipping internationally seems very complicated, your website and email instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. Our package to our son serving in Guyana arrived in 3 days! I would recommend this service to anyone with missionaries serving abroad! The overall experience has been very positive!

11/13/2018 14:48:39

Holly Ann Smith

Happy Mother

I just sent my first package via It made it from Utah to my missionary in Liberia in 5 days, much to my astonishment! Todd was extremely helpful in answering my questions. I wish I’d known about My Missionary Shipping with my other four missionaries. I was pleased with the price/service and will definitely be using it in the future and will recommend it to others. Thanks SO much!

11/11/2018 1:58:05

D Palmer

So surprised!

I sent my son's Christmas a couple months early because last year I used a different service and he got it late. Well lo and behold - he got it the next week! From Alaska to South Africa! I had to send an email to the office to ask him not to open it as things weren't wrapped so they could get through customs faster. I'll be using this again for his birthday.

10/30/2018 11:10:03

Becky Roundy

Grateful mother

I needed to get some items to my son in Liberia West Africa. We always had good luck through MMS/DHL, when we mailed items to my missionary is Mexico. However, I was pretty skeptical that things would actually ship to a 3rd world country. But I was astonished when I got the confirmation that his padded envelope with a hat, and cards/letters from home arrived safely in just 5 days (Thurs-Tues).

10/2/2018 15:15:40


The Best!

Our son is serving in Australia and after researching shipping costs with ALL other shipping options, I couldn't believe the prices, shipping times, the lack of guarantees and problems with customs. I'm SO HAPPY we found My Missionary Shipping. Although the initial set up and paperwork was a bit complicated it was totally worth it! We sent a 10 lb box for over 50% less than it would have cost from other shippers! Not only that, it was picked up at my door on Monday @ 3 p.m. and delivered to the mission office in Australia that Friday morning. It was fun to be able to track the package the whole way and, most importantly, our son was so very grateful and excited about a package from home. This is now our go-to shipper for his mission.

9/10/2018 11:32:06


Satisfied Mom

I needed to send a package to Mexico and was very concerned because other packaging services said that packages were being sent back from Mexico. My questions were answered quickly by email and I couldn't believe that her package was delivered in less than a week. I am looking forward to sending other packages to her now - and I really appreciate this service. Thank you!!

8/31/2018 16:14:45


Impressed Mom

Todd...your missionary shipping method is second to none! My packages I send to my son happen smoothly and quickly! I sent his package to England in a Tuesday and it landed in his doorstep early Friday morning just in time for his birthday package. I love how simple it is and how efficient it is to mail through your service. I have been using it now since 2015. Love Love Love it!

8/31/2018 16:11:18

Lara Miller

Happy Mom!

Sending packages to Jamaica with My Missionary Shipping is very easy and affordable. I am very happy with this service!

8/11/2018 7:24:16

J. Anderson


Best pricing I’ve found! Easy and convenient! My packages always arrive quickly and I can track their progress across the world!

7/27/2018 7:52:08


Happy happy happy

Was having trouble sending packages to Mexico and actually having the stuff delivered. Package was delivered in 1 day! Couldn’t believe it. Great service, great price!!

7/25/2018 14:06:51

Kieran and Victoria


Our daughter is serving in Jamaica and is currently off island serving in the Bahamas. We’ve sent packages through My Missionary Shipping and it has been flawless. We were able to have our package kept at the DHL office for our daughter to pick up when it’s convenient as it’s not always safe to leave packages on the doorstep ( anywhere)!

It’s been really great and so very reasonably priced compared to doing it ourselves .

Thanks Todd for your great customer service

Kieran and Victoria

7/23/2018 9:54:17


Very Pleased Mom

This was the first time I used this service and was very pleased at how straight forward it was to send it and the package arrived without any delays! I would definitely recommend it anyone!

Jun 27, 2018

Tona Davenport

5 Stars

I needed to send a package to Australia before transfers. When I was told it would be 3 days. I really didn't believe it. Taking each little step trying to get the forms and scheduling the pick up -- all my emails were answered quickly so I could get this package out. It did arrive in 3 days. My missionary wasn't home and had to pick it up but he was excited and it seemed pretty easy for him. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Jul 6, 2018

Kevin Beeson

5 Stars

Quickest method we have found to get a package to Hong Kong. It usually arrives in 2-3 days and the price is cheaper or similar to USPS which takes much longer to get there. Highly recommended!

6/6/2018 15:53:33

Stacey Davidson

Satisfied Mom

My daughter is serving in the Caribbean - ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and is currently in Curacao. We finally got her birthday package ready to send last Friday afternoon at 4:30pm. I went online to set up a time for DHL to pick it up, assuming it would need to be on Monday morning. I was able to schedule a two hour window for that evening. They picked up the package within 25 minutes of my setting up the pick up time! To my absolute astonishment the package was delivered on Monday afternoon!!!! I couldn't be happier with My Missionary Shipping! I will tell all missionary parents about it! I was able to track it the whole way and couldn't believe how quickly the package moved and how easy it was to fill out the forms. Thank you Todd! This is a blessing to missionaries and families around the world!

5/23/2018 23:20:14

Natalie Smith


I cannot believe how extremely fast this is. My first package I sent through USPS took over a month and half to reach the Caribbean, but every single package I have sent since discovering My Missionary Shipping has been received in a matter of days (A few of which have taken less than 48 hours!). My Missionary Shipping is by far the easiest and best way to send international packages, and I recommend this service to everyone!

5/17/2018 13:23:23

D Johnson

Satisfied Mom

I love this shipping service. Because it's through DHL, one can track the package. That was important to me. If I spend money to buy something for my missionary, I want him to actually receive it, without surprise taxes or fees or a huge delay. I will use this company again.

5/11/2018 16:21:05

Kent & Nancy Jorgensen

Very Satisfied Parents

This is our first time using my missionary shipping. Our sons package arrived in Sierra Leone in 5 business days! We will definitely use this service for future package shipments. We recommend this service to all parents with missionaries serving worldwide!! Thanks Todd.

5/7/2018 13:26:13


Happy Mom

I've used My Missionary Shipping twice now to send packages to Central America (Honduras) and it has been so easy and absolutely flawless. Todd was super nice and personally answered my questions, and the packages arrived within 3 days. Knowing that they got there sure beat the waiting and wondering that came with the first package I sent using another carrier (her mission office isn't always so good at distributing the packages so it was months before she got it and I wasn't even sure if it was there). At least with My Missionary Shipping, even if she doesn't get the packages right away, I know they're in the office waiting for her. I will use them again for sure!

5/7/2018 10:18:45



My Missionary Shipping is amazing! They are so easy to work with, but they also make sure the package gets there safe. We have been sending packages, letters etc. to our missionary in Barbados, and all of the letters we sent were sent back, and/or opened and the money was taken out. We decided to just send everything through My Missionary Shipping, and it arrived quickly (on his birthday) and was safe. The owners are incredibly easy to work with and we are so grateful for this company.

5/4/2018 7:51:30

Henry L.

Happy Parents!

Todd has been so nice and the price is the best I can find for shipping to our son in the Caribbean. I called DHL for some info and they gave me a 25% discount and this pricing was even cheaper. We only do a shipment two times a year, but it has been wonderful to use. Thanks for your help!

May 3, 2018

Dena Brown Jones

5 Stars

My son is serving in Sierra Leone, West Africa. As a mom, of course I want to send him fun packages from home. I have had wonderful customer service with Todd and his company. My missionary has received every single package within 5 business days. I get a confirmation email when it is delivered and it shows me whom, in the mission office actually signed for it. I recommend My Missionary Shipping to all of my mission-mom friends. Thank you Todd!

Apr 13, 2018

Jenise Kluver

5 Stars

I just finished packing my 3rd box for my Missionary in Durban South Africa.  I LOVE this service as I know it will get to him within a week and without being opened or having problems. I've used My Missionary Shipping many times in the past for my other Missionary who served in the West Indies/Caribbean and never once was disappointed! I will refer everyone to this company. Todd is amazing. Thank you so much!

12 Apr, 2018

Chris N Alice Gibbons

5 Stars

Absolutely Best way to ship internationally for my Elder in Jamaica!  Everything arrives in 1 piece, always within 3 days  - I've been using Todd's service for almost 2 years and will refer it to any and everyone with International shipping needs!

4/2/2018 10:06:01

Teresa E.

Happy Customer

Shipping was fast, costs fair, this is such a great service being done for missionary families. Thank you for your hard work!

3/25/2018 17:27:59

Krista Campos

First time missionary mom

My son is serving in Barbados, and I couldn't believe how expensive it was going to be to send a package through FedEX or USPS. Although there are no DHL shippers close to our home, it has been worth it to drive a little ways to Utah to have the packages sent through We have sent 4 packages in the past 9 months and they have all arrived within 4 days. Thank you for providing this service.

March 23, 2018

Mark Larson

5 Stars

“If getting your missionary's package to its destination quickly and safely is important, use My Missionary Shipping...these guys are fast and about half the price of DHL...These guys are great and the best part is you don't have to monkey around with the traveling circus that is the USPS which is a total gamble and who knows when your package will arrive or even IF your package will arrive...Thanks to Todd & his team!”

March 23, 2018

Patty Rojas Gubler

5 Stars

“Exelent service ”

3/21/2018 14:30:08

Scott C

Happy Shipper!!

This service is the best!!! Package to the DR picked up on Monday and delivered on Wednesday. Other shipping companies have taken weeks. So glad I found My Missionary Shipping.

3/20/2018 8:12:25


A very happy missionary momma

I sent a birthday package to my missionary who is currently serving in the jungle of Liberia Africa. It literally took 5 days to arrive, right before his Mission President was conveniently visiting his area and delivered it to him. He seemed excited to get it. Thank you so much. I sent a test package in January with the same results. Love this company!!

3/13/2018 21:15:13

Kris B.

