Coach's Corner - Issue 8

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Playing Windy Conditions

On the weekend, actually most weekends this year we have been playing under windy conditions. A lot of bowlers will brave the conditions and play the tight hand especially leads and seconds. Personally I find it difficult to stomach when your bowl starts on its correct line and ends up wider than its original path (against the bias). Yes some players can perform well in those circumstances and good luck to you. But I find it easier to play the wide hand when the bowls are turning into the head rather than going against the grain away from the head. Yes the wide hand will differ in the amount of turn with how much wind you get when bowling but at least you know it will turn.

There are two important factors when playing in windy conditions and they are:

  1. Keep your delivery compact, another words stay on the mat and make sure your well balanced. (Should be the same delivery every time)
  2. Regardless of the wind, rely on correction. Don’t worry about how the bowl was affected on the way down- look where it finishes and make the adjustment.

The next aspect of coach’s corner I want to mention is practise/ game time, what’s the right amount. I’m going to use Horse Racing analogies since its Melbourne Cup day tomorrow to help get the point across. Trainers plan a horse’s preparation to the day and we as bowlers should do similar. A horse trainer will use percentages towards a horse’s fitness; I use the same with my form. Every player and I repeat every player will not perform at 100% for the entire season. It’s about identifying where you think you are and then practise according.

I will use myself as an example, For the pre-season- I practised a lot more than I usually would but I wanted to give myself a good base and make sure my delivery was automatic. Now that pennant is here, I assess how I feel I’m going before (give yourself a %) then plan when I’m practicing during the week. Monday- day off (start at 70%) If I had played Saturday and Sunday I’m probably at 90-100% and I will have Monday and Tuesday off. Depending on my form at the time, my biggest session will be a Wednesday and Thursday to get my percentage up, feeling comfortable about my form. Friday night and Saturday morning is really just a loosen up for game time. Coming to finals time I will have bowl in my hand 6 days week for only short sessions, 1 hour max. Just keep in rhythm and comfortable. There is no doubt that you can burn out with too much bowls, I remember playing state bowls all week and coming back to play pennant- I hardly won a game or had an effect on the game. (Mentally stuffed) I hope this gives you an insight into how I prepare myself on a weekly basis and try and keep peaking on the right day to have consistent form.

I will leave you with quote that I believe in and strive to get towards,

Form is temporary, class is permanent!

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush