Middletown Springs Auditors Meeting

February 28, 2018 – 7:30 PM

Middletown Springs Town Office

Official Minutes


Auditors present:  Juanita Burch-Clay (Nita), Sarah Grimm, Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman

Others present:  None


Call to order: 7:32 PM


1. Minutes:

·      Minutes from the January 24, 2018 meeting were approved.


2.  Agenda adjustments:  Topic of meeting is discussion of priorities for auditors’ attention for the rest of Fiscal Year 17/18 and Calendar Year 2018, along with timelines and goals.


3.  Review auditor activities since last meeting:


4. Priorities for Auditors’ Attention

o   Research requirements for an external audit

§  Melissa has started the research and has info from VLCT.

§  Next steps are to meet with the Treasurer for input, check with other towns who have done this recently, and develop a timeline for the RFP.

o   Work with town fund trustees to clarify reporting, and prepare a report for FY18 (end of June.)

§  Nita will continue work on this

o   Review cash receipts procedures and make adjustments as necessary

§  Meetings to be set up with Treasurer, Clerk, and others

o   Internal controls checklist from VLCT

§  To review at the March meeting

o   According to the Select Board, the sheriff reported that $7632 in tickets was issued in 2017, but the Treasurer reports that the Town had received $717 as of November 2017.  Sarah will look into it.

o   Nita will address this in her work with the funds

o   Audit checklist – Melissa has been looking at the draft checklist from the new VLCT auditor handbook.  Areas to look into as we do FY18:

§  Tax assessment and collection records

§  Cemetery commission and library trustees.  (Are they “town officers who receive or disburse funds”?)


5. Next tasks:

·      Nita  - Talk to Grant’s store about transfer station tickets

o   Continue work with trustees of town funds

o   Prepare to speak at town meeting. (Mention SB, Treasurer, and auditors on 3-year cycle)

o   Check on auditor hours to date, both paid and volunteer

·      Sarah – Attend select board meetings.

o   Contact the Sheriff’s office for information about tickets and fines.

·      Melissa – Continue work on external audit information

o   Continue to review auditor handbook.


6. Future Meetings:  


Meeting adjourned: 9:07 PM

Minutes submitted by Juanita Burch-Clay