Before European discovery N.Z

IALT - Find  and summarise ideas in my own words – by skimming, scanning, identifying key ideas and using subheadings.

Before reading and watching

Prior Knowledge

- Jot down what you already know about when NZ was discovered.

It was 300 thousand years ago.


Northern Somatosphere was fish/pulled up by the one and only maui the god himself (i think) as he struggled to pull up the Northern Somatosphere.

Of new zealand he pulled out a giant sting ray and the carved the lakes mountains and hills with their spears as weapons to plant holes for caves and so on.

I thank maui for what hes done and made new zealand a better and safer place. bonus no animals that are dangerous had got onto new zealand when it split.  


The world was dark cold and the not yet to be gods were trapped  between mother earth and the sky father. most of them decided to push their parents apart they couldn't do it but one came up with a smart idea he lent his back on mother earth and pushed his legs up with all his might and finally pushed his parents apart and they became awesome gods of the forest ,war and man, air, peace, uncultivated foods, sea, and they all make earth a better place.


It started with the boat taking off and they set sail to new zealand they sailed for lots of boring and exciting weeks



Questions - What questions do you have about this time in history?

Why did Maui decide to go to sea to find a new piece/chunk of land?

How were the materials found and made for there big or small adventure and the wood for the waka?

How was maui born?

What was maui's life like was it good, bad, horrible, amazing, ok, nice, enjoyable,unique, inquisitive, disgusting, did he enjoy it and so on?

Did his parents hate him at first?

Did his parents like him at first?

How did  maui create find make/craft or enchant his hook?

Why did tu suggest that they should kill there parents?

Did he create his hook or was it given to him by the gods?

Why was Maui the first to find it?               huh wy yu no lik kupe he be ruler ofs new weland          

Why didn't they think of pushing their parents apart

he beat on cook offs:0000 $$$GG Maui not the pack he no in the house there the shipsssss second best boys

Why was Kupe 2nd to find it   V   medal     bru bet muai in face yaee destoy with hook mons$



Read and Watch - Answer the questions below the clip or text box

Our Waka - How did Maori arrive in NZ?

  • In this video - What was the name of the ancestor who first visited NZ? Mauis mother, maui or Kupe  

  • How did he get to NZ? By a waka

  • Who was next to arrive? James cook or Kupe

  • How did this person help others in his tribe to find NZ and settle here? He pulled the loose flag up

  • The journey to NZ - Write down what you notice from the video about the journey to NZ. What information and detail can you find from this animation?
  • There were animals big flags a big waka a little hut on the waka the ships front got hit and round  

Voyage to the birthplace of New Zealand – Northland

  • Why is Aotearoa important to the man in the video? Because it was his home?!? And he is the land????!!

He talks about being Tangata Whenua - What does this mean?  I dont know???????!?!

He also talks about joining Wakas? Explain this. Because he found the place by a waka and he wanted to explain it and show them and make them relive it in a small adventure

He discusses Manaakitanga. What does Manaakitanga mean? How do you use Manaakitanga in your life?    It means your family values of kindness and respect.

Listen to this story about Kupe and the Hokianga Habour

Kupe in the Hokianga - Roadside Stories

Who was Kupe?

How was NZ given it’s Maori name?

Where was his homeland?

What did Kupe do when he went back to his homeland?

Polynesian discovery

New Zealand had already been discovered by the time any European saw the Pacific or reached the New Zealand coast. Probably some time in the 13th century, Polynesian navigators reached New Zealand from the tropical Pacific. The East Polynesians who arrived were the ancestors of New Zealand’s Māori people. Long before Tasman and Cook, Māori had a detailed knowledge of the New Zealand coast and interior.

From watching, reading and listening, what statements can you now make about your knowledge of the first people to find New Zealand?

  1. Kupe's wife was the first to se and name Aotearoa.
  2. Maui's fish made part of new zealand the northern somatosphere and his waka made the southern somatosphere
  3. Kupe did not want to return to new zealand after he had gone back to hawaii
  4. Kupe was the second was to find new zealand
  5. It took 300 days to arrive in new zealand