We are learning to develop our critical thinking skills

This means to improve our thinking.

Success Criteria :

*I add detail when I answer questions about texts

*In the past I used keywords when answering questions, now I use full sentences and paragraphs

See my self assessment targets on my Bloom’s levels of thinking

My comment: I think I am almost there because I have

Been able to write paragraphs and full sentences in my

Blooms tax. I need to get better at answering the questions with no boring words.

Kelly’s comment:

I think it has been a really great challenge for you this term to answer a range of questions about text with a lot more thinking required. We will continue to use the Bloom’s questions to help you improve your thinking. Next you can write the questions for the texts you read! Maybe I will be the one writing you a detail response instead.

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Questions starters and prompts at each level of thinking:


  • What is...
  • Where is…
  • When did…
  • Who were the main characters?
  • List 3…
  • Write true or false


  • In your own words…
  • Tell the main idea…
  • What is meant by…
  • Describe…
  • What facts or ideas show…
  • Which is the best answer..


  • Tell me another time when…
  • What could you ask about…
  • What instructions could you give to…
  • Show how…
  • What examples can you find to…
  • What questions would you ask in an interview with...


  • How is … related to …
  • Why do you think…
  • What is the theme..
  • Can you list parts that show…
  • What evidence can you find…
  • What is the relationship between…
  • Distinguish between…
  • What conclusion can you draw..
  • Explain similarities between...
  • Separate fact from opinion
  • Arrange the least to most important        


  • How effective is…
  • What is your opinion of..
  • Based on what you know, how would you explain..
  • What was it better that..
  • Convince another reader..
  • How would you feel if…
  • How would you have handled..
  • How could think the story help you in your own life...


  • Create a new character for the story
  • Invent a different way to…
  • What if…    Imagine that …
  • What ideas can you add to..
  • How would you design a new ..
  • What might happen if you combined..
  • Rearrange the…
  • Can you suggest an alternative..
  • Find other ways to…
  • Design a better...


Esio Trot

By Roald Dahl

Pages 3-11


1. In your own words, explain where Alfie lives and how it changes due to the weather/seasons.



2. What is meant by “whispering endearments to him” on page 7?

Answer: it means whispering really really sweet lovely things


3. What instructions could you give to someone wanting to buy a tortoise?

Answer: feed them twice a day give them water keep them in the right habitat which is


4. Describe the reasons why Mr Hoppy is jealous of Alfie

Answer: because mrs silver loves Alfie and mrs hoppy loves her he could also be

Jailhouse because mr hoppy might want his own turtle


5. What questions would you ask in an interview with Alfie?

Answer: how many family members do you have what type  of turtle are you


6. Why do you think Mr Hoppy is in love with Mrs Silver?

Answer: because he lives near her and also he always see Mrs silver

Down below in that house

Esio Trot

By Roald Dahl

Pages 12-21


7. Why do you think Mr Hoppy is moving all his furniture?

Answer: to get room for the turtle to move into the house


8. How would you feel if someone told you these magic words made your pet grow bigger?

Answer: amazed because he had never herd of majic words to make his pet



9. How would you design a different chant for Mrs Silver to say to Alfie?

Answer: spell things backwards e.g sentences and words


10. Describe why Mrs Silver wants Alfie to grow bigger.



11. Could you find other ways for Mr Hoppy to pass the note down to Mrs Silver? What are they?

Answer: make a machine to take it down for him deliver it in the ma


12. What could you ask about Mr Hoppy’s trip to North America?

Answer: what is it like to have 1000 million turtles crowding you and why did you by all those turtles

Esio Trot

By Roald Dahl

Pages 22-31


13. Tell the main idea of these pages in one sentence

Answer: mr hoppy bought 140 tortoises and swaped Alfie with his tortoise



14. Tell me another time when you might have tricked someone?

Answer: at lunch I tricked josh into opening a water fountin so I could

Run away


15. Can you list parts that show how Mr Hoppy is making sure the tortoise looks the same as Alfie?

Answer: spots dark shell 2 ounces bigger


16. What facts or ideas show that Mr Hoppy would be very clever at inventing  a tool to move the tortoises?

Answer: he was a mechanic he would have collected secret facts


17. What instructions would you give to someone making this tortoise moving tool?

Answer: wider bar claws


18. What are the relationships between Alfie and the tortoises at Mr Hoppys house? And then what differences could there be?

