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"I think it was interesting and full of action and drama. The characters are great and the story is too!"

-MissCharmy (rightful creator of Kevin)






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TPOD 2012-2014

[ SERIES one ]



-Troy Chittock

Introduction/Episode 1 : The Origin

“We need to get off the ship before we all die! Get Doug!” Maxwell demanded, putting life jackets on everyone in the room. Farah looked guilty, and she set Doug back down into his crib. “We can’t bring Doug...” Farah said. “What?! Are you insane?! We need him for-” Then Doug’s hearing muted, and he fell into a deep darkness... He was asleep. He couldn’t even hear the emergency alarms going off anymore!

        Doug was only a puppy when this disaster occurred over him and his family. His fur was nice and soft, like most of the baby furries out there. His eyes were big and round, cute puppy eyes. Now, he is different. The disaster was a shipwreck! But, that shipwreck was no accident!

        Doug woke up in his crib, all alone. He was locked inside the room, while water was flooding inside through a bust in the door. He tried to cry for help, but he was only a baby, so he only made baby noises. He cried, he coughed, and he whimpered, yet nobody could hear him. He could hear people passing by the room as they tried to get off the ship.

        Finally, the crib broke, and he fell into the flooding water. He was floating around (the lifejacket was still on him), and he continued crying. He cried, yet nobody could hear him. As the water continued flooding, he rose to the roof. If he didn’t get out soon, he would drown!

        Soon enough, he hit the roof, the water not allowing him to go anywhere else, slowly dying away. Then, he was underneath the water, drowning... He could feel his lungs crippling. Then, he closed his eyes, and everything went quiet.

        But just then, somebody busted open the door, and all the water from the room came flooding out. Doug washed up into a hallway that led to the rest of the rooms. It was only the heroic stranger, and baby Doug. The stranger was an adult raccoon, wearing a black trench coat. He tried to wake the baby up, but the baby held completely still... Was it already too late?

        He picked Doug up, and ran through the hallway. There was a ladder that lead to a little hatch that lead to the main area, where you could see the sky, and where the lifeboats were! As the raccoon ran to the hatch, somebody was starting to close it, and lock it up! Just before it was closed and locked, the raccoon sacrificed himself, and threw Doug underneath the hatch (safely).

        Then, the hatch locked itself. The raccoon was trapped, as water flooded the entire hallway! The man who locked it up just then noticed the raccoon through a glass panel! He tried to open it back up, but it was locked up for good. The raccoon drowned in the flooded hallway. Then, the man who closed the grate, picked Doug up, and went looking for a life boat!

        After a while of searching, he found a lifeboat, but it was the last one! The new stranger was a pelican, wearing a plain red t-shirt and blue jeans. The stranger jumped into the lifeboat, and tried to lower it as fast as he could, while Doug was still asleep (or possibly dead)...

        Many other people tried to get inside the lifeboat, but with all of the pelican’s guilt, he ignored the strangers.

        But, the pelican lowered the boat too fast and the chain lowering the boat snapped and broke! The two of them fell down into the ocean with a big *SPLOOSH*. They were still inside the boat when they crashed into the ocean, so they were okay (kinda)...

        They were beside the giant ship as more of it began to crash. Then, the boat began to lean over their lifeboat! It was falling over them! The pelican tried to row away out of danger, but he broke the paddles! What bad luck...

        Then, the pelican sacrificed himself and threw the baby out into the ocean, just as the pelican was crushed by an entire ship...

Doug was alone in the middle of the ocean...

Episode 2 : Rumor’s on the Island

Doug is seventeen years old, and is very different. He is bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. He now lives on Malibu Island, a very small place indeed. Malibu Island, again, is very small, but people would like to come there and open shop sometimes.

        Doug stumbled upon two homeless children on the streets. There name’s were Steelio the Lion, and Bengt the Wolf. The two of them were only little cubs, at the age of eight years old. Doug felt bad for them, so he took them to his house, fed them, cleaned them up, and raised them. Strangely, the two children couldn’t remember why they were out on the streets, and they may never know.

        Also, Doug ran into someone on the streets. His name is Lucario the Dragon. They just bumped into each other, and instantly became best friends. Lucario pretty much lives with Doug, and they are a lot like brothers for how close they are, the same thing with Steelio and Bengt!

        Together, they made the perfect team. Together in a small cottage, with everything they need. Food, water, clothes, but they were actually low on money! They were becoming a poor family, as they didn’t have any jobs. Doug tried to get a job, but they didn’t accept him! He didn’t know why, and when he asks he never gets a solid answer.

        Doug can still remember the shipwreck, and he constantly has nightmares. He believes someday he can find his parents and re-unite with them. He still searches and tries to find information about them. For now, he has no information about them...

Let the real story begin...

        “Bengt, do you know where my pack is?” Doug yelled as he searched under his bed. Bengt came into his bedroom and stared at Doug, “Excuse me?” Then Steelio came into the room, holding Doug’s worn out backpack. It was army green, and stained with many fluids and other things that I don’t know how to name?

        “I found it! It was in my room!” Steelio said, tossing it to Doug. Doug caught it, and put it onto his back, “Thank you, Steelio!” Doug said, walking outside of the room to the living room. “Why do you need it?” Bengt asked, following Doug.

“I’m going to the library again.”

“But you went there yesterday!”

“Nothing can stop me from completing my research and finally reuniting with my parents!”

“Alright, but can Lucario not make dinner this time?”


“At least Lucario didn’t make it before...”

        Then Doug went out the door, walking away from home. Just then, Bengt burst open the door, “Doug, wait!” Then Doug looked right at the door and stopped in his tracks, “What?” Bengt looked sad, “If you do find your parents, are you gonna leave us forever?” Doug looked guilty, “I can’t promise if I’m staying or not...” and Doug continued walking to the library...

        Bengt just watched him walk away, almost crying. Once Doug was out of sight, Bengt closed the door, and headed to Lucario. “Hey, Lucario? Do you think Doug will stay with us when he finds his parents?” Bengt asked, softly tugging Lucario’s scaled tail...

“...I don’t know how to answer that, my little furry friend...”

        Once Doug arrived to the library, he went to the Computer Room. He walked on in, and sat in front of a computer. He went to (ofcourse you know the website). He searched, [Bloomberg IV Shipwreck]. He pressed [ENTER], and got the following listings:

[Bloomberg Rumor: Who caused the shipwreck?]

[The Bloomberg IV: The Shipwreck: Who is guilty?]

[Discussing The Bloomberg IV Incident: The Victim was aboard?]

        He was in awe of the links. The shipwreck was NOT an accident! According to the listings, the one who caused the shipwreck could have been aboard! Why were these listings here all of the sudden? Then Doug searched, [The Bloomberg IV Complete Passenger List], then pressed [ENTER]. He got the following listings:

[The Bloomberg IV: Who was onboard?]

[The Bloomberg IV: Passenger List]

[“How do I get onto The Bloomberg IV?”]

        He clicked on #2, and found himself at The Bloomberg IV’s official website. He saw a giant list of all the passengers. After about five minutes of searching, he found this:

{#147}Pablo Forgonian)

{#148}Douglas Angelo)

{#149}Maxwell Angelo)

{#150}Farah Merchant)

{#151}Gregory Blimpling) -or-

        Douglas Angelo, Maxwell Angelo and Farah Merchant... There he was on the list! He was right above his father, Maxwell Angelo, and his mother, Farah Merchant! He clicked on his name, and he was taken to a website called, He saw his complete profile, yet he never signed up for the website!

        It said everything about him:

[   Meet new people!         Signed in as: GUEST   {LogIn} {Register} ]

   Douglas Angelo   Mi since: 2008

        Age: 1   <Last Updated: 2008)

        Gender: Male

        Location: U.S.A.- Las Vegas

        Relation to: Maxwell Angelo, Farah Angelo, Fredrik Angelo

        Status: Deceased

        Slogan [Screw off...]

        MiFriends (1) {1/1 Online}

        It said everything. But, some of the things on his profile were- different... He wasn’t in Las Vegas,  he would never tell anyone to screw off, and he wasn’t DEAD! If you look at his status (if you don’t know what it means), it says he is dead... “What?! How could I be dead if I’m doing research on the computer right now?!” he asked himself.

        Also, in the ‘Relation to:’ category, one of his family members was Fredrik Angelo. Could he have a brother? He also only had one friend. But he didn’t know anyone else but Bengt, Steelio and Lucario! Who could it be? He clicked on the ‘MiFriends’ tab, and saw his one friend:


        [Chloe Bloomberg] (ONLINE)

        He didn’t know anybody named Chloe Bloomberg, but her last name was the same as The Bloomberg IV! What could this all count up to? What does it all mean?

        “Hey, Doug would be back by now! Why isn’t he here yet?” Steelio said, finishing up his dinner. It had been three hours since Doug left to do his research! “Maybe he finally found something?” Lucario said, washing Bengts plate as he had already finished his dinner. Then Bengt made a big belch, “I doubt it...”

   Lucario stared at him, “Why would you say that?”

   “Doug never found anything before, how could he find anything now?

   “You shouldn’t doubt something just because it took awhile to-”

   “Awhile?! He’s been searching for years, and not a single scrap of info has been found!”

Then it was quiet...

Just then, Doug bursted into the house, and he could never had been happier!

        “Guys, guys! I finally found something!” Doug bursted out loud. Everyone stared at him as he set his bag down and searched for the documents he printed out.

        Bengt watched him pull out the papers, and he felt weird on what he said. Bengt sighed, “I stand corrected...”

        Doug pulled them all out and told them all what happened!


        “So, my parent’s were last seen in Las Vegas, I have a brother who is also in Las Vegas, I know a girl who is the daughter of the creator of The Bloomberg IV and the one who caused the shipwreck was actually aboard the ship!” Doug finished up his explanation. “But, the shipwreck culprit was just a rumor! It’s not for curtain!” Lucario said, still intrigued.

        “But what about Las Vegas? Why are your parents possibly in Las Vegas, and who is this Chloe Bloomberg?” Steelio questioned, searching through the papers. Doug grabbed all of the papers up and put them into his pack, “Well, it’s said that everyone was last seen in Las Vegas...”

        Lucario seemed confused, “So what?”

“Were going to Vegas, everyone!”

Episode 3 : Vegie-Vegas

        They used up the rest of their cash on that flight. They only had $12.07, and Doug actually counted it up! Doug or Lucario would have to find any kind of way to find cash, and fast!

        You can have the option to wear clothes when the law wasn’t made, so about 70% of people at Malibu Island wouldn’t wear any clothes, including Doug and the gang. So before they left, they bought some clothes so they didn’t break the law. That was when they only had enough cash for the flight.

        Once they were off the plane, they were amazed at everything they saw. Everything seemed- bigger! At Malibu Island, everything was so casual, and the airport was boring. But at Las Vegas, it was food courts and magazine stands and bright lights and music and everything!

        Bengt and Steelio seemed most surprised of the airport. Doug and Lucario were just impressed. As they walked to the exit, Bengt and Steelio were in awe at everything with ‘OOHS’ and ‘AHHS’. They tried to reach and grab for some items, but Doug was holding their hands.

        Doug shouldn’t treat them like their his actual child, but he promised he would raise them and take care of them. Some people stared at him of how young he looked, and though he was too young to raise a child, but some people thought he was cute.

        In fact, one girl came up to him and gave him her phone number just like that. Then she ran away. It said, ‘CALL ME ANYTIME   XOXO   503-555-8108’. He just blushed and giggled, but then threw it away into a recycling bin.

        Once they were out, they went straight to a motel to rent a room. The receptionist was a young boy at the age of fifteen to seventeen. He was a dog, just like Doug. His suit was red and shiny, and he was wearing the same hat a cabin boy would wear. To Doug, the hat seemed silly.

        “Hello, welcome to Cozy Camper! We are a four star hotel with comfortable rooms and there will be a waiter for you to call! My name is Jack, how may I help you?” he said, holding out his hand. Since Lucario looked older, he had to lie to the airport and the motel about his age. That was how they got their flight and their room.

        Lucario tried to talk to the receptionist, but he wanted to talk to Doug for some reason. “Uhh, we just wanted to rent a room. Will their be a cost?” Doug asked, seeming a bit shy. Jack smiled and shook his head, “Sorry sir, but yes their will have to be a cost!”

        Jack looked back behind him, staring at a security camera. He then looked back at Doug and whispered “Okay, so here’s the deal: If the boss catches me letting you guys get a room for free- I’ll get fired! So, pretend you’re giving me money!” Doug seemed confused, but appreciated the help and concern!

        Jack moved a bit to his left so he could block Doug’s entire body, so the camera couldn’t see them faking. Doug grabbed the pretend money out of his pocket, and handed it to Jack. Then, Jack turned to his left, and put the fake money into his right pocket, so the camera didn’t see that there was so money!

        Luckily, the boss never found out! Doug shook his hand one more time, “Thank you! But, don’t we need a key or something?” Jack walked over to a little shelf. The shelf had keys on it. Each key unlocked the same room with the same number. Jack turned to Doug and handed them their key.

        Their room number was #217. Doug handed Jack a real dollar bill from his pocket and whispered, “Thank you so much!”

        Jack giggled, “You’re very welcome! You should find your room up the stairs to your left and somewhere on the balcony!” As they began to head to the stairs, Doug heard Jack say something. Doug looked back at Jack, and saw him holding what could've been a rifle! He only got a quick glimpse until Jack caught Doug and put the rifle underneath his desk.

        “Doug, come on!” Lucario said, jiggling around the room key like a bell. Doug felt strange on what he had just seen... Maybe It was just a broom? Again, he didn’t really get to see what it was, and since he didn’t really know what a rifle looked like, he was probably just seeing things.

        Doug followed along with the gang, and he tried to forget what he saw. Doug’s face looked worried, because Doug thought something bad was going to happen not only to him but to the motel- maybe even the whole world. he just had the strangest feeling that that bad thing was going to happen, and soon!

Lucario unlocked their room, and they were finally inside. It wasn’t too bad. It had a painting of a little racoon walking through an office. It hanged over their bed. The motel only had one bed, good thing they brought sleeping bags. It also had a little kitchen with a mini-refrigerator.

The rug was nice and soft, and the bed was also pretty comfortable. So, they began to set up their new home. Bengt and Steelio got to sleep on the bed, for it only had room for two. They both slept in separate sleeping bags while they slept on the bed, though.

Doug would sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. The floor was pretty uncomfortable like most floors, so the sleeping bag really helped. Lucario slept on the roof! That’s right, the roof! That’s where all the dragons would go when they slept. They were aloud to build nests, and then go to bed. There were a few more dragons and birds up there, too!

It was 12:09 P.M., and the gang was bored out of their minds. Steelio and Bengt were watching television, but they were watching The Three Stooges. They have seen that movie too many times for it to be funny. Doug was just reading a book he has read a thousand times, Maximum Ride BOOK 2. Lucario was just sitting outside on the roof, staring into the blue sky.

Then, Doud heard a ferocious growl. It scared him out of his spine once he heard it. He leapt off the couch and searched around the house on what made the sound. Just then, he heard Steelio complain, “Doug, I’m hungry!” He should’ve known it was Steelio, because he thought he knew that sound from somewhere!

Doug sighed, “I know you’re hungry, and I’m hungry, too. But, I don’t think I have enough money to buy lunch for all of us!” Steelio whimpered, “You gotta get a job, man.” Doug somehow took that as an insult. “What’s that supposed to mean? I’m trying my best, Steelio,” Doug replied, “People just don’t want me in their companies and I don’t know why...” Steelio felt guilty on what he said to Doug.

“Sorry...” Steelio said, quietly. Doug looked back at Steelio, and Steelio looked sad. “Look, me and Lucario promise we will find a way to find money. You won’t be on the streets.” Doug said, putting his hand on Steelio’s shoulder. “Promise?” Steelio said, staring into Doug’s eyes.

“I promise...” Doug said, removing his hand off of his shoulder. Doug walked away from the two kids, and got his pack. Bengt watched Doug as he began to head out the door. “Where are you going?” Bengt jilted. “I’m gonna go check up no Lucario, stay inside, okay?” Doug answered, trying to make the two understand what he was saying.

Sometimes the kids could be troublesome and disobey. But, by the look of their faces, they were listening. They both nodded their heads, and Doug was out the door.

Doug climbed up a ladder that would lead to the roof. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why do birds and dragons need ladders when they got wings?’ Well, some dragons and birds in their dimension are born without their wings, and have to pay to get wings at a surgeon's office. It would cost about $2500 to get wings.

Lucario noticed Doug as he walked on over to him. Lucario greeted him, and Doug sat right next to him. “What are you doing?” Doug said looking at the sky. “Just sitting here, watching the clouds move by.”

“Boring, isn’t it?”

“Not really, I kinda take it as a stress reliever!”

“Yeah, it is calming...”

“What are we gonna do?”

“What do you mean?”

        Lucario sighed, “Well, I noticed we were very low on money, and I was wondering how we were gonna get money! We need to eat, buy clothes, and possibly pay rent if Jack turns on us!” Doug didn’t know what to say... Just then, Lucario moved his eyesight somewhere to Vegas, as the motels roof showed all of Vegas.

        “What’s wrong?” Doug said, poking Lucario’s arm. “I sense... S-something c-c-coming this way!” Lucario said, scaredly, pointing to a road nearby. Lucario was frozen and he began pointing somewhere else. Doud was confused as Lucario wouldn’t talk anymore!

        “Lucario?! What’s happening?! Sense WHAT?!” Doug tried to get Lucario to snap out of this random trance. Then, Doug say something move through the city, where Lucario was pointing. It looked like people, but they were different! They were all pitch black, and their eyes were small and shining white.

        They were all holding harpoons, and shields, wearing dark plate armour. As they began to move closer, he could hear big cars moving and horses running. Then, he began to hear gunfire and screaming. He could hear something evil, something corrupt, a bad energy was approaching them and attacking Vegas.

That army was searching for Doug!

        He then felt a pain in his chest, and grunted. He gritted his teeth as the pain got worse and worse. Then, the pain stopped, and he put his hand on his heart. He was breathing heavily, as he began to remove the hand. He saw a marking on his hand. It was a diamond, like The Angel!

        The Avatar was a legend a long time ago, he protected the world and stopped all that was evil. But, he was slain by his own father who was corrupt by an evil curse, and then the father put bad energy over the world. But, when The Angel died, his energy spread through the world.

        The Angel’s last words were: The Guardian Angel will rise, and put you back into hell where you belong... Doud also had a diamond on his other hand, and his back. Then, Lucario came to his senses, and watched the army come closer and closer!

        “W-what’s happening?!” Lucario said, staring at Doug. Doug was thinking about what the diamonds ment. He thought he was The Guardian Angel, could it really be him? What had he done to be The Guardian Angel? Doug then stopped thinking, and grabbed Lucario’s arm.

        “We need to go right now! It’s not safe here!!!” Doug said, trying to pull Lucario along with him. Lucario broke free, “Wait, wait, wait! What about Chloe a-and you’re parents?!” Doug look scared, “That’s not important right now! We gotta go get Steelio and Bengt!”

This was the beginning

of the war...

Episode 4 : The Culprit

        Doug was still wondering what the diamond marks were for. They had to abandon all of their stuff, because they didn’t have enough time. They had to hurry! The army was already attacking the motel, searching for Doug. But, why did they want him? He got out a broom to fight, Lucario would use his fireballs, and the kids would have to lag behind to stay safe.

        Then, they were attacking the door! “Alright! I think I know what’s going on... Look at the markings on my body! Lucario was confused, as he removed Doug’s shirt and looked at his back. He saw the diamond marking and he touched it. It was warm like he was left out in the day sun!

        “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Doug! I know who these guys are!” Lucario said in awe as he put Doug’s shirt back on. Doug shook his head, “There The Matter. They are soldiers of The Guardian Angel’s corrupt father. They were told to have died a long time ago, but I guess they didn’t!”

        Then, they broke open the door. Lucario started shooting fireballs, and Doug started attacking people who began to get close. After about five hits at The Matter, his broom was broken into a million pieces. NOTE: The Matter are extremely strong!

        Just then, Doug had a thought. Maybe he really was The Guardian Angel, and if he was, the corrupt father would want to capture him! Another thing about The Angel, is that when he released his energy, the corrupt father tried to collect all the energy to take over the world.

        Lucario then accepted that he couldn’t hold off The Matter forever, as he began to grow weaker. Then, Lucario threw one last fireball, “Run Doug, get out of here!” Doug saw Lucario fall to the floor, as his energy was all drained. Doug wouldn’t leave Lucario like this!

        He put Lucario up over his shoulder, carried Steelio and Bengt in both of his arms. It was heavy, but he couldn’t leave them to die! He backed up as The Matter ran to him. Once he saw a clear path, he ran on by The Matter! He was then out the door. But, The Matter didn’t give up!

        Doug set Steelio and Bengt down in front of the ladder that lead to the roof, “Go! I’ll catch up with you two later!” They both seemed confused, just standing there. “What? What does that mean?!” Bengt said, looking worried. Doug got onto his knees, and put his hands on his shoulders, “No matter what you do, keep running until you are completely safe!”

        Lucario woke up, and was dazed. “Wh-what? Oh, right! Where are those bastards?!” Lucario said, enraged to protect the gang. Doug stopped Lucario from charging into a hundred dark matter polymorphic spectors. “Lucario, fly these two away! Go somewhere safe!” Doug demanded.

Lucario’s face seemed confused, as Doug didn’t look happy. The Matter was getting closer and closer, and then Lucario nodded his head. Lucario picked up the two, and got his wings out. Steelio and Bengt looked sad, as they began crying, “DOUG!!! NOOO!!! PLEASE, DON’T GO!!!”

Lucario then flew away, as the two watched Doug run away from The Matter. But, as Lucario flew them away, Bengt got something from his pocket, and let his arm out, like he was reaching for something. Then, he let the object go, as it began to majestically fall to the ground.

Doug was running on the rooftops, trying to find somewhere to go. Then, while he was running, he slipped and fell face first onto the wooden rooftop. He smashed onto the rooftop, making a bloody nose. He was dazed, and he began to slide off the roof, falling three floors down!

Then, he fell off, falling to the concrete... He smashed down onto the concrete, breaking his arm. He began screaming as the pain was unbearable. Then, he began to fall into a deep knockout. Soon enough, he was asleep. Then, a little bit of rain began to fall onto the ground.

Then, The Matter stopped in their tracks as they looked down from upon the roof. They stared at Doug, as he was fast asleep. Then, the rain became a heavier storm. Doug’s blood began to blend into the puddles forming on the ground. His fur was getting all wet, and he was losing a lot of blood.

Lucario heard Doug’s screams, and then couldn’t take the pressure anymore. He headed back to Doug as fast he could, flying at speed he had never flown.

A man came out of the army of Matter. He was wearing the darkest robes you have ever seen, and the swayed with the wind as he moved. He looked down from upon the roof, staring at Doug. Then, he jumped off the roof and hit the ground, completely undamaged.

He walked over to Doug, and got on his knees. He put his finger in his blood, and then liked the blood from his finger. “It’s him... We have finally found him! After seventeen years, I have found The Guardian Angel!” he said, bursting the most evil laugh you had ever heard.

Lucario landed in front of the scene, and he set Steelio and Bengt down. He charged to the man, holding out his sharp claws. He saw Doug, lying on the ground with blood flowing on the ground, and that really enraged him. “Doug, no!!! YOU SON A BITCH!!!” Lucario said, about slash at the man’s face.


Lucario was dead on the floor with a bullet in his head. The man blew the smoke away from his gun, and put it back into his pocket. He picked the corpse up, holding Doug in his arms. Steelio and Bengt were crying at the scene. Doug was knocked out with a broken arm covered in blood, and Lucario was just shot!

“NO! LUCARIO!!! DOUG!!!” Bengt said, running to the man, holding Doug. Steelio went by Lucario’s side, watching Bengt be brave confronting the man. “Stop right there!” Bengt said, charging at the man. Bengt was about to claw at the man, but Bengt was back-hand slapped away.

Bengt launched away, hitting the concrete floor. He was unconscious (it was a pretty strong and magical hit). “This universe is mine! Nobody will stop me, not even The Guardian Angel...” The man said, continuing to walk away, still holding Doug in his arms.

Steelio thought on what to do... He couldn’t do anything. he didn’t have any powers and he didn’t know how to fight! The man got out a glowing white gem, and he threw it down onto the ground. It shattered, but then all the pieces began to levitate.

The pieces then turned purple, and formed a circle. Then, there was a flash, and a dark purple portal was unlocked. Just before the man took the portal, Steelio said, “Why are you doing this?!”  The man looked back at Steelio, “That’s none of your business...”

As the man stepped inside the portal, Steelio began to run towards the man, trying to stop him! “Please stop!!! COME BACK!!!” Steelio begged, as he tried jumping into the portal. It was still raining, so he slipped and hit the floor. He was dazed for a little bit, and continued trying to get into the portal. But once he looked...

The portal was gone.

Episode 5 : Memory Lane

        As Doug’s vision began to come back, he moaned and coughed up some blood. He was strapped up in a chair. His arms, legs, torso and neck were chained to a dentist chair. Above him were many tools that the dentist would bring down into the subjects mouth. They were all stained with blood, and some was dripping on him!

        Once he finally came to his senses, he struggled to break free. “Hello?! Where am I?! LUCARIO?!?! STEELIO, BENGT?! ANYBODY?!” Doug cried for help. He was in a room, and a light was shining on him. Anything passed the white was  pure darkness. He heard a door open, and click as it closed.

        He could hear footsteps, slowly getting louder and louder. He then saw a figure coming towards him. “Who the fuck are you?! What have you done to my family?!” Doug demanded answers. “My, my, you and your language! I don’t know how you could’ve been chosen as The Guardian Angel!” The man said, finally becoming visible.

        The man was wearing a clown mask, but still wearing the dark robes. For some reason, Doug recognized his voice from somewhere. “Where is my family?! Where am I?” Doug then kept asking questions with an enraged voice. He was growling as the man continued approaching.

        “Since when were a couple of orphans and a room mate your family? Your real family is right here, in the heart of Vegas! You are under my control now, and you will give up your energy!” the man replied, clutching his fist. Doug then barked at the man, “Why don’t you take of that goddamn mask and tell me who you are?!”

        The man chuckled, “I will not take off my mask, but I will tell you this...”

The man said, “Do you remember when you wanted to find your parents and find out who caused the shipwreck?”

“Yes... What’s it to ya’?”

“You have just completed both tasks at the same time...”

        Doug gasped, as the man began to take off his mask. As Doug could slowly begin to see more of the man’s face, he began to have horrible visions. The first vision was of Lucario flying down a cliffside, dodging bullets, but was then shot, and fell to his death.

        The second vision was of Steelio and Bengt, sitting at a counter with an adult penguin to their left, and an adult alligator to their right. On the counter was a lifetime amount of food. Then a bell was rung, and they began to chow down. Then it skipped to Steelio and Bengt wearing medals, and holding a lot of cash of their hands, stuffing it into Doug’s back pack!

        The third vision was of Doug, flying through the air and catching a female dog before she fell to her death. Doug saved her life, and then the vision skipped forward to them in a house, with two little puppies sitting next to them. He noticed in the vision that they were married, and Doug recognized the female dog’s face from somewhere...

        The fourth and final vision was of Doug, standing in a big, black room. And in the background was the same dentist chair he was in right now! Again, there was only one spotlight gleaming on him. He was holding a gun at the man’s head, and he was down on his knees, all tied up... The man said, “You don’t have the guts...” and Doug shot the bullet inside his skull.

        Finally, the man took off the mask, and Doug recognized the face! The man looked a bit different from some battle scars on his face. There was one on his eye, his chin, and his cheek. He looked all jacked up, and the cuts were still swollen and sore. Doug then knew who he was... Maxwell Angelo was the master of The Matter!

        He then gave out another series of maniacal laughter. Then, he said, “What?! Don’t you recognize your own father?!” Doug had no idea what to say, he just stared at the one who destroyed Las Vegas, yet it was his own father... “H-how did you- WHAT. THE. FUCK?! WHO, WHAT, HOW- WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!”

“Allow me to explain...”

        I am a serial killer that has been on the newspaper for five years until you were born... My wife didn’t know I was murdering all those people, and I wanted it to stay that way! I have killed many people, including that foolish dragon friend of yours...

        Doug looked confused yet scared, “YOU DID WHAT?!” But Maxwell interrupted him, and continued his story...

        I had an assistant named Farah Birmingham. She was nice and all- for a killer like me! She still had a lot to learn, but you know... Pretty special, but not as special as you! Wanna know why you are so special? Keep listening, please.

        One day, you’re mother, Jolene Briggs, found out about me when I told her not to come inside our bedroom, as I was preparing a surprise for her. I was hiding a body I assassinated the past day. She got naughty, and peeked inside and I put the body inside a black body bag.

        She screamed, and I couldn’t let any witnesses survive to tattle on me... I got out my revolver, put the gun to her head, and put some lead inside her skull. She was dead, so then I had to use up yet another body bag... *sigh* What a waste...

        Doug then noticed a tear was going down his cheek as he heard the story of his past. His father was a murderer, he made him fall three stories down, made him break his arm, shot his mother, and is now retelling the story. This was hurting him, this was very emotional for him...

        But then, Max changed his face into one of those faces when you get a sinister idea inside your mind...

        He got what looked like a shot from his robe’s pocket. He then got closer and closer to Doug, and put his head right next to Doug’s, and then he whispered, “How about you relive everything, and find out yourself! Good night, son...” and then he kissed Doug on the cheek.

        He injected the orange colored shot into Doug’s arm, and everything changed that very second. The shot was going through his bloodstream, and his vision became blurry... His eyesight then began to turn white, and everything that was far away began to zoom out.

        Then, he moaned as he relaxed into the dentist’s chair. He looked up into the spotlight, as it began to move away. He was then released from his chair. He tried to get out, but he stumbled onto the floor. He coughed up some blood, and noticed what he was injected with.

        It was a deadly poison, and it was killing him. He had to find a cure, before it was too late. His father began to walk away, and Doug crawled, trying to catch up. He then began to grow weaker, and weaker, and weaker. Until suddenly, he heard a scream come from the distance...


        It was Steelio... It sounded like it was coming from another chamber, a chamber that Doug couldn’t get to unless he broke through a solid metal wall. He tried to call out to Steelio, but his voice then crippled, and he couldn’t speak. He then continued chasing Max, but Doug was too slow...

