Email as an Official Means of Communication to Students


This policy is designed to identify and describe the use of electronic mail as an official means of communications to Bridgewater State University (BSU) students.

Policy Statement:

The university provides a BSU user account and email address to all matriculated BSU students and uses email as an official means of sending information to students.

Applies to:

All members of the Bridgewater State University community

Student Responsibilities:        

University Responsibilities:

When using email communication, all members of the university community are expected to abide by all pertinent BSU Information Technology policies including, but not limited to, Responsible Use of Information Technology, Monitoring of Electronic Communications, and the Campus Email Mailing List Policies.  Information Technology Policies can be found if you Click here.

Title: E-mail as an Official Means of Communication to Students

Approved By: Pat Cronin, Chief Information Officer

Approval Date: June 2005

Date of Last Revision: February 23, 2011

Policy Category: University

Updated 8/2017 by Eric LePage, Teaching and Technology Center