Answer: they come from the same pet shop they are all tortoises and the same spicies.

The differences are the all are diffrent sises and they have a diffrent she'll

Colour Alfie has a name and the others don't

Esio Trot

By Roald Dahl

Pages 32-41 Due Thursday


19. How effective is the tortoise swapping?

Answer: I think  it is really effective because mrs silver never noticed through

24 tortoises.


20. What examples can you give you explain the difference of weights in the tortoises?

Answer: every time mr hoppy changes the tortoise

He finds a tortoise which is to ounces bigger. This is because he wants the

Magic words to sound like there reall and he wants the tortoises to look

Like they are actually growing.


21.Why do you think mr hoppy wants the growing to happen so slowly?

Answer: to make it look like the tortoises are

Really growing from the magic words

That he gave mrs silver.


22. Can you suggest an alternative to get Mrs Silver interested in Mr Hoppy without him needing to play this trick on her?

Answer: he could give her another big tortoise so she dosen't have

To replace Alfie.


23. On page 40 it says, “Mrs Silver’s pet had more than doubled in size and the good lady hadn’t noticed a thing.” What does it mean by “the good lady”?

Answer: she was good and she was a lady


24. What is your opinion of Mr Hoppy’s sneaky plan?

Answer: I don't think he is going to get away with it because mrs silver might come round to mr hoppy's house and she might spot him

Changing the tortoise with another one. She also might spot all of the tortoises.

Much better thinking and responses Lachie. Keep challenging your thinking.

Esio Trot

By Roald Dahl

Pages 42-56


25. What does it mean by “I mustn't bish it” on page 51?

Answer: I musen't ruin it


26. Was it better for Mrs Silver that Mr Hoppy tricked her into thinking Alfie grew? Why do you think that?

Answer: no because mrs silver could have seen the 140 tortoises


27. What if Mrs Silver found out that Mr Hoppy had tricked her, how would that change the ending?

Answer: they wouden't have maryed.


28. Design a bigger house for the new big Alfie so that Mr Hoppy doesn’t have to switch the tortoises again. You could draw a picture, screenshot it and then insert it in here.


29. Convince another reader into reading this book, how could you do this?

Answer: you could make a book trailer on iMovie


30. If you were Mrs Silver, how would you have handled the situation, would you have married Mr Hoppy for all his hard work or thanked him in a different way?

Answer: I would by him his own tortoise.

Swimming for Gold

Chapter 1


On page 1 Esther signed. Describe why Esther signed, connecting with her feelings.

because she is sick and tired of people calling her as fragile as a doll.


Clarify the meaning of what Sam said “I’m not threatening your independence”

I'm not threatened by your inderpendentce.


What did Sam compare himself to and what does this mean for his actions?


How would you feel if you were in a wheel chair?

if I was in a wheelchair I would feel very  left out because other people would be able to

Things that I couldn't.

The Crystal Crescent by John Lockyer

Understanding author's purpose

1.For what purpose did the author write many rhetorical questions?

to make you think. Yes, rhetorical questions require readers and listeners to think carefully about a topic before carrying on reading.

Understanding author's purpose

2. List all the verbs used in paragraph 1. Then explain the different impact the paragraph would have on the reader if there were none of these descriptive verbs.

huddling, twisting, pulling, heaving. If these weren't in this part the story would be very difficult to read. Readers wouldn't have such a clear detailed picture and visual of what is happening in the story in their heads.

Understanding author's purpose

3. Give an example of each sentence type found in chapter 1. Simple, compound and complex.

simple - We are almost there.

Complex - They coulden't get internet because they were very far from bass.

Compound - he stared at the screen again and saw flashes of land.


4. Explain what this sentence tells the reader ‘Raki felt small beads of sweat break out on his lips.

he was sweating from every part of his face because she had never flown the rocket befor. She would have felt stressed and her


5. Give definitions for 4 words that might need clarifying

Telotion, a quandra, explorations.- reread the question to do what the task asked you to do.

