Article Exchange

What is it?

Developed by OCLC,

“The Article Exchange document-sharing site provides a single, secure location where lending libraries can place requested documents and library users can retrieve articles or book chapters obtained for them via interlibrary loan. This site adds convenience, security and enhanced copyright compliance to article sharing through interlibrary loan. Article Exchange is accessible… through an ILLiad Addon.” (

Article Exchange is not a replacement for Odyssey. It is meant to be used by the lending library to securely send articles or book chapters to those libraries that do not have Odyssey software installed. Article Exchange provides a seamless way to process requests that would otherwise have to be filled via email, fax or Ariel.

How does it help?

Article Exchange allows you to securely send articles to non-Odyssey libraries right from within the client. No need to open separate Email or Ariel applications.

Getting started

Install the OCLC Article Exchange addon

Atlas and OCLC have developed an Article Exchange addon that allows you to quickly and easily share documents without leaving the ILLiad client. This addon, like others, is available from the ILLiad Addons Directory:

To configure the addon, open the ILLiad client, click on the System ribbon, and then click the Manage Addons button. Click on the OCLC Article Exchange addon and follow the instructions to configure it. When finished, save your changes and click the Refresh Cache button.

Create an Email Routing to notify libraries

In order to alert libraries that an article is ready for download from Article Exchange, you should create an Email Routing. Because the addon can import the necessary URL and password into the Call Number and Location fields, embedding these into the email template eliminates any manual text entry. You can download a sample template at: 

Next, open your Customization Manager and go to the System | Email | EmailRouting table. Create a new email routing with the following settings:

Process Type



Article Exchange







Interlibrary Loan <#ILLNumber> Delivery


[Insert your email address here]


[Insert your institution name here]







Create a routing rule that avoids printing shipping labels

If you haven’t already created a routing rule that avoids printing shipping labels at all, you will at least want to create a rule that avoids printing shipping labels for Article Exchange requests. While still in the Customization Manager, head to the System | Routing | Routing table. Then create the following routing rule (courtesy Atlas Systems):


[next available]






Awaiting Shipping Label Printing


t.CallNumber like ‘’




Request Finished

Rule Description

Skips shipping label printing for articles sent via Article Exchange


  1. Save your PDF to a local or network share folder.
  2. Open the Article Exchange (OCLC AE) addon in the client.
  3. Upload your file to Article Exchange by clicking the Browse button in the addon. Once selected, click the Drop File button.
  4. You will be taken back to the Detail string and the Call Number and Location fields should now contain the article’s URL and password.
  5. Next, go to Send Email and select the Article Exchange email. Click Send to email the delivery notice to the library.
  6. Back in the Detail tab, click the Mark Found button in the ribbon.

More information

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