Very Satisfied Mom

My Missionary Shipping got our missionary's Christmas package to the mission office in South America in 3 days from the day it was picked up. We will definitely use them again:)

March 06, 2018

Jennifer Grace Stafford

5 Stars

“Another great experience with My Missionary Shipping. Todd is always super helpful, and my package got to Hong Kong REALLY FAST!! Will definitely use again. :)”

2/23/2018 12:43:33

Missionary Mom

Happy Missionary Mom!

I love this shipping service!! I can count on my package arriving next day air!! Canada is sometimes hard to get packages into quickly, but this service sends right away and gets it delivered! I always receive tracking information as the package gets delivered. I love it!!!

2/21/2018 17:08:46

Julie Vail

Satisfied Mom

I am not a very tech savvy person and so I was VERY apprehensive about doing this shipping service. My son is in Brazil and I have had very bad experiences trying to get a package sent. Todd was amazing at letting me know exactly what I could send, any restrictions, and answering any and all of my questions in a timely manner. It was very easy and the package arrived much sooner than I would have expected. My neighbor was the one who told me about My Missionary Shipping and I have since recommended it to all of my friends!

2/21/2018 10:46:15

Paris France Missionary Mom


It was a little rough working my way through the website and process but once we figured it out I ended up saving over $130.00 to get a very important package of medicine to my Missionary. Thank you for making shipping doable.

2/16/2018 8:15:59

Angie S.

Happy Sender

I have sent 3 packages through Todd at My Missionary Shipping and have been very pleased with the service each time. My son is serving a mission in Australia and the packages arrive so quickly I don’t think I could hand deliver them any quicker! It may cost a little more than regular post but for me the quick and reliable service is worth it. I know the cost is much less than regular DHL and as a missionary mom I really appreciate that. Thank you Todd and team for offering this great service!

February 05, 2018

Nichole Betten Hackler

5 Stars

“It MADE IT! This is the way to ship international or at least to Jamaica. Todd was great to work with and responded quickly to my question. I got quotes from 2 other shipping companies and he was $50 cheaper than the cheapest quote. My package was delivered within 3 business day, 5 days because it was over the weekend. ”

2/2/2018 15:43:49


Grateful mom

I’m so grateful and amazed... i sent the package Tuesday and it arrived by Friday!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

1/29/2018 16:20:12


Satisfied Mom

Todd has done it again! He has consistently proven to be my "go to" man when I want to make sure my missionary gets his package in a timely way. Thanks again, Todd, for making this an easy process!

December 18, 2017

Guy Duersch

5 Stars

“I have a new missionary out in the field, and when I asked parents of currently serving missionaries what is the best way to ship packages internationally? They all, overwhelmingly replied ""! I thought I would give them a try, and I have to agree with all the other testimonials, that it was extremely easy to get the packages shipped, and the price for the shipping was better than expected! The owner, Todd Hebdon, was incredibly helpful, and his service is beyond amazing! I will continue to use his services to ship packages to our missionary! Thank you Todd for all your help!”

January 16, 2018

Erica Jensen

5 Stars

“It MADE IT! This is the way to ship international or at least to Jamaica. Todd was great to work with and responded quickly to my question. I got quotes from 2 other shipping companies and he was $50 cheaper than the cheapest quote. My package was delivered within 3 business day, 5 days because it was over the weekend. ”

1/17/2018 13:02:25


Happy Missionary-Dad

When a previously used company suddenly went out of business, My Missionary Shipping came to the rescue. Todd was extremely professional, helpful and patient with our many questions and even followed up letting us know the package was delivered to Guyana in a super fast 3 business days!!

Without hesitation, I would use My Missionary Shipping again. (5 out of 5 stars)

1/1/2018 16:22:43

Jennie R

Thrilled Missionary Mom

My missionary shipping has been the answer to international shipping!! Our missionary always receives packages in 3-4 days, from Utah to Ireland. We've never had an issue and always received prompt help and answer to questions! Todd and MyMissionaryShipping is awesome!! Recommend them 100%!!

December 23, 2017    

        Natalie Newbern

5 Stars

     “Fast and safe delivery and easy to work with! Will definitely be using you again!”    

December 23, 2017

Cassell Archinuk


“The service was very professional and well-organized. The shipping was very fast and our package got to the right location promptly! Will do business with them again!”

December 19, 2017

Louise Wheelock

5 Stars

“Using My Missionary Shipping was SO easy! It was my first time using the service! I will use it, again. Thank you for helping make my life, just a little easier at this time of year! Merry Christmas!”

12/18/2017 13:37:37

Scott C.

Missionary Dad

Our son received his package in the DR within a week. So glad it will be there for Christmas. He is still waiting for the birthday package we sent him in October via another provider. My Missionary Shipping and DHL made it happen!!!

12/18/2017 11:26:20

Nicole Earl


I am so glad other missionary mothers suggested this shipping option to me! My package made it to INDIA in just 8 days!!! What a great thing you have created for us anxious parents missing their missionaries! I know it will make his Christmas so much better getting a little bit of home!

12/15/2017 14:33:00

Lesa Koger

Delighted mother

So grateful! Another package has been successfully delivered to our daughter out of the country. I'm amazed at how fast it gets there when we ship through My Missionary Shipping. THANK YOU!!

12/15/2017 12:16:57


Happy Missionary Dad

We were looking for a way to make sure our son's Christmas package arrived in Hong Kong on time and had heard about My Missionary Shipping's service. After carefully running through the instructions and a couple of misfires on the form, we figured it out. Todd was very helpful in walking this first timer through the process. Just received word today that the package has arrived safely in Hong Kong, only three days after shipping! We will be using My Missionary Shipping again for the next package, I am sure.

12/14/2017 17:15:55

Connie W.

Mom and now daughter of missionaries

I’ve used MymissionaryShipping for two of my own missionaries called on international missions; Singapore and England. I inevitably procrastinate sending my packages but once I found this service, I never have to stress, mymissionaryshipping saves me everytime!!! My packages have left my door and been received thousands of miles away in 2 days!!! It blows my mind!! Just used them again to send a Christmas package to my mom serving a mission in England (same exact mission my son served in a couple of years previously) and ironically she walked into the mission office minutes after her package arrived and was able to take it back to her area immediately!! It brightened her day and she immediately sent me an email with her gratefulness and a promise that she’d wait until Christmas to open it!!!

December 13, 2017

Alisa Neil

5 Stars

“This was my first time using My Missionary Shipping. I had a few questions along the way and Todd, the owner, was quick to respond and very helpful. He just emailed my that my package was delivered to Mexico safely! So grateful for this service. They came right to my door and it worked great!”

December 12, 2017

Becky Davis

5 Stars

“My package was picked up from my home on a Monday morning, and was delivered to my son's mission home by Tuesday afternoon! I appreciated the advice given to check on each item we were sending to avoid any problems with customs. Thank you!”

12/12/2017 22:46:55


So grateful

My missionaries Christmas package just arrived in 5 Days...I’m so grateful For the confidence that shipping with gives me

12/12/2017 16:46:39



I love my missionary shipping!!! This was my first time using it and I was shocked at how easy and fast it was! They picked it up at my home on a Friday afternoon and it was delivered on Monday afternoon! They helped me through all of the customs that I heard could be a nightmare! I will definitely use this service for all of my packages in the future and tell all of my friends about it!!

12/11/2017 16:29:56

Tony Balukoff

Satisfied parents

Our son's Christmas package was delivered in Spain only six days after shipping from Idaho! Much better results than the other shipping methods we have tried.

12/11/2017 16:28:35


Happy Aunt

I dropped the package off on Friday afternoon, had a busy weekend and on Monday before I could even think "I should go track that package" I got a note saying it had been delivered on the other side of the world!! Lake Elsinore California to Sydney Australia. Amazing!!

12/11/2017 15:59:38

H. Harris

Satisfied Mom

My missionary shipping was a great way to ship to Australia. I was a little worried about getting everything right so my packages would get to my son for his birthday and Christmas. Todd helped me out with any questions I had and walked me through the process so I didn't mess anything up. Thank you so much for getting my package to Australia safely. I sent it off on a Friday and it was delivered 3 days later on Monday.

December 10, 2017

Wendy Rice

5 Stars

“I loved my missionary shipping! I had several questions, multiple times, as this was my first time shipping to Mexico. All my questions were answered and I had my package picked up Wednesday afternoon at my home and it has at the mission office by Friday afternoon! I didn't have any problem with things we sent and it was so fast! We will definitely use this service again! Thank you!”

12/10/2017 0:58:06

Karen Tobler

Happy Mom

I was so happy , and frankly a little bit stunned to hear that my son’s package to ALBANIA was actually delivered ahead of schedule, in about three days instead of four. I’ll absolutely use this service again!

12/9/2017 9:11:11



Another on time delivery for My Missionary Shipping

December 05, 2017

Jack Kendrick

5 Stars

“Great service! Easy to fill out forms with quick turnaround time. Very pleased so far. Have sent two packages to Africa and both arrived via DHL in about 4 days!”

12/5/2017 14:42:00


Mom of Twins

I am so thankful for MyMissionaryShipping! I have twin boys, one serving in the Barbados Bridgetown Mission and one serving in the Tahiti Papeete Mission. Neither of these places is easy to send packages to, but with your great service both of my missionaries have received their Christmas packages quickly and without any problems. Todd has been great to always answer any and all of my questions quickly. And, I love being able to track my packages all the way to their destinations! Thank you!

12/4/2017 16:31:47

Robert S.

Amazed parent

We shipped a rather large package for the holidays to our son in Caribbean. The package arrived in two days. Encroyable! as they would say in French.

12/4/2017 13:50:55

Jen Stafford

Grateful Missionary Mom

We sent a package to our daughter in Hong Kong Friday, and it was delivered Monday! Todd was super helpful and answered my questions. It was awesome being able to track the package all the way to delivery, and then Todd even sent me an email letting me know it had been delivered. Great experience! I'll definitely send the next package with My Missionary Shipping as well. :)

12/2/2017 8:20:28

Quenta Hatch

missionary mom

Thanks to My Missionary Shipping for patiently working with me thru the process of getting my package to Jamaica in time for Christmas!