        Maxwell, shut the door, and locked it up. Doug was pounding on the door, “MAX *cough* *cough*... You bastard!!! I’m gonna fucking kill you, do you hear me?! I’m gonna, gonna, hurt... you. .  .   .    .     .          . ***

Doug was dead... Really dead...

        Then, Doug woke up in a field. He gasped, and then searched his body to see if he was really still alive. He was alive! He jumped in glee, and then sighed. He turned around to see Max, laying on a blanket next to someone. It was a girl, and they both looked happy. It had to be Jolene!

        They were both looking into the sky, pointing at whatever cloud looked like an animal, or an object, or anything else they could laugh about. Doug walked on over, and saw that they were happy, and holding hands. For some reason, this really touched Doug, and he felt that he wanted something like that, too...

        He then said, “Are you the Jolene that Max has been talking about?” But, the both of them didn’t answer, like he wasn’t even there!

Wait a second...

        He slowly approached Max, and stood right in front of him, trying to block his vision of the sky. “Hey, dad?! Remember me?! I’m the guy who’s gonna-” Doug was saying, until Maxwell pointed at another cloud, putting his finger right through his stomach. Doug did not enjoy that feeling. It felt cold, and put a shiver up his spine!

        He then yipped, and jumped back. Then Doug had a realization... He held his arm out, and then tried to touch his arm, but his hand went right through it... Was Doug a ghost? What was going on?!

        Max and Jolene continued laughing and pointing and holding hands. Doug was dead for sure, but he felt like he was still living... But, why did he have his feeling? Max said something about, “Reliving everything, and seeing for himself...” Doug understood what Maxwell had done to him.

        Doug became a ghost in time! He was gonna see everything about Maxwell’s life until Doug was born! Maxwell got a text message, and got his phone from his pocket. He opened it up, and read the message. He took some time reading it, it must’ve been a really big message.

        Once he was done, he got off the blanket, and got his backpack. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Jolene said, grasping his ankle. Max almost tripped, and shook Jolene off of him, “None of your business... Now go home and rest!” Jolene mopped, as she wanted to stay by Max’s side. Max would do this often, but why? He even took his backpack with Jolene’s stuff inside!

        She got up from the blanket  and demanded for Max  to  come back, but all Max  did was drop all of Jolene’s stuff on the  blanket. At least Jolene had her stuff back...

        Doug followed Maxwell into a tunnel, at the end of the tunnel was the exit to town. Once he was outside, the town was behind him. He continued running  on the sidewalk, with the backpack on his back. Doug then looked at the backpack  even closer, and noticed that  it was Doug’s pack! Why would Maxwell have his backpack? Then Doug got thinking...

        About ten minutes later, Maxwell approached a house. The  paint looked to be a teal, but it was starting to chip off, so you could see the dirty, ugly wood underneath it. The windows look like they were bashed open with a bat, and some of  them had bullet holes on them. What was this place?

        Maxwell knocked on the door, and then a key pad came out of the wall. Doug was startled  when it popped right out! Maxwell typed in a secret six digit code, and Doug watched him type it in very carefully...


That was the code that Doug  had to remember...

        There was a *CLICK*, and then the door’s doorknob entered inside the house and then the door rose into the roof. He went right inside, and then the door slammed back down, and the doorknob came right back! Doug just went right through the wall, yet again the feeling was  as cold as the north pole on a snow storm!

        “Ugh... What happened?” Lucario said, waking up, still dazed from the shot. Lucario was alive! Bengt was sitting next to him, moping and looking down at the  ground.

        “They took them away....”  Bengt said,  almost crying. They were still in Vegas, but everything looked destroyed, burnt, gray and foggy. Lucario felt his forehead,  and  the hole in his head was gone. “I thought I was dead! Bengt, ho-” Lucario was saying until he looked all around himself.

        “Where’s Doug and Steelio?” Lucario said, his face looked worried. “They... They... I... I don’t... I...” Bengt tried to talk but he just  couldn’t speak anymore. He then started sobbing into Lucario’s lap. Finally, Bengt managed  to say, “They were  taken away by The  Matter!”

        Lucario didn’t know what to say. Las Vegas has  fallen, and there was no sign of life in sight. Lucario and Bengt could be the only one’s alive. Lucario set his hand on Bengts head, as he continued sobbing. Lucario began to pet him, making Bengt calm down just a little bit.

        “It’s okay, Bengt... We're gonna find them! I promise!” Lucario was almost crying knowing that Doug and Steelio were in serious danger... Lucario had no idea how to find them, and he also didn’t know how he was still alive... What were they gonna do?

Episode 6 : Chloe Bloomberg

Doug watched and listened as Maxwell and Farah were having their a conversation about their big plan.

        “Before we launch Operation : BLOOMBERG, I gotta hide the body of the girl... Once I do, we can get onto the ship and begin the operation!” Maxwell said, tugging the body towards him. It was a dead body of a female dog, the same dog from his vision! “Ahh, Chloe Bloomberg... Daughter of the well-known Killian Bloomberg, who will in fact be on-board the ship!”

        Maxwell nodded his head, and got out a body bag from his backpack. Doug was shocked as the girl who he was looking for was dead! Then, something began to rise from the corpse. It was the spirit of Chloe, and he confronted Doug. It worked the same way with Doug, nobody could see them but each other!

        “So, you are Doug, right?” Chloe said, just staring at him. “Uhh, yeah... How did you know my name?”

“I have been waiting for you...”

“But, how could you be waiting for me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Hell no it isn’t obvious! What’s going on?!”

        Chloe then made a face like Doug was stupid, “You are the angel, Max is the corrupted father... What do you think? Do you know anything about The Guardian Angel?” Doug shook his head, “It’s not possible... The marks are just a coincidence!” Chloe went right behind him, and removed his shirt.

        She touched the diamond marking, still warm... Then, she checked out both of his palms, they were warm, too! She then went right back in front of him, “You really don’t get it, do you?” Doug then began to get impatient, “How do you know all this?!” Chloe cleared her throat, “Let me explain...”

        When the angel was slain by the corrupted father a.k.a. The Leader, the angel’s power spread through the world, searching for a vessel, a soul with purity. The Leader, tried to collect this energy to take over our universe, but he was too late. the power had already found a vessel. That would be-”

        “Me...” Doug interrupted. Chloe nodded her head, “You were chosen because you have done many good deeds in your life! Do you know what those are?” Doug thought hard... Why was he chosen to be The Guardian Angel?!

Then it hit him...

Saving Steelio and Bengt from the streets.

Tried to make Lucario, Steelio and Bengt go away to stay safe.

He was chosen because of his purity, and from family!

        “You’re right... I really am The Guardian Angel!” Doug said, putting his hand over his heart. He was so amazed that he was chosen, but now wasn’t the time to brag... He had some dark matter to destroy! He then remembered that the angel had wings, and Doug didn’t have any...

        “Uhh, what about my wings?” Doug said. Chloe shrugged, “Ehh, I don’t know... maybe you got unlucky and they didn’t get there! I bet they’ll appear eventually!” Doug sighed, as he would love to fly. He had thought about it for a while. In fact, he had a dream about it!

        He was flying through the island, making newspapers fly right off their newsstands, and people falling onto the ground. Doug was whooping, feeling the blood rushing through his veins! He could feel his heart pumping in his chest, as he was going through a real adrenaline rush!

Once he woke up, he could still feel the blood rushing...

        Chloe snapped her fingers, bringing Doug right back from his dreamland, “Hello? Earth to Doug?” Doug then stared right at Chloe. “So, how do you know me? because I honestly don’t know you!” Doug said, seeming very confused, still. “My father told me all about you...”

        Just then, Max got a call from Jolene. He answered the call, “Hello?” Then it was quiet, for a short while. Just then, Maxwell shut his phone, got his backpack, and headed out the door. Farah picked up the body, “I guess I’ll keep the body until he realizes that he is being foolish...”

        Doug followed Max, wondering why he was is such a hurry. He saw Max go inside the house, and Doug waited outside. What was going on? Then, Max busted open the door, helping Jolene out of the house, then, she was put inside the car, and they drove away. Jolene looked like she was in pain!

        Doug watched the car drive towards the hospital, and then knew what was happening. He just watched as a pregnant Jolene drove to the hospital with a baby Doug inside her! He was being born! He then ran right to the hospital, wanting to see this...

        Doug waited outside as the surgery was being done. After a while of waiting, Doug heard noises coming from the surgery room. He heard something tiny, and squeaky... It was the sound of a baby crying. Doug waited a bit longer, and then passed through the door.

        He saw the cutest puppy wrapped up in a blanket. It’s eyes were closed, and it was quieting down. Jolene looked so happy, and so did Maxwell. Doug even looked happy, beginning to cry. He was born, and it just made Doug burst into tears... It was silent, and little puppy Doug yawned.

        He was so tiny and cute when he was a baby. Now look at him, a big and not so cute seventeen year old.

        Doug then left the hospital, and saw Chloe waiting outside. “So, how was it?” she said, walking towards Doug.


“Today was the day the world was doomed, all because of you...”

“Come again?”

“The Guardian Angel was born, and that was the beginning of the war.”

“So you're telling me that it’s my fault that Vegas was blown up?!”

“Wait, Las Vegas was attacked?!”

        Doug got right up in her face, “Yeah! I thought you knew everything!” Chloe backed away, with a shocked face. Doug just now realized that he just insulted her, “I’m sorry... I just don’t know what the hell is going on...”

        Chloe put her hand up at Doug, “No, it’s okay... I haven’t really told you anything about how I know who you are and your past...”

        I know your past because my father, Killian Bloomberg, was a friend of Max. Killian also built The Bloomberg IV. Max actually had something against Killian, but I have no idea what, not yet. So, when you were born, Jolene (also a friend of Killian) called me father and told him all about you.

        Then Killian told me all about you, and said I would meet you soon! He said that Max was allowed to bring you on the ship, and they got a free resort on it. That was when Operation : BLOOMBERG started.

        After about three months, the ship was almost ready to set sail. Max killed yet another innocent man, and went home to hide it in their closet. You were asleep when this happened, in your crib. As Chloe told the story, time began to skip forward, so he could listen and watch. It all looked so weird!

        Jolene was told to stay in the living room, while Maxwell his the body in the closet. He actually did get her a surprise gift, to make sure Jolene didn’t suspicious. But, Jolene peeked into the bedroom, and saw the dead body. The body was a young thirteen year old mole, and it looked like his throat was slit open.

        Jolene gasped, and Maxwell heard her. He saw Jolene, and made sure there were no victims...

        Maxwell got out his gun, and quickly shot a bullet into her head. Jolene was dead, and blood was pouring from her head. Maxwell then used another body bag and his Jolene into the same closet with the mole. He didn’t even care that his wife was dead. All he cared about, was baby Doug...

        He found out you were the angel when The Leader’s corruption infected him, and then a voice in his head told him that you were the angel. Maxwell was amazed, and realized what he could do with you! He could take your power and take over the world! The corruption allowed Maxwell to lead The Matter to victory.

        Then, he took you onto the The Bloomberg IV. The Bloomberg IV was heading to Malibu Island, where the Temple of Angels was.

        Doug nodded his head, he knew about that place. He took the gang there to see it. It was used as an exhibit for money. You had to pay $25 to see it. It would cost another $5 to go inside. If you broke anything that was inside, you had to pay $500, for it couldn’t be replaced. All the stuff in there was ancient and rare.

        Since your mom was dead, Max used Farah as his wife. Once they were at the sign up area, they showed their V.I.P. passes, and they got their free ride. They headed on inside, and Killian ran right to them. Killian asked why Jolene wasn’t on board.

        He said that Jolene was too sick to come, and was afraid that everyone else would catch her sickness. Killian understood, and Maxwell introduced Farah. farah was put onto The Passenger List as Maxwell’s wife, at least that’s what the man who signed them up was thinking...

        Once it was 2:00 in the morning, everyone was asleep, except Maxwell and Farah. They planted a bomb on the bottom the ship, so then the ship would sink. They also added a few extra bombs all over the ship. They planted the bombs the day before they signed up, and while everyone was asleep, they went into the ship and planted the bombs.

Then... It all happened...

        “We need to jump off the ship before our bombs explode! Farah, get Doug so we can leave!” Maxwell demanded, putting on his life jacket. Farah felt bad for baby Doug. If his power drained, he would die. Then, Farah set him down into crib, “No, I can’t let you do this!”

        Maxwell looked confused, yet mad, “What the hell are you talking about?! Come on, we gotta go!” Farah then began to sound serious, “NO! I can’t let you do this to an innocent baby! He’s gotta stay here!” That was when Doug’s hearing muted...

        Farah socked Maxwell right in the face, and Maxwell was dazed. Just then, the bombs exploded, and everyone was awake from the loud *BOOM* noise. Farah then began to try to throw Maxwell overboard. Then, Max was awake, and fighting for him to stay on board!

        But, Farah finally threw him overboard, and Maxwell was falling into the sea. Just before he hit the ocean, he got out his gun, and shot Farah right in the chest. She was injured, and slowly dying. A man came by her side to help her out, but it was already too late...

Everything began to fall apart, and the ship was sinking.


        You were alone in the ocean, all alone with nobody to help you. But, your angel then began to kick in without you knowing it, because you were still knocked out from almost drowning. The ocean came alive, and the waves began to get stronger!

        The waves pushed you carefully to Malibu Island, where you washed up on the shore. You were all alone from that point. You remember what you had to do from there...

        Then, everything disappeared, and Doug was back outside the hospital. He couldn’t take the story anymore. His head was hurting, and he toppled onto the grass... He was quietly crying, and Chloe just watched him. She felt really bad for him, and she sat next to him.

        “I’m so sorry...” Chloe said, almost crying with him. Doug calmed down, and whipped the tears from his eyes, “It’s not your fault, you know...”

“I know, it’s just so sad... I feel really bad for you...”

“Don’t feel bad...”

“I can’t guarantee that!”

“Please don’t, I just- don’t.”

        Chloe then began to cry. Doug didn’t know why, but he wrapped his arm around her. She began to blush, “Uhh, what are you doing?” Doug immediately removed the arm, blushing in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I just- damn it... Spasms?” Chloe giggled, blushing, and got up from the grass. “You gonna get up, romeo?” she said, holding out her hand.

Episode 7 : Fear Factor

They walked through the park, and watched as all the kids were playing on the swings, and sliding down slides. “So, how did you find out about my past? How did you find out the past I forgot about?” Doug said. “I had a random vision once about you. Really, I don’t know how it came to me...” Chloe said.

        Doug then looked at her, “What about me looking at the past? How did you do all of that?” Chloe laughed, “I have NO idea...” Doug looked at Chloe, as she watched all of the kids play around at the play structure. “Again, I’m sorry for mocking you. I guess I was just getting really impatient!” Doug said, feeling really bad.

        “Oh, that’s okay! I wasn’t telling you many answers, and well- I’m not sure, really. It all sounds really stupid!” Chloe said. “Yeah, it is kinda stupid.” Doug said, agreeing with Chloe.

        As Lucario and Bengt walked through the ruins of Vegas, they searched for any survivors. “Do you think anybody is still alive?” Bengt said, holding Lucario’s hand as they walked. Lucario felt a little depressed, “Let’s just keep looking...” Everything smelt like smoke and flames were coming out of the demolished buildings.

        The Matter doesn’t want to be fucked around. They really destroyed Las Vegas, like it was never meant to be an actual place! It was insane... Imagine Las Vegas, a land of lights and amazement. Now, imagine it all destroyed, with fires and smoke everywhere, like a tornado hit it.

        They even turned the SKY gray! It was like they have corrupted the entire place!

        After a while, they heard a man crying for help from a distance! Lucario then ran to the sound for help. The man sounded like he was in pain, a whole lot of pain! Lucario kept holding Bengt as he flew to the man in distress. Once he finally tracked down the man, he found that the man was stuck under an entire building!

        It was a male dog, his fur was just like Doug’s, blonde and with a red collar, the same one Doug had. He was cut up and bleeding all over. It looked like the building crushed his left arm, definitely broken for good. His eye was cut open from underneath, and blood was practically pouring from the cut. The building was up to his torso, and he wouldn’t last two minutes if they didn’t help.

        “OH GOD, PLEASE!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! P-PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! GET THIS BUILDING OFF OF ME!!!” the dog screeched in pain. Lucario sprang into action, and tried to lift the debris off of him! “Bengt, get the other side of this board!” Lucario demanded.

        Bengt went to the other side of the board, and assisted Lucario. They easily lifted the board, and threw it away. Then, they tried to lift another board off of him, easy again. But the third one was the last one to release him, but it was the heaviest! Lucario and Bengt struggled getting it off.

Bengt slipped...

        He fell onto the concrete, and the board fell onto the dog’s head... *SPLACKKKKSSSSHHHHHH*. .  .   .    .     .***

        Bengt stared at the crushed head, and they almost freed him! Bengt began to cry, for it was his fault that he was dead now. Bengt sobbed, and ran away. Lucario let go of the board, for he was no longer needed their. Lucario felt horrible for the dog. But, he looked just like Doug. It would’ve been funny if it was... Wait a second...

        Lucario leapt off of the debris, and slowly took off the collar of the dog. He read it, and he almost burst into tears.

Fredrik Angelo

Las Vegas - United States of America

2007 Maxwell Angelo FOUNDER

        They just killed one of their missions, Doug’s brother. Lucario threw the collar away. While it flew through the air, he threw a fireball at it, and it burned, making the ashes flow through the drift in the air. Lucario fell to the ground onto his knees, and pounded the floor with his fist, “Dammit!!!”

        Bengt wasn’t far from where the scene was. Lucario got up from the floor, and looked at his hand. It was a bit cut up, and some blood was starting to come out of the hand. He got the bruise from pounding the fist onto the ground. Lucario ignored the pain, and ran across the street to Bengt. Bengt was curled up in an alleyway, shivering and sobbing.

        Lucario approached him, and sat next to him. “It wasn’t your fault, you know...” Lucario said, trying to make Bengt feel better. Bengt sprung and rejected Lucario’s hand as he tried to pet Bengt, “It’s all my fault!!! We could’ve released him if I hadn’t slipped and fucking dropped it on his head!!!”

        Bengts vocabulary seemed to have evolved into strong language. He actually sweared, for he hadn’t done it in a long time. Lucario scooted away, trying to give Bengt the space he needed, “He wouldn’t have survived anyways, so don’t think it was your fault!”

        That just made Bengt feel worse, “There had to be another way! He could have lived! He... he...” then began to cry again. Lucario then noticed that he felt bad not only for Bengt, but for Doug! What was he gonna tell Doug, or if he ever finds him?

        “So, how do I get back to the real world?” Doug asked, sitting on a park bench. He could still sit down on the ground and sit on inanimate objects, but he could not touch people and people could not hear him, for that would break time itself!

        “This is the real world, except less real!” Chloe said, sitting next to him. “Well, you know what I mean! How do I get back to my time in 2025?” Doug said, trying to stay patient if she doesn’t answer his question.

“You gotta face your fears!”

Face  my fears?

“Beat them to a pulp!””

“You can’t fight your instincts... Their in your head!”

“You can fight a fear, silly! It’s easy! You gotta use fear!”

        Doug was confused on what Chloe was saying. How do you fight a fear? Chloe shook her head, and got off of the bench. She stood away from Doug, and then she raised her hand into the air. Doug was confused on why she was doing this, but he knew that he wouldn’t like it!

        A burst of lightning came out of the clear blue sky and landed in Chloe paw. She  grasped the lightning, and then she disappeared into a puff of smoke! Doug was practically having a heart attack when he  witnessed everything. Then, the a giant Maxwell was standing where Chloe was!

        Doug then bursted out of his seat, and ran away, out of the park. The giant Max then boomed his way towards Doug, trying to squish him with his big feet. Doug was running  as fast as he could, trying not to die! Just then, a giant shadow came upon him, then he looked up.


Episode 8 : No Time Left

“Ugh, my head... What the hell happened?” Doug moaned, waking up from his earlier attack. He found Chloe sitting next to him. They were right where Doug  was almost squashed by giant Maxwell. Doug sprung up and off of the ground, “Where his he?! I can fight him!!! WATCH ME FIGHT THAT BAD EXAMPLE OF A FATHER!!!”

        Chloe smacked Doug right across the face, and Doug calmed down, but only a little. “Thanks, I needed that! So, why did you summon that huge bastard?”  he said, with a burning red hand mark on his face. Chloe chuckled, “He wasn’t real,  dummy! That was simply a test to see if fear hated you!”

        Doug then noticed that she used the word ‘fear’ as a name... ‘FEAR’ hated you... What does that mean? “Uhh, who’s fear? Fear is just a  reaction or an emotion!” Doug said, thinking Chloe was coo-coo crazy! “Fear is the man that usually likes to make us feel pain. When the time is right, he punches us in the throat and launches us away from our fears,  and he will start to laugh at us.”

        It sounded like it made sense, but it didn’t, not at all... “That’s not possible!” Doug said, feeling more confused than ever. Chloe sighed, “Fear just attacked you when I sent the illusion to you. Fear punched you in the throat and tried to launch you away. He likes to see you in pain, he laughed.

        Doug slowly began to understand. Chloe continued her little speech, “If you want to be friends with fear, you must feel fear, but be a rock. He likes a man who is strong, a man who won’t run away from his fears. He lies a man who likes to feel the pain, so he can just you you as a punching bag.”

        Chloe finished, “When the time is right, you gotta be a rock. Be too heavy for him to launch you away. Fight with fear, and when fear is ready, and is in fact your friend, you can launch him into the enemy. Strike fear into the opponent. Beat fire with fire!”

“All you have to is kill Maxwell, and the war is over. There is no time left...”

        That was when everything STOPPED... Everything turned black and white, and everything died. The kids at the park were frozen on their swings, past Maxwell was frozen holding the angel, and even the plants stopped moving! Time had stopped, but Doug and Chloe were still full of color and were still moving.

        “Chloe? What happened, and what do you mean kill Maxwell?! Is there no cure for his corruption?!” Doug said, startled of the scene randomly changing. Chloe then began to lose her color, and began to turn to dust, and the wind was blowing her away, starting from her feet.

        She kept on repeating, “No time left...” over and over again!

“Where are you going?!”

“No time left...”

“What’s happening?!”

“No time left...”


“No time left...”

Then Doug was back in his time...

        He woke up exactly where he died before he was trapped in the dreamscape. He was a little bit dazed when he woke up. He pulled himself together, and looked down at the floor. He saw some of his blood, stained onto the floor. He saw the dentist chair across the room, and tried to open the door Maxwell left in... Locked of course...


        It was Steelio! He was somewhere in the building, obviously in distress! He heard a shock noise just before Steelio cried for help. The only way out of the room was the locked door. Doug pounded on the door, “Maxwell, you mother fucker! I’ll kill you! Let Steelio go you bastard!!! DON’T YOU HEAR ME?! LET ME OUT!!!”

        Just then, the door opened. It was Lucario and Bengt! They found him and came to rescue him! Bengt immediately hugged Doug, so happy that he was okay, “Doug! You’re okay!” Doug was also happy to see them, for he needed help! “Where have you two been? Oh, you know what? Don’t answer that! Steelio is in trouble!” Doug said.

        “Then let’s stop wasting time! We gotta find him before it’s too late!” Lucario said, wanting to hurry up and save him. “I saw Maxwell head down to the the end of the corridor and took a left! Maybe that’s where Steelio is! We gotta hurry!” Bengt said, pointing at the corridor to his right.

        “You two wait outside... I’ll take care of him myself!” Doug said, walking down the corridor. Just then, Lucario put his hand on Doug’s shoulder, “Doug!” Doug stopped in his tracks, “...?”

“Be careful.”

        Doug nodded his head, and ran down the corridor. They watched him bravely go down the corridor, ready to fight for Steelio.

It was time to end this once and for all...

        Doug was opened the door, and was on a balcony, above another room. There were computers and large machines holding codes and data. Behind the machines was a giant glass window so that they could see the room below them. Once Doug looked through the window, he filled with rage.

        Steelio was strapped into a char, and Maxwell was holding a remote. He was just standing in front of him, pressing that button every ten seconds. Once he pressed the button, the chair would shock his entire body, making him scream in pain. Who knows how long he was being tortured?!

        There was a gun next to one of the computers. Doug picked it up, and he checked the ammo clip. There was only one bullet left. That was all he needed. He began to bash the glass window with his elbow, making the glass break. Maxwell was startled by the bashing noise, and payed his attention to the window.

        Finally, Doug crashed through the window, and landed into the room. Doug was damaged a little by the broken glass, but he tried not to be bothered by it. He got up on feet, and just stared at his father. Maxwell stared at him, and snapped his fingers. A giant scythe appeared out of nowhere, and Maxwell held it in his hands.

        Steelio watched as the two held completely still. Doug wasn’t going to use the gun, not yet. Maxwell was going to use whatever was up his sleeve. Then the two began to approach each other, slowly. Maxwell broke the silence, “So, you made it out of the dreamscape?”

“Damn right I did... I was impressed with your mad plan! How did you feel falling into the sea?”

“I got wet. I was cold, but that doesn’t matter! What does matter is getting your energy so I can take over the world like I was supposed to!”

“No you weren’t. Your fate is to die a horrible death by The Guardian Angel.”

“I wonder how the angel would react to me doing this?”

        Then Maxwell pressed the button again, and Steelio was being shocked, squealing in pain. That was when Doug couldn’t hold in in rage. He charged at Maxwell, with a fist ready to smash something. Maxwell prepared his scythe, and striked at Doug, but Doug managed to duck and dodge it.

        Then, Doug ran to his back, and prepared to kick him in the back. Maxwell prepared a counter attack by moving out of the way, and striking Doug with his scythe. But, Doug countered his counter attack, by grabbing the scythe’s handle, and pulled it out of his arms, then struck at Maxwell.

        Maxwell has hit in the back, with a giant cut his back. Underneath his dark robes was black blood pouring from his cut. There was also some blood on the scythe. Maxwell rest for a moment, dazed and trying to get over the pain. But, Doug wouldn’t let him rest! He tried to strike Maxwell from above, aiming for the head.

        But, Maxwell dodged the attack, and the scythe was jabbed into the ground. Doug tried to pull it out, but it was stuck in the ground. That was Maxwell’s chance to attack Doug. Maxwell got out his gun, and aimed for Doug’s head. But, Doug stopped trying to pull the scythe out of the ground, and he turned around, smashing Maxwell’s face with a burning fist.

        Maxwell was on the ground, dazed and blinded. More black blood dripped from his mouth and nose. Doug was prepared to finish the fight. He put the gun to his head, “I don’t care if you’re my father...”

Then, Maxwell smashed the remote and the button was jammed. The remote malfunctioned, and Steelio was being shocked every second, repeatedly!

        “NO!!! YOU BASTARD!!!” Doug yelled, smashing the side of his head, making Maxwell fall to the ground, vision blurry. Just before Maxwell got back up, Doug pinned him down with his foot. He aimed the gun to his head, ready to end the fight and free Steelio right away.

        “You have put me through so much pain, so much despair. Father or not, I’ll put a bullet in your head!” Doug said, about to shoot Maxwell. Maxwell chuckled, and turned his eyes to Doug. He said something that struck fear into Doug’s heart...

“You don’t have the guts...”

        Doug stopped in his tracks, and stopped trying to pull the trigger. he was thinking, paralyzed in his mind. His dreams turned to nightmares, and he got that feeling again. Fear was beating him up again. This was why he was to become friends with fear. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t kill Maxwell.

Doug was out of time...

It was time to make a decision...

He shot the bullet the the computers in the balcony, shutting down the shock program.

        Steelio was no longer being shocked. Now, Doug was out of bullets. Maxwell laughed, and disappeared into a puff of purple smoke. Doug threw the gun away across the room, and head straight to Steelio. He unstrapped Steelio, and he fell into Doug’s arms.

“Steelio! Thank god you’re okay!!!”



Episode 9 : Depression

Lucario and Bengt continued waiting outside of the chamber, waiting for a victorious dog with a lion in his arms. Finally, they saw Doug approaching them. They got what they wanted. But, it was only a dog with a lion in his arms. They were happy, until they saw more of the scene.

        Doug wasn’t happy, but sad. He was slowly walking to them, holding Steelio in his arms. He was carrying Steelio, for Steelio could no longer walk. He was silent, and Steelio was still. Lucario then ran to them, “Doug? What happened?” Doug stayed quiet...

“Doug, what the hell happened?!

“Let’s get going...”



        He moved right passed Lucario and Bengt, heading for the exit. They watched him carelessly go by. Doug changed that very day. He would never be the same ever again...

Two months later...

        Doug sat in the field, letting the wind flow through his fur. He sat alone, as Lucario patched up Bengts wounds.  He just watched as the clouds went by, slowly. It may have seen like they weren’t moving at all, but Doug was passing through time. The clouds changed shapes and moved at the speed of sound.

        Then, Chloe came and sat next to him. “How are you holding up?” she said, looking at where Doug was looking. Doug sighed, “I feel like shit...”

“Don’t we all?”

“... Yeah, I guess we do.”

“What happened back there?”

“Excuse me?”

“Lucario told me about the Steelio thing... What happened?”

        Doug stopped breathing and was inactive for about three seconds. Doug stood up and ran for the house. Chloe watched him charge for the house, and she sighed, “What a mysterious dog you are...” Doug was pretty mysterious now. He didn’t really liked talking to people and he sounded more aggressive.

        He bust the door open, and ran to the bathroom. Lucario was strapping some cloth onto Bengts cut. Bengt sat on the toilet as Lucario was on his knees, strapping his arm up. “What the heck, Luke?! Why would you tell her?!” Doug blurted out, scaring Bengt and the scratchy cloth scratched his arm.

        The cloth kinda got into his cut, “OUCH!!!” Lucario removed the cloth, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Ehh, give me a second...” Lucario pulled Doug out of the room, and into the living room. “What the hell do you want?”

“You told her about Steelio!”

“Yeah, so what?”

“I thought I told you not to tell anyone!!!”

        Then Alyx came into the room, “Tell anyone about what?” Then Doug and Lucario yelled, “Shut the fuck up, Alyx!!!” Then Alyx left the room, and headed downstairs into the basement. Then Doug and Lucario continued their little chat. Lucario started out with, “Who cares if a few people know?”

        Doug froze, “A FEW PEOPLE?! HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU TOLD?!” Lucario froze for a second as well, “I uhh, hmm... Well-”


“I told Bengt, too...”




“I’m sorry, okay?!”

“You better be sorry...”

        Doug ran to the back door, and ran out to the forest. He cried the whole run there. Lucario tried to chase him out, but when he opened the door Doug was gone. Lucario felt guilty for what he had done. Why did he do it? That question kept on repeating in his head.

