Special Education and 504 Enrollment Procedures

The Academy Charter School


The following is stated in our Charter Contract in regards to enrolling and providing services for students with disabilities:


Enrollment of District Resident Students

Following receipt of an application for enrollment from a District resident, the School shall determine whether the student has been identified as a child with disabilities eligible for special education and related services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 20 U.S.C. 1401 et seq. (“IDEA”).  If so, the School shall obtain a copy of the student’s individualized education plan (“IEP”).  A properly constituted IEP team shall convene to determine whether the School is an appropriate placement for the student, and, if so, what services will be provided to the student.  The School shall be responsible for providing an eligible student with a free appropriate public education (“FAPE”), including specialized instruction and related services in accordance with the terms of the student’s IEP.


Enrollment of Nonresident Students

Enrollment of nonresident students with disabilities will follow the same admissions criteria as for nonresident students without disabilities, including space availability, except that such admissions, if any, are conditioned upon the IEP Team determining the placement is appropriate as set forth above regarding resident students with disabilities.  Enrollment shall also be subject to administrative determination by the School, following consultation with the District’s Section 504 Coordinator, that the admission of the student will not cause a fundamental alterations of the School’s program (including an undue financial hardship), taking into account all individual circumstances, within the meaning of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of1973 and Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Based on this contract agreement, The Academy Charter School has instituted the following procedures for reviewing and determining the enrollment eligibility of students with disabilities:


1.       The registrar will gather all records and documentation from the student’s current school, including but not limited to IEP records, behavior records, transcripts, and medical records.  As stated in our enrollment procedures found on our website, “Parents of all students with a current IEP (Individual Education Plan) will be required to submit a current IEP prior to enrollment. Failure to disclose a current IEP grounds for revoking their "school of choice" privilege.”

2.       The registrar will pass the records to the Special Education Coordinator for The Academy for initial review.

3.       The Special Education Coordinator will gather the Special Education team together for a thorough review of the records and to determine if any further information or evidence is required.  (Further evidence may include but is not limited to medical documentation, a conference with the student’s current Special Education providers, or current testing documentation and scores).

4.       If no further information is needed in order to make a decision, the team will give their recommendation for enrollment of the student with disabilities.  If the team determines that the student can be served adequately based on the current resources of The Academy, they will recommend that the student be admitted.

5.       If the team determines that The Academy cannot serve the needs of a student, that the child’s disability is beyond the scope of our program’s capabilities, they will provide that determination in writing to the family.

6.       With either determination (admitted or not) the Special Education Coordinator will call the family to inform them of the decision.

7.       If the child is admitted, a Transition Meeting may need to be held to transition the IEP from the child’s former school to The Academy.