Middletown Springs Auditors Meeting

May 23, 2018 – 7:30 PM

Middletown Springs Town Office

Official Minutes


Auditors present:  Juanita Burch-Clay (Nita), Sarah Grimm, Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman

Others present:  None


Call to order: 7:35 PM


1. Minutes:

·      Minutes from the April 25, 2018 meeting were amended and approved.


2.  Agenda adjustments:  The warned topic of this meeting is town trust funds.  Added to agenda:


3.  Review auditor activities since last meeting:

o   Still waiting for info from the sheriff’s department


4. Review Internal Controls Checklist


5. Cash Handling Procedures


6. Town Trust Funds – Discussion about trust funds and plans to continue working with them.


7. Other Business


8. Next tasks were assigned as auditors continue working on internal controls, cash handling, trust funds, auditing various town transactions, and more.


9. Future Meetings:  


Meeting adjourned: 9:10 PM

Minutes submitted by Juanita Burch-Clay