12/1/2017 14:58:25


Happy Mom!

I love!! My package always arrives the next day at amazing prices!! I love it!! It makes me really happy to be able to send packages so quickly!! Best shipping ever!!

11/30/2017 22:16:50


Missionary Mom

We are so happy to have found My Missionary Shipping. We had so many problems getting packages to our missionary in Spain. 4 packages sent through USPS to the mission home were held in customs for months and then returned to us. With My Missionary Shipping, the package reached our son at his doorstep within 3 days! It was like a miracle and made this missionary Mom so happy. Thank you so much!

11/29/2017 10:37:58



I can't say enough good things about Shipping with My Missionary Shipping. The process was simple, easy and fast(thanks to all of the help). I sent my package and the mission home in Tonga had it in UNDER 2 weeks. I know moms who send with other carriers, 2 weeks before I did and are still wondering where the package is, because it isn't in Tonga. I comparison shopped and this for me is the best deal all the way around. I won't ship any other way!

11/27/2017 13:57:42

Wendy Bradshaw

Satisfied Mom

We have been using My Missionary Shipping since December 2014. We recently shipped to Benin in West Africa. THE PACKAGE ARRIVED IN 4 DAYS!!!!! Over the years, Todd has been so helpful and all of our packages have successfully been delivered. You cannot beat the shipping prices and the peace of mind that comes from shipping with MMS. Thank you Todd!! :)

11/25/2017 12:31:06

Lisa in Texas

Ecstatic Missionary Mom

I made Advent Calendars and mailed them at the end of November? How could I be confident they would get there in time for the Dec 1 to begin the Christmas countdown? Through MMS of course! With the proper invoicing and details, you can bypass customs pretty readily if your box does not contain restricted items. It is easy, the very best and so much less expensive than regular DHL service. Give Todd a hand...YAYYYY!! and a kiss and a hug...:)

November 20, 2017

Laura Waters

5 Stars

“This process was so easy and saved me $150 in shipping costs to Panama. DHL is the most reliable carrier to Central America. Package was delivered next day. I also had the option of sending package with a private individual who delivers missionary packages, but was only slightly more expensive and guaranteed and trustworthy. Will definitely use them again.”

11/20/2017 8:39:25

Stacie Simpson

Happy customer

I was so anxious to send my first package to my Elder in Mexico, after all the stories I've heard. But this process through My Missionary shipping was GREAT! They picked up my package from my doorstep on Thurs. and it was at the mission home in Pachuca Mexico on Sat. AMAZING! Thank you for this great service!

11/16/2017 17:28:06



Excellent Service. Always fast and accurate

November 13, 2017

Michael Travis

5 Stars

“If some other company hadn't already snagged it as a tag line, I'd say that was easy. We have sent several packages to Mexico City and the last two Todd helped us with. They arrived in tact and even with some customs delays still arrived in less time spending less money than other shipping companies we have used.”

11/11/2017 7:37:37


Satisfied Grandma

This is the ONLY way to ship to your missionary, especially if it is to an international address. I know, I tried many different methods and carriers. Todd was very kind and took such good care of questions and problems. And he notified me that my package arrived safely--2 days later. Thank you Todd.

11/10/2017 15:52:46

Kim Thomas

Happy missionary momma

Awesome service! I can always count on my packages arriving to my missionary who is serving in the Caribbean. The average time for my packages to be delivered is between 2-4 days. So grateful this discounted DHL service is available to help families be able to afford to send packages safely and in a timely manner all over the world.

11/9/2017 15:33:00


Happy momma

The package I sent to Barbados left SLC at 1:00 pm on Monday. I received an email saying it was out for delivery by Wednesday morning! That was less than 48 hours! Unfortunately no one was at the mission home to sign for it, but, they did redeliver Thursday morning and someone at the mission home signed for it! So much quicker than USPS!

11/8/2017 12:31:50


Satisfied Mom!!

Having a son in Canada is tough because the mail doesn't work there like it does here. The fastest I could get a package to him was one week and a ton of Money. I found my missionary shipping and things changed!! I can send a package overnight and for less. LOVE IT!!

November 07, 2017

Stephanie Hubbard

5 Stars

“I just had a great experience sending a couple packages to my twins on their missions in South America! Todd was very helpful in walking me through the process since I was a newbie. My package to Colombia was delivered in 2 days!! And the one to Chile was still pretty fast even though Chile's customs delayed it a bit. If you want to send something fast to your missionary and don't want to pay the outrageous regular price look up My Missionary Shipping!”

November 07, 2017

Tamara Jones

5 Stars

“So fast and easy! Thank you so much! Sending packages to our missionary has been beyond stressful! Thank you for taking so much of the worry out of shipping so that we can concentrate on sending our children some love from home :)”

11/7/2017 13:00:47


Satisfied Customer

I was nervous about sending a package to my friend because the country (Spain) is notorious for the customs holding up EVERYTHING. I served in the mission and saw the missionary side of it--I've had to pay loads of money to pick up packages, others are sent back and the sender has to pay an exorbitant fee, etc. But My Missionary Shipping went about everything perfectly and it was delivered quickly without ANY hiccups with the customs. It was completely hassle-free, and I got to track the shipping real time without any stress. Not only was it completely reliable and efficient with free pick-up at my door, but extremely inexpensive for what I was going to have to pay by using DHL on my own or any other private shipping company. 100% would use this service again.

November 03, 2017

Natalie Hubbard

5 Stars

“Todd, was so kind to me. He answered all my questions and had the patience of a saint. My packaged arrived in Germany in less time than it takes to mail something out of state... mind blowing”

11/3/2017 12:39:40

Lesa Koger

Elated mom

We thought we wouldn't be able to get packages to our daughter in the Caribbean. My missionary shipping was easy to use, quick to pick up and deliver, and reliable. THANK YOU for your service!!

October 26, 2017

Kristin Berggren

5 Stars

“My Missionary Shipping truly over delivers! I have sent 2 packages to the Caribbean and both arrived in great shape in 5 days. I had questions about the contents and customs, etc. which Todd patiently answered and we were able to ship with confidence. I love the quick pricing tool which allowed me to calculate the most economical size and weight for my boxes. It is also terrific to be able to pay for the customs duty out of my account rather than have my missionary worry about it. I love this service and I recommend it to every missionary parent I meet. Thank you Todd for exceeding expectations!”

October 24, 2017

Shannon Kehl

5 Stars

“My Missionary Shipping was highly recommend by a few of my family and friends. Todd was very kind and helpful. The shipping was very fast. It only took 3-4 days to get to the mission home. So much nicer than worrying if my daughter will even receive her packages. I will definitely be using this service again. Thank you! ”

10/31/2017 14:23:42

Chellie Orme

Satisfied Customer

I just shipped my first international package with My Missionary Shipping and it was delivered in 2 days!! Todd was very helpful with any questions I had during the signup process as well as during the shipping process. I would definitely recommend My Missionary Shipping to anyone who is looking for reliable and speedy service.

10/5/2017 15:51:29

That was FAST!

Happy Customer!

In addition to being available to answer all my questions, My Missionary Shipping has provided 4 day - yes, FOUR DAY - delivery from Arizona to Monrovia, Liberia, Africa! WOW I am so impressed. I guess those homemade chocolate chip cookies won't be stale after all. (-:

10/2/2017 20:12:57

Correen Woodbury

Happy Mom

This is the fifth missionary we have sent out with three of those being foreign. I wish we had known about My Missionary Shipping with our sons; it would have made our lives so much easier! When we used the United States Postal Service, one of the packages we sent to Chili took almost 2 months to get there; it was so stressful and expensive. With MMS I don’t worry, the cost is reasonable, and the time it takes to get to our daughter on the ABC islands is just phenomenally quick. We have now sent two packages to our daughter and will be sending her a Christmas package as well. We are so grateful for this quality service and highly recommend it!

October 02, 2017

Priscilla Morgan

5 Stars

“I am SO grateful for your services!! I will use it for every package I send to my elder! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to send things to him, out of the country, in a timely manner and still be able to put food on the table at home, haha! It took less than 3 days (over a weekend!) to get to his mission home and the price was extremely reasonable. Thank you so much!!! I HIGHLY recommend this to all missionary parents!”

9/28/2017 12:36:41

Tina Vai

Missionary Mom

I needed to get a package to my son serving in Ghana. Based on information shared by other missionary moms about their missionary not receiving their packages, the fees they have to pay at pick up, and how long it takes to get a package there, I decided to look at other options. Others recommended this company, and I am so glad!!

After looking at all my options I decided to use and they delivered exactly what I was looking for!! Their rate was the cheapest, delivered directly to the mission home, and it arrived in less than a week!

I will use them again!!

9/27/2017 14:06:06

Kim Thomas

Super happy missionary momma

I have sent several packages using my missionary shipping to various Caribbean islands and I have had great success in each delivery being received within just a few days. This service is awesome and so helpful to cut down costs to ship in a timely manner. I am grateful I can get something to my missionary so quickly and in good shape! I even shipped a birthday cake!

9/26/2017 18:55:56

Torey Olsen

Satisfied Missionary Dad

Our daughter was serving on St. Maarten right before Hurricane Irma devastated that island. While she was evacuated to Barbados before the hurricane hit, most of her belongings were left on the island. Because of the destruction, it will be several weeks, or months before missionaries return to St. Maarten and some time before she can get most of her belongings. We were able to send a relief package to our daughter using My Missionary Shipping, which arrived to her in Barbados extremely fast! The price was very reasonable, and the process was very easy. Thanks Todd for creating this service for families of Missionaries everywhere!

9/26/2017 15:23:42

S Hansen

Happy Momma!

My daughter is serving in the caribbean. The first two packages I sent through USPS.They took 6 and 7 weeks for her to get. I tried the the next package got to St Lucia in 3 days and ready to be picked up! This is the by far the quickest way to send packages and I also spent twice as much through USPS.