My question for chapter two is that is that will they ever see the birds again.

Where are your own questions written for chapter 2? You will need to do some catch up Lachie.

The Crystal Crescent by John Lockyer

CHAPTER 7- Teacher Questions                       CHAPTER 8- Teacher Questions        


1. Think deeply about this sentence from on page 59 ’Weak light leaked out of the cracks’. How has the author done a great job of describing the light?

He's has made it so you can visualise it and you really feel like you're  there. Weak light  shows i'ts not

That bright and bold. And not that shiny and not that blinding type of light.


2. Create a diagram to show your understanding of the process explained on page 59




3. Reread carefully, focusing on how Raki feels. List and explain the range of feelings he has in this chapter.

he must have felt astonished to see the weird looking eggs. And astonished come across the hatchway. His heart must have skipped a hole beat with the fear going into the hatchaway.

His heart must have been in his throat with puar nevesnes. He must have felt hesitant to go into the cave.

Yes, he started off not wanting to go in whatsoever therefore he felt very scared and hesitate. Raki then found courage to help his team. In the end he was proud of himself and pleased he took the leap!


Without reading ahead, write a paragraph of what might happen next

they might find out what is inside the egg and they might also find out what to telotion is used for.

My prodiction for what the tolotion is used for is that it might be used as a gas of some sort to scar

Something off. Like if they come across the blue bests again. And my final answer is that he falls Down a hole and hurts himself.

I bet you can’t wait to read on now!


5. List words that might need clarifying

shuffled, Hatchway, stiffened

Buddy Assessment:                      Teacher Assessment: Your thinking has developed lots Lachie! Ka Pai!

Lachie’s questions from Chapter 8:

What question would you ask in an interview with raki?

What instructions could you give to someone wanting to do a play

About chapter 8?

In your own words describe how the feeling would be for raki falling

Down the hole?

Remember questions have question marks Lachie. Please write next to each question what type of question each is. It is great to see you have an understanding of the different range of questions we can ask and answer now. Ka Pai.

The Crystal Crescent by John Lockyer

CHAPTER 9- Teacher Questions   Jue on Monday 24th August.                    


1. On page 76  Raki rolling in the sticky substance and moving his body around and around. Explain why Raki did such things?

my first production was that he was doing such things because he was struggling thinking

He was going to sink but then I read the sentence and This is why. And I found that the sticky

Substance was nectar and I think he wanted to roll around it to get some food.


2. Record possible dialogue which could have come from Raki during the events in page 76 and 77.

he could have sighed because he lay down in the nectar and it would have

Felt like he was laying down in soothing syrup. He might have said wow wow wow because

He saw a light or a strobe glowing from the pool of nectar and the eggs were laying at the bottom of it.

He might have also yelled at the top of his lungs ahhhhhhhhhhhhh because the nectar tsunami

Washed him off his feet.


3. Clarify the word ‘prise’

Now explain what it means in this text

he teared or ripen  the crystal crescent from the metal.

And he must have felt sweaty because it must

Have been so hard to rip or tear it or prise it away

From metal.


4. Separate true and false, explaining each statement

  1. A knife sliced across Raki’s fingers.
  2. He felt his knuckles stretch.
  3. Raki cried silently.
  4. The pool had a strobe in
  5. The tsunami knocked him out.
  6. The monitor gave them direction.

4. This is true because there was a pool with the eggs in the bottom of the pool so there must have been a glowing light in the pool.

3. This is false because raki cried but he wasn't crying silently.

1. False because it didn't even say anything about it.

2. Because there is proof in the book.

5. True because there was a tsunami of nectar which washed him off his feet.6.this is true because

The monitor said follow the light and that is a direction.


5. How could you relate this story to your own life?

let's start at chapter 7. I can relate this to my own life because I have been to the

Hospital and seen incubators and I have been to Hamilton zoo and I have seen eggs in an incubators to keep them warm just like in the story.

Now chapter 2.

I have seen a bird seen a bird sanctuary that has a bird cage with unusual plants and things and big wide winged birds that looked like the birds on the title page and the unusual plants reminded me of what it would be like to come across a new planet.