Alyx ease dropped the entire thing...

        Lucario went back to the bathroom and found Bengt, crying and sobbing. Lucario went to his side, “What’s wrong, bud?”

“I miss Steelio...”

“I, uhh... don’t kn- ugh...”

“Will Doug come back?”

“I don’t know how to answer that my furry little friend...”

        That just made Bengt cry even more. Lucario pat his back, trying to make Bengt cheer up. But, it wasn’t working. Bengt left the bathroom with his cut un-patched. He slammed the door, and cried into his pillow. Lucario really screwed up. He thought he had done the right thing, but he didn’t- not this time...

        Doug sat on a giant rock, crying his life away. After a while he stopped crying. He then got up, and started to walk back to the house. But, a puff of smoke appeared, and Doug backed away, coughing and trying to breath air and not smoke. Then, Maxwell appeared. But, this time, he didn’t have any deadly weapons with him!

        “Doug, we need to talk...” Doug immediately got out his gun, and shot a bullet at Maxwell. But, he wasn’t fast enough, and Maxwell teleported away. He then re-appeared behind Doug, but didn’t threaten to kill him. Doug waited for Maxwell to attack, so he could counter his and cause a more devastating move.

        “Doug, I’m not here to fight. But, if you don’t cooperate, I will kill you.” Maxwell said, backing away to give Doug his personal space. Doug put the gun away, “What do you want?”

“I need your energy.”

“You don’t need it. If you take my energy, then the world will be taken over by your corruption.”

And you will lose your powers!”

“Exactly why I can’t give them to you or else I’m gonna die!”

“Not if you surrender.”

        Doug stared at Maxwell, and nodded his head, “Go on...”

“Join me, and you won’t have to deal with that scummy dragon anymore!”

“So you're telling me that I have me that I have to leave my friends just-”

“Since when were they your friends?”


“Hey disobeyed the leader. Does he really deserve to live anymore?”

“Okay, okay, okay! I’m am not the leader! Nobody is!”

“Then how come you got Lucario to leave you at the motel?”

        Doug froze. He has done a lot of leaderly things in his war life. He had been leading them, but not very well. He kinda is the leader, but he never noticed it. Doug then started to listen to Maxwell carefully.

        Maxwell whispered into his ear, “The scumbags on this planet will die. It’s fate. You will fail, and it’s already written in god’s diary. He wrote, “I’m afraid, and that fucking angel isn’t helping! You can end it here and survive the apocalypse! I will make you immortal! Come on, be with your father forever, just like you planned!”

        Doug had no idea what to say. He just stared at Maxwell’s hand, ready to be shaken. If he agreed to join Maxwell and give up his powers, there would be no turning back. The ink would be stained onto the paper, and it would never come off. Doug slowly rose his hand as he trembled with fear...

        Lucario finally found Doug, and saw that Maxwell was about to take him away. Lucario then ran to Doug, trying to prevent this agreement. then, Doug started to remember the sentence that Maxwell used two months ago...

You don’t have the guts...

        Doug quickly got out his gun, and turned around, shot a bullet into Maxwell’s chest. Maxwell thought he was gonna shoot him, so he tried to teleport behind him. But, Doug already knew what was gonna happen. Maxwell fell to the ground, mortally wounded.

        Maxwell then began to cough up his black blood. Doug approached him, and put the gun to his head. Then, the exact same thing happened. The exact same scene was replaying, and of course, the scene replayed the sentence.

        “You don’t have the guts...” Doug froze again. He thought, and then made his decision. It only took him fourteen seconds to finally decide to kick him in the face, knocking him out cold. Lucario approached Doug, “I’m so sorry...” his eyes tearing up.

        “Let’s not talk about that right now. We need to get this body back to the house. Well hide him in the glass cage, in the basement.” Doug said, being the leader again. Lucario solution, “Sir, yes sir!” That made Doug feel like he really was the leader. Did the others take him as a leader? I guess it’s a mystery...

Episode 10 : The Contest

Another month later, they managed to get some more cash, as Alyx managed to find some on the streets, abandoned and not connected to a string. Doug manages the money for now. This slowly resulted to him really being the ‘leader’. It was only $51.72, so they had to use it wisely.

        They were searching around the town of Horswitch. They found the town when walking through the middle of nowhere. They found the town, and moved into an abandoned house. They live there now, and aren’t very happy. Everything has changed since Malibu.

        While walking, the gang heard a little bit of a ruckus. Then, a newspaper came flying into Lucario’s face. He removed the newspaper, and decided to read it. This issue was written and printed that very day! Everything was boring crap, until something eyed Lucario:



        This year’s FEC (Food Eating Contest) is starting at 3:00 P.M! Bring your hungry belly over for a race to see who can finish the entire feast first -or- whoever eats the most! Last year’s winner was Via Rabbit. She ate 2/4’s of the feast. So far, nobody has completed the feast! The prize is $500 for whoever wins, and a bonus $500 for whoever finishes the feast!

        The whole article made Lucario’s mouth water. Doug noticed that Lucario was actually reading the paper, and decided to join in. Then, everyone else joined in and read the article.

        “I’ll do it!” Bengt said, raising his hand high in the air, trying to get noticed. They all stared at the little wolf. Doug then said, “I’m not sure if you are fit for that, but thanks for the offer!” Bengt sighed, and checked the city tower. The city tower had a clock on it, 2:55 P.M. The contest was about to start!

        Then, something distracted the gang. They saw Maxwell walking on the other side of the sidewalk. They  couldn’t fight now or someone could get hurt. Maxwell shushed them, and disappeared  again. Something wasn’t right, and he  knew Maxwell was up to something.

        When Bengt had the chance, he ditched the gang and headed to the contest! It was at the fair not so far from their current location. When Doug noticed Bengt running away, Doug ran, chasing him,  “Bengt, come back!” Then,  Bengt vanished when he ran behind a wall. When Doug peeked behind the wall, Bengt was already eating a hotdog.

        It was 3:00, the contest had begun. The  gang managed to catch up with Doug, and they saw a little wolf eating his heart out. Every contestant had a counter on their table of food. When they finished a piece of food, the counter would go up by one. The winner was the one who got the highest score.

        Bengt just kept on eating. He had eaten ten items already! It would be obvious that he should’ve been stuffed and couldn’t proceed,, but he eat like it was  nothing. Doug watched  as the food vanished  into his belly. What really got him confused is that he was still eating!

        Ten minutes later, he had eaten one hundred food items, and a fox named Luis was already out for the count at seventy-two food items. You would think he would have gained a thousand pounds (not really), but he didn’t. Doug’s eyes popped right open once he saw that Bengt was still thin and lean!

        He got to two hundred, three hundred, four hundred out five hundred food items. Doug wondered what little trick Bengt was pulling. He had to be cheating, somehow! Then, Doug thought of the craziest but most simple idea! Bengt had a superpower, and that was  a bottomless stomach!!!

        Bengt was in the lead with seven hundred food items out of one thousand, and all the contestants were out for the  count, except for one husky named Fred. He was one hundred items behind Bengt, and looked like he was gonna explode. Finally, the husky fell down, and gave up.

        Bengt  won the contest! It was amazing! The crowd cheered and some laughed  at the people who failed. They said, “Hey, Francis? Lost to a kid?”and “Wow, that kid beat them up!” The judge came up to Bengt, “We have a winner! Sadly, he didn’t finish the entire feast, but he beat the record of six hundred  and twelve!”

        The man put a microphone in front of Bent’s face, “What’s your name, son?” Bengt grabbed the microphone, “Bengt... My name is Bengt.” He handed it back to the judge, and Bengt ran on down passed the crowd, and jumped into Doug’s arms, giving him a big bear  hug, “I did it!”

        “Yes you did, Bengt. Yes you did!” Doug said, patting his back. Bengt belched, and let go of Doug, “Isn’t it weird that I’m still skinny?” Then Alyx joined the conversation, “Well, your not skinny, your uhh... What’s the word?” “Slim…?” Doug corrected. Everyone shrugged. Bengt was the perfect weight, and he didn’t need to gain nor lose!

        Doug went on up and collected their $500 prize.  He set all the money inside his pack.  The money was in $50 bills. Doug didn’t really care! They had money,, finally!  It’s all thanks to the little wolf with the bottomless stomach!

        They first bought food for themselves, for they were all very hungry. They all ate at Mc.Furs (strange, I know). They all ate a greased filled fatty meal that day, and didn’t regret it. They all  headed home, satisfied instead of starving.


   The reason why i didn’t put this scene in was because it just didn’t fit in with the scenery. I actually typed it but erased it once I realized it just didn’t work. Yes, the whole series Lucario is in fact gay, but he basically never admits it because he never got the chance. You can kinda see what I mean. So, here ya go. It was in this very location:

        That very night, Lucario went to bed early, but just before everyone went to sleep. He had his own room, so he was alone. Laying back in bed with his shirt off, he just stared out the window, seeing the stars. He then got a picture out of his pocket, a picture of Doug. He already knew Doug wouldn’t like him, he knew Chloe and him were already in love. He just stared into his eyes and whispered, “Why do I have to be this way…?”

 That very night, when Bengt was about to go to sleep, Doug came into his room.

        “Hey, Doug.” Bengt  greeted. Doug sighed, “You are a lifesaver, you know.”

“Thanks! It was easy!”

“Next year, mind if you  do that again?”

“It would  be my pleasure! The food was good!”

“And the food we ate today was good, too! We wouldn’t have eaten today if you hadn’t stepped up.”

“Thanks, Doug.”

“Well, see you in the morning!”

“Good night.”

        Doug shut off his lights,  and closed his door. Then, Doug walked on over to the living room. Chloe was laying on the couch, just staring at the wall in front of her. Doug moved her legs to the side so he could sit down. Chloe got out of her laying position, and scooted over to Doug, “I love that little wolf of your’s.”

“He isn’t mine, well... I guess he kinda is!”

“I never did thank you for saving me from Maxwell. He trapped me in that dream scape, but you set me free! Thank you...”

“You’re welcome! I’m glad you are a part of the team!”

“I’m glad too! I wasn’t in the team, I would’ve never been here sitting next  to you.”

“That’s right.”

        Then it was quiet. They just stared outside a window, looking at the stars. Then, Chloe set her head on Doug’s  shoulder, and she sighed. Doug blushed, but he  liked it. Doug let Chloe start to fall asleep on his lap, until she was asleep. Chloe drifted off, and she was dreaming  in the black space of her closed eyes.

        Then, Doug started to pet her head, slowly and firmly. Soon enough, he fell asleep, sitting on the couch. Doug wondered if this was some kind of mistake. He wondered if they were friends or boyfriend and girlfriend. Doug wanted the better choice. He dreamt about the vision of them and their puppies. He hoped it would come true soon enough.

        Then, he dreamt of the two of them in a house, alone. Chloe gazed into Doug’s eyes, and said, “This is our sacred haven...” Doug fell asleep,  smiling and happy.

Episode 11 : Kidnapped

Lucario woke them up, “Wake up, lovers!” They both slowly opened their eyes,  and Chloe removed  her head, “What the fuck is going on?” yawning. Doug also yawned, “Lovers? We aren’t a couple, jackass!” Lucario shook his head, “Ahh, young romance!  It’s adorable!”

        Then, Alyx came on upstairs from his bedroom. He had also just woke up. He entered the kitchen,  and began to make bacon and eggs. “Who wants a breakfast that we bought with money?” Everyone whooped, and laughed with glee. They were happy to eat real food for once.

They heard Bengt scream from his bedroom!!!

        Doug ran to his room, and saw a man, wearing all black. He looked like a soldier from The Matter! Maxwell sent him. The man’s  body was in the form of  a kangaroo. The kangaroo  and holding Bengt in his arms, and Bengts window was open. The kangaroo sneered at Doug, and bounced out the window!

        “NO!!!” Doug yelled, looking out the window. The kangaroo landed on his tail,  unharmed, and bounced away! Bengts room was upstairs, and if Doug jumped out the window, he would break his legs.  “BENGT!!! NO!!!” Doug cried, for there was nothing he could do.

        Then, Lucario came flying through the window, and chased the kangaroo down! Lucario threw a few fireballs at  him, but the kangaroo was too fast! Then, the kangaroo came running into a tree, but he bounced off of it, making Lucario crash face first into hard wood.

        The kangaroo pounced away, leaving Bengt screaming in his arms, “LET GO OF  ME!!! DOUG, HELP!!!” Soon enough, Bengt was far, far away. Doug began to cry, for Bengt was gone. He broke his promise:

        “I promise you won’t be on the streets ever again!” Steelio sniffed, “Promise?” Doug nodded his head, “I promise...”  and he was out the door.

        He promised that to the both of  them. He broke his promise and he felt guilt for not being there to save him. Doug just cried and cried. This was the last straw! Doug was gonna kill Maxwell, father or not, corrupted or cured, during rain or shine, anywhere at anytime, for any reason or for anyone.

        Lucario flew back into the  bedroom, “I’m sorry I  couldn’t save him...” Doug changed, and he wasn’t Doug anymore. He got  his  pack, “Were going to Las vegas, now! Maxwell must  die!” Lucario nodded  his head, and got  the others to collect their stuff and get ready to move out.

Fear was now Doug’s friend…

Episode 12 : Las Vegas

“Do you see anything?” Chloe said, whispering to Alyx. “The entire area is infested with Matter!” Alyx said, looking through his binoculars. That was when Doug was really known as the leader, “We need to find a way to clear them out! Any ideas?” Nobody replied with an answer, until Lucario came up with an idea.

        “How about I...” Lucario was saying until he whispered the entire plan (It’s too epic to tell you right now!). They all nodded their heads. It was a good idea, but this was a huge risk of dying and getting stabbed by an army of darkness. Then, everyone held hands, and just to mention that Chloe and Doug held hands :3...

        Then, Lucario lifted them all up, and flew up into the air. It was pretty heavy, but pretty soon he would be letting them go. He flew over the city, and yelled, “Hey, Matter?! COME AND GET ME YOU DIRTY-” Then they were throwing spears at them, and then the plan was ready to proceed.

        He then flew back to the surface, and waited for The Matter to come and chase after them. He threw a few fireballs to make them angrier, and sure enough, it did. They all came charging out of the city, about to attack. Then, once the city was clear, Lucario waited just a bit longer...

        Then once they were at the perfect distance away from the city, Lucario came charging at the army, still holding the rest of the gang. It sounds like it’s suicide, but it was the best idea they had, and the only way into the city without Matter everywhere.

        Then, they came into contact! Lucario was flying through a whole army of dark matter. It seemed like everything died. Even the grass turned black! The gang felt like somebody was gonna get hit, but nobody did! They passed right through the matter- alive!

        Then, Lucario flew faster, and went straight to where the entrance/exit was to Maxwell’s underground base. He set the gang there, and Lucario flew back into the air. Lucario leaving wasn’t part of the plan! “Lucario, what are you doing?” Doug yelled, confused on what he was doing.

        Lucario just flew back into the air, leaving Las Vegas once again. Alyx knew what he was doing, “He is stalling them! We need to go, now!” Doug wasn’t gonna let him go, “NO! HE’S GONNA DIE!!! THEIR GONNA KILL HIM!!!” Alyx then pulled Doug inside the hatch.

        Lucario flew over the army, trying to get their attention. But, they already did, and they were throwing spears at him like rain from the ground. Lucario tried to dodge every single one. He went, left, right, then forward then left, repeat! But then, *SPLSHH*...

        Lucario was stabbed right in the chest, as the spear cut into his flesh. It didn’t cut all the way through him, but that doesn’t matter, he was already gone. Lucario was then falling to his doom. He fell, and fell and fell, until *SPLAT*, he crashed into the ground, all body part disconnecting and flying everywhere.

Then, The Matter charged back to Las Vegas, heading to their real target...

        “I hate you so much... I hate you… He...” Doug said, feeling like he wanted to cry. Alyx just ignored him, for Lucario sacrificed himself for them. Then, they went searching for Maxwell’s chamber. It turns out, Maxwell’s chamber is the one he used to kill Steelio.

        Since that’s what they all thought, and it was a pretty good idea, they went searching for that chamber. Doug remembered the way there, for this place was scarred into his eyes and mind, like a tattoo that can’t be removed. Doug lead the way, and they eventually found the chamber.

        Then, Doug opened the door, and had horrible thoughts about Steelio. A tear came down his cheek, leaving a wet spot on his fur. Chloe put her hand on his shoulder, and Doug turned his head to hers. Chloe smiled, “We're gonna make it, for Steelio.”

        “Not only for Steelio, we’re mostly doing this for the world!” Doug said, sounding a bit insulted. “For Bengt and Lucario, too!” Alyx said. Doug nodded his head, and looked into the chamber through the large glass window. They were on the same balcony Doug was on when he tried to save Steelio.

        They saw Maxwell, talking with another man. They found him in the most obvious place. Doug then started to make orders, “Alyx, you go search for Bengt, and take this!” giving Alyx his trusty pistol. Alyx nodded his head, and left the room. “Chloe, you go make sure The Matter don’t get inside!” Chloe nodded her head, and right before she left the room...

        Chloe had her paw on the doorknob, but them removed it, and headed to Doug. Right before Doug smashed open the glass window twice, Chloe turned Doug right around. Doug stared at her, confused. Chloe just felt that choking feeling in her throat. But, she didn’t care.

She pulled Doug close and they kissed.

        Doug was shocked at first, blushing, but felt relieved that she liked him, too. He enjoyed the kiss. Then, she let Doug go, and they both just stared at each other, their faces red. Chloe then said, “Come out alive, or i’ll kill you.” Doug made the most fascinating smirk on his face, “Alright...”

        Then, Chloe left the room. Doug tried to get the blushing off of his face. Actually, when Chloe kissed Doug, that gave him more time to think. He didn’t have a weapon. Doug then searched the room for a weapon, or a gun, or something. He then found a box full of daggers

        He carefully moved the daggers out of the box, looking for the best one. They were all the same kind, but some of them were damaged. When he got to the bottom, he found a dagger made of a weird kind of rock. It was dark purple, and when it shined in the light, it would make a very bright and blinding light.

        Doug knew that this one would be the best for it’s mysterious form. When something in mysterious, you know it’s good. He set the dagger into his pocket, but then he found a pistol right where it was the last time. It checked the ammo clip, one bullet again. It’s like Maxwell knew that this was gonna happen!

Now, Doug was ready. A dagger and one bullet was all he needed.

It was time to end this…

Episode 13 : Maxwell Angelo

Doug once again crashed through the window and landed on broken glass. This time, he didn’t feel the pain from the glass. Actually, it felt like a cushion to break his fall. Then, the man and Maxwell looked at the intruder. Doug looked at the man, in all black, in the shape of a kangaroo!

        “Where’s Bengt?!” that was Doug’s first question, for he had many more. The kangaroo removed his mask, showing his face, not like he really needed it. Doug didn’t know who he was, but that didn’t matter. The kangaroo chuckled, “He is safe, but if you try to touch me, he will die!”

        Maxwell slowly walked forward to Doug, “Doug, I would like to introduce you to Sam. He is my main apprentice or partner. I hired him a week ago.” “I thought Farah was your partner?” Doug said. Maxwell laughed, “Farah is dead.” Then, Sam started to back away, trying to escape back to his chamber.

        Doug noticed Sam trying to escape. He felt more enraged with the kangaroo then he was with Maxwell. He used his only bullet on Sam, and Sam was on the ground, maybe dead. He just fell, and hit the ground. Then, he remembered that Alyx was taking care of Bengt, so he stayed put with Maxwell...

        So, it was just Doug and Maxwell, father and son, good and evil. They were staring each other down. It was time to end the war once and for all. Fear was ready to strike into Maxwell. Fear was standing by Doug’s side, as a friend. Then, the two of them slowly walked towards each other...

        Then, the fight begun. Maxwell struck his scythe at Doug’s legs, but Doug dodged it by jumping over it, and then attempted to kick Maxwell in the face. Success, and Maxwell was blown away but only by a short distance. Then, he was dazed, and then Doug charged at Maxwell, about to strike him in the chest.

        But, Maxwell used Doug’s own attack by grabbing his fist and throwing it back at Doug. Doug just blew away a bit, but landed on his feet. He looked like he didn’t feel a thing. ‘How did Doug gain this change of heart?’ Maxwell thought in his head.

        Doug then came back, charging at Maxwell. Doug stuck his fist at Maxwell’s head, but he blocked it using his elbow. Then Doug struck at his other side and Maxwell blocked it with his elbow again. Then the combat just repeated itself from the left side of Maxwell to the right.

        After about ten blocks, Maxwell carefully got out his gun and shot into Doug’s stomach. Doug was blown away once again, and landed on his feet. But this time, he felt pain. It hurt like the dickens. Just then, Maxwell got this hurting feeling in his head. He got the feeling when you woke up from a bad dream.

        Doug put his hand over the hole in his belly, as the blood began to stain onto his paw. He removed the oaw and looked at his hand. It was gauged in blood, that wasn’t good. If he didn’t get the bullet hole treated soon, he would lose too much blood and die.

        Doug tried to ignore the pain, and charged at Maxwell again. This time he got out his new dagger, and tried to jab into Maxwell’s shoulder. Maxwell moved to his left and dodged it, and then Doug moved right! Maxwell wondered why he was moving in the opposite side.

        Doug was trying to confuse him. Doug was then gonna move more to his right to make Maxwell more confused. Well, the word isn’t confused, he was just gonna have his chance to attack. Then, Doug hit a wall, and Maxwell decided to charge at him. Then, Maxwell struck his scythe into the wall, but Doug dodged it by ducking.

        Then, Maxwell’s scythe was stuck in the wall. It was just like when Doug tried to get the scythe out of the ground. Doug then got his dagger out again, and stabbed into Maxwell’s shoulder. Maxwell groaned in pain, and let go of the scythe. Then, Doug threw him to the ground. Then, Maxwell got out his gun, and aimed at Doug’s head.

        Doug then started to run around Maxwell, and then toppled on top of him. Doug then started to beat the crap outta Maxwell by punching him left and right. Then, Maxwell fell unconscious for a few seconds, and Doug stole the gun out of his hands.

        Doug then punched maxwell in the face, and shot his leg. Then, Maxwell screeched in pain, then Doug shot his other leg. Maxwell tried to hold in the scream, but the pain was unbearable. Then, Doug got off of Maxwell, and watched his father scream.

        A tear came down Doug’s cheek, once again leaving a wet trail on his fur. Maxwell calmed down, and just breathed. Maxwell watched as Doug out the gun to his head, “Go ahead, say it...” Maxwell felt fear, but hid it very well. Maxwell chuckled once again, “Yo-”


Episode 14 : Douglas Angelo

Alyx then searched Room D4, and it didn’t have a little wolf child inside. Then he searched D5, and it required a pass code. But, Alyx just broke it with a pipe on the floor, and the door opened. He found Bengt strapped up in a chair! Alyx ran to him, and unstrapped him. Bengt then got up and squeezed Alyx with a hug.

        “ALYX!!!” Bengt cried, for he missed the gang like he hadn’t seen them in fifty years. Alyx hugged him back, “Shh, shh... It’s okay, I’m here now!” Bengt let go of him, “Where’s Doug and the others?” Alyx grabbed his hand, “Chloe is guarding the main door to make sure The Matter don’t get inside, Doug is fighting Maxwell, and Lucario is, uhh... I-”

“What happened to Lucario?”

“Bengt, I think it’s-”

“Did Lucario die?!”

“He is in fact in a better place now...”


        Bengt tried not to cry, and he grasped Alyx’s hand, “Let’s get outta here!” Alyx nodded his head, “First, let’s check up on Doug!” Just as they were out of the room, Doug ran past them, but he was limping and grunting. Alyx and Bengt caught up with him, “I found Bengt! What’s wrong?”

        Doug just ignored them, and continued limping to the exit. Then, they found Chloe, fighting off some Matter alone! Doug tried to get out his dagger, but he couldn’t. The pain from the bullet hole was getting worse. He fell to the ground, moaning. Alyx came to his side, and took his dagger.

        He managed to kill The Matter that got inside, then he went back to Doug’s side, “Doug, what the hell happened?!” Doug just continued to whimper, until Alyx found some blood on his shirt. He removed the shirt to find a huge hole in his belly. Everyone was shocked, and Bengt began to cry, “Will he be okay?”

        Alyx picked up Doug and held him in his arms, “Chloe, get away from here and take Doug. I’ll see you guys once I’ve finished this place off.” Chloe nodded her head, and Alyx gave Chloe the distressed Doug. Bengt followed Chloe out the main door, and then Alyx went in the opposite direction.

        He saw a self destruct button in room C3. So, he ran to that very room. He found the button, and pressed it. Then, all the lights exploded. Broken glass began to fall upon Alyx as the lights died away. Alyx got some cuts and bruises, but it didn’t matter. Then, a loud voice began to count down from sixty, “Sixty... Fifty-Nine... Fifty-Eight... Fifty-Seven...

        Then, Alyx ran back to the entrance, trying not to get blown up. But, it was dark and he was stepping on broken glass. He couldn’t see crap and his legs were hurting like shit. The way to the self destruct button was about fifty seconds, but now the broken glass and dark would delay his escape by five seconds!

        Once he found the exit, the timer was at three! He tried to open up the heavy door, but it was way too heavy. The counter got to zero.

        Chloe was in the middle of trying to patch up his wound, until the whole ground exploded, spreading dirt, rocks and metal pieces everywhere. She picked up Doug and BEngt followed as they ran away from all of the destruction. Then, a piece of boulder fell right next to them, making them blow away.

        Chloe accidentally let go of Doug, and he fell to the ground. He gagged in pain. Everyone was alright, except for Doug. Once all of the destruction cleared up, Chloe approached Doug, as he was coughing up blood. Chloe then realized something that really broke her heart...

Doug wasn’t gonna survive.

        Chloe got on her knees, and set Doug onto her legs. Doug was shaking and trembling, “It’s cold... so... cold...” Chloe then started to cry, quietly, “Doug, please don’t leave me... Bengt, go away...” Bengt just stood and watched Doug slowly die, “No...” Doug, with his fur stained in blood, just rested on Chloe’s leg’s.

        “I- I- I see... see... I see a l-l-light... Chloe, I-I-... walk...” Chloe then hesitated, “GODDAMIT DOUG!!! RUN AWAY FROM THE LIGHT, RUN AWAY!!!” Doug’s breathing began to dissipate, “It’s... I-I-I... growing... It... I... runi-run-r-... I-... I can’t see... your... face... anymore… *gulp* ehh!”

        Chloe’s crying began to grow louder, and her tears began to fall onto Doug’s shirt, “Doug, you need to fight...” Then, Doug gave her his final words, “Hey, we all don’t embrace death... easily...”


“and it looks like I failed...”



Chloe set her fingers carefully on his eye’s and moved them downwards, helping him rest in peace...

Bengt quietly cried, “Rest in peace, buddy...”

Then, the two of them, Bengt and Chloe walked away, leaving Doug behind...

They would be back to finish the job soon enough...

[ SERIES two ]



-The Croods film 2013

Episode 15 : Revival

Lucario woke up, dazed and feeling like he wanted to throw up. He slowly got up, and saw that he was inside a room. He was inside a bed, yet a very comfortable bed. He was wearing new clothes, and he was in one piece! He got out of bed, and looked around the room he was inside.

        This was definitely a room he had never been inside. The room was painted in a dark brown, and there was only one window. He opened up the blinds that covered it up, and he looked outside the window. He was in a place he had never been.

        It seemed like New York, or something. There were lights and many buildings full of life and customers as the cash flowed in. Lucario had no clues or evidence on where he was, but he felt something familiar about the place... Lucario then went out of a door that was inside a door, and found himself inside a corridor.

        He walked through the corridor, as he passed by many doors that had signs on them. Each sign had a letter and a number on it. He was guessing he was on Floor D, because every room started with a letter. So, if he was correct, he was in Room D7. When he reached the end of the corridor, he found himself at a staircase and an elevator.

        He decided to take the stairs downwards, for he didn’t mind to take the elevator.Once he reached the bottom, he smelt something incredible! He decided to head on towards the smell, for it was pulling him in like a magnet. He was lead into a cafe, and then he was confronted by two old friends!

        “Chloe? Bengt? You guys are alive!” Lucario said, bear hugging the both of them. Chloe then hesitated, “You’re alive? I can’t believe that old owl was right! The blanket worked!” Then, Lucario noticed something. He backed away from the two of them and then did a head count: “One, two... Only two?”

        Then, Chloe and Bengt looked disappointed. Lucario almost burst into tears, “Where’s Doug?” Then, Bengt decided to admit what happened, “Alyx and Doug are dead... I’m sorry...” Lucario came on up to Bengt, “It wasn’t your fault, you know. You couldn’t do anything to save him!”

        Lucario sniffed, “I didn’t get to say goodbye to him...” Chloe hugged Lucario again, “I’m so happy to see you again... I bet you’re starving!” Lucario laughed, “Oh boy, I am!” Chloe went over to a counter to buy the food for Lucario. they still had the money from the contest.

        Lucario and Bengt decided to sit themselves at a table, and decided to have a little chat, “You look older, Bengt old buddy! How long was I out for?” Bengt chuckled, “About four years...” Lucario gagged when he tried to drink a glass of water. He almost choked on the water.

        He set the glass down, “FOUR YEARS?!” Bengt jumped, “Shh! You’re not the only one at the motel, you know!” Then, Lucario decided to ask some questions, “Where am I?” Bengt laughed, “Don’t you recognize this place? It’s Cozy Camper!” Lucario again almost gagged again, “This is Las Vegas? Are you serious?”

        Bengt nodded his head, “Yep, things have been fixed up and things have recently gotten back up to date and into the database! This is Las Vegas 2.0!” Lucario laughed, “Is that what they really call it now?” Bengt then sighed, “Of course not!” Bengt was taller and seemed to be just as thin as he was four years ago!

Just then, somebody came on downstairs into the cafe, and Lucario almost cried...

“Ugh, I feel like i’ve been run over by a car...”


        Lucario came up to the lion child and bear hugged him, and Steelio hugged him back, as they laughed in excitement! “HaHa! I can’t believe you’re alive!” Lucario cried, as he hadn’t seen Steelio in a long time... “How did you-” Steelio interrupted, “I actually don’t know!”

        Chloe coughed, trying to get Lucario’s attention. Lucario turned his head to Chloe’s. “Umm, Lucario? I need you to meet someone, now.” Lucario followed Chloe to another room, carrying his coffee and a scone, also a napkin. Chloe opened the door, as it lead to the room Lucario was just in! They all shared the room.

        She walked over to a cupboard, and opened it up. She removed a panel that showed a keypad, also with numbers, and weird looking logos. the keypad had swirls, squared and diamonds with dots on the inside! What did the logo’s mean? She put in the code, put Lucario wasn’t paying very good attention, so he never knew the code.

        Then, after she put in the 6-Digit code, there was a *click*, and then a door opened beside her, right next to the cupboard. Lucario followed Chloe inside, as the door shut behind them. He was followed into hallways made of dark metal and buttons with more strange logos. Everything glowed, he felt like he was in Half Life 2 or some kind of James Bond movie!

        He was then stopped, as Chloe looked back at him, “He is a bit cranky at this time, so treat him with as much respect as you can.” Lucario nodded his head, but who was he about to meet? Maybe an old friend, or someone new? She yet again put in another code, then she set her paw on a hand scanner.

        Again, there was another *click* and a *ding!* Then, a door opened, and she stepped inside, and Lucario followed her into a strange room that look like a judge’s court. Everything was outlined with a light turquoise as it glowed, and anything else would be made of a dark blue movie. It was like he was in Tron!

        Then, there was a table, with a chair on one side, and a chair on the other. the chair extended through the whole room, so it was pretty big. Then, a husky wearing a brown leather trench coat entered the room out of nowhere. He just popped in from a puff of smoke that looked like it was made of glass! he landed on the floor, and began to walk to the chair in front of him, using his cane.

        The husky wore a monocle on one eye, and his fur was entirely gray except for his back. The leather on his coat shined as the lights hit it, and the coat went down to his knees. Underneath was black tight leather jeans, and he walked on a cane that was designed perfectly. He was quite fancy indeed.

        Lucario turned around to look at Chloe, “Wait, who-?” Chloe was already out of the room, completely gone and out of sight. The husky sat in the chair, and leaned his cane onto a wall, “Lucario, I have been expecting your arrival for a long time now. If you could please sit, we can continue…” The husky said in a british accent.

        Lucario gulped, for he had this nervous feeling in his head. He walked on over to the table, and sat himself down. Suddenly, it seemed like the table shrank, and the husky approached the dragon. Everything began to sink into him, as the table grew shorter and shorter. His mind twisted and turned, and everything changed.

        Suddenly, the trance stopped. The table was short, and the husky was now only a foot away from Lucario. Then, sweat began to pour from Lucario’s scaled, he was frightened, afraid, and he didn’t know why. This husky somehow put something in the dragons mind that if he tried to screw with the husky, he would be dead in a matter of seconds.

        The husky finally introduced himself, “Ahem… My name is Pete, a professional assassin from 1938. Today, I seek to destroy something I cannot destroy alone.” Lucario gulped again, still shaken by the husky, “So, you need my help?” The husky continued his speech, not answering Lucario directly, “You have a gift, Lucario. You have something The Guardian Angel cannot master…”

“What would that be?”

“The Guardian Angel, a.k.a Douglas Angelo, has defeated his corrupted father, Maxwell Angelo, but failed to live in the process. You all thought the war was over, well you were wrong. Maxwell prepared something for this very occasion.”


Project X!

“Project X? What’s that?”

“A cybernetic robot that drains energy from the heavens and straight from hell using the Caltrax. If Project X gets all of the Caltrax, he will drain all of life itself. The Caltrax are three gems created by The Angel himself. They kept the world at peace, balancing the heavens and hell. There is one located in hell, one on the surface, and one in the heavens. If we collect the Caltrax before Project X does, we can save the world using your gift.”

“Jesus, what a process…”

“Our first stop is the surface. It is located somewhere in Oregon, that is where we are heading. We can get a better signal of where it is when he get there. But, he must hurry, Project X will be heading there.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

“Not yet. You must meet your team. Chloe, Steelio and Bengt are already set up. Go into the lobby of the motel and you will meet them soon.”

        Lucario nodded his head, and left the room, ready to fight! Pete watched as Lucario bravely left the room. Pete nodded his head, “There’s something I like about him… Besides his gift… Determination, maybe…?”

Episode 16 : Behind the Scenes

As Lucario walked into the lobby, he wondered what Pete meant by ‘gift’. Was it his power to shoot fireballs, or maybe something else? Then, he stopped. A group of people were standing around, staring at him. “Uhh, are you the team?” Lucario said, staring at them.

        One of them came up to Lucario, “That’s us! My name is Boo, an assassin, just like Pete, except, not as old. The three behind me are Xiro and Raleigh, my partner.”

        Boo was a bit overweight, yet she was as quick as a fox. He was sometimes a bit snazzy and greedy, but she was still a good person. her fur was black as night and her eyes were glowing yellow. Her suit was also black, and it looked like it fight very tightly around her waistline. She needed another size of suit, obviously.

        Xiro was a whole different species that was rare to find. He was a Xkat (ecs-cat). Xiro’s fur was light blonde, just like Doug’s, besides the black spots. He had some weird looking logo’s on him that looked like they were on the keypad Chloe used. Xiro could read minds, move at supersonic speeds, and could turn invisible.

        Raleigh was a chiwawa, but awfully cute instead of ugly and annoying (no offense chiwawa owners). He was also pretty stealthy, but can sometimes be a no-brainer. He can do dumb things, but sometimes he can be pretty useful. He was assigned to be boo’s assistant when she was classified as an assassin.

        Kevin was a player. He sometimes liked to hit on girls, and he was cute to woman. He was also his own species, he was a Zoxian. On the inside, he is insane. but, on the outside, he is a pretty nice guy. he is brave and heroic, but some of him can be evil when it depends on the situation he is in. Don’t mess with him when he’s angry.

        Luis Barbados (also known as ‘Chubz’) is a cute little wolf. Of course, by his nickname, you can already tell that he is fat or some people call chubby. He doesn’t care at all though. He loves to drink tea and loves to eat. His round gut was one of his features that he didn’t want to get rid of. He was smart and kind of a geek, but very playful and fun. He was a very nice team mate to have when time got dark.

        All together, they made a pretty good team. Now, all they needed was Lucario the dragon, the one with the gift. Boo approached Lucario, “Follow us. We move now.” Lucario nodded his head, and followed along. Once again, they opened up a secret door with a keypad. A door slid out of the wall, and they entered the glowy walls of their base.

        They entered a room that said ‘ARMOURY’. Obviously this is where they get their weapons. Lucario was amazed as he saw miles of guns put on shelves. It was like that scene from The Matrix, except without all of the white blank terrarian. Shotguns, machine guns, pistols, rifles, you name it. All put onto shelves of weaponry.

        “Choose wisely. Take as many as you want, but be fast.” Lucario got a trench coat that had little slots to hold his weapons with. He picked his weapons, and made sure he had enough energy to throw fireballs. It was time to go find the Caltrax before it was too late.

        They all put on masks so they didn’t reveal their identities. There’s a rumor in the team that there are some of The Matter roaming the world. They are searching for the survivors of who killed Maxwell. Obviously, Doug is not one of them, not anymore. Kevin was the one who was in charge of the weapons and the vehicles.

        He lead them to another secret room in the hotel. Did they own the hotel? It was a pretty big room. All of the vehicles were covered up with a blanket. Kevin removed on of them, revealing a beautiful black ferrari. “Okay, here’s the deal. Lucario, you fly and follow us, but you're gonna have to carry Steelio. Xiro, you can teleport there with Chubz. Only me, Raleigh, Kevin Chloe and Bengt can fit in the car since it can only fit five. Good luck.” Boo demanded, opening the car door.

        For some reason, Lucario didn’t trust Kevin. All the time, Kevin had a devilish grin on his face. With his sharp teeth and his green fur, he seemed like the one who would betray you at the end of the movie. Something about Kevin seemed dark and evil, and Lucario didn’t like it. He would be keeping a special eye on him.

        So, they all got in the car. Kevin would be driving, since he did own the car, and the other twenty-five. Boo struggled putting her seatbelt on, “Ugh, I really need to lose some weight…” Once she finally clicked the seatbelt in, they drove off, and Lucario flew and carried Bengt there, and Xiro just teleported to the meeting destination.

        After about two to three hours of driving to Oregon, they reached Gresham. Kevin parked their car in ANOTHER secret garage. They filled it with gas just incase they needed to quickly needed to bust outta there. Xiro and Chubz was already eating sandwiches when they got there, leaning against a wall. They finished their sandwiches up, and brushed the bread crumbs off their hands.

        The gang got out of the car, and Lucario landed in the garage, setting Steelio down onto the cold concrete floor. They closed the garage and locked it up so nobody could find it. It was time to find the first Caltrax. “Alright, we're gonna go in groups. Lucario, you go with Kevin. I’ll go with Raleigh. Steelio and Bengt, you go with Chubz. Xiro, you go alone.” Boo said, making commands.

        Why did Lucario get put up with Kevin? He didn’t like being around him, not one bit. He had the feeling Kevin had a trick up his sleeve when they were alone. So, they all spread out. They all got their own communicators so they could contact each other when they have found the Caltrax or they were in trouble, and they got trackers to find possible locations of the Caltrax.

        So, they moved out and began their search. Lucario tried his best to hide his fears on Kevin. Lucario just didn’t look at him. Kevin looked at him and saw he was hiding something on the inside. Kevin lost his grin and made a straight face, seeming like he felt sorry for Lucario.

        They continued walking side by side, not looking at each other, until Kevin broke the silence, “Okay, what’s the matter? Do I scare you?” Lucario looked at him, “Whu? No, of course not! You look fine, and… stuff…” Kevin shook his head, seeming a little pissed off. This isn’t the first time someone thought of him wrong.

        As they kept on following the tracker, they came upon some newspapers on the ground. It said, ‘Assassins Attack! Murder of Jonathan Q. Henry 1967-2025. Memorial Park now building funeral.’ That issue was made yesterday! Lucario had a bad feeling about this…

        They kept on walking to the location, until they heard a *BEEP*. Lucario looked at Kevin, as the beep noise came from his communicator. Kevin stopped in his tracks, “Yes?” “Location A7 in false. Do not go searching there.” Chloe said, then hanging up. They were informing each other the locations that did not hold the Caltrax.

        Their first stop to check was Possible Location #D1. They looked around the location. Every location had a size of fifteen feet to fifteen feet. They searched that fifteen feet, only to find nothing. They scanned the underground to find nothing. They scanned through the walls to find nothing. Kevin contacted the others, “Possible Location D1 is false.”

Possible Location E9 is false…

Possible Location F6 is false…

Possible Location Z12 is false…

Possible Location J8 is false…

        They began to lose hope as the Caltrax was nowhere to be found. Everyone else only had about two more locations to check, and Chubz and the kids only had one more.

        “Chubz, do you think the Caltrax is here? We’ve been searching for hours, and we still haven’t found it!” Steelio complained. Chubz sighed, “It has to be here is Gresham. Probably not where we’re looking, but someone has got to find it! If not, there would be nowhere else to look!” Then, Chubz stomach growled, as he got another sandwich from his bag of sandwiches. He threw a couple to the kids, and he chowed down on one, only getting out five more for himself. He obviously had a big appetite for a normal stomach.

        Chubz and the kids finally found their last location, Possible Location #R5. They scanned around, knowing they wouldn’t find it. but, they heard a *BING*, and Chubz checked his radar. There was a small red dot on the radar, a Matter soldier was nearby. But, it wasn’t a normal Matter soldier, it was Project X! Chubz turned around to find Project X, wearing an unsettling and disturbing clown mask. He shushed them, and approached them, very slowly. They tried to say something, but they couldn’t speak a word. It was like their voices disappeared, literally!

        X then put his hands on his ears, so then they couldn’t hear anything. Then, he put in hands over his eyes, so they couldn’t see. Not able to do anything, X got right up in Chubz’s face, but he was completely unaware of it. He grabbed his and threw his to the ground face first, knocking him out. Then, he went over to Steelio and Bengt, and smashed their heads together, also knocking them out. He then dragged them all away as he disappeared into dust.

        Shortly after he kidnapped them, he came back, and he got out something from his pocket. It was just a normal shiv… He then sat on his knees, and stared below him, looking at the concrete. He then struck at the ground with his shiv.

        “Ugh, it’s not here. Maybe this was the wrong location.” Kevin said, sitting himself down on the ground. Lucario sighed, “Well, the last location was for Chubz and the kids. What do you think happened to them?”


“I think that happened…”

Episode 17 : Out of the Shadows

They ran to where the location came from. As they ran, they saw some of the others follow them along. Boo and Raleigh were the first to follow, “What the hell was that?” Boo said nervously. Lucario looked back as they caught up, “I have no idea, but it can’t be good!”

        Xiro then teleported along. Now that everybody was here… Wait… Lucario looked back again. They were missing some people. Lucario made a shocked face, “Where are Chubz and the kids?” Everyone then made the same shocked face. Lucario then ran faster, “Oh shit!”

        Now going much faster in a hurry, they were checking to see if they were okay and to see what happened. Once they finally arrived, they were more shocked than ever before. “It’s Project X!” Kevin blurted out. Then, X came out of the new hole in the ground, coughing from all of the dirt and dust in the air. He was holding something…

        “Ahh, the assassins! It is a pleasure to meet you at last! How is master Pete doing? Is he dead yet?” X said, obviously mocking them. Lucario looked at what he was holding, “Y-You have the Caltrax! How did you know where it was?” “I used a program called L.O.C.A.T.E.R…








        “Oh, isn’t that on sale?” Boo said, seeming intrigued. X nodded his head, “Yes it is! It’s 50% off! Now it’s $5,000,000 instead of $10,000,000! Pretty, cheap, huh?” Boo also nodded her head, “That’s incredible!” X then went back to business, “I see you noticed my Caltrax, very rare indeed.”

        “Look, are we gonna make this the easy way or the hard way? Give it to us so nobody gets hurt, okay?” Boo said, trying to avoid fighting, since she was too tired and lazy. X chuckled, “Look, I need the Caltrax. I’m trying to prevent him from destroying your world! That’s all Maxwell wanted to do!”

        “Who’s him? You mean Maxwell, because he’s the evil one, right? Try not to mix those up, whoever you're talking about.” Boo disagreed. Lucario approached Project X, “Look X, don’t get into someone else’s business, okay? You can’t just blame others so you can keep quiet! Give us the Caltrax or we’ll make you wish you stopped blaming innocent people!”

        Project X shook his head, “Look, dragonheart, stop making excuses! I know you-” Lucario threw his fist at X’s face, until it was stopped with an elbow. X pushed his fist away with his elbow and then used a burning uppercut, blasting under Lucario’s chin, getting a few seconds of airtime, X carefully pushed him with a menacing blow. Lucario was then thrown across the battle zone from X’s power push. Lucario crashed into a wall, stuck there for a few seconds, then falling to the ground.

        Project X cracked his knuckles as his job was becoming too easy. He licked his finger tip and whipped the blood off of his face. Lucario, coughed up a lot of blood, shaking and cowering, knowing that he was too weak to fight. Everyone watched as the blood dripped from his lips. “Who’s next?” Project X said, brushing the dust off of his clothes. The gang stared at him, too afraid to fight. Just then, X noticed someone in the team. “Well, Kevin. It has been quite some time, hasn’t it?”

        Kevin looked at him, “We’ve never met, this is our first encounter.” Project X hid the Caltrax behind his back, “Do you not remember me? Bah, I should’ve known, you were so little at the time…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh, you know, your mother.”

“Don’t talk about her!-”

“Oh, what a wonderful woman she was. So dark, so vicious, so murderous-”


“Why didn’t you listen to your mother, Kevin? Why oh why? You know you should listen to your parents, they are only trying to give you good advice for a wonderful…”

        Then, X slowly began to walk towards him, holding out his hand. Then, the gang tried to cover Kevin. X was trying to take over his mind. They could only cover him for a few seconds, until X blasted them away with his psychic powers. As he walked closer and closer, his devilish grin grew bigger and wider, “Beautiful…” Kevin got down onto his knees, covering his ears, “GO AWAY!!!” he screamed as voices began to echo in his head. Then, blood began to pour from his nose, for his mind was being pressured too much.

        Then, X put his thumb against Kevin’s forehead, then pushing it inside his skull, making Kevin scream and cry in pain, “GET OUT OF MY HEEAAAAAAA-”


“Guh………. N-no……………”

X pulled his thumb out of his skull as the hole in his head began to form back to normal.  He fell to the ground as he had passed out from the force. Blood poured from his lips and his nose. He just layed there, silent and still. He looked like he had just seen a ghost and his eyes were stuck open. Lucario saw the whole thing.

Everyone slowly got up as their bodies were numb from being thrown around as their muscles has become weightless. They all were laying down, in pain and utterly useless for now. X chuckled, as he was one step closer to winning. He then stepped down onto his knees, and put his overpowered shiv into Kevin’s forehead. Then, he woke up. He breathed in a whole lot of air, and then continued getting used to breathing.

Then, X disappeared with the Caltrax. Everyone finally got used to their muscles, and got back up. Xiro stomped his foot on the ground, “God dammit! He took the-”


        It was the police! They parked their cars near the scene, and they got out of their cars. The leader was a white rabbit. His long ears got stuck when getting out of his car, “Ugh… *ahem* This is the police! Put your hand in the- wait, where did they go?”

        “Thanks for getting us out of there, Xiro. Our identities are still safe.” Boo announced. Xiro bowed as he was pleased to get them out of that place. Just then, Chubz and the kids came out of a secret door. Chubz was the most tired one for his lack of fitness, “*pant* We’re, *pant* here… *pant*.”

        “Jesus, what happened?!” Raleigh said, running over to them. Steelio brushed the dirt and rocks out of his fur, “We woke up not far from the base. We have no idea how we got there! It felt weird waking up, too!” Raleigh shook his head, “Maaaan, you guys missed a lot. How about you guys go eat a snack while we discuss something, okay?” The three of them nodded their heads and walked over to the cafe.

        They all went over to the conference room that was well hidden in the basement of the motel. They continued walking through a series of futuristic halls leading to the conference room. They all sat themselves down at an oval shaped table with a holographic map in the middle. It seemed like a chair was missing. Then, a hole appeared on the roof, as Pete descended from it. He then set his chair in the missing spot.

        “This conference shall begin now.” Pete said, leaning his cane on the side of the table. Boo was the first to speak, “Now, we have just encountered Project X for the first time, obviously not knowing much on what he can do. We were defeated and taken down. He took the Caltrax before we could. Now that we have encountered this Project X, we can think and create our pros and cons. What did we learn?”

        She clicked a remote, changing the map into a holographic simulation on what Project X looks like. It showed his revealed statistics, powers and more. It was carefully made with a military simulation project unlike any other. Boo then began to speak, making the stats appear.

        “Well, he can use the air against others, he can use force inside peoples minds, making their brains explode, and he can teleport. He can also speak to you from inside your mind, control your brain, and has an unusual amount of power. He also has an overpowered shiv that can pretty much do anything. Now knowing that he has the first Caltrax, he has probably unlocked more powers. Usually it can cause the power of controlling the body of anyone, can control time, and can move at super fast speeds. With that Caltrax, he could be in some deep trouble.”

        Pete nodded his head, “I see. Project X is a strong invention indeed. Do you have any clue on where his powers originated from?” Boo shook her head, “No, sir. We are still looking for any relations in acting or any physical features.” Pete then looked at Lucario, “Now, before I let you speak, I need to have an important talk with you later. Now, speak.” Lucario nodded his head, “Thank you, sir.”

        Lucario got something out from his pocket, “Me and Kevin found this while we were looking for the Caltrax… He set something that looked like a red gem attached to a beautifully sewn black strip of wool, yet it was incredibly strong. Kevin stood right up out of his seat, “THE FLURAL!!! HOW DID YOU FIND IT?!?!” Kevin blurted out loud.

        Just then, he noticed Xiro was also standing out of his chair, too. They both seemed really excited and shocked at the same time. Then, they gave each other an angry look. “It’s mine.” Kevin and Xiro both said at the same time. Then, Pete joined in, “Lucario! That necklace right there is really important. Pretty much, the Zoxian’s and any other alien such as Xiro have been fighting over it for years. It mysteriously disappeared, and was never seen until you have unburied it. Do not give it to these fools, hand it to me, now.”

“No hand it to me!”

“Don’t listen to him, give it to me!”

“Don’t be an idiot, Lucario. Give it to me.”



“Lucario, the Flural. Now.”

        Then, he flew upwards and set himself down next to Pete’s chair. He gave him the Flural, for it had to be the wisest choice. He set the Flural into one of his coat pockets, “You fools would destroy this place in a matter of seconds. With the Flural, I can actually go on missions, finally after twenty years. You guys don’t need it, I do. It will also stay safe for once.”

        Pete got his cane, and began to walk out of the conference room, “We’re done here.” Right as Pete opened the door, Chubz and the kids were outside holding boxes of doughnuts in their paws just outside the door. Crumbs began to fall from their mouths as their mouths were too full of food. Pete just walked right passed them, ignoring them. They swallowed what they had, “What’s wrong with him?” Bengt said, getting out another doughnut.

“I don’t know how to answer that, my furry little friend…”

Episode 18 : The Gift

Lucario was sleeping, dreaming about random things. He had to sleep on the roof, just like before, except he couldn’t because The Matter attacked. He just layed there. There were a few other animals up there, too. Some of them didn’t have wings, so they had to use the ladder. He had a feeling some of them were familiar.

        Just then, he was woken up by the sound of someone climbing up a ladder. He looked to his right, just really sleepy. He could just make an image of Pete. Pete walked over to him, and got on his knees, “Lucario, it’s time.” Lucario got up, and followed him indoors where they could have their conversation.

        They went through the same door they went before, when Lucario met Pete for the first time. They again, entered the room with the weird illusion table. This time, it was a normal size, perfect enough for a conversation. Pete sat on the same end he did the first time.

        This time, Lucario wasn’t as afraid as he was before. He felt like he was ready for anything. Pete took his monocle off and foged it up, wiping it with a special rag in his coat pocket. He put the rag back and put the monocle back on his eye. He stared at Lucario for a few seconds, then spoke, “You are ready now. So far, from everything you learned, I can now reveal what you have been waiting for. The answer to your question.”

        Lucario smiled, “Well, go ahead. What’s my gift?” Pete continued to stare at him, “Do you remember when Maxwell shot you in the head, and you died?”


“Remember when that Matter soldier put that spear in your chest?”

“Yes, what’s your point?”

“What I am about to tell you may change your life forever.”

“Let me have it.”

You never actually died.

You have something not even The Guardian Angel can’t master…



Lucario stood there, dumbfounded by what Pete just said. He looked at him, “What? You're kidding, right?” Pete got out of his chair, and walked on up to Lucario, “Listen to me Lucario. You never died. You survived it all. Your brain just shut down for a while until you could get back up to service. It is randomized by how long you will be out for until you regenerate back to normal. It could be for a week, a month, maybe even four years. Maybe for even a million years.” Lucario looked at his hands, as he just couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“You can’t die.”


Lucario smiled as he felt some kind of power surge through his veins, not that he knows the power was there, he could feel particles hover through his brain as he felt life begin to recharge so he could in fact live forever. He felt smarter, stronger, better. Knowing that he could save the world, no matter how many times he died, well, depends on how long he was out for. He had a feeling that there was a way to control how long he would be ‘dead’ for, he just had to learn.

Lucario then looked at Pete, “Alright… Tomorrow, we go to the heavens. We will get the Caltrax. As early as possible, wake us up, we move then. We will not let Project X get it first. Pete nodded his head, as Lucario left the room. Once the blue dragon left the court, Pete got out a notebook, and a pen, “Leadership, check…”

At about 4:00 a.m, about fours hours after they had their ‘talk’, Pete walked back up the ladder to find Lucario was already awake, looking at the sky. Pete just watched as he knew this scene from somewhere. Pete then finished walking up the ladder and sat next to Lucario, “What are you doing?” Lucario continued to watch the clouds, “Watching- wait… What?!” Lucario looked beside himself to find Doug also watching the clouds, then startled by Lucario, “Dude, are you alright?”

“No, nononono! I… You… You’re dead! I thought you were dead!!!” Lucario said, quickly scooting away. Doug got up onto his feet, “Lucario, what are you talking about? It’s me, Pete!” Lucario got up, and backed away, “Stay away from me! You can’t be real! You caAAAAAAAAA-” *BERCRASH*

Lucario fell from the roof, forgetting to use his wings. He was injured, but nothing was broken. He fell right where Doug did years ago. He was blinded for only a few seconds, then his vision came back into play. He rolled onto his chest, and moaned as he was still in pain. He then found something in front of him… A piece of paper.

Lucario picked it up and opened it. Reading it made him cry. It said, ‘We love you Doug! We love you Lucario!’ with drawings of them all together. It looked like it was drawn by a five year old, or maybe a twelve year old and eleven year old wolf and lion children. Steelio and Bengt drew it, but Doug never got to see it. The kids actually never got to say ‘I love you’ to Doug, as they were to shy, as he was never their real parents. Lucario sobbed, he missed Doug so much. They were best friends.

Pete came walking down and came to Lucario’s side, “What the hell was that for?!” Lucario’s hallucinations had dissipated. Everything was back to normal, Pete no longer looked like Doug. Lucario looked at Pete, “I-I-I… Everything… So, just… Ugh! Go wake up the others! I’ll meet you in the lobby!” Lucario then got up, and ran on over to the entrance. Pete was wondering what had just happened to Lucario, he just didn’t understand.

The Flural was helping Pete out a lot. Now he could do everything he needed, with or without his cane. He could walk normally, he looked younger, and he could use new powers! He could use super speed, read minds, and use telepathic powers! He felt amazing, just like Lucario, he could feel power orbs touching his veins. Just wearing it around his neck made him a new man/husky!

Everyone followed to the lobby, still tired and sleepy. CHubz yawned, “Whyyyyy, are we up? Aren’t we gonna eat breakfast first at least?” he said, scratching an itch on his rounded stomach. Lucario was wide awake unlike the others (besides Pete). Lucario rubbed his hands together, “Alright, we’re gonna get the Caltrax located somewhere in heaven. Only us that can fly can go there, the others need to keep watch.”

Xiro yawned as well, “Aaaalriiight, I may be able to teleport, just that won’t help me stay on a cloud. Maybe If I had the Flural I could-” Pete gave him the stink eye, “Nope. Not gonna happen.” Kevin chuckled, “Yeah, not gonna happen.” Xiro stared at Kevin, “Shut up.” Lucario interrupted, “Alright alright, let’s not argue! We’re not only gonna get the Caltrax for saving the world. I have another use for it.”

Steelio yawned, too, “What plan?” Lucario clapped his hands together, “I think I have a plan to get Doug back to life!”

Episode 19 : Our Sacred Haven

Only Lucario, a side soldier that worked a base in Mexico named Zane the hawk, and Chubz (who owned a hover board that just recently got out of beta). So, the trio prepared themselves and gout out their weapons. This time, they would be using guns. The problem about using guns is that if they shoot downwards, they could hurt some of the citizens and then they would be noticed, blowing their cover. They needed to be careful.

Kevin came up to Lucario, “Be careful up there, alright? I need you to stay alive.” Lucario grinned, “Don’t worry, I will. I’m immortal, remember?” Kevin made his devilish grin again, “Yeah, I know. But It depends on how long you’re out for. I don’t want you to be dead for too long. Try not to die. I need you.” Lucario blushed, getting the wrong idea. He then flew away to search for the Caltrax.

Kevin looked confused, “Why were his cheeks red? It’s not like I was asking him out on a date.”

Lucario continued to blush. Did Kevin like him? What was Lucario gonna do? Should he go with it?

(The part above this text was deleted before publishing)

        Lucario, Zane and Chubz flew to the skies as they were ready to fight, search and win! Lucario turned his head to Zane, “Say, why aren’t you a part of our team?” he said, yelling so he could hear him. “I have a team with my family, so I need to watch over them 24/7.” Lucario nodded his head, and continued to fly. Chubz’s stomach growled, “When we get home, I’m gonna eat breakfast, and then an early lunch, then eat everything.” Lucario laughed as they approached the heavens.

        Then, they busted through the clouds. It was a beautiful site. They could see nothing but clouds now, it was quiet and peaceful, surely a place to meditate or just to rest for a while. They all just soaked into the scene, but then immediately got out there radar to find a place known as The Sacred Haven.

        The Sacred Haven is a kingdom that floats in the clouds. The kingdom stays in peace as the Caltrax shields hell from attacking, but without the Caltrax on the surface to balance the worlds, either of the worlds could collapse at any second. They needed to hurry before the Caltrax collapsed with the haven! Zane’s radar went off first, “Alright, this way!”

“Chubz, come on!”

“Oh, sorry!”

        Once they arrived, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was gorgeous. It was a floating mountain above an ocean. The kingdom was only a tower, with the Caltrax on top of it, balancing. It it was just slightly touched, it would crash to the ground of the island, pretty much ending the world, and hopes of getting Doug back.

        The plan was to get the heavenly Caltrax, use the Flural to use it’s powers, combine the Flural’s powers and the Caltrax’s powers would create the power of life. If they use that power, they could revive Doug from the dead!

        Kevin could no longer see them, as they had disappeared into the cloud world. He sighed, shook his head, and turned around to find something to do, until he saw a cute looking female fox. She looked to be Kevin’s age, fifteen years old. Her fur was the usual, white and orange. Her eyes were a light green, a beautiful eye color pretty much everyone wants. She was wearing a brown dress tied to her waist. She also had a pink flower in her hair. She was the most beautiful girl Kevin had laid eyes on. He approached her, trying to to mess up like all those other times.

        Kevin, like I said before, will casually hit on girls. He would try to get in a couple with a girl, but sometimes he would be rejected, broken up with, or just plain out abandoned. It hurt Kevin knowing that this girl was probably gonna abandon him, or maybe it was the strange headache he has been having since yesterday.

        Kevin started with a trip right in front of her, pretending to trip on the curb in front of her, “AGH! Ouch…” The fox went down onto her knees, “Oh my gosh, are you okay? Did I trip you?” Kevin pretended to be hurt, “No, it wasn’t you. It was me being stupid and not looking out for the curb right there!” She helped him up, “Oh, okay! Heheh…” Her paw was so soft and perfect. Holding her hand made him blush.

        They both stared at each other for a while, then she introduced herself, “I’m Amy.” Kevin then introduced himself, “Kevin, I’m Kevin. It’s nice to meet you!” Kevin said, trying to make the least scariest smile ever, holding out his hand. Amy laughed, “Nice to meet you, too.” She shook his hand, again, her paw made his face blush even more. Amy then noticed something, “Why are you making that face?”