9/25/2017 12:03:12

Lisa in Texas

Grateful mishmom

We are empty nesters with all 3 out on missions now. Sending 2 of their half-way there packages could have been hair raising but not with MMS! My Elder had his inside a week and my Hermana had hers in 3 days! This is the only way to go and I want everyone to know to send your package with the help of Todd H.

9/21/2017 20:49:26

Lisa in Texas

Missionary Mom

My package arrived in 2 days! Texas to Spain in 2 days!! How does that happen?! Well now I know!

Through My Missionary Shipping, the way they organize it all from the free price quote to the quick and easy form to fill out, along with the categories for the package contents, it all ends up as a seamless way for international customs to process it through without question or pause. It also helps that DHL is based out if Bonn, Germany. Great work and many thanks to Todd Hebdon for starting such a timely and all around fantastic company!

September 20, 2017

Phoebe Waybright

5 Stars

“I just would like to compliment you on how much you help out missionary families!! It is very hard having our children so far away, and still needing to provide them with creature comforts of home. My son takes bucket showers, washes his own laundry on a washboard, and at times goes for 3 to 5 days without electricity. And he is not alone. Having the reassurance of package delivery to Sierra Leone is something that keeps our family close as my son feels that he is still very supported!”

September 18, 2017

Ann Elmer

5 Stars

“We found this site after sending a package to Colombia 2 times and still having it returned to us. My Missionary Shipping is faster, less expensive and much friendlier! Thanks for helping packages get to our missionary so quickly! ”

9/15/2017 13:49:12

Dena Jones

Happy mom

This company was referred to me by another missionary mom who has had great success. I used My Missionary shipping for the first time this week. My son is serving in Sierra Leone, Africa and I have been told that there is no point in shipping anything of value because he will never receive it. But I took a chance and my son received his package in only 5 days! I mailed it on Monday and it was delivered to the Mission office early Friday. The customer service & response time from Todd, the owner was fantastic. And the price is much less going through My Missionary Shipping than it would be through DHL directly. Thank you so much! I love this service and will use it again & again!

September 12, 2017

LeAnn McGrath

5 Stars

“I have used mymissionaryshipping to send packages to my missionary in Hong Kong for his entire mission. It is so great because not only is it cheaper than the USPS, but it would arrive in three days!! Most recently my missionary needed to send something home, so I tried the option for that as well. Everything worked perfectly and his package was picked up at the mission home and arrived at our house 3 days later! This is the best way to send packages to your missionary and I love it!!”

9/12/2017 15:18:27

Shauna Carter

Happy Mom

I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to send packages to my son in Ghana but a friend told me about and it has really made life easy for me. I was afraid he wouldn't get his birthday package but it got there in 5 days! 5 days people and it cost me almost 50% less than if I went a different route! I am extremely satisfied and so happy that my son will receive the packages I send.

September 09, 2017

April Sagala

5 Stars

“As a new missionary mom, I was a little taken aback with the price of sending a birthday package to my son in Hong Kong. After comparing prices with several different ways to ship, the best out there was hands down mymissionaryshipping -- My package was delivered faster than the original anticipated date. I will be using this service again, thank you!”

September 08, 2017

Jeff Vincent

5 Stars

My Missionary Shipping is always great to work with and they save me money! They help take the frustration and confusion out of navigating the DHL system directly as well as the save me from having to be an expert in International shipping requirements and regulations. Thanks!! ”

September 01, 2017

Nora Lister

5 Stars

“We have used this service to send pkgs to our son in Papua New Guinea. Great service, it has truly saved us time and money! The pkgs have been delivered there in 3-4 days. The last one got there right on his birthday. :-) Thank you so much!”

August 30, 2017

Lee Burdge

5 Stars

I can't believe how quickly my packages to my son get delivered to Australia! With door to door tracking, I can follow their progress all the way there. Thank you Todd for your great customer service and your professionalism. You make it so easy! ”

August 24, 2017

Chris Otero

5 Stars

“Easy and fast way to send our packages to Australia. This has been a flawless process and will continue to use.”

August 23, 2017

Katrese Mayo

5 Stars

“As a new missionary mom having my son in Jamaica, I wasn't sure if I would be able to send anything. I heard about My Missionary Shipping from the other missionary moms and gave it a try. DHL called me and let me know they were shipping it out and two days later it arrived safely in Jamaica. I am so grateful for this service and will be recommending it to all of the other missionary moms as well as using them for the next two years. Thank you so much for such amazing service!”

8/18/2017 13:53:05

Allison W.


This was my first experience in sending an international package and using My Missionary Shipping made the experience very easy. The package arrived in Jamaica in 3 days! Todd was very patient and prompt in responding when I needed help. Thanks to My Missionary Shipping and Todd--I will definitely be using your services again!

8/8/2017 17:58:29

Lesa Koger

Grateful Customer

Todd responded to all my questions quickly and thoroughly. I'm so grateful!

August 04, 2017

Jane Langworthy-Greenwood

5 Stars

“My Missionary Shipping makes the process simple and easy!! They are quick to help and my packages reach my daughter in the Seoul South Korea Mission quickly. They pick the package up at my home in Michigan and arrive in customs in Incheon the next morning!!! It takes a few days in customs, but the packages are always delivered to the mission home within 5 days. I love, love, love My Missionary Shipping and will continue to use their shipping service in the future.”

August 02, 2017

Jenise Kluver

5 Stars

“Once again I am very happy with the service and experience using MyMissionaryShipping. This was my 2nd box to Durban South Africa and he got it in 5 days, unopened, no hang ups with customs and no extra fees to pay on his end. Yes, it is one of the more expensive missions, however I don't have to worry about it getting lost or taking forever. I will ALWAYS use this company to ship anywhere both in the USA and international. Thank you Todd!!!”

July 29, 2017

Dionne Davis Muse

5 Stars

“I have used MymissionaryShipping several time to send packages to our daughter in Barbados, They always arrive in 3-4 days and nothing is ever broken or damaged. The prices to ship thru usps are very expensive and take 2-3 weeks to arrive. I'm so happy I learned about MyMissionaryShipping Todd is very helpful and seems to always be available, he is very timely at responding to email. Thanks so much for making shipping easy. ”

July 24, 2017

Cliff Woodbury

5 Stars

“We used this service for the first time to send a 20 lb package to our missionary daughter in Aruba, and we're very pleased with the service we received. The cost was quite reasonable and much lower than Other avenues we explored. We were amazed at the delivery time and extremely impressed with the customer service we received from the owner. It is a bit of a ramp up to pour through the instructions initially, but any questions we had were answered promptly. Once we understood the process it made sense and was not as complicated as it seemed at first. We would highly recommend this service and look forward to Using them again at Christmas time.”

June 13, 2017

Kelly Haight

5 Stars

“Love the service. Our first attempt to send a package to our missionary ended up as a disaster - finally got the package returned to us 6 months later! We were told about My Missionary Shipping and we've had no problems and love to ship packages to both Poland and the Philippines. Love My Missionary Shipping!”

7/11/2017 13:17:06


happy momma!

I sent a package on Tuesday July 5, followed the tracking and the package arrived at its destination "scheduled for delivery" on July 7. Much quicker than usps! It ended being a holiday the next Monday, so she didn't get it then, Hopefully it will get to her today.

7/6/2017 16:23:31

Debbie hafer

Missionary mom

I love my missionary shipping. My packages arrive in 3 days from Utah to the Dominican Republic. The customs form is quick and easy to fill out. The cost is reasonable for foreign shipping. The speed of delivery is absolutely amazing. I wish I'd known about them with my previous 3 foreign missionaries. I highly recommend my missionary shipping. Happy and pleased once again


7/3/2017 14:55:20



I have sent 4 packages to South Africa to my cute missionary in the past 9 months and the ONLY one that made it was the one sent through my missionary shipping! I am SUPER grateful and relieved to know my son will actually get what I send:)

June 30, 2017

Stephanie Petka

5 Stars

“I have used My Missionary Shipping on multiple occasions. My son is serving in the Mexico City Northwest Mission and every single time I have shipped a package, it has been delivered within 1 to 2 days. The packages have never been held up in customs and everything I have shipped is in the box when my son opens it. Nothing has ever been stolen or removed in customs. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has missionaries serving internationally or domestic. ”

June 21, 2017

Doug Colby

5 Stars

“After multiple failed attempts to ship a package to Benin Africa, we decided to ship with My Missionary Shipping. The package actually arrives in 3-5 days with an email confirmation. Worth the money and the savings are great. We even shipped a box home from the mission office. Now if we could just figure out how to ship his mom over, we'd all be happy.”

6/19/2017 13:24:44


Satisfied Dad

This is our first time using My Missionary Shipping to our son in Benin, Africa. This service has been by far the most efficient. Very satisfied with the service and will continue to use them.

6/14/2017 13:22:48


Happy mom!

I LOVE this service, I'm so grateful for a quick convenient reliable service to get packages to my missionary...what a blessing!

May 31, 2017

Janette Young

5 Stars

“Thank you so much for providing a way to get packages to our grandchildren in Spain. You are amazing. 4 days vs 4 weeks by USPS. When you see the excitement on their face when they open a package it brings tears to my eyes. You are amazing and a gift from God. ”

5/19/2017 8:21:57

Sandra Taylor

Extremely Satisfied Mom

I first heard about My Missionary Shipping from the mom of another missionary. I had previously sent a package to my son, who is serving an LDS mission in Albania, through regular mail. Once a package leaves the U.S., the postal service no longer has any ability to track where it ends up. The package I sent made it to my son but I was nervous for weeks and weeks. I had to send the package at the beginning of October in hopes that he'd have it by Christmas.

When I heard about My Missionary Shipping, I knew it was the better option for me. I like knowing that what I send is going to arrive and that my missionary will really receive his package. It is a quick service and I can track the package. The price for getting a package there in 3 days with My Missionary Shipping isn't much more than I paid the USPS to send a package that took 6-8 weeks to arrive. I'd much rather pay a little more and know that my package will arrive quickly than to pay to ship a package that may or may not ever make it to my son.

