Framework Solution or Sympathy - Group 4

Elect a recorder for your group - That person will take notes over your instruction activities and your brainstorming as you discuss. The group should brainstorm about your instruction activities. Not sure where to get started? Think about:

Group notes:

Mary Peterson & Liz Grimsbo (Simpson College)

Anne Mead (Northwestern College)

Cameron Tuai (Drake University)

Elizabeth Hoover de Galvez (Coe College)

We will constrain to one-shots

Google Survey or SurveyMonkey to guide students through research process which they fill out as they start their research.  Problem: No computers available in classroom?  May also be able to do as an out of class assignment.

What about projecting the dynamic results on the screen?  (Kahoot!--a quiz game where everyone is looking at the screen)

Where do you stop your research process? Gap analysis.  Everyone has to get to a stopping point.  The process of research and emotions are predictable--there will be a point where you get frustrated.  When Cameron used the new framework in his class he found that the knowledge practices were less interesting...but that the dispositions are the new thing in the framework which the students gravitated towards.

From Authority is contextual--this throws into question .  Every source of information is valid, it always depends on the context of the research question and the audience you are writing for.  There is no more universal good and bad, black and white.  Authority is no more scholarly articles only.  

How can we talk about authority with faculty?

Two videos which contribute to authority discussions-- Formation (Beyonce makes a political statement to create authority) and The Revolution will not be televised.