        Kevin wasn’t even smiling. His mouth was just entirely opened and way too straight. It just looked like he was showing off his spiky teeth. He then felt how his face looked so weird, and stopped trying, “Well, whenever I smile normally, I scare people away!” Amy laughed, “Come on, it can’t be that bad!” Kevin then smiled, ready for her to run away screaming like a maniac.

“It’s just a normal smile!”

        Kevin then looked into his reflection from a mirror in her purse. He really was smiling normally. He was actually happy. He used to be all sad and depressed, on the inside. But now, he was actually happy! This was his most honest smile ever, a happy smile with no sadness. All of his sad memories drained away when he met her. He was actually happy, for once in his life had he forgotten to think about the nightmares of his childhood, the darkness to his light. Now, it’s gone. He held out his hand again, “Wanna go somewhere? I know a good park we can continue our talk at.” Amy smiled, “Alright, I would love to!”

        Lucario flew to the top of the tower. This Caltrax was bigger than the one on the surface. They all needed to pitch in and carry it to the base. They all worked together and lifted it off of the tower, making the island let out a loud rumble. Rocks began to tumble from the mountain and everything began to fall apart. Zane grunted as the Caltrax was very heavy, “We need to go now!”

        “That would be a good idea!” Project X said, stabbing into Zane’s throat using his shiv again. Zane coughed up a lot of blood as he slowly died away and the light began to form. He dropped down and fell to his doom, to drown in the ocean below. “ZANE!” Lucario yelled as a man was down. Project X helped carry the Caltrax, “Here, let me help!” He lifted the Caltrax with only one finger. Project X chuckled, “I must say I am impressed you managed to get Zane onto your team! He usually rejects requests and protects his family, his wife, his five year old son, and his one month old daughter. Speaking of them…”

        X got out a remote with only one big red button on it. He pressed it, and then they heard a giant explosion commit not far from them. It was obvious what he had just done. Lucario charged at X, “YOU BASTARD!” X dodged Lucario’s fist. Lucario knew he would dodge it, so he got out his shotgun, quickly got behind X and blasted him away. Then, Chubz glided over to the airborne wolfmorph and bounced him further into the sky using his bouncy belly. Blown away by a short distance, it was short enough to use another shotgun blast. With another successful blast, he was blown away further. Then, Lucario flew over behind him and stabbed into his neck, making him yell in pain, but then he was muted from something being stuffed into his throat, then it slid through his throat, and into his stomach. He gasped in pain, trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

*Listen to Eulogy For Evolution while reading this if you can :’(

        Chubz chuckled, “I wouldn’t have eaten that if I were you… I may be mighty hungry-” X looked down as he heard a click come from his stomach which had a painful ache, then looked back at Chubz, “-but I would never eat a bomb.” X was shocked as a ten second timer began to go off. He then got out his shiv and threw it at Chubz. The shiv was moving too fast for Chubz to dodge. It hit him right in the throat, again, coughing up more blood as the overpowered shiv’s powers spread a deadly neurotoxin that slowly killed him from the inside. As his blood began to turn black, Chubz let go. Then, X held him in a choke hold, and deactivated his new flying powers, “See you later.” he said, falling to the ocean along with the Caltrax they had forgotten about.

        Chubz and Maxwell, falling together. Lucario flew down with them, “CHUBZ!!!!!” Then, the bomb hit it’s final tick. They both fell into the water, slowly sinking until the bomb exploded. Lucario flew faster, trying to hurry up and save Chubz, he may have still been alive…

        Lucario could just sink his hand into the water until, *BOOOOOOM*!!! Lucario was also launched away, along as Chubz dissipated into nothingness, nothing but wet ash and much lost into the ocean, sinking spirits belonging to the fish, being fed poisonous things and dark memories. Chubz was dead.

        Lucario crashed into the water, far away from where Chubz was blown up along with X. Lucario was knocked out for a while, just floating in the water, but when he woke up, he busted out of the water, flying to the sight of the explosion. Lucario dived underwater, taking the deepest breath he could, only to find nothing. The bomb destroyed everything . X and Chubz were dead.Lucario’s tears spreaded through the water, only making more water, creating a flood of emotions that Lucario had never felt before. Something was amazing about Chubz, he was the bestest friend you could ever have. He was just so damn cute. Now, the color on his cheeks were gone as his soul soaked into the place his past could only be turned to bottled water and dreams, to be bought and drank by some random person. They don’t know who owned those dreams. That man was Chubz.

        Lucario got out of the water, inhaling more air as his lungs began to run out of oxygen. He came back up to find the clouds above him and the city far off in the distance. Lucario just then remembered the Caltrax. He swam back down underwater, and saw the Caltrax glimmering against the sun shining through the ocean. He continued to swim, holding in his breath. He then reached the bottom of the ocean, holding the Caltrax in his arms. He tried to pull it up, but he just couldn’t do it. It was too heavy. Then, he just barely lifted it up, and tried to swim back up, but then, the Caltrax slipped out of his hands. Running out of breath, he lifted the Caltrax up, and swam as fast as he could with all of his strength. But then, he ran out of breath. His lungs began to fill with water as they went through his nose and mouth.

Lucario drowned with the Caltrax.

Just like Chubz did with X…

Episode 20 : Remembrance in your Families

Lucario woke up on the exact same bed he did when he was resurrected from his four year ‘death coma’. Chloe was sitting next to the bed, resting her arm to the side. Lucario gagged as he regained his breath, as it was short from it running out in the ocean. Lucario then looked around, “Chubz is dead, isn’t he?” Chloe nodded her head, making Lucario enraged, “GOD DAMMIT!!!”

        Chloe quietly sobbed, as Lucario’s eyes teared up. Even though Lucario knew Chubz for such a short time, Chubz was just so damn cute that Lucario thought they would be best friends. Chubz was one of the best team members anyone could have. Chloe cleared her throat, “Come on, we’re doing a special remembrance session for Chubz, then we bring Doug back to life.”

        Lucario nodded his head as he followed Chloe to a very special room, more like the backyard of the motel. It was a Memorial Garden. When someone died here, they would worship him/her here in the garden. Zane’s family was doing one at the same time for Zane at their base. Now, it was time for the memorial to begin, all for Chubz…

        Pete was wearing the Flural around his neck, of course to stay young and he could walk and talk normally. It was midnight, a perfect time to worship him. There were several candles laid against a table, also surrounded by batches of flowers and some of Chubz’s favorite snacks, Hot Cheetos, pie and a club sandwich. All his favorite, all for him only.

        Pete got out a lighter, and tried to light it. Of course, thanks to the wind, it kept on blowing out the flame. Chloe helped cover the igniter by making a cup with her hands to stop the wind from touching the flame. Then, it light right up. Continuing to protect the flame, they moved it down to the unlight candles, slowly lighting them one by one.

        The candles were also Chubz favorite, mint candles. He said the candles gave a good chill up his nose and spine that tingled his brain to like it. He would buy them everyday and have a bunch of them in his closet. They now are only for him, him only. Now that all of the candles were lit, Pete stepped onto a pedestal, ready to give an important speech.

        “*ahem*... We gather here today to worship Luis ‘Chubz’ Barbados, after his unfortunate death during a mission for retaining the heavenly Caltrax. Luis was one of our favorite soldiers in the team. He was known throughout all ten of our clans, including Zane’s, who had also failed to survive in the mission. Luis was great. He would make us smile when we were sad. he would make us laugh when we cried. he would be our light to our darkness. He was our hero. Without him, our team may never be the same. Would anyone like to step up and speech for him?”

        Boo was the first to step up. Pete stepped off of the pedestal and Boo walked onto it. Boo cleared her throat, “Chubz was perfect. He was funny, brave, courageous, and downright golden. He was the one who would make me smile whenever y day was bad. If we lost in a mission and we were all sad, he would come over and make me feel like we won a million years ago. I… also think… I may have had *chough* feelings for him. He was so cute, so amazing.” Boo stepped off of the pedestal and then Raleigh walked on over.

        “Chubz was my best friend. We would always hang out, we would always watch the big football game together, we would do everything together. He was my best friend. But, without him, who am I gonna play ball with? Who will I cheer along with when the Seahawks get a touchdown? Without him, what’s the point on doing those things? That’s how important he was to me. On the inside, I felt like he was my only friend. We will miss Chubz for all of his belly and more.” Then, Xiro stepped onto the pedestal.

        “Luis. A perfect man full of glee and happiness. He was great. You know, some people say that fat people are ugly. No, some are not. Chubz was adorable and he should've been all over the ladies. He deserved more. Now, we're too late to give him the respect he needed. We can’t judge people by their weight or just how they look, on the inside they could be your soulmate or just your best friend. If only I could go up to his face now and say, “You are amazing.” Then Steelio and Bengt stepped onto the pedestal.

Steelio: “Chubz was our bestest friend.”

Bengt: “We would eat together, play together, and be together to have fun.”

Steelio: “He was the most fun wolf in the world.”

Bengt: “He was a father to me, a perfect guardian.”

Lucario: Guardian… Guardian angel? Father?! No, he couldn’t be…

Bengt: “I’ll never forget him… *sniff*”

        Then Lucario stepped onto the pedestal. All he could think about was that Chubz, Luis Baredos, could've been Bengt’s father! The thought was blowing his mind. They were both wolfs, they both loved to eat, and they acted quite cheerful. Chubz was pretty much an adult Bengt, it looked like bengt had aged the crap outta himself.

        Lucario cleared his throat, “I didn’t know Chubz that well, but he was amazing. He made me laugh a few times when we hung out for a while, which was only yesterday. Yesterday, I met him, now today, he is gone. I thought he would be on our team forever, or until the end, but I was wrong. I will miss him, we all will. This team will never be the same without him, that’s for sure.” Lucario stepped off of the pedestal.

        Then, nobody was on the pedestal. Everyone had had their turn- except for Kevin, who was quiet for the whole time! Pete coughed, “Kevin, would you like to say something before we end this memorial?”... No answer… Pete looked at everyone and did a head count… Kevin was missing. Pete called out, “Kevin? Where are you? Dammit, where did he run o-”

        All of the sudden, there was the sound of a door opening, *FWIP* *FWOSH*. It sounded like two people laughing and chatting, “I had so much fun! Thanks for taking me out!” “Anytime! I enjoyed it, too!” “Uhh, hey! Here’s my number. Call me sometime, okay?” “Guh… Y-Yeah! Maybe we can go back out tomorrow?” “Sure! That sounds like fun! See you tomorrow!” “Bye! Have a good night!”

        Then, they all walked inside, gazing upon Kevin as he was wearing a shirt with Hello Kitty on it and holding a lollipop and some cotton candy in both hands. They all stared at him, confused yet angry at the same time. Kevin whipped his good smile off of his face, “What?” Immediately, Pete pulled him into another secret door straight to the conference room. Pete was not happy with Kevin, not one bit.

        Everyone made themselves at home, trying to find something to do. Xiro stretched his arms out and yawned, “Well, i'm bushed. I’m off to bed. See you guys in the morning.” as he teleported into his room. Raleigh yawned as well, “Ahhhh, yep. Me too. I’m gonna hit the hay.” Boo yawned, too, stretching her arms into the air, slightly pulling her shirt up, making her belly peek out from underneath, “Me too. I have had enough. I’m gonna go cuddle with my pillow and imagine it’s Chubz…”

        Soon enough, everyone was asleep, except for Kevin and Pete, who were just finishing up their argument, but still enraged. It was kinda hard to sleep because of the thumping around from their little fight. Again, Pete was still cranky, as Chloe warned before. Kevin, was also in a bad mood, a very sudden, bad, bad mood. In such a bad mood, if he was messed with, he would flip the bird.

        All of the sudden, a giant *CRASH* *RIPP* came from downstairs, in the conference room! Lucario woke up, and ran down the stairs, being careful not to slip on the stairs. He used the same secret passage to get there, at it seemed to be the fastest way there. Then, Lucario toppled onto Kevin, as he was trying to kill Pete! He had a knife out, ready to strike!

Kevin was literally pinning the poor husky down onto the ground. With one knife in one hand, Kevin was about to stab right into his face! But, why didn’t Pete fight back? Because, Kevin ripped the Flural right off of Pete’s neck! he actually ripped it off, almost choking him for how strong the cloth was from enchantments. Lucario saved the day by toppling onto Kevin and pinning him down.

Kevin struggled, as the Flural was useless to the wearer. The cloth needed to be undamaged, but Kevin ruined it. Now it can only summon it’s powers into others, like Doug. Kevin began to try to stab Lucario in the face, but he dodged it, left to right. When Kevin tired himself, Lucario knocked him in the head with his fist. Kevin stopped, as he was knocked out cold. Lucario got off of Kevin and went to Pete’s side.

Pete moaned, as his sickness began to kick in. He felt old. Pete tried to get up, “Thank you, Lucario. I wouldn’t have survived if you- Oh, no! The Flural! It’s ruined! I can’t survive without it!” Lucario walked on over to it as it was thrown away and abandoned by the insane Kevin. They might be able to fix it. Some cloth and needle and then there ready to go! They also needed the Flural to revive Doug.

Boo came down, “What’s going on here?!” Lucario threw the sleeping beauty over to Boo, “Take Kevin to his room and find out what’s wrong with him. At the same time, try to sow this back together. I heard you were pretty good at sowing.” Boo nodded her head, taking the Flural and the sleeping Zoxian. Just to mention, they brought the Caltrax back up with Lucario from the ocean when he drowned.

Something was wrong with Kevin. He would never go on rants to kill his friends, would he? What caused this? What happened to him? Was it just his choice?” Either way, something was up, and they were going to investigate. But, first, it was time, to do it…

The next morning, they all gathered around in the conference room, again. Chloe actually saved Doug’s dead body! Yes, she did. She had a feeling that there was a way to bring him back to life. So, she kept him, just in case. Now, was the perfect moment, for resurrection. The Guardian Angel with be brought back to life. Actually, there is a high chance it won’t work. They would have to worry less if they had the other two Caltrax. They only had one shot at this, because once you give away the Flural’s powers, it’s gone for good. Too much exposure will kill it.

Chloe set his body onto the table, ready to see the color in his face come back instead of a faint pale of white and lifelessness. Pete had to use his cane again, but sadly, it was harder than usual. He was passing away, very slowly. He wasn’t going to last much longer, estimated about a month left. Raleigh set the Caltrax onto the table, right above Doug’s head, and the Caltrax around his neck.

Lucario would be awakening him, for he knew him unlike anyone in the world. Lucario stood by Doug’s side, as he laid, exploring the heavens and being nothing but a spirit. Lucario got out a book that explained how to raise him from the dead. He said the spell aloud, as the two gems began to glow. Finally, they glowed and colored everything around it. Then, it was time, “Doug, we need you here, with us. You are our hero, our star, the angel that can save us. Please, Doug heed my call… Doug………..” Then, the gems stopped glowing, did it not work?



Episode 21 : Our Bond

“Mom…” Lucario said, holding onto her hand for the last time. Her fur was recently cleaned by her maids, as they needed to do their best to keep Elizabeth alive. Mom, it was the only word Lucario could think of. It echoed in his head, as it then began to dissipate, just like the subject really was. Mom… Her scales were very faint and lost their color, from a perfect jetblue to a lost dusty gray. You could still see the blue hiding from underneath the poor woman’s new shade of scales. This was her end, really this time.

        She couldn’t speak anymore, and she was becoming deaf. Losing life quickly, she needed to hurry and tell her son the truth before it was too late. She continued to hold onto his hand, holding on to life. Using her free hand, she slowly, and steadily raised it into the air. Lucario was startled by this, “No, mom. You need to rest. Just relax… Please, just-”

        Then, she pointed to the closet. Her hand shook, and shivered. Even with four blankets over her skin, she was freezing cold and sad. Lucario looked to where she was pointing, just staring. The closet was closed, why did she want him to go there? Before Lucario walked away, he took off his special necklace and set it in her hands, “It’s a lucky charm.”

        He walked over to the closet, prepared to open it. For some reason, he had the most strange that, when he opened it, he would be gobbled up by some kind of monster. After all, he has been having strange dreams lately. He set his hand onto the closet handle, and slowly pulled it open, releasing the magnets that kept it closed. Once he opened it…

        There was nothing. There was absolutely nothing. Just, empty. All there was was empty clothe hangers. Lucario was confused, what was she trying to say? He turned around to face her, or at least what was left of her. It was quiet. There was nothing but the sound of clothe hangers swinging and tapping each other's plastic. The necklace continued to glow in her hands. It was her’s to keep, and it stayed with her forever, around her neck, that no longer had the ability to contain air.

        Lucario woke up, flinging his head off of his pillow. Breathing in and out heavily, he looked around, seeing that everyone was asleep. That event happened years ago, before he met Doug. He began to cry, remembering how emotional that day was, losing his mother. He could remember setting the necklace in her hands, giving up an important gift. But, she needed it the most. Lucario then remembered the closet incident. What was up with that?

        He then remembered seeing something in the closet. There was a circular marking in the wall, about the same size the necklace was! Lucario knew what she was trying to say. He needed to use the necklace on the marking! He got out of bed, and ran out the motel as fast as he could. He flew all the way back to Malibu island, where she was buried. It was actually kinda close to where they used to live, in the cottage.

        It took awhile to fly there, but it was worth it. He flew all the way to the cemetery. He knew exactly where he buried her. He broke into the tool shed somewhere in the cemetery, and took a shovel, leaning against a wall. He then ran back to the burial spot, and undug her body. Finding the coffin, he took the special key he always kept in his pocket out, and unlocked the lid.

        As he unlocked it, he could hear sirens going off. the police were coming. He needed to act fast, before it was too late. He quickly finished unlocking it, and found a skeletal version of his lost mother, Elizabeth. He took about ten seconds to look at her, and say he loved her, then carefully took the necklace off. He needed to respect her as he used to. He jumped out of the coffin, and locked it up. He then cleaned the key, and swallowed it whole, trying to make sure she was never disturbed ever again.

        “*GULP*... I’m sorry, mom! I love you!” and he flew away. He could still feel the key soak in his stomach. He then landed in front of their old cottage. Strange memories began to spur through his head, remembering all the fun times they had. Then, the sirens broke his dreams in half, helping him stay on track. He needed to get inside, quickly. He then found that the door was locked. Not an option.

        He then flew up to a window, where he used to sleep. He actually saw a little kid sleeping there, where his scales used to rest! It was a little fox child, looking to be about seven to eight years old. He opened the door up carefully, and tried not to wake up the kid. Good thing the carpets were never changed, because his special admission key to the retirement home was hidden underneath them.

        He slowly cut the carpet open from the sides, looking for the key hidden right in the corner. He then was relieved to find the key, untouched. He picked it up, and set it in his pocket. All of the sudden, he could hear the sound of a distressed child, “Who are you?!” Lucario turned behind himself to find the kid, wide awake. Lucario was startled by this, shushed the child, and flew his way out. The kid began to cry, resulting in the parents calling the police, creating more trouble in the streets.

        Lucario landed in front of the retirement home, and unlocked it quickly. Once he stepped inside, a loud alarm went off, making more police chase him! He was getting in a lot of trouble, that’s for sure!  He ran to his mothers room, and opened the closet, finding the marking again. He looked at the necklace, and saw it glow again. He set it in front of the marking, and then a secret passage unlocked.

        The passage lead to a long hall of stairs, going to the underground. The walls were made out of mossy, dirty stone. He ran on down, again trying not to fall, listening as the door shut itself from behind. He could hear the police kick down the front door, demanding for him to show himself. But, he was gone, long gone, underground gone.

        He then found himself at a room. It was a dead end, nowhere else to go but back. It was pretty scary, too. It was entirely dark once the secret door closed. He used a fireball to see around the room. It didn’t illuminate much of the room, so it didn’t really help that much. There was a dirty desk in the left corner, a ripped up bed in the right corner, and a few shelves and chests.

        Lucario walked over to the desk to find an envelope. Once he read the front, he was shocked for who it was for.

To: Lucario Blackstone


        He opened it to find:

Dear Lucario,

It’s me, anonymous. I’m here to tell you everything you need to know, to reveal the secrets you have found, like this secret room you found thirty seven seconds ago. But whatever you do, don’t tell anyone. You stay with me, and you get what you want. Just don’t look behind you…

“Hello, again…”

“...? What?”

Episode 22 : Hello Again

Lucario twisted around to find… Someone he had never met, or had he? It was a wolf, looking a bit like Project X. But, he wore a black tuxedo with a red tie, holding a black briefcase in his left hand, a bit like Gman (if you have ever heard of him). Lucario just stared at him, until all of the sudden, he was transported to a weird world. Everything around him was pure, blinding white. He was standing above what seemed to be a bottomless pit of whiteness, standing on an invisible floor, or just normal glass, hiding behind the shining canvas of nothingness, blankness.

        The man was standing in front of him, as Lucario got off of the floor, or whatever it was. Lucario felt a strange headache, but it calmed down, “Who are you?” The man just watched as Lucario got up, “You know who I am. I’m not X, if that’s what you're thinking. I’m not related to you, but I am to somebody. Can you guess who I am? Won’t you at least look at me?” Lucario concentrated on him a bit more, thinking as hard as he could…


        “I-I don’t know you! this is only our first encounter if anything!” Lucario said, making sure the Mystery Man understood. Mystery Man shook his head, tisking Lucario and his lack of knowledge, “It makes me sad you don’t remember me. Listen to me, and listen very carefully. I need you to do a job for me, just like old times, am I right?” Lucario just scratched him head, “What are you walking about?”

        Mystery Man fixed his tie, “Soon enough you will remember. X tried to remind you, but you didn’t listen. Remember, back in that alleyway? when he said, “Look, I need the Caltrax. I’m trying to prevent him from destroying your world! That’s all Maxwell wanted to do!” He also tried to say, “Look, dragonheart, stop making excuses! I know you-” and if we finish that sentence, it says, “I know you killed Jack from the motel! When nobody was around, when Doug and the kids were still inside, you traveled over and killed Jack. He was using the rifle to defend himself from you!” but then you died for the first time, when Maxwell shot you in the head, resulting in you forgetting about your own protocol. Maxwell was doing good. You had everyone on your side, to kill Maxwell and protect you. You could've came back to me and reported the mission was becoming a success, but now you can’t. But, we both can change that, can’t we?”

        Lucario was confused, what was he talking about? He was telling the truth, but Lucario just couldn’t believe it. Dumbfounded, Lucario looked down at his hands, as the feeling of immortality began to drain away. It felt like everything about his life was a lie. Maxwell wasn’t the bad guy, Lucario was! LUCARIO WAS THE CORRUPTED FATHER!!!

        All of the sudden, a loud *KERCHUNK* came from all around the room, making the white static and shake. Lucario wobbled around trying to keep his balance, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” The Mystery Man sighed, “If you want to remember your true past, and what you're really here for, find me at The Sacred Haven, where we can be alone, in privacy. The best place to have an important chat.” Lucario stared at him, “Wh-What?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!

        “It’s an old enemy coming through…”


“Breaking through the secret entrance…”


“Ready to strike…”


“It’s The Matter…”

        Lucario in awe, “What?! But Project X is dead, or… Who would summon them? There is nobody to guide them! The only one who was granted control of The Matter was Project X, he had Maxwell’s blessing! He’s dead, right?!” The Mystery Man also began to static as The Matter made another devastating blow against the door, “No. An explosion that that would never kill him! It requires your immortality. Follow my steps carefully, and you won’t have to die to end the world and be with me forever, just like before.”

“WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?!”

        Then, Lucario was back in the real world, in the hidden dungeon. Lucario’s energy was drained, so he couldn’t use a fireball as light anymore. It was dark, very dark. He needed to get home before the others woke up to find he wasn’t there! Lucario hurried up and quickly ran up the stairs, but was stopped on the fifth stair to find a heavy Matter soldier kicked it down and charged downwards.

        Lucario had nowhere to go, he was doomed. He would have another random death toll, he could be dead for years, or long enough to lose/win, whatever side he was on. The Matter flooded into the small stone walled room. Where was he supposed to go? He searched around the room for some kind of secret passage or any kind of exit. His world was full of secret doors!

        He felt around the walls, stomped on the floor, searched under the furniture and pulled all the books, yet nothing was happening except Matter getting ever so closer to stopping Lucario from doing whatever. Lucario still wasn’t sure what the wolf said, but it hit Lucario in the head, making a giant swollen lump of confusion that never swelled down. He needed answers, but first he needed to find a way out of his death.

        After his last ten seconds, The Matter came into the room, surrounding Lucario. They only circled around him, they were exactly the same. Wearing dark plate armour and shining the bright light in their eyes all over again. Lucario’s heart pounded against his chest, he didn’t wanna die again, he could still feel pain for once he died.

        All of the sudden, he noticed The Matter weren’t attacking. What was going on? Then, Project X came through the vat of dark matter. He was wearing the same dark robes Maxwell did four years ago. It was still covered in his blood, sweat and tears, still showing all of it’s battle scars Doug put there, and Maxwell’s cuts and bruises. X was the new Maxwell.

        “So, we meet again, even though we saw each other only hours ago In the clouds. Don’t go back there, we can still change things.” X said, holding out his hand, “We can both save the world. You were born to end the world, but you can escape fate! We can fix this! We can save the world and return the Caltrax together! But if you do, you must abandon your evil friends, which I highly recommend you do so.”

        Here’s the thing. Lucario was pretty much leading the team to ending the world. he had them on his side, tricking them all the way to hell. If he becomes the good guy, he would return the Caltrax back to their homes and return the world back to it’s natural balance. But that would mean losing all of his friends… Doug… Chloe… Steelio and Bengt… Kevin… Pete… Everyone… OR he could be the bad guy, keeping all of his friends, using them to end the world, and in the end, tricking them and keeping ultimate power, being immortal with his friends, giving everything else up and setting the problems of the world aside, like he was born to be, learning the secrets of his past, learning about that Mystery Man, becoming god.

What was he gonna choose?

Friends and immortality or death and saving the world?

Episode 23 : Tears

Doug woke up, finally breathing the air he did years ago. He was woken up by the sound of a huge explosion coming from the outskirts of Vegas.Chloe laid beside him, noticing that he was up and living, the color restored from his face, fur no longer crippled and ripped. His youth restored, life restrained and power tickling his cells. he was alive.

        Chloe toppled onto him, giving him a big bear hug, so happy to feel him, living. His fur was more soft than ever, rehydrated, cold and cool. His breath even felt icy fresh like he just took a breath mint, a very strong one. He put his paw over Chloe’s, head, he was also happy to see her, to be alive, still alive. Doug removed Chloe and walked on over to the two children who were also excited to see him again.

        Doug hugged them both, almost breaking down into tears. He felt amazing, so clear, so fresh. He felt like a new dog, and new person, a new angel that was released from the heavens… Heavens… Hell… Pete walked into the room, watching as Doug felt the warmth in the childrens fur. They looked older, healthier, Steelio? How was Steelio still alive?

        Doug got up and looked at the husky, feeling the same reaction Lucario felt when he first met Pete, afraid, knowing Pete was the boss. Except, Pete looked older, like he was losing power, dying? Pete leaned over his cane, looking into Doug’s eyes. Somehow, Doug felt like he knew him from somewhere, but where? have they met before?

“Good to see you again…” Pete said, reaching out for a hug.

        Pete… That was it. Doug knew him from long ago. Pete was the one who saved Doug from the ocean right after The Bloomberg IV sinked! Pete found Doug washed ashore at a beach, as Pete loved to relax in the morning sun as it rose up from the far off hills, until he saw Doug laying in the sand, soaked and alone, crying and dying.

        Pete raised him, but only for a short time. He was forced to let him go after he stole something very important for a mission he was on, a private mission. The police were after him, so he was to let Doug go at the age of five, and his birthday was tomorrow. Doug being alone, good thing Pete trained him to survive on his own. Doug had to do everything by himself, get clothes, find food, and get his own house. After many years of being a scavenger, he was known as a normal civilian in Malibu, then he found Steelio and bengt, then met Lucario, then four years later here he is, seeing where it all came from. Pete…

        Doug hugged him back, Pete was pretty much his father. Maxwell, forget him, Pete was a real father. He raised Doug, now Doug is raising Steelio and Bengt. Who will they raise? They took some time to check out each other, then continued to hug. After twelve years of being without his guardian, he finally found him, flesh and blood, fur and clothed.

        They let go of each other, and then Doug needed to ask, “How is Steelio still alive?” Chloe cleared her throat, “Well, we met this owl when we were on the streets, and he said this blanket could revive anybody. An expensive price, it was worth the buy. It brought Steelio back to life! But, it was only a one use thing. We tried to use it on Lucario, but his immortality brought himself back to life.”

        Doug had no idea what the hell she just said, “Lucario is what?” They all looked as Doug, Pete set his hand on Doug’s shoulder, “It’s a long story. So to shorten it out, Lucario is immortal and cannot die, he will only die for a random time limit then comes back, it’s like he is paralyzed. Now, we have a new enemy, Project X, created by Maxwell so when Maxwell died, Project X would take his place, to steal the Caltrax, like Maxwell wanted to. Now we must collect the Caltrax before X does!”

“We won’t be doing that anymore.”

        Lucario came into the room, holding both of the Caltrax in his hands, and a drained Flural around his neck. They all turned around to see him. Pete stared at him, “Where have you been? What are you talking about?” he said as Doug hugged Lucario. Lucario sighed, “Good to see you, too. Look, the first time I died, I was supposed to try to kill all of you. I was born to be evil, we were doing the wrong thing.”

        Everyone’s jaws dropped straight down when they noticed all of The Matter and Project X were behind him, and when they heard Lucario. Lucario revealed The Matter behind him, like he was showing the prize in a game show. Chloe was shocked, “So what you're saying is that you betrayed us?”

“Yes, I did.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“I’m sorry, that was before. To make a long story short, before I died for the first time, when Maxwell shot me in the head, I forgot that my plan was evil, so I would be shocked to see I was ending the world. Maxwell tried to save you guys from me. We can still change things! We can save the world for real this time!”

“... You gotta be kidding me.”


“You expect us to believe you?! Your an evil piece of shit!”

“No, I’m being honest!”

“No, we won’t believe you. I can’t believe you betrayed us. We won’t believe you, right guys?”

        Steelio and Bengt looked like they were about to cry, especially Doug. Doug literally just came back to life, now he finds out his best friend is evil. He just stared into his eyes, dumbfounded and shocked. He tried to speak, but his lips were glued shut, unable to say anything. His muscles grew dumb and wobbly, uneasy and sick. He felt like falling down and crashing.