I had questions about filling out the forms the first time I used My Missionary Shipping so I emailed the company and received a quick response and the answers to my questions so I could send my package. I ended up dropping my package off at a DHL site in Provo, Utah on a Tuesday afternoon and the package was delivered on Friday of that same week to the mission home in Tirana, Albania. I couldn't ask for better a better option for sending a package to my missionary. It's truly a blessing to have My Missionary Shipping as an option for sending packages to missionaries.  

5/9/2017 20:58:52


Customer for life

This service is unbelievable. I sent my son a package from Arizona to West Africa and it got there quicker than it takes the Post Office to deliver packages to Hawaii. It took only 2 business days, I could not believe it. Thanks Todd, your shipping service is the best.

5/1/2017 9:38:42

Rashele Naylor


I have sent a few packages to my son in Mexico using and his packages have gotten to him within 3-4 days. is very easy to use and Todd answers questions in a very professional and timely manner.

April 29, 2017

Kristi Keeler

5 stars

“I have sent four packages to my daughter in Mexico with 100 % success! This has been such a great way to get needed supplies to my missionary really quickly, usually within 3 or 4 days! ”

4/29/2017 15:13:01


Satisfied Mom

There aren't many reliable ways to ship packages to Liberia Africa, but My Missionary Shipping is about half the price than if I went through DHL directly. The great thing is it gets there in 4 business days and I know it gets there safe. Once you figure out the process of getting the estimate and submitting the information, the rest is quite easy. My package was picked up within a few hours and shipped the next day.

4/25/2017 8:07:43


Grateful Mom

Your service is amazing! I was very worried about sending a package to my missionary in Mexico, as I had heard that most packages do not make it there...with your service, I dropped the package on a Wednesday, and my son's mission home in Mexico got it on Saturday!!! I will be using your service from now on...Thank you!

4/24/2017 19:16:55

Cherree Greenwade


Mymissionaryshipping is amazing! Shipped my package Friday and it was delivered the following Monday afternoon! Couldn't ask for more efficient, reliable service!

4/23/2017 18:14:22

Annette Call

Very Satisfied Missionary Mom is a great way to ship packages to your missionary that is serving out of the country!! No Customs problems and no duties or taxes!! Todd is great! He answers any questions you may have and replies very quickly to the emails! Thank you so much Todd! Your service is AWESOME!!

I will only ship via while my son is serving in Jamaica!

4/24/2017 9:15:15


Mexico Missionary Mom

I couldn't believe my pkg was delivered in only 2 days!!!!!! It took a letter 3 months!!! I followed Todd's instructions exactly and no hold ups in customs! Thanks so much for all you do! Will definitely use your service again!

4/22/2017 6:55:13

Randy & Juanita Jordan

New Customer

We are very impressed with the service you provide to our missionaries. Our son is serving in India and much to our surprise his package arrived in just a few days to the mission home. We highly recommend this shipping service. Thank you Todd.

4/21/2017 11:25:32

Kristin Catmull

One Happy Missionary Mama

My Missionary Shipping is one crazy fast shipping company! I dropped my sons package off late Monday afternoon and I was told it would not be picked up until Tuesday, then this morning (Friday) I got an email stating that the package had been delivered!!!!! WOW! You are amazing Todd! This is not the first time I have used My Missionary Shipping and it will definitely not be the last!

Thanks again! :)

(I shipped it from Arizona and it went to Spain.)

April 20, 2017

Joyce Crandall Turner

Five Stars

“Todd constantly amazes me with his performance. I have shipped 10 packages to Sierra Leone Africa and have not had one problem arise. They all arrive as shipped in less than 5 days. The shipping process is beyond easy and his response time is exceptional. You will not go wrong using”

4/6/2017 16:53:01


Missionary Mom

We just sent our missionary his last package before coming home. We used My Missionary Shipping for every package we sent throughout his mission. Every package was delivered promptly and in good condition. Thank you for making it so easy to get care packages to our missionary in the jungle!

April 05, 2017

5 Stars

“Todd is amazing! I had questions and even messed up on the form and he fixed it for me-Saturday night at 11:58pm!!!! Thank you!!!”

3/28/2017 13:53:55

Kerry Tingey

Found Peace of Mind

I won't use any other way to ship to my missionary! Fast and tells me what's going on all along the way. I get an email when it arrives. A package over the weekend to Australia can't be beat! The paper work seems like a lot at first, but worth the time and effort. Thank you my


Patrick Decker


Amazing is all I can say. We literally spent over $400 trying to get a package to our son in Mexico last year, the same package took over two months. With My Missionary Shipping, it cost not even a quarter of that, it went all the way to Thailand, it went through first try, and it got there in less than a week... We will definitely be using this program for future shipments to our Missionary in Thailand. I only hope my wife does not find it so amazing that I go broke with her sending too many packages!!

3/28/2017 13:53:55

Kerry Tingey

Found Peace of Mind

I won't use any other way to ship to my missionary! Fast and tells me whats going on all along the way. I get an email when it arrives. A package over the weekend to Australia can't be beat! The paper work seems like a lot at first, but worth the time and effort. Thank you my

3/28/2017 8:36:32

Elizabeth Jaggi

So Thankful

Thank you so much! What a great relief to have a reliable way to get packages to our missionary! Thank you so so much!!!

3/27/2017 19:31:48

A. Simons

It worked!

I was just not sure that my son's birthday package COULD reach the mission home in Australia in just 3-4 days, but it worked! Yes, it was still expensive to send his package, but it was $50 - $100 less than other methods I found. The thrill was seeing that the gift package really did arrive 3 days after I sent it! I am so happy to know that my son will have some gifts and cards from home to open on his birthday next week. I will definitely be using this service again for Christmas and other special occasions. Thank you!

March 23, 2017

Celia Guadalupe

5 Stars

“I am very please with your services. I thought it was a little pricey at the beginning but, after doing some research, I couldn't find anything cheaper and safer than your services. The best part is how fast you guys deliver the packages. Me and my son really appreciate your great service. Thanks!!”

March 23, 2017

Julie Christensen

5 stars

“So FAST!!! extremely convenient. Thank you!”

3/17/2017 15:23:13


Happy momma

I had shipped a package to my daughter in Puebla Mexico and it took over two months to get to her. Then my sister in law told me about this site, the next package took 4 days!! (& was cheaper) Todd is really helpful with any questions I had. The first time it's a longer process but once you are in the system, it's a breeze!! I have sent others and all have arrived in Mexico in 4 days. My son is going to Canada and I will definitely be using this site!!!

March 17, 2017

Kim Roundy

5 Stars

“I LOVE my missionary shipping! My son is serving in Africa and its expensive and they would go through their packages and steal things. With this site, everything gets there to him and fast and it's reasonable! Todd is so friendly and helpful and gets back to me so fast when I have questions. I highly recommend using my missionary shipping!! They are fabulous! ”

March 15, 2017

Christine Harris

5 Stars

“I had a document that I had to get to my missionary in Argentina and I didn't know what to do. I emailed Todd and he emailed me right back. He knew just how to do it. It got there in three days! I will use this company again. ”

3/10/2017 19:10:52


Very Happy Mom

Everyone told me that I had to mail my packages weeks in advance if I wanted them to reach my son in the MTC overseas in Manila, so I went online to see if that was true. I discovered that I could get get my packages there much more quickly than that! I tell everyone who will listen! I send homemade cookies, brownies, rice krispie treats for my missionary to share with all the other missionaries who are serving in his area. My packages have gotten there in 4 days most of the time- especially when I am not sending near the holidays. I just want to remind them that we love our missionaries- all of them- wherever they come from.

March 08, 2017

Sara Frost

5 Stars

“Thanks for providing such a reliable way to ship! I can't believe the packages arrive so quickly! After my first experience shipping internationally with the US Postal system, I told my Mom that was her one and only package for the rest of the service because it was a nightmare experience. Because of My Missionary Shipping, I have been able to send multiple packages in record time. My parents have started recommending your service to all of their missionaries and their families. Thanks again, My Missionary Shipping is a lifesaver. You'll be hearing from me again soon and often. ”

March 07, 2017

Chris N Alice Gibbons

5 Stars

“I've tried Fedex, I've tried shipping on my own, always problems in customs and major delays! My Missionary Shipping & DHL are the best. My son in Jamaica is so grateful each time he gets a package and I know he's going to get it with My Missionary Shipping! ”

3/3/2017 17:46:19


You delivered again!

Thank you for providing such an excellent service! I am telling the whole world about it.

3/2/2017 13:24:06


Satisfied Customer

Helpful owner made it very easy to fill out everything needed to mail my package to my missionary. It literally arrived from Arizona to Mexico City in 3 days. Everything arrived safely with no hold ups or complications. Thank you to My Missionary Shipping.

February 23, 2017

Michelle McRae

5 Stars

This is the most amazing service! Packages cost less and arrive much faster than any other service! My packages get to my missionary in Halifax, Canada in just 2-3 days and that includes going through customs! Love My Missionary Shipping! ”

February 20, 2017

Sharlene Monson

5 Stars

“I am so grateful for my missionary shipping! My son is serving a mission in Bogota Colombia and the taxes are extremely expensive. I didn't think I could afford to ship him any packages during his mission. My friend suggested I try this shipping service. It cost less than half of what they quoted me at the regular DHL store. So far, I have sent him a Christmas package and a birthday package. Both times the package arrived in four days! I can email Todd directly with any questions I have, he not only answers my questions quickly but also notifies me when the package was delivered. What a wonderful service! I will definitely use it again.”

2/20/2017 13:18:09


Grateful Mom!!

