Meeting Minutes

Denman Middle School PTSA Association Meeting        Page  of

February 9, 2016        Start        6:08 pm

James Denman Middle School, Library        Adjourn        7:19 pm

  1. Minutes from January 12, 2016 JDMS PTSA Association Meeting (NM)
  1. Brief review of minutes
  2. Minutes approved by acclamation (motioned by MAA, seconded AM)
  1. Principal’s Report (TS)
  1. Increased enrollment projected for 2016-17 school year
  1. Expecting 800 students
  1. Feeder schools have larger student pool
  1. +1 Assistant Principal
  1. Selection will be as last year – SSC interviews
  1. +4 teachers
  1. Summer renovation – new windows; Denman will be closed during summer
  1. President’s Report (SG)
  1. Officer election process for 2016-2017
  1. Nominating committee
  1. 3 committee members: Danica Gittelman, Amy Ma, Mary Ann Adelantar
  2. 1 alternate: Carrie Banks
  1. Committee approved by acclamation (motioned by TS, seconded AE)
  2. LAB is stepping down as Financial Secretary due to school change, but will be helping as needed
  1. Treasury Report (LAB)
  1. Review of Balance Sheet, Year-to-Date Financials, and checks (attached)
  1. Olympic Club Grant, $5000 for Fitness Room (PE; Ms. Meeker); pass through item
  2. ~$12,000 remaining in treasury (after Olympic Club Grant)
  3. $5000 in PayPal; trying to move it
  4. Additional check for reimbursement to SG
  1. Financials and checks approved by acclamation (motioned by CB, seconded LM)
  2. Audits
  1. JDMS PTSA was audited for Spring 2015; complete
  2. Next audit will be after 2015-16 school year
  1. Teacher grant applications
  1. Ms. Shillingburg of the Language Arts Department and Ms. Powell of the Special Education Department made presentations to the PTSA Board on January 26, 2016, regarding grants that were tabled at the January 12, 2016, PTSA meeting.
  2. Language Arts Dept requested $1875.10 for high interest, low level books for all 10 LA classrooms
  1. Majority of students are reading at below grade level, a large population is below basic reading skill levels
  2. These books will remain at JDMS even if teachers leave
  1. Special Ed Department requested $33443.75 for 3rd set of Fountas and Pinell readers
  1. Adopting F&P curriculum for Spec Ed; have purchased 1st and 2nd set, but don’t have enough in budget for 3rd 
  2. Can be used in the future also for General Ed Language Arts
  1. Ms. Steneck requested $300 for West African Dance Experience
  1. Will be provided classroom experience on Feb 24, same day as African American Student Awards Breakfast
  2. There was some discussion on possibly expanding this for the entire 7th grade; also concerns about altering intended purpose if expanded
  1. Ms. Gin requested $200 for Math & Literacy Night Packets
  2. Ms. Levenson requested $150 for a wifi black and white printer for library users
  3. The 5 grants above were approved by acclamation (motioned by AE, seconded TS)
  4. Other grants tabled
  1. Ms. Cernuto requested $480 for tech bins for summer storage
  2. PTSA has provided hygiene supplies for Ms. Soto and may be requested for refills
  1. Community Report (CB)
  1. Soccer goal installation will be handled by TS
  1. PE Department will be consulted regarding the location
  1. First Graduates Program (Anthony Mickens)
  1. Founded 2002; focused on southern San Francisco area
  2. Funded by multiple foundations, corporations, individuals
  1. College preparatory program for middle school students at Denman and Everett MSs
  1. At Denman – Mondays and  Wednesdays: homework help, tutoring, academic advising for 7th and 8th grades; 25-50 students for 2016-17 school year
  2. Summer Program at Everett: 5 weeks, 5 days/week
  3. Will also have some programs for all students at Denman
  1. Applications due on March 11, 2016
  1. Applications will be distributed to all students
  2. Spring Fling on March 1, 2016
  3. All applicants will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card
  1. Upcoming events (SG)
  1. Parent Teacher Conferences, February 22-26
  2. African American Awards Breakfast, February 24
  3. Read-a-Thon, April
  4. Summer Resource Fair, April 9
  5. Denman Beautification, April 9
  6. STEAM Event, May 5 during Ice Cream Social
  7. Book Fair, May 2-6
  8. Teacher Appreciation Breakfast – May 4; 6th grade parents to lead this
  9. PTSA is looking for volunteers for these events
  1. New business
  1. A Living Library; looking for volunteers for a steering committee



Stephanie Goeke (President)

Teresa Shipp (Principal)

Carrie Banks (VP Community)

Mary Ann Adelantar (VP Community)

Alison Eastwood (Treasurer)

Neil Matsui (Secretary)

Anthony Boles-King (Faculty Representative)

Danica Gittelman

Rena Lambert

Amy Ma

Anthony Mickens

Bonnie Ora Sheck


Meeting Agenda (SG), Minutes from 1/12/15 PTSA Meeting (NM), Financials (AE)


Feb 22-26

Parent Teacher Conferences

Feb 24

African American Student Awards breakfast

Jan – Apr

PTSA Board election process for 2016-2017 SY

Feb 23

PTSA Board Meeting

Mar 8

PTSA Association Meeting


Effective Date

Approved 1/11/15 Association Meeting minutes (motioned by MAA, seconded AM, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 1.2]

February 9, 2016

Approved Nominating Committee (motioned by TS, seconded AE, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 3.1.1]

February 9, 2016

Approved January Financials and checks (motioned by CB, seconded LM, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 4.2]

February 9, 2016

Approved 5 Teacher/Department grants (motioned by AE, seconded TS, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 4.4.7]

February 9, 2016