        Lucario made a sorry face, and turned around, looking at Project X. They failed to get them onto the good side. Lucario was gonna try again, “Look, I was leading you to your doom, but now we can prevent this. If you guys keep going on the path you're going on right now, you will die, and it will be my fault. I can save you, come with us, we won’t hurt-”

        Pete already had a gun to Lucario’s head as the others ran up the stairs to find the scene. The rest of the team came barreling through the pool of matter to find a flintlock pistol next to Lucario’s head. Their jaws dropped, confused. Pete announced what was going on, “Lucario betrayed us. He was one of them all along.” Angry faces filled the air, emotions and colors drained away into pitiful cries for help. What was he gonna do?

He had no choice but to fight.

        Clutching his fists, he let a tear soak into the carpet, “I’m sorry.” He ducked, dodging the bullet, going into Raleighs shoulder. Raleigh fell over, moaning in pain, holding his hand over the hole in his shoulder, feeling the blood pour out of it. Lucario tripped Pete using his leg, making Pete fall over onto his back. With a *BONK*, Pete strained his back, unable to get up. Lucario shot a huge fire ball onto the floor, burning them all. They all tried to get onto the bed, they needed to find a way out before they were toast! Lucario stepped out of the room, clear of fire, watched as they all cried. Doug continued to stare through the flames, watching Lucario walk away, and out of the motel.

Episode 24 : Back to Base

Lucario followed as he was lead to his new home, with X. He was becoming a soldier of The Matter, he needed to do whatever it takes to save the world and change his ways. It wasn’t going to be easy, fighting what he thought was his friends, but all along they were slaves of a dragon with no memory. A bonding grew over them all and made them happy, even when Lucario was evil. No longer would he lie to his friends, or what was left of their friendship.

        Project X looked back at Lucario, who looked very tense and afraid, water gleaming in his eyes. Project X sighed looking forward to see they arrived to the transporter system. The base was secretly located underground Las Vegas, again, but was moved to the side instead of the center, since they center base was blown up by Alyx’s heroic sacrifice.

        Every single Matter soldier stepped inside the transporter that seemed to be a mechanism that would teleport a soldier to their selected pod. After every soldier quickly stepped into the teleporter and shot away, X turned to Lucario was grabbed his arm. Lucario stared at him, “What are you doiEEEAAAAAAGH!!!” Lucario squealed as X stabbed his shiv into Lucario’s arm.

        Lucario could feel more power coursing through his body, new powers he had never felt before. All of the sudden, X quickly pulled the shiv out of his arm, making Lucario fall onto his knees. Lucario coughed, as he had a tickle in his throat, butterflies in his stomach and swelling his his arm. Lucario held a hand over the deep cut in his hand, sitting there for a few seconds. Removing his shaky hand from the bruise, he could see the scales were turning purple, and bright lime green blood began to pour from his arm. What was happening to him?

        Lucario got up, feeling dizzy and sleepy. X got a bandaid out of his pocket, and slapped it onto Lucario’s cut. Lucario rubbed his arm, “That’s not gonna help the inside, jackass.” X chuckled, “Oh, don’t be such a baby. You deserve it, you tried to kill me with a bomb!” “But, you're alive! You look just… fine…” Lucario tried to say, until X showed his battle scars.

        Pulling up his robes left sleeve, revealing a huge hole in his shoulder. You could see his shoulder bone, still moving around! The inside looked metallic yet there still seemed to be some flesh and blood. Was he a normal person before? Pulling up half of his torso robes, showing a huge hole of missing flesh, showing the top of his hip bone and spinal cord. Again, real flesh peeking from his metallic flesh. X then put his robes back down and got a mirror out from his back pocket, It was Chloe’s makeup mirror. Lucario was too sick to notice that, though.

        Lucario felt a shiver in his skull, creeping down into his eyes. It felt really weird, until it went into his cornea. Lucario‘s jaw then dumped down to the ground as he saw that his eyes were changing color. Crystal blue to a rose red. He could also feel his sharp dragon teeth turn into even bigger sharper teeth. He could feel them scraping through his gums, making them bleed the green blood again, mixing with his saliva, a horrible taste in his mouth.

        Lucario spit onto the floor, not wanting to taste it anymore, until more saliva produced into his mouth. X laughed, “Yeah, when I was born, i hated it, too. You’ll get used to it, you’ll even have to drink it soon!” Lucario looked up at him, wishing he had turned back. It was too late. if Lucario tried to leave, X would probably kill him. X stopped his laughter, and let Lucario into the transporter.

        Lucario stepped inside, waiting to be transported. Lucario watched as X walked away and out of the building, to the surface, “We attack them tomorrow. We get to hell first, then we strike.” Lucario was shocked, “What?! We attack who-”

“Push that button.”

        Lucario stared as X walked back up to the surface, acting like Lucario didn’t even exist. Lucario could feel a tear go down his scales, he already missed his family, friends, enemies. Lucario looked to his left, seeing a green button and a red button. The green one teleported to your selected pod. The red button would self destruct the entire base. Lucario pressed the green one, teleporting him to his pod.

        It was only a bed, a desk and a lamp, also a transporter back to the base. Lucario used a fireball to light his way to his lamp. The lamp was very dim, and constantly flickered. It needed a new light bulb and fast. Obviously, it would never get one for how hard core this place was. he had to live a new life, a new person, a new dragon.

        Lucario sat himself on his bed, making a loud annoying *CREEAK*. Lucario sighed, and tried to go to sleep. He set himself onto his uncomfortable pillow, it felt like there was a rock on the inside! Fluffing it wouldn’t help at all. There weren’t any blankets, and the place sent a chill up his spine from temperature and creepiness. A horrible idea to make this a thing.

        Lucario woke up in a different pod. He got out of his more comfortable bed and looked around. It was well lit and very futuristic. He felt like he had seen this place before. All of the sudden, a voice appeared as a clock began to tick down…

Hello, and welcome to Aperture Science Laboratories. We hope your brief detention in the relaxation vault was a pleasant one.”

“Whu? What the heck?! Where am I?”

“The portal will open in 3… 2… 1…”


        He was in the game Portal! Stepping through the orange portal, coming through the blue portal, escaping the pod. He could see himself through the orange portal. Walking into the cube testing room, he set the cube onto the button, enabling the next room to open, revealing an elevator. Walking into the elevator, he was taken to the next Test Chamber.

        All of the sudden, the elevator abruptly stopped right in the middle of the transportation. A giant Wheatley grabbed the elevator using his random human hands and threw it down into a bottomless pit, throwing Lucario around. Then, Chell randomly ripped the door open using her awesome toes and gave Lucario her boots, now invincible to fall damage. He snatched the portal device out of her hands and threw her down to hell. Then, he shot a portal out of the facility and killed Gordon Freeman.

Lucario woke up.

        Lucario had no idea what time it was, since there were no clocks (and he was underground). He just went back to sleep, hoping someone would wake him up…

        About two hours later, he was woken up by X. “Wake up, prince. Time to get to work.” Lucario squinted his eyes as X shined a flashlight in his face, Lucario got out of bed, and went back to the place he started. Lucario then noticed that none of The Matter soldiers were there, waiting for him, “Where are the others?” X sighed, “Apparently they found a way to kill us, The Matter. They snuck in in the middle of the night. They are all dead. We are the only remains.” Lucario blinked in shock. Now they had to fight, only them. This wasn’t gonna be easy, having to fight his old friends, or frenemies.

        The two of them stepped outside. It was a cold and stormy morning. Strange, he never woke up to a rainy morning. Actually, it was more of a storm, a storm that was still forming. What was causing this? Lucario had to speak a bit louder from the blowing winds, “What’s happening?” X looked back at him, “They think they are saving the world. They also snuck in and stole our only Caltrax. Now, they are winning, and they are destroying the world, yet they think they are saving it. They are now far from saving it. If we won’t get the hell Caltrax before they do, all hope will be lost! We need to hurry!”

“How do we get there, exactly?”

“I know someone…”

Episode 25 : Who are You?

X showed Lucario where to fly to, since flying is faster than walking to their destination. They flew somewhere in Michigan, where a friend of Maxwell sat in an old creaky chair. They landed in front of an old wooden house, where an old man sat, in his old chair, in his old house, in his old yard, with his old fire cat. They walked up onto the balcony, and X knocked the door. Then, they heard a vase crash, and some large objects being dragged along some kind of floor.

        After a minute of waiting, the door slowly opened with a loud ear aching *CRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK* The demon looked just like a matter soldier, entirely coated in black, four fingers, a tail, no toes, and shining white blinding eyes and those flips on his head, but less armour and more wrinkles in his darkness. He groaned like a tired old man, “Do I know you? *cough* Sorry! I’m just so old… *cough*” X put what looked like an ID card in front of the demons face. The demons eyes grew wider, and he tugged them into the room with force.

        The old man slammed the door and threw his cane on the carpet, standing like a normal aged demon. He threw off his accesories and his make up, and he looked just like a young adult demon. Lucario was surprised, the makeup was incredibly real! X laughed, “Athelind, you need to work on your acting. Someday people will get onto you, you know.” Athelin laughed too, “Yeah, I’m still practicing. I wanna sound british. How about this?” X made a so-so shake with his hands, “Meh… Still needs practice.”

        Athelind got on his special demon cap so he could use his powers, “Okay, what do you need today? Curses? Powers? Weapons? I got it all just for- who is this?” X looked confused, but then realized Lucario was lost, “Oh! This is my ‘friend’, Lucario the dragon. He’ll help me get the Caltrax before the enemy does.” Suddenly, a familiar voice started to play in his head, “Hello again, Lucario. Do you remember me?”

        He communicated with the voice through his mind, “Mystery Man? What are you doing in my head?” Mystery Man laughed, “I’m not in your head, or am I? Am I right behind you? Am I in the closet to your right?” Lucario looked to his right, the closet was there. How did the man know? Was Lucario being stalked? Lucario continued to communicate, “Where are you?!”

“I am nowhere near you, but if you try hard enough, you can find me.”

“I would have no idea where to find you!”

Meet me at The Sacred Haven… That what I told you, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember now.”

“Go there, ditch them. You are making the wrong decisions, you must join me, join Doug again.”

“But their evil now, and they don’t trust me!”

“They are evil, yes, so are you.”

“No, I’m not!”

“Being evil is your fate, Lucario. If you want to find out why and if you want to change your decisions, meet me in The Sacred Haven, now. Time is running short.”

“B-But I-”

        X yelled a bit louder this time, “Lucario! Are you even listening?! Are you ready to go or not?” Lucario hesitated, the voice had completely disappeared from his mind. Lucario looked around, “Before we go, can I use the bathroom?” Athelind sighed, “Go down the hall and take the first door to the left.” Lucario quickly went into the bathroom, but he didn’t have to use it. He closed the door, locked it, and looked for some kind of way out. There was a window over the shower, but the glass was blurred so people couldn’t see inside, with some curtains blocking it

        It had been five minutes, and X was losing his patients. He stomped over to the bathroom door and knocked on it, “Lucario?! Come on, we gotta-” then he realized the door swung open. X gasped in shock, “No… He didn’t- he couldn’t……...” Athelind then walked over to the bathroom next to X, and his jaw dropped as well. Empty, with a window wide open. X grabbed a fallen curtain on the tiled floor, and saw a little squirt of green blood on the curtain. X threw the curtain down in rage, “Shit, it’s wearing off! We gotta hurry!!!”

        Lucario landed on the top of a rocky mountain, looking for any signs of life. He saw Mystery Man, standing on the top of the largest mountain. Lucario flew there. They met again. Mystery Man held out his hand, “Good to see you again.” Lucario just looked down at the hand, and made a face of disgust. Mystery Man put his hand back into his pocket with a face of boredom. He chuckled, “I understand.”

“I better be here for a good reason.”

“Ok yes, it is indeed. I brought you here to make the right decision and explain everything you need to know.”

“Who are you?”

“That I am not aloud to answer, cross that out.”

“Alright… Why did you bring me here?”

“This is the perfect place. Where nobody can bother us.”

“Why am I evil?”

“It is how you were born and how you were raised by your mother.”

“Were you there?”

“That is something you must remember by yourself.”

“What do i do now?”

“Killing Doug will make your life a misery. If you want your true past and to find out who I am, you must help him.”

“But I can’t he doesn’t trust me anymore!”

“Help him in secret, and make sure he doesn’t find out. Take the Caltrax and bring it to their base without anyone seeing you. They will win, and so will you, like you were supposed to.”

        Athelind and X ran outside looking for Lucario. X then knew that Lucario betrayed them… X stomped on the ground, enraged, “No, we lost him! Now we’ll never win or save him!” Suddenly, Lucario landed on the grass behind them, “I’m back!” X moaned, “Ugh, where were you!” Lucario looked behind himself, “I had some personal business to attend to.” X growled in anger, “Thanks to your business, that took up ten minutes of our time to save the world! Also, your immortality…”

        Lucario looked at X in the eyes, “What about it?” X scratched the back of his head, “Well, I meant to tell you this earlier. It doesn’t last forever.” Lucario choked on his own throat, “What do you mean it doesn’t last forever?!” X got out the curtains, the one with the blood on it. Lucario looked at his hand, it had a little cut on it, making some green blood slowly pour from his palm, “What caused that?”

        “It’s not really immortality, It’s just the way you live. You can die, but come back, thats how you live normally. But this life will end your life faster!” Lucario continued to stare at the cut, “So I can’t live forever?”

“No, I’m afraid not.”

“I can die naturally? Die like people do from age, but more quickly?”


“So this means-”

“I’m sorry Lucario. You will die in less than three hours.”

        Lucario could feel a sob swell in his insides, we wanted to cry. He held it in as much as he could. Time was running low. Nothing could keep him alive anymore. His time was up. He would die in five hours total… Lucario made a burning fist…

“What are we standing around for? We have a world to save!”

Episode 26 : Down to Hell

Athelind got out some kind of necklace. The string had red pearls on it and at the end was a beautiful purple stone, shaped like a triangle. They all went in a triangle formation and Athelind prepared the teleportation process. He clenched the stone in his hand and said some kind of demon language…

        Then they were suddenly transported right in the heart of what is called The Hollow. The Hollow is the hell of all dimensions, the hell of the Earth dimension and every single one to exist All of those dimensions share the one hell, The Hollow. So, if you think about it, every demon is The Hollow has another clone doing the exact same thing in another dimension, a never ending clone army. Think of it as a loop hole.

        Everything was a dark red velvet and looked like it had been drawn in some kind of messy pencil drawing, yet very detailed. They landed on some kind of rocky circular template, and under the template was the core of the earth, the molten core of pure molten magma.  Gravity was still holding them down with the gravitational core, so they were okay. The air smelt like normal air, but with a hint of brimstone. It felt very hot, yet when they entered some of the most random areas, it would be freezing cold.

        What freaked Lucario out was that they were surrounded by demons. Lucario thought they would use their instincts and try to kill them, but they never did. They stared, sometimes walked a bit close, and some passed on by. “Alright, we made it here… Now where are-” Lucario was saying until they heard a giant explosion and rocks began to fall from the roofs of the long hollow corridors, splashing into the molten core and exploding as the middle of gravity destroyed them into little pieces.

        Athelind used his enhanced hearing to hear where the explosion originated. using his amazing hearing skills, he could hear it coming north-east from where they were.  He quickly turned his head like a dog hearing a loud noise, poking his ears upwards. he then pointed to the direction they had to head. Running through crowds of civilians, slaves and homeless demons, they pushed themselves to the demolished wall. There was a giant hole in what used to be a wall. Behind the wall was the secret entrance to the hell’s Caltrax. It was obvious who had done this.

        They ran down the hallway, they found a very large room, with the usual dark red velvet, and very tall pillars surrounded what looked like a glowing pink Caltrax, strangely still on it’s pillar. Why hadn’t Doug and the others collected it yet? That didn’t matter, now was there chance! Athelind and X ran to the Caltrax, but Lucario stopped them, “Wait! You guys make sure they don’t come in! I’ll get the Caltrax outta here!” They agreed on that, and they took care of the entrance to the secret room. Lucario had different plans, though…

        Lucario walked right passed the Caltrax and grabbed an abandoned bag of something called ashtanium. if you lit it on fire, it would make a neverending wall of pure fire. Lucario grabbed the sack bag and began to pour the black dust on the floor. Athelind knew the smell of ashtanium from anywhere. He turned around to find a giant wall of flames.

        X stared through the flames… He could see Lucario’s eye color change to a blinding white. X yelled in anger, “NO!!!!! HE REMEMBERS!!! HE’S BACK ON THE ENEMY SIDE!!!” Then, Lucario laughed aloud, sounding like the same menacing laugh Maxwell would do… Lucario laughed…

“I didn’t remember, X…

I never forgot…

        X’s jaw dropped. Lucario got out an unsafe amount of ashtanium, and put it near another wall. X yelled over and over again, cursing him and demanding him to stop. Lucario was always on their side. All he had to do was follow the Mystery Man’s instructions so he could be reunited with his family. X continued to yell, it was all he could think of. Then, the flames grew brighter and larger, so he couldn’t see through the flames.

        “Athelind, do something NOW!!!” X demanded. Athelind powered up an air bomb spell and then charged it at the flames, burning them out, only to find there was more where Lucario escaped with the Caltrax… X got out some kind of potion from his pocket and threw it at a wall, making a purple puff of smoke that seemed to look like faces. He screeched in anger, “DAMMIT!!!” There was nothing they could do- for now…

        Lucario followed Doug’s trail. They would be reunited soon. His plan was a success. It was time to finish this, soon he would be ruler of all. Running with the Caltrax in his arms, he found himself at Doug’s location. They were being arrested for trying to steal the Caltrax. If you try to steal the Caltrax in hell, you get arrested, in death. They were fighting hordes of demons, surrounded with nothing to do. Lucario was surprised to see Kevin was back in the fight, not crazy bonkers insane! Lucario was also surprised that Pete wasn’t there. He should’ve known. He can’t go on missions without the Flural.

        They were cornered, until Lucario landed right in front of them and threw the demons away using his biggest flame wave. The gang was startled by Lucario’s break in. The demons were away for now, they knew they would be back. Chloe looked up, seeing Lucario. He saved them, but why? In awe, they got up and confronted him.

        “Why did you do that?! We totally could’ve killed them on our own!” Chloe complained, still hating Lucario for what he had done. Lucario stared at them, then he handed over the Caltrax, “Here. Just take it and go before they come back.” Kevin was very tempted to grab the Caltrax, but then his hand was slapped away by Chloe, “You idiot! It could be rigged with an explosive, it might be a fake! How can we trust a betrayer?!”

“I trust him…”

Kevin walked over to Lucario, and stood by his side.

        Chloe gagged in her throat, she couldn’t believe what he was doing, “Kevin, what the hell do you think you’re doing over there?!” Kevin tisked her, “Chloe, you are not our boss on who to trust and who to not trust. Lucario is giving us a chance and this is our chance to take it. He is being honest, and he was back at the motel. He was born to be evil, and it is told we are doing the bad thing, but we can’t stop now. This is our choice, our time. This is our last chance, we take it or leave it.” He put his foot down and waited. All of the sudden, Raleigh walked over and stood by Lucario’s side. Chloe continued to stare, watching as she was being left alone. Finally, everyone stood next to Lucario except for Doug. Lucario held out his hand, “Come on. We can win or lose together.” Chloe held Doug’s hand, urging to keep him by his side. Doug slipped out of her grasp and held Lucario’s hand.

Chloe stood alone, without anyone beside her.

Everyone was beside Lucario, holding hands. They trusted him, finally. Even though they were being evil, they wouldn’t stop now from doing what they were supposed to. They were unaware of Lucario’s past, he didn’t need to find out, not yet. It was all part of his plan. They were gonna get the power they desired.

Episode 27 : How could you do this to us?!

Chloe continued to stand in awe, jaw dropped and arms sagging to the hell stone ground, “So that’s it then? I’m all alone?” Doug stared at her, “You can still come with us. You don’t need to.” Boo sighed, “We may not need you, but it would be a shame to have you gone.” All of the sudden, there was an explosion coming from behind them. Everyone turned around, looking at the flames spreading through the walls. Demons were heading at them. Kevin turned around, “Alright, princess! Make yo-”

Chloe was out of sight.

        Kevin clenched his fist, “We lost her! She already left!” Everyone gasped, but then left in a hurry. They couldn’t stay here any longer. Everyone broke out of their hand holding and searched for the exit. They all split up into groups, trying to make the demon groups smaller. Steelio and Raleigh, Lucario and Bengt, Kevin and Boo, Xiro and… Chubz… Xiro left alone.

        The Hollow is quite a big place, and it stops all kinds of powers that enter it, such as Xiro’s teleportation. Lucario is a dragon, so shooting fire balls isn’t much of a power, it’s part of him, not a side detail. It is also enhanced down in the Hollow since fire is it’s main element, including lava, hell stone and brim stone. Just to mention Pete was up in the surface, sick and old. How much longer was he gonna last?...

        Lucario and Bengt managed to get there first, and then Steelio and Raleigh, then kevin and Boo. Where was Xiro? They all waited at the teleporter back up to the surface, but nobody was coming! Where was he? They were running out of time! Suddenly, a demon teleported in front of them. It was holding a sword, with Xiro’s head on top. He was dead. They all gasped, they didn’t need to wait any longer.


        They then turned back around and found Chloe, in the grasp of one of the demons. One of the demons set a sword against her throat. They were threatening to kill her! Lucario turned around the to the others, but he was alone. He was the only one there, they had left without him! Staring at the pinned puppy lady, she yelled in fear yet there was a hint of anger in her cry, “Come on, you idiot! Help me!”

        Lucario continued to stare at her. She was gonna die. One of the demons walked over to Lucario, “Give us the Caltrax or she dies.” Chloe continued to cower in fear, was she gonna die or live? Lucario thought on what to do. He was holding the Caltrax in his hands. Time to make a choice. Time to hurry. It was time to decide something he kinda wanted to decide a while ago.

Lucario began to turn around…

“N-No… You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

“... See ya later…”



“Please no! Don’t go!”

“I want to live!




        Lucario was back on the surface. He wasn’t gonna give up the Caltrax for someone he couldn’t trust… He was back on the beat, back on the team. It all happened so quickly, too. The others weren’t surprised she didn’t come. After all, she was alone. Now that she was gone, and that Lucario was back, and they got the Caltrax, it was about time to end this once and for all.

"Guys, get in here!"

They heard Kevin telling them to follow him. Entering the room, they found Kevin in Pete's room. Pete was pale, his hand shaking, holding Kevin's hand.  Pete wasn't going to last much longer. Everyone surrounded the husky. Raleigh held his hand, feeling a tear welling up in his eye. "This is it..." Boo said, scratching the back of her head. Everyone said their goodbyes as they knew it could happen at any moment. Without the Caltrax, he was doomed.

Lucario held his paw, "Don't worry, it was part of the plan. We did it, man. We got the Caltrax! We were gonna do the resurrection in just a moment. I wouldn't have gotten here without you. You helped me realize something. We are here to learn about fear, not to fight it." Doug nodded his head in agreement. He thought he had to destroy it,  but he was wrong.  Lucario sniffed,  "Thank you."

"No... Thank you..."



Lucario shut his eye lids and let a burning tear stream down his scales. They all cried. He was gone. They would have to do a memorial later. They had to finish the war first. They all whipped off their tears and head to the garage. They got in a helicopter and flew to The Sacred Haven.

All three of the Caltrax laid on the floor of the helicopter. Lucario sighed, It would all be over soon.  When they landed, they carried the Caltrax  to the resurrection chamber.  They walked into a very special cave. The rocks on the walls were shaded in  red from the life source in the center of the chamber. It was a glowing light made of the souls of Earth. It was surrounded with three empty platforms. Lucario was then handed a Caltrax one by one, putting each of them on a platform. Once all of them were filled, the room started to shake.

The room turned to a lime green, as sparks of blue lightning began to fill the room. Rocks tumbled and shook, the cave slowly collapsed. Everyone covered their heads and screamed as they thought it was the end, until the room finally stopped. The wind was dead silent, not a single echo could be heard, silence. They all looked up to find rocks, floating in mid air while they were falling. Liquid squirting out of the crevices of the boulders turned solid. Time stopped. When they looked up they could no longer move their necks, paralyzed, but not dead. Their visions stopped, they couldn’t see or think, bodies shut down from time stopping itself.

Lucario fell to the ground, motion continuing.

        He flapped his wings, moved his fingers, and used his fire. Nobody could move but him. Everything was black and white, everything was broken (in a way). Then, he heard Doug and Kevin moan as they woke up from such a time sleep. They stood up and ran to Lucario who was staring at the frozen lightning bolts. Kevin panicked, “What the hell is going on?!” Lucario looked around, trying to see if anything else could move, “I’m not sure! Some kind of…” Doug blinked, “It’s a time warp. Only one person with the power to do so could do this. Chloe did the same thing back when I was lost in the dreamscape!”

        Lucario looked around at the black and white Caltrax, “So, does that mean she did this?”

“No, you idiot…”

        The three of them turned around to find the Mystery Man standing in front of them, standing in the entrance of the cave. He grinned as he walked over to them, “I must say, I am impressed by your abilities and your plans to get the Caltrax, and how they were a success. I clap to you, but I have no time to do so. I must finish this once and for all.”

        Kevin’s heart stopped and he gasped. He didn’t even react, he just stared at the wolf. “L-L-Lucius?” The Mystery Man clapped, “There we go, somebody finally recognizes me! Good for you, Kevin…” Lucario looked at the two as they both seemed to be shocked, “What the hell is going on here? What is this, some kind of joke?” Kevin, “Oh, this is no joke. Lucius is the one who-”

“Trained your mother to kill and serve.”

        Lucario stared at Kevin, “Kevin, what is going on?” Doug blinked to find the stoned in the walls began to shake, “Yeah, what is going on?” Kevin coughed as he tried to speak, but found his legs starting to turn to dust and flow through the air. Shocked, he was disappearing! He turned around, and watched his hands go grey, and dissipate into the thin of the air, now turned to nothingness. Finally, he disappeared to nothing, the place he was in was now empty.

        Lucario’s jaw dropped as he turned to look at Doug, only to find that his dust was now in the air then turned to nothingness. He looked at Mystery Man (Lucius), as he laughed a devastating laugh, “You fool, you did it all wrong.”

“What? What are you talking about? I betrayed X and followed your instructions!”

“You got all three Caltrax, got your team back, revived the world, but now what are you missing?”

“I’m not missing anything!”

“Think, don’t jump to conclusions… Think…”

        Lucario thought of something. He ran out of the cave and looked at the sun… No, it was a moon, now a sun, as the sun moved across the sky it became a moon. Time was flying right above his head. Time wasn’t stopping, it was still moving, faster. His hours of immortality were over. He was missing immortality. Immortality… It was gone. His blood turned back to normal as the venom in his veins grew blank and his gift from X faded away. He was a normal, fire-breathing dragon that can die from the shot of an arrow, or the oxygen of the sea. He was mortal.

        He whispered to himself, “I won’t give up!”

“What was that? Say it louder! Is that the sound of utter defeat?”


        Lucario ran to Lucius, preparing a fireball with his left hand and a claw in the other, he leapt and threw it at the wolf. Lucius raised his hand and threw it like he was reaching for something, and once it touched his paw, it turned to a black ball of spikes, looking like it was made of the flesh from a Matter soldier. As Lucario charged at the wolf, Lucius glided across the air and made Lucario crash into the ball, letting the spikes trail into the scales of his neck. The spikes were a foot long. Lucario just gagged and felt the tickle of tears trail his cheeks. Blood poured from his mouth, he felt, lost. He felt like it was over, and it was. He had just lost to his own… Forget it. He was betrayed by his own master, somebody who promised power, but kept it to himself. He was being used. He should've stayed with X and Athelind, he had only just doomed his friends. He tried to pull himself loose but it was no use. His agility drained with his blood, coming through every hole in his body. His scars being un-sewn. Pale as the whitest of snow, he let go.

Episode 28 : Say Goodbye

His eyes opened. Kevin moaned passed his lips as he gained consciousness. He looked at his surroundings. He was in a wet room, the walls made of stone and the floor made of concrete. Everything was covered his green moss, and soaked in the falling rain as it leaked through the walls in roof. He heard lightning continuously play in the distance. He then noticed he had shackles on his ankles and wrists. There was a grate on the floor, but it was too far away for him to do anything with it. He dropped his head to his chest. He lost, hadn’t he?

        Sitting there for hours, hearing his stomach grumble in hunger and  whimpering for assistance, he heard lightning and despair echo in the room. He felt like a coward, listening to himself fail. He felt pity grow over his own fur, but it was all he could do. He waited for hell to rise, though on the outside it had already opened its gate and set business on his front yard. He then felt some kind of buzzing follow into his ear. His ears perked upwards in surprise, and then looked around to see what it was. Listening even closer, he heard it was a voice, rather, two voices talking about setting him free. One with a scratchy voice said, “Kevin, here we come!” as the other voice, a lower, bolder voice called, “Yeah, hold still and don’t say a word!”

        He was startled to find the sewer grate shift, seeing two yellow furry hands lift it up and shove it across the concrete floor. Then, two animals with the names Steelio and Bengt hopped out of the wet cold hole and walked over to the Zoxian named Kevin. Kevin sighed in relief, “You two are okay! Where are the others?” Steelio looked down as the gray puff of fur on the top of his head drooped downward with him, he sighed, “Lucario is… well… dead. He won’t be coming back, not without the Flural, which we can’t restore the power to either.” Bengt pat Steelio’s back, “But the other’s are okay. Well actually, to be with okay, I mean being tortured, but alive, and still salvageable. We’re gonna save you, rescue the others, then find a way to save Lucario so we can end this once and for all!”

        Kevin nodded his head, “That’s a good idea. How did you two get here?” Steelio grabbed hold of one of the shackles on his ankles Kevin was held onto as Bengt got the other, “Both of our shackles were conveniently weak, so we both managed to snap them out of place and ran out of the room while Lucius wasn’t looking!” Bengt then began to saw off the chains, “Then we snook on over to the Weaponry room. That’s where we got these bone saws. He left some weapons down in the sewers for when we get out of here, err, this room.”

        Then, he heard a *CLARRRNKK* then he felt his ankles slide past the wet concrete. He then moved his legs around, relieved to have them off. They couldn’t remove the locks around his wrists and ankles, so they removed as little of the chains as possible so Kevin could stay mobile with the locks. After another minute of hearing *SHHHKA SHHKA SHHKA*, the chains on his wrists snapped, leaving only a single chain piece on each lock. He stood up, feeling weak from all that waiting.