I am so pleased with my missionary shipping! My son is on a mission in Bogota Colombia. I have made two shipments so far, one for Christmas and one for his birthday. They both arrived at his mission office within five days of me shipping!! When I first tried to ship something to my son, I went to the regular DHL office and they quoted me a really expensive rate. I went home discouraged, because I couldn't afford it. Columbian taxes are extremely expensive. My friend told me about My Missionary Shipping. I couldn't believe their rate was 60 percent less. I am so very grateful for this shipping company that helps me to send things to my missionary at a much more affordable rate :-)

February 18, 2017

Jennie Oxspring

5 Stars

“My Missionary Shipping is the best way to send packages! I love the fact that I can track them the whole way and I know exactly when they are signed for at the destination. This is the only way I send packages to my son in the Scotland/Ireland mission. The prices are better than the post office and generally the parcel arrives in just 2 days! ”

2/14/2017 19:07:48

Roger Platt

Very Satisfied Customer

Shipped a package to our son in the Caribbean on Wed. for his birthday the following Tuesday. Was delivered on his birthday! Todd's the best!!

2/10/2017 14:29:26


Happy Customer

When our son received his mission call the office specified that NO packages be sent because often duty was required and it was burdensome on the missionary. We were so sad. But, other parents on our mission FB page suggested using My Missionary Shipping for Christmas. I couldn't believe how fast his package arrived! We were able to have the option to pre-pay all duties and taxes so it wasn't a burden on the mission or our son. It is easy to use. Convenient and I know our package will arrive safely and secured. Thank you so much for this option!

2/9/2017 14:19:58


Happy Dad

Excellent Service. Arrived at the Mission home in Mexico in less than 1 week, even with a delay because we had sent something on the blacklist. Have used Todd's service twice with excellent results both times.

2/8/2017 20:30:15

Lulu Jimenez

Happy Customer

My son is serving in Cape Verde and usually takes 6-10 weeks to receive packages I send IF they even get there. I heard of through a group of "missionary momma's " on Facebook and decided to give it a try. And I'm so glad I did!!!!! His package got to the Mission Office in 5 days including Saturday and Sunday. I could track the package every step of the way and I even received an email from the Mission Office letting me know that the package had arrived! What??!!!! Amazing!! This for sure will be the way I send things to my son for the next 18 Months. I wish I had known of this service before his mission. And Todd was amazing guiding me every step of the way on my first time of using this service. Highly recommended!!!

2/6/2017 17:30:25

Jolyn Brown

Very Pleased Parent

My Missionary Shipping is the BEST way to go for getting packages securely to your missionary!! After having two packages fail to arrive down to Guatemala...we decided to check into this service, and we have been thrilled with the results! Fast and Secure, and that means the world to us!! Thanks again for GREAT service!!!

2/6/2017 11:59:50

Kristin Keeler

Love this service

This is the third package I have sent through My Missionary Shipping. I sent it on Thursday and it arrived at the mission home in Mexico on Monday! Super happy with the services they provide!

2/1/2017 9:12:08


Happy Mom

Thank you My Missionary Shipping! It was the best shipping company I have ever used. Todd is someone who has the customer's best interest in mind.

1/28/2017 12:54:59

Leila Bowen


I have sent half a dozen packages to Mexico, and all have arrived intact. So grateful for the ability to track the packages. All have arrived in 3 days or less.  

1/27/2017 15:43:25


Very Satisfied Mom

Todd is incredible! His service is always impeccable. He goes above and beyond what is required. He gets our packages to West Africa in 3 days and everything always arrives safely and without any customs issues. But beyond that, I have to shout his praises because he saved us in a real bind. We received a very early, non-Pday email from our missionary saying he needed an International Driver's Permit in his hands as fast as possible. Todd worked up the documents after his normal business hours so we could make our DHL drop-off locations pick-up time. He didn't have to do any of that, but he did and we are so grateful! My Missionary Shipping is our go-to service for when we need to make sure something gets into our missionary's hands quickly.

1/26/2017 20:16:57


Super Amazing

Couldn't find a way to get a package to Rome. They got it there in 4 days!!! Amazing

1/24/2017 13:32:33

T. Weaver

Happy, Happy Mama

I am so relieved to have found My Missionary Shipping. My son is in Mexico and received none of the packages we sent through regular mail. I decided to give this service a try when he needed a new debit card and I was concerned how to get it to him. I mailed the package from Albuquerque on Friday and Tuesday it was at the mission office. There is a little bit of a learning curve and paperwork but it is worth it! Plus Todd H. was very quick to get back with answers when I had questions.

DHL gave me a quote if I were just going through them and not My Missionary Shipping and it was almost double (not really sure how they are able to negotiate the rates but always HAPPY to pay less).

I will be using this service again!

1/20/2017 16:53:13

Corinna Magleby

Happy momma

My daughter's package from Utah to Hong Kong, China took only 54 hours from start to delivery! That is faster than most packages are delivered here in the US! Thanks, Todd and mymissionaryshipping!

1/19/2017 22:40:34



This site was incredibly helpful in sending a package to my missionary for his birthday. His mission is out of the United States and it has always been a little tricky getting things shipped and getting his address put in correctly. With this site, I was able to go put in all the information myself, and then the label and everything I needed was emailed to me to be printed out. It was so easy and it made me feel like it was much more personal and that it truly was in good hands. Thanks!

1/19/2017 20:11:57

T petersen

Very happy mom

2nd time shipping to southern Mexico with this service. -- things my missionary needed on his mission. I can't believe it only took 3 days!! I am so happy this package will be there waiting for transfer meeting in a few days! One happy mission mom!!!

1/10/2017 16:50:47


So Fast!

I was amazed by how fast my package was delivered to the orphanage I work with in Haiti. In normally takes months to arrive and this arrived in time for one of the little boy's birthdays. Thank you so much!

1/9/2017 9:23:16

Emily Tapusoa

Missionary mom

I am always thankful that I have a fast way of getting my packages to my Elder in West Africa. I'll always use this service!

January 05, 2017

Lorraine Runyan

5 Stars

“When my son was serving in Chile, the only way it was tracked all the way there and arrive in less than 6-8 weeks, was to send Priority Express International (expensive). Now my daughter is serving in Ecuador. Ecuador's crazy strict rules and everyone on the web saying their packages (sent by other means) were not arriving, had me seriously stressed out. Todd Hebdon was very helpful with my concerns and really seemed to know what he was doing. So I tried mymissionaryshipping for the first time this Christmas. The tracking updates were GREAT! We sent it out Dec. 13th and it arrived Dec. 16th and they even let me know that customs in Guayaquil delayed it for a day. Every item arrived to my daughter and she got it in time for Christmas (the best part)! I was extremely stressed about shipping to Ecuador. Thanks to mymissionaryshipping, I have a service I can trust.”

1/2/2017 21:47:59

Landen Jensen

Finally Relieved!

I have a dear friend who is serving in Guatemala. I have been trying for weeks to send her something but Guatemala has completely shut down their postal service. UPS and FedEx cost almost $300 and would have taken months to get there! But with My Missionary Shipping, I was able to send her a package for $65 and it only took 3 days to get there! I was so amazed! This is definitely the best way to mail things to missionaries! I highly recommend!

1/2/2017 10:26:41


Happy Mom

I LOVE this service!! I have used it several times now to send packages to my son in Hong Kong. Not only does it cost considerably less than regular mail, but it arrives in 3 DAYS!! I know right away when it gets there as well!! I can't say enough about how great this service is and how much I love it. Wish I had known about it when my older sons were serving in foreign countries. I recommend this site to everyone I know who has a missionary serving abroad. Thanks for providing this service!!

December 28, 2016

Laura Johnson

5 Stars

“My missionary shipping is the best! It has never failed me to get a package to my son who is serving in the Caribbean!! Easy, quick and reliable!! I will never use any other shipping method!”

12/27/2016 13:53:46

T. Petersen

Happy missionary mom

The service is great - my package made it to Mexico without being opened and within 4 days during the Holiday Season. I am so grateful for this service.

12/27/2016 13:25:35

Sharp Family

Another Successful Shipment!

We shipped our package to Martinique on a Thursday and it was received the following Tuesday! Great service as it had to go through multiple countries and customs as well. Thanks again, My Missionary Shipping!

12/27/2016 9:17:25

Stacy Jamaica Missionary Mom

Great Service EVERY time!

My son is serving in Jamaica. I always use My Missionary Shipping to send his packages. Todd is great to work with and has helped our mission secretary work on the best way to address our packages. My packages ALWAYS get there within 24-72 hours and I am able to track them! SO grateful for this service!

12/23/2016 15:28:19

Mike R

Great Service!

This is our second time using My Missionary Shipping. Both times I've been very impressed with how easy it is and how helpful Todd has been. He responded quickly (within a couple hours of our initial request and minutes of our follow-up questions) and provided excellent instructions that made the interaction with DHL very easy. I'll use them again!

12/23/2016 1:26:38

kami Allred

Satisfied Mom

My missionary shipping is absolutely amazing. I've used them for almost two years while my son is serving in Mexico. I have never had any problems! The packages always arrive in 3 to 4 days! They are a pleasure to work with too! This is the only way to go!

12/22/2016 9:58:12


Very satisfied customer!

Wow! I wish I had used this service when my two missionaries were serving last year! They've returned home now but one of my former seminary students is serving in Mexico. He's been struggling a little and I desperately needed to get him a last minute Christmas package. I thought there was no way possible. I sent it earlier this week and to my tearful excitement just heard it was delivered! Best service EVER and I'll definitely be using them from this point forward for all deliveries!

December 22, 2016

Todd Fullmer

5 Stars

“We have been shipping packages to our daughter in Hong Kong for over a year and it has been unbelievably flawless every time. It is the best service and the best price... what a combination. We have tried to tell everyone with a missionary out serving that My Missionary Shipping is truly the best, and it is so true. Many thanks to Todd and My Missionary Shipping.”


Angie Thompson

5 Stars

“This is the best way to ship anywhere! My missionary is in England... I can usually have a package to England in about 2 days! That's crazy! Other methods is shipping take a lot longer time and cost too much! I refer everyone to these guys!”

