Eclipse SmartHome Review


Eclipse SmartHome is a framework to build smart home gateways. It is an OSGi framework like Kura and is designed for in-home interaction.

It doesn’t really have a backhaul protocol as it’s not designed with this capability in mind. It offers a REST API that offers server side events, which in practice implements a publish/subscribe model similar to MQTT:

The REST API would require inbound access to the device in order to use it properly, which we should avoid for OpenTRV. That said, it could be leveraged by adding a small bridge piece of code that would use the SSE model and push the events to a data platform.

One way OpenTRV could leverage SmartHome would be to de-couple the device and backhaul communication modules in such a way that SmartHome bridges could be build in the future by implementing a “ThingHandler” for the devices and an “EventSubscriber” for the backhaul.

Development environment

Similar to Kura.

Why should we use Eclipse SmartHome?

Why should we NOT use Eclipse SmartHome?

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