A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Becoming Competitive

After a fantastic pre season with plenty of bowlers putting in the time to gain consistency its time to become competitive. We have now had two practise games and I have witnessed a different style of bowls "if thats what you can call it". What I have seen is a socially natured game that is unaware of what competitive bowls looks like and feels like. With my appointment, im not interested and will not entertain the thought of playing social bowls. Although I was shocked from Saturday's scores, its time to move forward and gain some feedback on Saturdays game to gain some benefit from.

Thinking on how I became competitive was in practise- whenever I went to practise with Dad we always played a game and kept the scores. Why you ask? It builds pressure and a competitive nature- down game with your last in your hand, this puts you in a situation you may face in game time! Natural pressure is a major part of this game, a lot of bowlers say confidence is! I believe its how you deal with pressure. Im not sure how many cokes I won and lost playing against Dad all those years ago. I have seen many good bowlers' deliveries buckle under the pressure. Its all in the mind, so train the mind... Put yourself in competitive experiences (practise). A great coach of mine had the reference of "pressure cooks ham", so true!

Social Form is Dead Form!

Another great aspect of our wonderful game is the unbelievable form changes from Wednesdays to Saturdays- I have seen it at many a clubs. Social bowls form is a lie to your real form playing competitive on saturdays. Totally different mindset, attitude and environment. (this is exactly what Im talking about in the above paragraph). Unfortunately premierships are not won on a wednesday.

Training Wednesday

I have thought long and hard over training on wednesday for the next month and unfortunately it may be a little boring at first, but its what we need to do to get better. On wednesdays in your rink, using 2 bowls you will be drawing to the jack- after half hour I will pause everyone and put the spotlight on you!! drawing to the yard stick, there will be prizes for the winning rink. After that we will have 2 bowl pairs in your rink, lead and skip play the second and third.

Missing in Action

A big part of becoming competitive is actively demonstrating committment to your club. Applying yourself several times a week to contribute to the team. Unfortunately its the same few that are putting the hard yards in on the track and its showing on saturday (remember nobody picks themselves)

Coach Out

Nathan Bush