12/21/2016 13:13:58


satisfied missionary mom

If anyone is thinking about sending a package to a missionary serving in one of the more remote areas of our planet (or anywhere, really!), I highly recommend I know they may seem expensive compared to other methods, but you can't beat their reliability and customer service. Todd walked me through a couple of questions I had with my first package --On my most recent package, I watched the DHL tracking and now understand why it costs what it does! I dropped off my package at a UPS store late in the day on 12/13, it left Utah on 12/14, was in Cincinnati on 12/15, traveled to Belgium then Germany on 12/16, then on to Spain and Portugal on 12/17, arrived in Angola where it cleared customs (phew!), and then was signed for in the mission office on 12/21. How else can you send a package to Africa 11 days before Christmas and feel confident it will arrived?

December 20, 2016

Margaret Woolley

5 Stars

“We love mms!! I've used it several times in the past year to ship packages to my son serving in Hong Kong. Packages usually arrive within 2-3 days! The best part of mms is the shipping updates - I receive an email when the package is picked up, sorted through the US facilities, arrival in HK, out for delivery and when it is delivered and who has signed for it!! The service is safe, fast, efficient and much less expensive than USPS!! Thanks so much, Todd, for creating this shipping site!!!!”

December 20, 2016

Maggie Schimelpfening

5 Stars

“We shipped a box to Liberia the week before Christmas. It left on a Thursday and arrived the following Tuesday morning. The process was super easy and I could track it as it travelled through multiple countries on its way to West Africa. I will definitely be using MMS again!! I was extremely happy with the experience from beginning to end and my box arrived safely and quickly which doesn't always happen with other carriers when shipping to Africa. ”

12/20/2016 15:53:18

Mom of a missionary

Very Happy mom of a missionary

So I sent a package. Late, because I'm a firefighter (not really, but I do feel like I put one fire out and then there's another and another .....). I was even later than my normal late because she just got there and I wasn't sure how to do all this or where "there" even was for package addressing purposes. And, DHL said it wouldn't arrive until after Christmas even though Todd said it would make it. And guess what, Todd won. It made it with a few days to spare. Thank you so much!

December 19, 2016

Trish Johnson

5 Stars

“Another great delivery to Mexico! I think this was our 6th time using MMS! Package shipped out Wednesday and arrived in Mexico on Sat. No problems with customs, nothing missing and the price is reasonable. i thought with the Christmas rush, we would have to wait a bit longer for the paperwork from Todd, but he was even faster this year-thank you so much!”

December 19, 2016

Allan Ormond

5 Stars

“We mailed a package to a foreign country. It made it to it's destination in three days. Shipping was easy, the tracking was excellent! I recommend this to everyone!”

12/19/2016 18:03:51

Jenny Moore

Happy Missionary Mom

This process was so easy and my missionary's package arrived very quickly!

12/19/2016 9:58:40


Grateful Grandma

Package was picked up on Thursday evening and delivered to the mission home in Africa this morning. Super fast especially during this Christmas season.

Todd, the owner, was very helpful in answering our questions.

MMS offers an excellent service and their rates are great!

12/19/2016 9:14:30


Very Happy Missionary Mom

I tell everyone I know about My Missionary Shipping. I get packages picked up at my door and delivered to my missionary in England two days later. It is amazing!

December 18, 2016

Michelle Schimbeck

5 Stars

“My package was picked up Friday afternoon and was in Korea by Sunday and was delivered to the mission home on Friday. I was so impressed! They were so quick to respond to my questions I had when I was preparing my package for shipping and I couldn't believe that the cost wasn't any more then I would've paid for flat rate shipping and I could track and see when it was delivered. From now on I'll use nothing but my missionary shipping!”    

December 18, 2016

Dawn Anderson

5 Stars

“This is our 2nd time using MyMissionaryShipping for a package and we wouldn't use anything else--2 Days to Australia--Amazing!!! Fast and Reliable!! They quickly and efficiently answered all of our questions and we would absolutely recommend them for all your missionary shipping needs. John and Dawn Anderson”

December 18, 2016

Diane Ballard

5 Stars

“Another great delivery to my Missionary in Guadeloupe (Barbados Bridgetown Mission)!! Even with the bad weather, MMS was able to get the package there within 7 days. That's amazing!”

December 18, 2016

Claire Taylor

5 Stars

“Another fantastic experience with My Missionary Shipping! I know this is an online service so it may seem impersonal, but Todd has every interest in making sure this is a positive experience, including a personal email to tell me how I could better save money shipping 2 boxes to our missionary in Hong Kong. The rates can't be beat, the service is trackable, and completed in an astonishing 3 days. I don't have any reason to use another service. Thank you for making it so easy!”

12/18/2016 7:48:55

Nancy Alemany

Satisfied Friend

I am very pleased with My Missionary This is the second year I have used them to send Christmas packages to the Southeast Asia. They are easy to work with, the pricing is very reasonable and I will continue to recommend them to friends with family serving missions in various parts of the world. Thank you My Mission Shipping for making sending packages to distant parts of the world so easy. Oh, and did I mention, DHL delivers them fast - if your package doesn't get caught up in customs for days at a time (something that cannot be anticipated) - it can arrive in as little as 4-5 days.

December 17, 2016

Cynthia Houston

5 Stars

“I shouldn't cry over a package being delivered and reaching its destination, but my emotions have overcome me today. My son who is serving in Mexico has not once received a package from home on time or even early! I've used multiple carriers, jumped through all their hoops, paid extra, and still it has always taken 3 weeks minimum! Usually 6-8 weeks! I heard about my missionary shipping and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical. I didn't track the package yet because what's the point, it's never showed up when they say it will anyway. I am here to tell you that my package was picked up on Tuesday, and I just received an email from the company that my son's package was delivered today...SATURDAY! I am overjoyed and I will never use another company to deliver precious gifts from home. Thank you My Missionary Shipping, you have made this mama's day! ”

December 16, 2016

Lucas Olivo

5 Stars

“Amazing!!! I just called to schedule my package to be picked up by DHL(12/16) and they are giving me a delivery date of 12/19! From Oregon to Scotland in 3 days! I love this service and the value that it gives me as well. Thanks Todd! A missionary mom of 2 -Jolie”

December 16, 2016

Catherine Harman

5 Stars

“DHL picked up my package in California on Friday 12/9 at 5pm and it was delivered to the Mission Home on Monday, December 12th in Germany. Unbelievable and such a relieved Missionary Mom ~thank you! ”

December 15, 2016

Kasi Palmer

5 Stars

“Once I found out about My Missionary Shipping I haven't used anything since. My daughter is on a mission in Trinidad and every other shipping method has taken 4 weeks to 4 months! My Missionary Shipping takes 4 days!! It has been amazing, and Todd has been very good to answer all of my silly questions!!”

December 14, 2016

Marilee Herman

5 Stars

“My missionary shipping is awesome! My daughter's package to Mexico arrived the NEXT day! Todd is also SO great to work with and is great at finding solutions to unusual shipping situations. We will be sticking with My Missionary Shipping for the next 16 months....”

December 14, 2016

Joyce Crandall Turner

5 Stars

“Todd Is Fantastic.. I would not use anyone but him. We ship to Africa monthly to my son. Never has a package not arrived within 5 days, and you can track every move. I shipped once through USPS and that was a mistake, over 3 weeks to get there and no tracking. Even with Christmas only 2 weeks away, both packages arrived in the 5 day time frame. Todd is a blessing to a family with a missionary so far away. Thank you for all you do. ”

December 13, 2016

Angie Derieg

5 Stars

“We have LOVED using My Missionary Shipping! We have sent a few packages over the last year and a half and have NEVER had ANY problems using this service! I tell everyone I know that is mailing missionary packages about this service! It is SUCH A GREAT DEAL compared to the other services out there! Our son is in Australia and it can be tracked the entire way and his packages have arrived in 72 hours every time! Amazing! ”

December 13, 2016

Jessica Soto

5 Stars

“Best option out there!! Package always arrives safely, complete, and fast. Great communication from Todd, I always know when my package was delivered and where to. Makes missionary mom life a little bit easier. ”

12/12/2016 12:16:22


Happy mom

I was hesitant to try this shipping since I had only shipped things from my PO, but I took my daughters package to a DHL drop off that was two hours away from my house the day before Thanksgiving, and it arrived in Ireland the next Monday. My husband didn't believe me when I got an email stating that the package was delivered. Thank you so much.

December 12, 2016

Michelle Larsen

5 Stars

“I had mailed a letter and package to my elder in Ecuador with neither arriving to date. With my missionary shipping, I was walked through what I could and couldn't send and my package was shipped and received in 5 days. I'm a grateful mom!”

December 12, 2016

Deon Ashcroft

5 Stars

“This was my first time shipping to a Missionary. I have heard all the horror stories about "packaged probably not arriving." Also,The Postal service is down in Guatemala till February or March. I didn't know what I was going to do about a Christmas package. I stumbled across My Missionary Shipping. Todd is great to work with, and quick to respond. My package was picked up in Arizona by DHL on Friday, and signed for in Guatemala Monday morning! AMAZING!!!”

December 12, 2016

Keileen Selby

5 Stars

“My son is serving in Liberia, Monrovia (West Africa). We tried missionary shipping for the first time in Dec 2016. I was so grateful for all of the info we were given to walk us through the process. DHL picked up our express letter (which they brought the envelope for) on Tuesday, and the envelope arrived on Friday of the SAME week!! So excited that my son will get some hand drawn pictures, photos and letters from home for his birthday and Christmas!! Thanks My Missionary Shipping!!”

December 12, 2016

Michelle Perry

5 Stars

“This is the only way to go!! Fast, reliable and Todd is awesome to work with. My packages to Hong Kong only take 3 to 4 days! AND you can't beat the price.”

December 12, 2016

Julie Powell

5 Stars

“I love My Missionary Shipping. So reliable and fast.Sent a package to Barbados and it arrives on Monday.”

December 12, 2016

Craig Hammond

5 Stars

“My Missionary Shipping is wonderful! Everyone told me my package would take weeks to get to the MTC in Manila. My package left on Friday and arrived on the following Tuesday! Only 4 days! Thank you My Missionary Shipping!”