Kevin’s eyes glared at the hole…

“Perfect, now let’s go!”

        *WPHWOOPAKKHH* “AGH!!!” Raleigh grunted as he was once again whipped by the wolf. Burning scars drawn across his flesh, covered by a thin layer of fur. The gang watched as Raleigh cried in pain. For some reason, Lucius was only whipping Raleigh, seeing the anger in the wolf’s gold yellow eyes, burn like flames in the air. Raleigh grew weak as he lost more and more blood. Finally, after a strike at his belly, he stopped. Raleigh died. Lucius breathed heavily, “This is what’s gonna happen to all of you idiots in a few seconds! Did you all think I would share my power with all of you?” Doug felt his face go red, “We don’t even really know who the hell you are!!! We had no idea we would even be here!!!” Lucius then walked over to the doug and pulled something out of pocket, throwing the whip across the room. Now a gun was set to Doug’s head. Doug gasped in surprise as he knew in the next second he would have his brains spilled across the floor. Nobody could do anything as they were all subdued in shackles.

        Suddenly, Lucius was punched in the side of the head, making him fall over into a puddle of blood made from his business. He growled in anger from the disruption. He got up without even moving a muscle, then as he stared at the guns being aimed at him, he didn’t even think about putting his hands up. All he had to do was clap his hands together to make a fox appear right next to him. Kevin dropped his gun, “Amy?!” Lucius put the pretty little fox in a choke hold, then got out a sword out of the air that sat in the room. He set the sword onto her neck, “You poor, poor thing. You come all the way here to watch your friends and fiance die? What a great decision! The show is only just starting!” Steelio tried to shoot at him, only to pull the trigger of nothing. The three of them looked down to find their feet strangely absorbed into the concrete. They couldn’t escape. It was over.

        Her throat was then slit by the sword, making Kevin scream in horror, “NO!” He threw the deceased fox to the ground, letting her soak in her own blood. He set a gun to Bengt’s head, “This is rated R for restricted, no children allowed! SECURITY!!!”


“Bengt! NOO!!!”   “OH MY GOD, BENGT!!!”

        Bengt was unstrapped from the ground, falling dead to the floor. Eyes glued open, he was gone by miles. Steelio cried, and cried, then stopped at the feeling of cold metal being plucked against his head, “Don’t cry, little one! It’s only special effects!”



        Kevin did whatever he could not to cry. He clutched his sharp teeth together, trying to hold the tears in. Lucius walked over to Boo and set the gun to her head, “Uh oh, call me superstitious, but you have caused enough bad luck!” He simply killed her, then moved on to the next one, which was Raleigh, “Sorry, old pup. Your annoying yapping will not harm this home ever again!” Then he was dead, too. The only one left was Doug, who knew they had lost so many people over the mission. Lucius just stared at him, then looked around, “I have nothing to say. Just put your wings down, the guardian will fall- again! DOWN TO HELL WITH YOU!!!”



        Kevin couldn’t stop the single tear going down his green fur. He was now alone. He waited for his turn to come. It was already obvious he was gonna be the last one. Mystery Man just snapped his fingers, letting someone else do the job.

His mother came in through a purple puff of smoke.

        Kevin felt his eyes tear up again, “Wh-What the hell are you doing here?!” Mystery Man chuckled as he walked out of the room, leaving his mother to do this. Kevin shook his head, “Don’t tell me this crazy bitch is gonna do it?” Mystery Man gave him a thumbs up before he left into the darkness. His mother then got out a sword, twirled it through her fingers, passed her slightly darker green fur. She looked just like him, but had a more slender body and lady like form, with red lipstick across her lips. She set the sword’s tip onto his belly, “Good to see you again. Why don’t you ever visit me? Call me next time. Call me when the rain starts back up and the lightning brings you back to life. I want to hear your voice again……………”


[ SERIES three ]



-Fable game  2004 Lionhead Studios ‘Resurrection Vial’

It’s the fact that they lost isn’t it? They lost everything? Our only hope of keeping Earth is now nothing but a blank piece of paper, slowly being turned to flames as it is thrown in hell, our fireplace in the basement, locked away with a golden key. They key is now turned to rust and being slammed away by the waves of the ocean. They call that the ocean of fear.


Was there a way after all?

Yes, someone survived! Who has awaken? Three people? I sense a beating heart, but where? Yes, no? Is his heart beating after all? No, it’s a curse of life. But is it a curse? Has god forgiven them for failing? Do they have another chance?

Wake up, little lion child…

Wake up…

“So, wake up… Wake up and smell the ashes…”

-Half Life 2 game

Episode 29 : The New World

        Steelio moaned as the sun shone over his eyes. He squinted his eyes as he saw the sun, making him look away as his eyes burn. He rubbed his eyes, stretched his arms and legs outward, and opened his eyes. He expected him to be in the exact same place he was before. No, he was somewhere else, wasn’t he? He then noticed something. He was outside. The sky was blocked by brown and black clouds as the sun was slowly blocked by some kind of smoke. He looked around. He was in a war zone, everything was wrecked, like he was in a desert of broken items, cars, building, and… Dead people. Everything was demolished. He was then startled by a blast of red lightning in the distance, striking some kind of asylum. He cleared his throat and called out, “Hello?! Where the hell am I?! Anybody?!”


        It sounded like Kevin! Steelio called out again, “Kevin, is that you?” he called as he listened to his voice echo in the air. Then, there was another blast of red lightning. His hairs pivoted upwards like a cat that was startled by a squirt of water. He then heard the sound of foot steps walking among dirt and rocks. He then saw the shadow of somebody… Bengt? They appeared from behind a building that was lucky enough to not be destroyed completely.

“Kevin! Bengt! What the hell is going on? Where are we?”

        Bengt hugged Steelio, they were both happy to have their best friends back. Bengt looked at Steelio with a serious face, also looking concerned, “Glad you somehow managed to survive with us. Now I asked that same question. What the hell is going on, and where are we? Believe it or not…” Bengt pointed to a sign that was about thirty feet away. It said Cozy Camper MOTEL! Free food service! Four stars! Best around, come one come all!”

        Steelio gasped and covered his mouth with his paws, “Ohmigosh! Were still in Las Vegas?!” Kevin crossed his arms, “Lucius did this. He caused all of this. We need to stop him before it’s too late!” Bengt shivered, “Honestly, I have no idea how we are still alive after being shot in the head with a magnum, but I guess it has to do with spiritual stuff, as usual. But before we can even reach him, *SHIVER* we need to survive. Build camp and find resources of food and water.” Kevin nodded his head as a wave of cold wind entered the area. Steelio let out some of his breathe, seeing his own breathe in the air. He shivered as well, “Winter… And at a bad time like this, too!”

        Kevin rubbed his hands together, “We should set up camp. It looks like we have about two weeks until doom gulps us all, enough time to craft supplies, forge weapons and make it to The Sacred Haven before Lucius kills us all.” The two children nodded their heads and followed Kevin to an area that was lucky enough to have some living trees. It was like they were in a desert, everything was dirt and buildings had fallen. It really was the apocalypse. It had arrived, and they were really seeing it. It made Steelio feel that choking feeling in his throat again.

        They could all see The Sacred Haven now. The clouds in the sky cleared so The Sacred Haven could be seen up above, they watched as rocks fell and tumbled and crumbled onto the deserted area. It was like the finale or bad ending to a video game. It was unbelievable, they could believe it. Steelio just had to pinch himself to see if he woke up and found himself in the building where he was shot, but it didn’t work. This is real.

        New mission. All of their earlier plans failed, their main mission a failure. They couldn’t take power, Lucius was too greedy but to keep it to himself. They had no choice but to fight back, using their survival instincts to get there. It was time to survive out in the wild. It was time to move out and stop Lucius. This was their true fate.

        They walked forwards to the wooded area. As they walked, it looked as if the forest was getting wider. Bengt scratched the back of his neck, “Anyone else seeing this?” Kevin nodded his head, “It looks as if the forest is expanding!” Steelio didn’t like this at all, he felt worried that this was an illusion or a trap. Stepping in the new fresh grass, vines grabbed their ankles and swept them into the air!

        The life that appeared before their eyes disappeared, it was some kind of illusion- a trap to be more exact. It felt like tree bark, and as they looked more and more, it was, but turned to something black and stone hard. It was made of the same texture a Matter soldier had. Hanging upside-down, they stared into the creatures glowing white eyes. It was formed like a gorilla, but much, much larger. It was the size of a house, but much more destructive.

        They all struggled and tried harder and harder to get out of the beast’s grasp, as the beast prepared to smash them all to the ground, crushing their bodies. The beast chuckled and puffed out a huge blast of smoke from it’s nostrils, making them all gag in disgust. Finally, the gorilla raised his arm into the air as it hunched forwards. They all thought they would have died already.

        But, Steelio managed to get out of the monsters grasp, and climbed onto it’s arm, running down toward his back. The monster flinched and paused his crushing, turning his head back at the bug-sized lion. Steelio looked for a way to distract it or kill it. The beast used it’s free hand to reach back and grab the lion. Success, Steelio was in the same dilemma as before, but this time in a different angle and in the opposite grasp Kevin and Bengt are in, having their ankles stuck in the gorillas palm. The two watched and groaned in defeat, yet were in awe to see Steelio being so brave. The gorilla then put a devastating grin on it’s face. It lowered Steelio, but threw him in the air, going until he reached the top of the dirty clouds.

        Once Steelio was above the clouds, he felt empty, magical feeling. He saw a clear blue sky, but in the distance, he saw the sky turning inky black. It was some kind of corruption. But, besides the black, he witnessed the blue. Even the clouds below him turned to white again, yet underneath they were still brown, like a strawberry half-dipped in chocolate. He was in awe. Soon enough, this would all turn to nothing. He couldn’t let the sky leave him. He needed to see this again. He had finally found his Sacred Haven. His sanctuary. His true home up in the skies. Suddenly, he felt gravity pull him downwards.

        Kevin and Bengt shrieked, “NO!” and waited to see Steelio come crashing to the ground. But instead, it opened it’s giant maw right were Steelio was going to land. He was going to eat Steelio! As Steelio came screaming back down to what used to be Earth, he tried to think of a way out of this problem. Right before he landed in the beast’s mouth, he managed to grab onto one of the gorilla’s giant teeth. The gorilla got angry, and tried to bite down onto the lion. Before it could, Steelio managed to climb out before he was split in half and walked over to the beast’s eye (but managed to get some of his tail hair!). Steelio shivered, and stepped onto the gorilla’s eye ball, digging his foot and hand claws into the eye, feeling the swelling tears get his paws wet.

        The gorilla roared in pain, throwing Kevin and Bengt across the landscape. The two of them moaned in pain, but Bengt cringed as he felt more pain, and grasped his knee. Kevin walked by Bengt’s side, “Are you alright?” Bengt coughed and tried to stand up, wobbly, “Y-Yeah! Let’s kill that m-monster!” Kevin nodded his head and ran with Bengt, but Bengt was actually limping. Kevin already knew something was wrong.

        The beast coughed up more and more black blood as Steelio started throwing chunks of the beast’s eye out of the socket. Finally, the beast felt dizzy, and crashed onto the ground, laying on it’s back. It tried to get Steelio out but it could only pound it’s fists onto the ground. Finally, Steelio slayed the beast, leaving it blind. Steelio calmed down and climbed out of the socket, slipping a few times from the wetness of the eyeball.

        Steelio hopped off of it’s chest and felt the dirt get soggy as his wet paws caused dirt to cling to his foot paws. Steelio felt like he wanted to throw up, he could feel the vomit forming in his belly as it gurgled in disgust, feeling the clog rise from his chest and felt the ball in his throat. It was rising like a thermometer that was keeping track of the hot weather, and his body wasn’t getting any colder. He had no idea if he had done something good. All he could do was barf onto the floor, like he was right now.

        Kevin carried Bengt over to Steelio as the lion coughed up the leftovers still stuck in his throat, “Look…… out….. *GAAAUUHHHCKKKKKHH*” he said, breathing heavily. Kevin stared down at the chunks, and stepped back, still carrying the hurting wolf. Steelio looked up at Kevin, then saw Bengt laying in Kevin’s arms, cringing his teeth and breathing heavily. He saw tears go down the wolfs snow-white fur, with dirty touches. Steelio gasped, “What’s *kaughkk* wrong with Bengt? *gahghhh*”

“I think Bengt broke his leg!”

Episode 30 : Change of Scenery from Down Below

        Kevin carried Bengt as they continued on their quest, Steelio still feeling empty inside. Bengt just cried quietly as he was carried in Kevin’s arms, they needed to find some kind of shelter. As they continued on, they found a little wooded area, hoping it wasn’t another beast of illusion. But, it wasn’t. It was a normal, living forest. Strange. It looks like it was supposed to be there. It just stood out from the rest of the desert. Something they have never seen before.

        Walking through the forest. The gang felt parched after all that fighting and being possibly dead for all that time, they needed to find some water, and a source of food. Speaking of being dead, why were they still alive? Why were they still there, and not dead with a bullet in their heads? They thought, puzzled, they needed to find an answer.

        Walking around in the forest, they felt the leaves on the trees, and smelled the strange fresh air instead of the smell of sand, dirt and pollution. It didn’t look like smog in the sky and it didn’t smell like smoke in the air. It didn’t feel like rocks and glass, it felt like flowers and grass. Yet, if they looked passed the trees, they could still see the dark and dead around them. Was there any hope? They knew they couldn’t say here for long before it all died.

        Still walking, all Steelio could think of was killing the beast… his eye… the thing he had done, he would never forget. It was so disgusting, digging into a gigantic eye. Just thinking about it made him want to die.

        Kevin gasped and started to run faster as he saw something in the distance. Steelio followed along. What had they discovered?

A sewer grate.

        Kevin stared down at it, confused at why it was in the middle of a forest. in the center of the circular grate, was a logo...

        They all stared at it (except for Bengt who was knocked out cold from the pain.) Kevin frowned, “Alright, Steelio? Can you carry Bengt while I open this thing-”

“Got it open!”

“- up?”

        Steelio chuckled and stared down into the hole. It looked wet and smelly, the smelly smell of all smelly smells started to smell up the good smelling smell of the forest. Steelio gagged a bit from the stench, and raised his shoulders, “Well, here we go!” he said as he started going down into the grate. Kevin blinked, “Wh-Wait! Steelio, hold on! I can’t go down without you with Bengt in my arms!”

        Steelio paused in the center of the entrance, “You don’t need to! Just get yourself and Bengt somewhere safe! I’ll catch up with you!” Kevin sighed and nodded his head, as he started to walk away, “Good luck, then.”

        Steelio continued going down into the hole. He felt weird for some reason. Never had he been left alone like this. He was going solo for once, on his own mission. He was alone for once in his life. He gulped, and continued. Once he reached four steps from the bottom, the metal ladder began to creak, it shook, making Steelio flinch, and he fell on his back as the ladder broke from the wall.

        Steelio cursed suddenly, grunting as he injured his back and the back of his head, he stared from below up to where he entered as his vision went hazy, but he regained his seeing and stood up slowly. He looked around as it was pitch black. He could hear frogs going *CRRRRREEEEEKT* and water going *DLOIP*. Steelio felt a sign of curiosity come over him, he yelled, “Hello?”

“Hhhhheeeeeeellllllooooooooo?”   “Heeellooo?”   “Heloh?”

Nobody answered…

He waited…


        Steelio gasped at the noise and he backed away slightly until he hit something. He turned around and yipped as he thought it would be some kind of monster, but instead he found a sign that was easy to see from the light being shown from the entrance. It said ‘Take the flashlight, go straight, right, straight, right, left, straight, and you will arrive at the next clue. Then just make your way back.’

        Steelio blinked in surprise, who had put this down? Was he being expected? He looked down at a box. He stuttered once he slowly opened it up, and he found a flashlight. He picked it up, flicked the switch, and it lit up the way. He turned around and started to walk forward.

Steelio screamed as something black and gooey stood in front of him.

        He didn’t know what to do. He felt a choking feeling in his throat, and suddenly he forced himself to duck as the goo monster tried to grab him with his strange long white claws, but only grabbed his own hands. Now, Steelio was behind the monster. He just wanted to get a better look at the beast. He inspected it as he looked at it, getting a familiar sensation. What did it look like? It looked like a warm, fuzzy and cuddly feeling. It had a fluffy tail, but made of black oozing goo. The round stomach it had and whenever it walked it’s gut bounced up and down, sideways and all ways... Then it hit him; it looked like Chubz.

        Steelio started to run away, but he couldn’t stop thinking of if it was Chubz or not. He was so confused. He went straight as the goo monster chased him. It kept on moaning and making roar noises. Then, the goo monster started to throw some of it’s goo at the lion, and the goo would regenerate on the beast for unlimited ammo. Steelio had to remember where to go and where the balls would be thrown at him. He took a right as he saw spiders come from a hole in a wall. They were disgusting looking and deformed.

        He went straight. More balls of black goo went splattering onto the walls. He kept on running as fast as he could, but he didn’t seem to be getting farther away from the beast. As Steelio ran and shone his flashlight down the straight tunnel, he could see the turn he had to make; right. He just kept on running, but the tunnel was so long it just seemed like the turn was in the same place and wall was only extending, like he just wasn’t getting any closer. But the more he ran, the more the turn began to grow.

        He turned right finally. The goo monster actually seemed like it was getting closer this time as Steelio slipped on some slime and he scraped his knee on some concrete. This made running with his left leg hurt whenever he took a step. Cringing his teeth, he could only feel a single tear hang off the edge of his eye lid. He didn’t care if it slipped, but it would make him feel exhausted.

        He took a left. Now all he had to do was go to the end of this single tunnel. He saw a door, but it looked the same as all the other ones that led to the electric boxes. Was this the right place? Steelio then tried to pick up speed. He wanted this to end, he wanted to get away from the goo monster. Steelio kept on running, and running, and running. He then knew that he would make it to the door as he got so close.


        Steelio accidently threw himself forwards as goo stuck to his whole foot all the way to his knee. He fell right onto the concrete in front of him, and he was pulled back to where the goo hit. He was stuck to the ground. He felt scrapes all over his chest as that was where he crashed, and even some on the bottom of his chin. Dazed, he just turned his head and couldn’t move. He then saw the Chubz monster stand over him and his vision regained. The monster then started to sink his arm into the goo on Steelio’s leg.

        The goo started to head up his body as it grew over him. Steelio breathed heavily in and out as he saw the goo ingulf him. He tried to pick it off, but the goo just slid through his paws. He begged, “PLEASE, STOP!!! DON’T DO THIS!!!” The goo went past his crotch and onto his other leg, up his waist, crawling under his back, sinking over the chest, moving to the arms, up his neck. Steelio cried and cried and begged. He couldn’t move a muscle. He was really stuck. He couldn’t do anything this time. The goo went over his chin and it slowly went to his lips, and descending into the throat…



        The goo paused, and then it all went right back into Chubz, including the goo he already threw, flew right back into his back. Steelio coughed up some blood as the goo seemed to have messed up his insides. He felt like he wanted to throw up again. Steelio then looked at the beast. It looked like a sword was in his chest, and indeed there was one.

        Then, a blue jay came around the back of the beast, pulled out the sword from the blade, and then sinked it’s hand into the cut it made. Steelio watched in horror. Who was this person. It was wearing a mask, and a ninja outfit, kinda like Boo’s outfit but it actually fit the bird. Then, the bird pulled out was looked like a crystal. The bird threw it to the ground and it shattered to pieces, the smell of pizza and snack foods entering the air. Steelio coughed and continued to look at the bird. He couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl, but he was thinking of a male.

        The goo monster fell to the ground, unconscious. It looked like it was still breathing, though. The blue jay held her hand out to the child lion, “Are you getting up yet?” From the voice, he thought it was a male, but he still couldn’t tell by a tiny percentage. The blue jay put his hands (thinking it’s a male) to his hips, “Where are you heading to child?” Steelio wiped his bleeding nose with his arm, and then pointed to the door he was going to. A gray and rusty metal door with the a sign over it…

Episode 31 : Flying without Benefits and Flames

        The blue jay walked over to the door and stared at it for a second, then he set a hand on the knob and tried to turn it, only to find it is rusted shut and locked. Steelio groaned, “Great! How does this person expect me to get through a locked door?!” The blue jay looked back at him, “Who sent you here? Why have you come? Why was it chasing you?” Steelio sighed at all these questions at once, “Well, I really don’t know how to answer all those questions. My name is Steelio by the way.”

        The blue jay got out a crowbar, “Eddie is the name. Don’t ask why my parents named me that, just call me Ed.” Steelio nodded his head and watched the blue jay shove the crowbar into the side of the door. He then started to push against the logged crowbar as it started forcing the door open. Finally, with a spark, the door swung open, “Lead the way, Steelio. Where are we going? I just need a way out of here so I can seek revenge on Lucius.”

        Steelio started to walk inside, and he was surprised to find there was water all over the floor, puddles of wet muck and rain and who knows what. Steelio shone his flashlight around the room, “You know Lucius?” Edd growled and followed behind Steelio, “Well, yeah. Ever since he made that announcement that he was gonna crush us all and turn us into slaves, we all knew his name. Now every survivor is trying to fight against him and trying to kill him and free ourselves because he isn't gonna do it himself.”

        Steelio continued to look around, “What announcement? I’m not sure if I was alive to see it myself.” Edd picked up a wet box and threw it aside, “Not alive? What do you mean?” Steelio shrugged, “Well, before everything was turned to dust up above, we were trying to save the world and trying to protect it because Lucario was putting us on the right side so we could finally win, but turns out we helped Lucius gain the power to kill us all. Then he killed us all with a single bullet to the head. All seven of us.”

        Edd gasped a bit, “So all the sudden you’re alive? How… Hey kid? You didn’t know that goo beast at all did you?” Steelio’s eyes widened a bit as he started to look behind two boxes, “Well, it looked like one of our teammates, but he wasn’t killed by Lucius. He was killed by Project X, something totally different that you may not know about.” Edd sighed, “Never heard of this X person, but actually I think I might know what was up with the goo monster you think was your friend. What was it’s name?”

        Steelio looked at the walls again for a lever or some kind of door, “We called him Chubz, but his real name was Luis Barbados.” Edd kicked a box aside, “Well, Chubz might actually be the Chubz you saw before.”

“But how could it be him? He was turned to ashes by a bomb almost killing another one of my friends!”

“I have been in this same dilemma, except for the chase and the room and stuff.”

“What do you mean?”

        Edd’s eyes widened, “Well, that can wait. I think I can see where we’re supposed to go now. Show your flashlight over there in that corner.” Edd pointed to a corner and Steelio shone his flashlight in the direction of Edd’s finger. They both then saw a door with the following name over it:


        They then walked over to the door, and Edd set his hand feathers on it again, relieved to see he didn’t have to use is crowbar again, but instead he used his hand to twist the knob open. They were then greeted with rats and bugs crawling on the walls. They scattered and disappeared into the cracks in the walls. Both of their spines shivered. They then entered the room and looked at what was available for them.

        Steelio first walked over to a bat that was leaning against a wall. He picked it up as it was in good condition, but it had some blood stains on it. He did some slow practice swings, it worked just right for him, “This is just perfect. I think I may have just found my signature weapon!” Edd raised his shoulders and chuckled. They saw a few boxes. Edd opened a box to find it was full of apples!

Rotten and decayed, smelly and swollen, squishy and infested, black and crippled apples… and spiders…

        Edd squirmed at the sight of such disgust, and he dropped the box in fear. The apples pretty much turned to liquid when gravity pulled the apples down and then smash went the box. It looked like apple sauce, but brown and chunky. Edd wanted to vomit right then and there. Steelio wasn’t paying attention to Edd, though. He was looking at a lever on some kind of metallic box labeled; Power Startup ON/OFF…

        “Hey, I think I found out how to turn the power on!” Steelio cheered as he set his paw on the lever and the other paw holding his new weapon, his bat. Edd looked over at him before he opened another box. “Better do whatever you gotta do, then! I’m tired of being in this dark and wet room!” he said, realizing that if he opened this box, he would probably find something vomit-rising. He dropped the box and moved over to Steelio. Steelio held his breath and lowered his paw as the lever was a bit rusty…


        “Thanks for the help, Edd.” Steelio said as he slid his paw away from under Edd’s hand feathers. Edd chuckled, “Don’t mention it. You looked like you were struggling, so I-”


        “What the hell was that?!” Steelio screamed as they both stumbled into the wet muck below them as everything shook and rocks started to fall from missing chunks of wall and roof. Edd gasped and tried to get his balance back up with struggle, “I have no idea! Maybe it’s just the power turning on from not being on for over five years or something?” Suddenly, a HUGE chunk of room fell from the roof and landed right beside Steelio, making his squeal and he tumbled onto his back, spitting the muck out of his mouth, “You think THAT was because of some reboot?!”

        Edd could feel his heart pounding against his chest. He then looked at Steelio in the eyes. It looked like he was about to cry, water gleaming like a sunset behind a mountain shining in one’s eyes. Edd clenched his fists, “Come on, let’s get outta here before we turn to mush!” he yelled holding out his hand. Steelio grabbed it and felt Edd’s soft feathers. It was that time when you rarely feel a certain fabric, when you feel that shirt you bought from that website, the silk of the shirt. The feeling of Ed’s feathers. Steelio ran with him a it was tim to go!

        They continued to run and run. Finally, they got out of the Electricity Center and they were back in the sewers. Edd held out both of his arms, “Let me pick you up, we’re getting out through there!” Steelio looked up at a hole in the roof. That must’ve been where Edd came in to save him. Steelio let Edd swoop him from his legs and he layed in his arms. Edd them got out his wings, his blue, black and white wings were impressively beautiful. White feathered tip, black at the end of the white, and sky blue all the way to his back and beyond. Edd then started to pick up air and started flying through the hole.

        As Edd flew, he heard the destruction of the sewers getting worse. Edd then looked underneath the both of them and saw what looked to be some kind of explosion raging forward at them. He didn't even hear the explosion go off. His eyes widened and Steelio screamed and closed his eyes. Was this the end already? “HOLD ON, STEELIO!!!” Ed yelled as he saw the surface of the sky above them. Suddenly, he felt warmth yet it felt damp and cold. Fire.

“SHIT!!! NOO-”


Episode 32 : The Start of Something Newer

Kevin waited and sat against a tree criss-crossed legs with Bengt in his lap, his head resting on his right knee. Bengt was still cringing and crying. Kevin managed to get a log for Bengt to straighten his leg out on so he wouldn’t feel as much pain. He just sighed as Bengt rested and tried to hold in his tears, but he just couldn’t. He continued to groan from the pain his his leg. Kevin already felt like crap from everything that was going on.


        Kevin flinched as his droopy eyes widened fro the noise. He saw some dirt start to fly everywhere from some kind of explosion outside of the forest. Kevin picked Bengt up and held him in his arms, and started to run to the location to see what was going on. He saw dirt and dust everywhere, and as it cleared, he saw a lion breathing for air and a blue-jay tired from flying.

        Kevin got down on his knees beside Steelio, “Steelio! There you are! What the hell happened? Who is this bird?” Ed got up and swept the dust off of his outfit, “My name is Ed. I saved the kid’s life

back there.” Steelio got up, too, “It’s true! We turned on some kind of machine that was supposed to turn the power back on-”

“Wait, so you made that thing up in the sky appear?”

The two of them looked up at the clouds.

The Sacred Haven had a projector on the side of it, and flying stones separated and flying around stood in front of the light being created from the projector.

The shadow of the stones from the projectors light leaning on the clouds created the following message;

The next clue is this. Find a way up here, in my Sacred Haven. Only then shall you learn the truth. If you dare use wings, I will shoot you down. Use something with a suit of armour, something that will last the ride until you get up here. You can only find armour at one location; an armoury.


        “He left us a clue, it seems.” Kevin said, staring at the wonders of such a puzzle. Even at any angle, you couldn’t tell what the rocks meant. They didn’t spell anything. It’s almost as if the rocks didn’t even reveal what was below and above in such a place. Hell on Earth.

        Steelio looked over at Kevin, “Well, there was actually another clue once I entered the sewers! He told me which way to go and what to do… well… not what to do, just where to go. It lead to a place where you can turn on the electricity. Turns out it was a trap, but when we left apparently that was there.” Steelio said pointing to the clue in the clouds. It looked like it was painted with crayon, messy and rocky crayon drawn on paper by a three year old.

        Kevin looked at the bird, “Who is this then?” The bird nodded his head, “My name is Ed. I saved the kid when he was about to be gobbled up by a goo beast. He says he thought he knew the thing, that it looked familiar.” Suddenly, the bird was slightly interrupted by the sound of moaning and whimpering. The bird turned it’s head to the hurting wolf child and then looked at it’s leg. It was swollen and bleeding. This scared the bird, “What the heck happened to him?!”

        Kevin looked down at the wolf, “We we’re fighting a giant gorilla thing and all the sudden it threw us across the plains of the deserted area. I think the impact broke his leg.” The bird immediately got out a little box from a pocket that was at the bottom of his left pants leg. It was the size of a Playstation or Xbox controller. He got out a key that was tied to a string around his neck and he unlocked the metal box, and he opened it. It revealed three vials containing a blue glowing liquid, each one a sky and creamy blue.

        Steelio winced his eyes at the vials, “What are those?” Edd then took out one vial and handed it to Steelio, “Hold this for a second. They’re called Resurrection Vials (not from Fable). They are told to regain your strength to the maximum once you drink it, making all your wounds and sickness’ vanish like they never existed. I have never used one before, but I know they work. I’ve been saving them for some time now, and this kid needs one!”

        Once the box was locked, put in his pocket, and the key necklace was back around his neck, he popped the cork off the vial and looked at Kevin, “I need you to help me out real quick. Just position him so he doesn’t choke on this thing or something. They are not like water, more like a milkshake but more wet.” Kevin held Bengt’s head in a position as if he were resting his head on a pillow. Edd looked back at Kevin, “Can he open his mouth or is he out cold?” Kevin just shrugged. Edd opened Bengt’s jaw a bit and began to pour the liquid into his maw, and down his throat. Bengt couldn’t even feel it.

        Suddenly, Bengt felt his surge go down his throat at the halfway point. He felt it enter his arms, to his belly, to his feet, so his hands, to his fingers, it was a cold sensation. It was like jumping into a pool after going into a hot tub. Then, Bengt’s eyes opened. He looked down at his knee and he saw that his flesh that was missing on his knee was starting to grow bit by bit. Then, it was back together like it had never happened.