December 12, 2016

Jill McKinnon

5 Stars

“MyMissionaryShipping has been great to send our packages to our missionary in Quito, Ecuador, where the laws are very strict and the postal system is not reliable. We sent one package of little value through USPS and it never arrived. Both packages we have sent through this company have made it, and in good time. The first package we sent even had important documents like his driver's license and it arrived within about a week! Amazing! The prices are excellent as well. I researched pricing from DHL and FedEX directly and it would have cost us $200-$600 to send a small package ourselves. But was only about $50. We are grateful for this service - it brings us peace of mind that our son will get what we send. Thanks, Todd! ”

December 12, 2016

12/11/2016 15:51:37

Sherrilynne Dangl

5 Stars

I shipped a 2 lb. box to my daughter a few months ago using UPS and now that I have found My Missionary Shipping I was able to ship a 13 lb. box for the same price. An extra 11 lbs. worth of items. The box was shipped Friday evening and arrived in Mexico Tuesday evening, in just 4 days! I am excited to be able to send more things in the future and I won't have to feel like I am breaking the bank in postage.

December 11, 2016

Cheri Kay Campbell

5 Stars

“This was the BEST missionary shipping experience ever! I mailed a manila envelope to a city an hour north of me at the same time, and my missionary in Spain received his box sooner than that envelope arrived, thanks to Todd! SO impressed with his customer service and quick response to questions.”

December 11, 2016

Camie Bahr

5 Stars

“I used my missionary shipping for the 2 years my son was in Mexico! They are great to work with and I had 9 packages delivered successfully! Todd is always available for any questions. I highly recommend MMS! Thanks for your great service! ”

December 11, 2016

Jennifer Loftus

5 Stars

“I have used this service several times over the past 18 months. I have a son serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission and a nephew in the Scotland/Ireland Mission. Todd has always been very helpful when I have had questions and is very quick to respond. I have been amazed at how easy this is to use. My packages have never gotten stuck in customs or been delayed at any time. Even at Christmas time it has been faster than sending local packages! Thank you Todd for making this missionary mom one happy lady!”

December 10, 2016

Angela Stephenson

5 Stars

“Fast, easy service! I highly recommend Missionary Shipping for your missionary shipping needs. We sent our son's missionary Christmas package the day before Thanksgiving to the Barcelona Spain Mission Office. They received it on the Monday after Thanksgiving! ”

December 10, 2016

Jenny Chamberlain

5 Stars

“Really GREAT service! My son received his package in Mexico in less than a week, intact and unopened! The instructions were easy to follow and the price was the best I found. Thank you!”

December 10, 2016

Sandy Stokes Larsen

5 Stars

“I used my missionary shipping for 2 years while my son was on his mission to Mexico. I love their service. The packages were picked up from my front porch and in his mission office within 2 days. Thank you for making this easy for us missionary Moms!”

December 10, 2016

Catherine Kerr

5 Stars

“Thank you Todd for the great rates to ship my son's packages to Australia! I'm amazed how fast they get there. Everything arrives safe and sound ~ no problems at all. I've shared your shipping with other missionary moms. Thank you so much!!!”

December 10, 2016

Sandra Perkins

5 Stars

“I am a new missionary mom. I finally understand how important packages are to missionaries and to their moms. I have used several times and EVERY time my package has arrived in Jamaica in 2 days or less. I am so thankful I have such a reliable option for my packages. Thank you!!! ”

December 10, 2016

Bailey Nelson

5 Stars

“I love my missionary shipping I tell everyone about this. It's the fastest, best priced way to ship anything. We have been sending to Mexico from Utah and it gets there in 3 to 4 days. We can track it the whole way there. This is the best. Thank you! ”

December 10, 2016

Judy Sabin

5 Stars

“This is so fast and simple. Used the post office when my son first went out took 6 weeks for the package to get to him couldn't track it once it left the U.S.Found this website tracked the package until it was picked up. Only took 5-7 days. Won't use anything else.”

12/9/2016 8:20:23

Heidi Risk

Super Happy Mom

I probably qualified as the most difficult customer of 2016. My Missionary Shipping followed up with DHL to make sure my missionary received her packages in a timely fashion. VERY satisfied with the support I received.

12/8/2016 15:39:52


West Africa Missionary Mom

Thank you so much for this great service. Getting items to West Africa has been so hard! It takes 6 to 8 weeks to receive from the states if he gets it at all or the mice have dined on whatever yummy item is in the package (yup, twice) before he receives it. Getting the confirmation 5 days later from Missionary Shipping was just awesome! I will be using Missionary Shipping again.

12/8/2016 14:56:59


Grateful Mom

So thankful for My Missionary Shipping, I had tried to send a package through the US Postal service to my son in Spain, but it is still in Customs after more than a month. The package I sent through My Missionary Shipping arrived in less than a week! They make it convenient and simplify the process. Thanks Again!!

12/7/2016 11:49:53


Proud Grandpa

My Missionary Shipping is the best way to ship anything and everything to my Granddaughter on her mission. The process is easy and Todd was so helpful during my first time shipping. The package went from Utah to Canada and to my Granddaughters doorstep in 3 days!!! Unbelievable and DHL was so good to work with. Thanks for making this experience so positive and for making the holiday's enjoyable.

12/6/2016 18:44:16


Loyal customer

I have been so pleased with My Missionary Shipping. Any questions I had were answered promptly and email updates were sent in a very timely manner. The tracking is so helpful. Every time I use Todd's service, my packages have arrived safely and within 3 business days of being shipped. The mailing instructions are easy to follow and I love that DHL arrives at my door and the delivery person does everything for me. I trust his business and I won't use any other business to ship internationally.

12/5/2016 21:00:58


missionary mom

Sending my son's first Christmas package to Mexico was kind of stressful. I was so worried about it getting there at all, let alone on time. My Missionary Shipping made sending it so easy, and it was delivered to the mission home in 2 days! Well worth the cost, and I will definitely be using them again!

12/5/2016 14:17:59


Satisfied Mom

Have used My Missionary several times They take the hassle factor out of shipping out of the U.S. Before I found out about My Missionary used the Post Office took 6 weeks to get to my son. My Missionary provides real time tracking and only 5-7 days shipping time. The best way to send international packages.

12/5/2016 12:00:35

Sherry V

Satisfied Mom

I want to thank My Missionary Shipping for their very prompt service. My son is in Colombia and the only way I've been able to get mail/boxes to my son is through My Missionary Shipping!! They are fast and affordable! Thank you so much Todd!!!!

12/3/2016 4:28:46



I was amazed at how quickly the packages I sent arrived! I will certainly use this service again to be assured my packages arrive quickly and intact.

12/2/2016 16:49:00

Dennis Hamilton

Missionary Dad

This service is amazing. Just sent our first package to our son in Honduras, it was picked up at my home, cleared customs in Honduras, delivered and signed for at the mission home within 1 week. After 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to ship packages on our own to our older son in Brazil, this is a refreshing change. Thanks Todd & Company!

11/28/2016 13:37:20

April S.

Extremely Pleased Parent!

I am amazed that our Christmas package for our Elder has arrived at the Mission home already. Simply amazing plus MY MISSIONARY SHIPPING is incredible to work with. I had a specific question for packages going to Bogota, Columbia and emailed the owner. This must be the busiest time of year for him and yet he responded within 10 minutes. Amazed again!

11/24/2016 13:15:01


Satisfied mom

Perfect place to ship. I was a little nervous at first with everything on-line without an actual person talking me through it- but Todd was right there answering my questions through email. He responded within the same day , if possible if I was unsure if I did everything correctly. Best alternative to any other shipping place for out of the country children serving missions -or not!!! The package was delivered in 18 days with a fraction of the cost. I literally could have bought a plane ticket back east for what I paid to get a package to my sons serving in Portugal and Japan a few years ago. Thanks Todd!!!

11/22/2016 10:39:34


Happy Mom

Thanks for your excellent service! Our son's package to Guatemala arrived within a week unscathed, while the last two sent through the regular mail did not make it to him. The tracking was most helpful as well! Thank you again for such a reliable, secure and prompt way to send packages!!

11/21/2016 14:11:25

Ashley Bowen

Future Repeat Customer

My Missionary Shipping is the way to go when you need guaranteed, fast delivery at the best price. I only wish I had found it sooner! I have sent three other packages with DHL on my own account, and I probably paid twice what I would have with My Missionary Shipping. The process is also much easier than filling out the forms by myself at DHL's website. The package I just sent was $122 with My Missionary Shipping and the quote was $300 to ship on my individual account! Sent on Thursday and delivered on Monday in Albania. I will definitely use their services many times in the future! Great value, great service!

11/20/2016 19:02:57

Crystal S.

Happy Momma

I used my missionary shipping to send a box to Paraguay, it only took 4 days! Very easy to use and Todd is helpful and prompt to answer questions.

11/19/2016 19:25:30

Kelley S.

Happy Customer!

My Missionary Shipping turned turned things around for us! We were having such difficulty shipping to Brazil. It was taking as long as 8 weeks and sometimes the packages weren't arriving at all. It was really disappointing. With My Missionary Shipping, the package arrived in 2 weeks and we had a very happy missionary! We are thrilled with My Missionary Shipping! Looking forward to sending our Christmas Box!

11/18/2016 14:18:10



Todd really helped us ship our missionary his Christmas present to the Ukraine of all places! It was picked up on Monday in Utah and delivered on Friday in the Ukraine! Talk about service!

11/18/2016 14:18:09

Heidi Risk

Super Happy Mom

"I probably qualified as the most difficult customer of 2016. My Missionary Shipping followed up with DHL to make sure my missionary received her packages in a timely fashion. ..."

11/18/2016 14:18:08


Grateful Mom

"So thankful for My Missionary Shipping, I had tried to send a package through the US Postal service to my son in Spain, but it is still in Customs after more than a month. The ..."

11/18/2016 14:18:07


West Africa Missionary Mom

"Thank you so much for this great service. Getting items to West Africa has been so hard! It takes 6 to 8 weeks to receive from the states if he gets it at all or the mice hav..."