        Bengt was still in Kevin’s arms, “Wh-What happened?” Kevin smiled in amazement, “This guy just saved your life, Bengt! He fixed your leg!” Edd chuckled, “Umm, can I admit something?” Kevin shrugged, “Sure, what?” Edd then set her hand on her mask, “When I take this off, don’t be confused…” As she removed it, they thought they saw something more lady-like. Then, she removed the shirt of her ninja outfit to reveal a white t-shirt. They understood now: the he was a she.

        Everyone widened their eyes, “But, how? Why? Is Edd your real name?” Ed the female sighed, “My father wanted me to hide me real gender because he thought I would be more vulnerable. So, I hid most of my body as a man so people wouldn’t do whatever my father was thinking when he told me to be a man. I still don’t even understand myself. But, I’m surprised you never realized I was a woman until just now. I must be quite the actress.”

        Kevin stuck out his tongue a bit, “Ah, whatever! You are brave enough to be like a man, that’s for sure, saving Steelio and all that made you look like a man!” Edd somehow took that as an insult, “What’s THAT supposed to mean?” Kevin tried to talk back, but Bengt interrupted, “Guys, it’s alright! Let’s just do whatever we need to do, okay? What do we need to do anyways?” Bengt said as he hopped out of Kevin’s arms, feeling a bit wobbly.

        Steelio pointed to The Sacred Haven and the clouds and the clue and all. Bengt read the clue, “Alright. I guess we need some kind of plane. Something metal and flying and immune to bullets for a short amount of time sounds like a plane.” Everyone nodded and Kevin looked at Bengt, “I think we got that hint, but we don’t know where to find a plane!”

        Edd set a hand to her chin and thought for a moment, “Actually, you guys! I think I might know where a plane might be!” Everyone looked at her. She then grinned a bit and pointed in a direction (west), “I set up camp somewhere that way. We keep moving that way we find my camp. Nearby I think I saw some kind of shed, a metal-like garage!” They all looked in her direction and saw something in the distance, it looked like a camp, with a burning fire and some kind of ripped up chair.

        They also saw the box she was talking about. Steelio kept on looking, “Should we go there then?” Kevin shook his head, “If we wanna get to The Sacred Haven, then yes, we do. Steelio remembered the sky he saw when he was thrown up in the air by that huge gorilla. He wanted to see that again, to see the blue sky and hear the silence of fresh air. He was anxious to get up there. Steelio started running to the box, “Let’s go then! Let’s get this war over with!”

        Kevin coughed a bit, “Steelio, wait up!” Everyone laughed at Steelio’s urge to win this war, and they all ran with him to the box.

“Sir, they are approaching the garage.”

“Good. Go after them and fight for the plane. This is where your task continues, Jack.”

“Yes, Lucius.”

“And remember, if you don’t do as I say, I will kill you from the inside.”

“Okay, lord Lucius-. It’s time to release the yapping mut..”

Episode 33 : The Iron Hawk

        They continued to run and run and run until they finally reached the camp after about six minutes. They looked at the small, ripped up camp. Edd looked at a bag laying beside a yellow lawn chair, which Edd looked confused as a bullet hole was in on the back of it now. Edd opened the bag and she blinked and her eyes were wide open, “Where the hell did it go?”

        Steelio looked at the metal box just slightly in the distance, “Where did what go?” Edd started to panic, “My walkie-talkie! It’s gone! Where did it go, oh no!!!” Kevin looked over at Ed, “Who would you be talking to anyways?” Edd tucked the bag into her pocket, “My brother, Isaac! He was out here, too! We were both going scavenging for supplies until I heard Steelio over there crying for help, so I came to his rescue! Now my walkie-talkie is gone!”

        Steelio frowned, “Are you blaming me for needed help?” Edd sighed, “No, you’re fine. I’m just sad I have no way of contacting him. He’s only thirteen, looking like the kid’s age. I need to protect him at all costs. I promised my dad I would. Kevin crossed his arms, “What happened to your dad?”

“He’s dead.”

        Everyone stayed quiet and still for about ten seconds. Then, they all just moved on to what they needed to do most, saving the world. However, this Isaac, was something important as well. They continued on in their mission to save the world. Edd felt anxious the whole time they walked to the garage. When they finally made it to the box, they stood at the door. Steelio was just about to open it up until he heard moaning come from the box and the sound of stabbing through flesh and somebody whispering in an unknown language.

        Steelio suddenly didn’t want to open the door. He just listened to the unknown sounds beyond the huge metal door. He even looked at the top of the door, and right above it, was a logo. The same one that was on the sewer grate. It was a circle with an X marked through it. What did it mean? Where did this X come from…? Suddenly, Steelio got this random idea. Project X. Did Project X have anything to do with this?

        Kevin groaned, “Are you gonna open the door or what?” Steelio looked back at Kevin, “There’s something on the other side of the door! I’m not sure if we should! Come on, listen to it!” Kevin set his head to the door, “There’s nothing there, Steelio. I don’t hear anything.” Steelio listened for himself. It was there alright. “Kevin, it’s in there! It’s gotta be! Why can’t you hear it?!”

        Edd pushed the two aside, “Just open the damn door already!” Edd started to push the door open.


        Something lunged onto Edd right as she opened the door even the slightest. Edd screamed as it started to spread goo over her body. It was another goo monster! Steelio looked at it and inspected it for a quick second. It looked like somebody e knew again. This one looked like Raleigh! Steelio pounced onto the goo monster to try to get it off of Edd, and with slight success, he monster let go of Edd and then started to turn while it was still being pushed into the air, making Steelio land on his back and the goo monster on top of Steeio. It then started to spread it goo all over his body and down his throat again. It all happened too quickly for anyone to save him.

Down the goo went…


Down to inside his belly…

Belly? The goo couldn’t even find it!

        Everyone just stared in awe as the goo continued to travel down his throat. Bengt knew what this was, because he was in this exact same dilemma, or learned what he had at the time. If food ever found Bengt’s belly, then what the heck was it? Bengt shouted aloud, “Steelio, you have a bottomless stomach, just like me!” Steelio wasn’t around to see Bengt compete in the food eating competition years ago, so Chloe told him and the gang (Kevin, Boo, Pete, etc.) the story while Lucario was still out. Steelio was impressed with Bengt’s ability to eat an infinite amount of food, but never had he expected to have one as well! But it didn’t make sense, they weren’t brothers, right?

        Edd stabbed the beast like he did in the sewers, and it all returned to it’s natural form, the form of Raleigh. Steelio coughed up the blood again, I guess it still messes him up even if he doesn’t have a stomach anyone can reach. Steelio wiped the blood off of his lips, “Holy crap!” Bengt went over to Steelio’s side, “Are you okay, dude?” Steelio nodded his head, “I think so…”

        Edd poked at Steelio’s slim gut, “But how is it possible? Everyone needs a stomach, everyone gains weight! How is this possible?” Kevin cracked his knuckles, “Look, we’ll tell you the story later. Right now we have a world to save!” Everyone nodded their heads, and as they walked over, Bengt gave Steelio a fist to his shoulder, “Holy crap, dude! You have an endless stomach like me! That’s amazing.” Steelio shrugged, “I know, but it’s still kinda confusing. We both have the power. Isn’t that weird to you?” Bengt rolled his eyes, “Not really. We are best friends, pals, chums!” Steelio looked down at the dirt terrarian, and looked back at Bengt, “Bengt, have you ever imagined us as brothers?”

        Before Bengt could answer, Kevin called out, “Guys! Get in here! We found a plane!” Bengt smiled and ran into the shed, as Steelio just stood in his own awe. What if it was true? However, Bengt was a wolf, and he was a lion… Steelio ran after Bengt and the others and saw the plane.

        The plane was made of metal (duh) and it was painted blue, white and black, looked like the same color scheme as Edd. This made Edd’s jaw drop. Was this plane based off of her? What was this? Blackmail?

        They all smiled as they knew they were gonna find the next clue soon. Kevin then hopped onto the plane and opened the hatch to where the driver would sit. He gasped as everything was prepared and the fuel tank was full.They were ready in silence. However, Steelio broke the silence, “Umm, does anybody know how to drive a plane?”

        Edd hopped onto the plane, “I do.” She slipped inside and started the ignition as the keys were already in the keyhole. It started up, spurting black smoke from it’s behind and shaking and gurgling like somebody was gurgling water in the back of their throat. Then it spat out the bad yuckiness and sat clean and ready to fly. Everyone just stood and then after a while of being impressed, they started inspecting the plane’s insides.

        “Well, I wasn’t expecting to see four seats in here. How many of us are there again?” Kevin did a head count, “Uhh, four! We’re ready!” Edd grinned and prepared to fly. Everyone buckled up and got ready to fly in the air. Edd looked at Steelio and Bengt, “ Have you two ever been on a plane before? Do you know the force you are about to feel?” The two looked at each other and Steelio looked back at Edd, “Well, when we flew a plane to Las Vegas, I guess we have. When our ears started popping, I felt like I wanted to cry.”

        Edd smiled, “Okay then, but this may put a lot more force on you two. What about you, Kevin?” Kevin sat in silence but only nodded his head. He didn’t want to say anything if it had to do with a certain subject. Speaking of that subject, what did she mean when she said she wanted to see her son again? Kevin wanted to see her yet he wanted to not see her…

        So, the plane flew out of the shed and into the skies. Steelio and Bengt looked outside and saw the ugly dirt ground leave their feet. Steelio smiled as he would see the peace in the sky again.

“What are those things that are rising out of the ground?” Bengt asked.

Kevin winced his eyes at them, “They look like…”

Steelio screamed:


Edd looked out her window and saw the machines rise from the ground. They were hidden until they started flying up here! Edd cursed to herself as she continued to fly up into the sky, trying to get to The Sacred Haven as fast as possible. Suddenly, she saw bullets starting to fly right past the plane, and a few missiles missing their plane. Edd felt some sweat go down the sides of her head, “hang on, this is gonna be a bumpy ride!”

Steelio and Bengt tried to stay calm, but they just couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen if their ship was shot and they crashed and died. They just changed their paws onto their seat belts and prepared for whatever was gonna happen. They just watched the bullets and missiles start to come at them and try to kill them. Steelio felt like he wanted to throw up again.

Half-way there they were, and none of them felt any more relieved, not one bit was shown of relief. Edd had to make a few rough turns and actually had to make one flip just to dodge a missile chasing at their tail. Suddenly, they heard a *FWAPIGGGHHNN* and Steelio looked out his side window. A small circular section of the wing was now missing. Steelio slowly turned his eyes to Edd, “Umm, Edd? I think a bullet damaged our wing!”

“I noticed, but we should just be able to make it! Now, I’m gonna do something really rough, okay? Just stay calm and we should be able to-”


A missile hit their other wing and it exploded on contact.

Steelio couldn’t touch, couldn’t see, couldn't smell, couldn't taste, all of his senses stopped.

Was he dead?

No, he was starting to wake up…

Episode 34 : Sour Candies equals Sour Meetings

        Steelio moaned, “Uuugghhhhhnn… Where am I ahh…?” Steelio tried to open his eyes, but it was a challenge. He thought he saw some kind of wolfmorph above him, but his vision was messy from a bright light that was above him. He wasn’t outside, that was for sure. From the tiled roof and what looked like scientists in lab coats surrounding him, he knew he was in a laboratory. Before he could think anymore, he passed out again. The scientists were talking, but their voices were mumbled out and scribbled from his out mind. The only word he could make out was Paula and Owen.

As Steelio continued to fall asleep, he tried to remember why he thought those two names sounded familiar…

Did he know them?

The names sounded so… close… and comfortable to him…

Steelio’s eyes started to open again, all he could hear was a white noise…

        Steelio moaned again, “What the hell happened?” he tried taking a look around as it was easier to wake up. The white noise disappeared the more his vision regained. He could finally see and hear and smell and touch… Why couldn’t he feel with his right foot paw?

Steelio looked down to see his foot was gone and a metal one was there instead.

        “WHAT THE HELL?!” Steelio screamed as he tried to grab the mechanical work on his foot, but his arms were stopped as shackles were on his wrists, but he couldn’t feel them on one hand. Steelio looked at his left hand to see there was a mechanical one there, too. This made Steelio scream again. He moved his new fingers and he felt tears stream down his cheeks, but tears didn’t go down one cheek. He then realized that one side of his vision was red and there were letters and logo’s everywhere. He knew what that meant. He had a mechanical eye, on his right side!

        “WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!” Steelio cried as he knew that he was some kind of cyborg freak. He then heard a familiar voice to his right… “Oh, your awake? I see you like the details my lab boys added to your form.” Lucius entered the room, with his scary wolf eyes and briefcase. Steelio just stared at him, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”

        Lucius chuckled, “I made you more handsome, you needed a haircut anyways! You look so much better! Also, you lost your right foot, left hand and right eye when we shot you with that missile. Another thing, Edd is dead now.” Steelio felt that the center of his chest was clogged with some sort of ball. Steelio didn’t know what to say. He had nothing to say. He just cried without sound. All he could do was look at Lucius until he thought of something to say, “Where is Bengt? Where is Kevin?”

        Lucius chuckled again, “Don’t worry, those two fools are still alive (sadly) and they are in separate cells.” Steelio felt relief in his body, but what was he gonna do about it? Steelio just looked at his new parts, “What are you gonna do with me?” Lucius set a hand to his chin, “I might as well keep you in this cell and let you starve as I open the portal to the Caltraxial.”

        Steelio felt curious, “What’s the Caltraxial?” Lucius turned around to leave, “That, is something you will never know about. Classified. Top Secret. *AHEMBRBRBRBR*” he mocked as he opened the door with his paw on a hand scanner, and he started to step out of the room. Steelio shrieked, “Hey! LET ME OUTTA HERE!” he demanded, but Lucius was gone.

        Steelio sobbed quietly. What the heck was he gonna do? Why would Lucius even help him? Give him these robotic parts? Why? Steelio felt like he was in a movie, with these robot parts… Hold on one second! If he were in a movie with a robot eye, what could he do with the eye? Steelio gave it a shot. He looked at the shackle on his arm, and he tried blasting a laser at it.



        Steelio gasped in awe. It worked. The red laser melted the shackles off of his robotic wrist. He then melted the other shackle off of his other hand and feet. He was free! Usually in the sci-fi films, robot arms could be used for super strength or a grappling hook. He aimed his hand at a hook on the ceiling and out came a metal chain with a hook on the other end. He swung across the room like a batman. Now what could his foot do? He already knew, so just in case it was powered by gas, he saved it for later.

        Steelio ran on over to the door and started punching at it with his robot arm, making a loud *BUUUUHHHHHMMMKKK*. The more he punched, the more dents he put in it. He couldn’t believe it. He was a new lion. A cyborg lion. A cyborg lion with powers he thought he would never get. The powers he could only dream. He broke open the door and forced it open. Suddenly, alarms started going off. He had to do this right, before he was caught or whatever happened to him.

        First, he had to find Kevin and Bengt. He started running down a hall, the hall titled C5. He looked at his arm, a logo was carved on it. The (X) again, with a C5 carved beside it. (X)C5. What was with the (X)? What did it mean? What was the Caltraxial?” It reminded him of the three Caltrax. What did it all mean? He continued to run until he found himself blocked by three guards. He turned around to see two more here as well. All five of them seemed to be wolves. Looks like he had to fight his way out.

        One of the guards in front of him came charging at him with a spear, while both behind him came charging with spears as well. The guard in front of him prepared to throw the spear at his chest, but Steelio ducked, making the spear stab the wolf behind him, One down, four to go. The guard behind Steelio tried stabbing Steelio to the ground while he was ducking, but Steelio rolled to his left, encountering another guard in front of him. Steelio blasted his eye with the laser, making the wolf screech in pain. The guard behind him threw the spear at Steelio, and he moved his head a bit to the right, making the spear stab into the wall. Steelio grabbed the spear and blocked one of the front guards’ attack as the front guard swung it’s spear from above. Steelio pushed against the spear, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold him off until a guard stabbed him from behind. So, Steelio rolled between the guard’s legs and blasted through the guards neck from behind. That’s takes out another one. Three more to go. All three of the guards were in front of him now. Then, all three of them jabbed their spears at him, but he jumped as high as he could, raising his legs to his chest, and they missed. Now that he was standing on the spear (since they were stabbed into the wall) he jumped behind the guards and started to run.

        The guards started chasing him, demanding him to stop. Steelio ran and ran, not stopping just so he could die. He was gonna end this war alone or with somebody. He would prefer the ‘with somebody’ ending of all of this. He passed by a vase when he was trying to escape. He snatched the vase (luckily it wasn’t full of any flowers, just empty and cracked) and he threw it behind him. It smashed against one of the guards faces, and he fell on his back with his face bloody and damaged.

        Two more to go! Steelio continued to run, looking for more objects to throw at them. Sadly, nothing occurred to him, nothing came in sight for him to throw. He looked behind himself again and grappled one of the guards legs. He tripped and fell, his nose smashing against the floor, knocked out cold. The last one came running at him, at an even faster pace. Steelio was too slow to escape. Steelio was pounced onto and he smashed chest-first onto the floor. He coughed as he was all out of breathe, he got the wind kicked out of him.

        The guard turned Steelio around so Steelio could stare into his eyes, his deep, sharp, hypnotising eyes. He couldn’t look away from the horror and epicness in his eyes, yet he still felt control everywhere except his head. He was afraid. The wolf then licked his lips, “This little piggy is gonna be del- *GAAAAACCHKCKKKCHKK*”

The guard fell on his side with a dagger in the back of his neck.

A little blue jay appeared from behind him and held out his feathery hand, “You alright? The name’s Isaac.”

Episode 35 : Breaking Free

        Steelio took his hand and was helped up. Isaac the blue jay. This isn’t good, not one bit. Steelio looked at the bird, he looked just like Edd, but now that Ed was gone, did Isaac know? Steelio sighed, “Thanks. I think I chipped a nail back there.” Edd chuckled, “Funny.” Then it was quiet, and Steelio spoke, “So, you said you were Isaac?” Isaac nodded his head, “Yep! Loyal brother of Eddie the blue jay!” Steelio swallowed some salavai, “You do realize Edd is-”

“Dead, I know. I found her corpse in a cell. It was horrible.”

“Oh! Uhh… Sorry for your loss.”

“It’s alright. She wanted me to stay safe, so I’ll do my best to do what she wanted of me; being safe and escaping this hell alive.”

“Right. Look, I need to rescue some of my friends, they're in trouble!”

“I can help!”

“Then let’s get searching!”

        They started to look for Bengt and Kevin. They looked inside every cell from A1 to B4 until suddenly, they opened one door to find Bengt, locked up in shackles. He didn’t seem to have any missing body parts, unlike Steelio. But, who knew? Maybe getting these robot parts was a positive? He just had to think about the bright side of things.

        Bengt gasped in surprise, “Steelio! You’re- you- wh-what happened to you?!” Steelio sighed as he went over to the shackles and started melting the shackled with his eye laser, “To make a long story short, I lost my eye, hand and foot in the plane explosion. Now I can use a laser, grapple onto stuff and my foot should be able to do something.” Bengt’s arms were now free, “Are you alright?” Steelio stretched his arms out, “It’s gonna take some getting used to, but yeah. I’m fine. I learned how to use my new gear, so I should be getting some practice with it.” Isaac waved at Bengt. Bengt looked at Isaac, “Who’s this?”

        Isaac bowed, “The name’s Isaac. I shall be here for assistance.” Bengt looked back at Steelio, “What about Kevin?” Steelio shook his head, “We’re still looking for him. We should probably get looking to him before-”



        “What was that?!” Isaac yelled, trying to regain his balance as everything shook like a box tumbling down a hill. Steelio ran outside into the hallway, and saw Lucius carrying Kevin down the hallway! Steelio started to run, “It’s Lucius! He’s got Kevin! Come on!!!” The three of them started to run after him down the hallway. Lucius started to run faster as Kevin was unconscious.

        Isaac started to fly over the floor so he could catch up with Lucius. They were just starting to catch up until Lucius poofed away into a puff of smoke right as Bengt jumped at Lucius. Right before Bengt hit the floor, his face was being pushed against something that felt like paper. Then it ripped and he started to fall into a pit. The scene changed. He hit a fake hallway. It was a trap. Steelio tripped and fell through the paper along with Bengt. Isaac tried to fly to them and pick them up and save them, but his wing was shot with a single bullet! He cursed in pain, and started falling downwards. All three of the children screaming as they fell to what seemed like a lava pit.

        Continuing to tumble to what was there doom, Steelio realized he had to think fast. He did have a grapple, and he saw a few hooks hanging from the roof. Hopefully they didn’t break when he clinged the grapple onto them. There was another hole in the wall directly in front of where they entered this room. If he swinged high enough, he just might be able to make it inside and proceed with the others.

        He shot his grapple onto one of the hooks and started to swing around the room, trying to catch the others. Swinging to his left, he caught Bengt, then to his right, he caught Isaac. With both of them in his arm, he swung himself up to the hole, until *CCCCHHHUUNK* and the hook fell out of place. Losing air, he fell again, falling towards the wall. By grappling a different hook, he stopped himself by sitting himself on the wall, then jumping off, swinging himself towards the other wall, then jumping off and went higher, entering the hole and saved all three of them.

        Letting go of the grapple, it pulled itself back into his metal hand. He groaned from the swinging as he was not used to his arm having to carry all that weight. Bengt and Isaac were out of Steelio’s grasp and walked back over to him. Isaac’s jaw was wide open as he stared in awe at the lion, “HOLY CRAP! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” Steelio just panted and tried to regain his breath, “Well, it all started with a plane crash, then I got these new parts, then I learned to use them, then I saved you. Is that enough for you?” Steelio then noticed blood coming out of Isaac’s wing, “Oh no! Your hurt!”

        Isaac sighed and rested his other hand onto his wing, “I-It’s nothing. Dont worry about it.” Bengt tried to get a look at the bullet hole, “Are you sure?” Isaac grinned and tried to hide the pain soaking in his flesh, “Yeah. I can walk.” So, with the two trusting him,they continued to walk, slowly picking up pace and started to run and trying to find the wolf that put them here.

        Still moving, they found themselves stopped at a dead end that said, [MAIN EXIT]. Bengt sighed, “Well, we are NOT going outside just yet. Though, I do fear that this place is starting to blow itself up to pieces bit by bit.” Steelio nodded his head, “So, where do you think we should be going first? I never saw Lucius’ base when he got here on the way.” Isaac tried to think, “I never saw it either.”

“That’s because my base isn’t HERE.”

        Bengt tried to turn around until a fist was put against his nose. Tumbling, he got back up and tried to strike, but Lucius blocked and punched his gut, making him fall again. Steelio swung his claws at Lucius from behind, but Missed as Lucius ducked and Steelio landed on his back, dazed and out of air. Isaac couldn’t do anything. With all of his guilt, he couldn’t do anything with his aching wing. He just watched as the two tried to fight the wolf, but they failed moments later.

        With the both of them dazed against a wall, and Isaac just sitting there with a hurting wing (starting to get worse), Lucius just chuckled and watched them all suffer, “It’s sad to see children die this way. But what the hell? I don’t care at all! Really, you should’ve stayed in your cells and waited for this place to blow up to shreds, because now you have broken bones and the pain is gonna be even more worse than what you are feeling right now. You only have two minutes until your pain multiplies to five-hundred.”

        Steelio felt tears trail down his cheeks and saw Bengt, feeling his arm as it was broken again. Steelio just sat there, wounded and unable to get up. Suddenly, Steelio watched as Isaac used the last of his will to smash a pipe against Lucius’ head, making him fall the ground with a lump on his head. Bad luck, Lucius wasn’t knocked out. He slapped Isaac, making him tumble onto the ground again. Steelio cried, “Why are you doing this?! What is your purpose to killing us all?!”

        Lucius laughed, “Why? I want the power! Feeling all this power go through my veins make me feel so damn good inside I can’t get enough of it! The more souls I kill, the more power enters me! It only stings, but it has a great after feeling! It’s like a drug I can’t quit! With the world destroyed, I will make a new empire out of your fallen friends and they will make a system that gives me infinite power! Nothing shall stop me from getting all that sweet, sweet power!!! The first step to getting my new empire is entering the Caltraxial...

        Lucius then heard something go *CLUNK* against the floor, and he turned to look at Isaac. Isaac dropped some kind of box. It looked like the same box, but what was inside? Lucius kicked the box over to himself before Isaac could pick it back up. Lucius tried to open it, but it was locked. So, instead of asking for a key, he forced it open and saw three vials inside. It was the same healing vials, but a separate vault. Lucius chuckled, “I remember this stuff. Thanks, by the way, for letting me borrow these.”

        Isaac started to cry, “Give those back!!! I need those!!!” Lucius made a single laugh, “Not anymore, freak!” he said, kicking Isaac away. Lucius then got out a remote and pressed a button, locking the exit doors, and Lucius disappeared with a laugh. One minute had passed. They had one minute to save themselves. Sixty seconds. Just thinking about seconds makes it sound like they really have no time. They had to hurry.

        Steelio forced himself up with the last of his strength and walked over to the door. He tried to force it open, but it was no use. There way no way out of here. Steelio felt rage mix in with his sadness, “DAMN!!! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!” Bengt then flinched as a section of the roof almost crushed him. He looked up and saw a hole in the roof, just big enough for one of them to fit through. Bengt pointed at the hole, “Through there! We can escape through there!” Steelio walked over and saw the hole. Sunshine shone from the hole. It would get them out of there. Steelio held out his hands, “Bengt, Isaac, it’s about time we get outta here!”

        The both of them held his hands, and he tapped his metal heel against the floor. Steelio felt his leg shake as something started to form. Then, fire burst out of his foot. He could now fly.

        The both of them stared in awe at the ability. A rocket in his foot. WIth both of them in his hand, Steelio found how to raise himself up in the air, and he started to fly through the hole, until suddenly, something grabbed his foot, and pulled him back down. Steelio’s rocket shut down as he flinched and fell back onto the ground. He felt goo grasp his ankle. Not again… But, who was it this time?

        Steelio shook his head, trying to get his bearings, then looked at the goo beast. Steelio felt empty once he recognized the goo monster.

“Kevin, not you too…!”


        The Kevin monster roared and tried to smash Steelio, but Steelio rolled away, making the smash miss. With the three of them back up, they had to find a way to escape. They couldn’t fight the beast forever, not in twenty-five seconds. The goo monster then started to walk towards the three of them and raised both of his fists into the air…

        Steelio and Bengt jumped, but Isaac didn't know what to do. The smash hit the ground, making the ground shake. The shake echoed into Isaac’s legs, knocking him out. Bengt turned once he landed on the ground, and saw that the door was forced open with the shake.


        Bengt held Steelio’s hand, “The door’s open! Come on!!!” The two of them started to run up a series of stairs. They saw the outside as they ran upwards. Steelio felt a smile form on his face, but was completely erased once he remembered something…



        Steelio continued to run, but looked back with a blank face. He heard Isaac cough as the sound of goo entered his throat. Isaac was already gone. Steelio ran faster. Faster.

5 seconds.

He was only about twenty stairs away from the exit…

4 seconds.

fifteen stairs.

3 seconds.

ten stairs.

2 seconds.

five stairs.


Only a single stair away only flames caught up with him in an instant.

Was it too late?

Episode 36 : Good Explanation

        Steelio squinted his eyes as he started to wake up. He was alive! He heard something like screaming, in a long, horrifying echo, mixed with a white noise, and the sound of water filling up around his ears. He saw stones fall from the sky. Everything collapsed as he regained consciousness. He got to his senses when he saw a boulder about to crush him. He got up and leapt to safety, the boulder smashing into the dirt terrarian. He was back on the surface. The Sacred Haven was gone, destroyed. But, what about the Caltrax?

        Steelio panted and tried to catch his breathe. How did he even survive the explosion? Did he fall down here? How was he still alive? He should’ve died! Steelio looked around himself. No Bengt nor Kevin in sight. In fact, he couldn’t see anything but dirt and mucky clouds for miles. He had failed. Begt was probably dead, he thought, and Isaac was probably being turned into one of those goo beasts. What a horrible way to die.

        Steelio got up and started to move around in circles, pacing back and forth. He had to think on what to do. What could he do? There was nothing else he could do to save the world. Lucius would own the world and get all the sweet-tasting power he desired. That made Steelio feel sick. Sick to his stomach. Steelio remembered something: What about the Caltrax and the Caltraxial?

Steelio felt a choking feeling his his throat and he felt his heart stop in his chest.

Everything was black and white.

Rocks stopped falling from the sky, they paused mid-air.

Time paused again.

        Steelio felt a strange presence crawl up his spine, making him turn around to see a man. He was a fox, but had white fur that glowed like snow in the bright day sun. He was wearing white robes with a hood over his head, and a staff in his hands. The staff was like a shepherd's, it curved into a circle at the top. He just hovered over the floor, unable to see his feet as the robes went slightly farther than them. Steelio could already tell he was thin under those robes, that you could see his rib cage. Steelio then noticed that his eyes were closed.

        The fox spoke, “Hello, child,” the fox had a deep rumbling voice that made Steelio feel cold inside, “welcome to  the Caltraxial.” Steelio felt afraid, “Who are you? What is the Caltraxial?” The fox looked at Steelio with his closed eyes, “My name is Vincent. The Caltraxial is the place you go between heaven and hell. This place is for the gifted only, such as your friends. They are here.”

        Steelio looked around, “I don’t see them.” The fox frowned a bit, “They are here elsewhere.”

        Steelio couldn’t believe it. There’s a place you can go to between heaven and hell? He just couldn’t. It had to be impossible. But, he was here, so he kinda had to if he wanted this nightmare to end. He sighed, “How can I find my friends? Can I see them ever again?” The fox chuckled, “Only if you perish along with them, my friend. That is the easiest yet most painful way so far in all of history. Steelio crossed his arms, “Well, any other ways?”

        The fox set a hand to his chin, “Well, there is one way. But, I’m pretty sure you know who’s already doing that right now…” Steelio slowly became more anxious to know the information this worldly god knew, “What does Lucius have to do with the Caltraxial? How can I stop him from resurrecting my friends and turning them into his minions?”

        The fox then raised his staff, then lowered it as it clunked against the paused floor, making everything change in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, the two of them were in the same cave as before, when they used the three Caltrax to set the world in peace. Speaking of that moment, that was kinda how they got themselves here. The cave was being used in a different time, however. Lucius was standing in front of the Caltrax, looking like he was opening forcing something open, as Kevin was laying on his back on the floor, a spark igniting from his waist. Steelio then noticed himself and Bengt laying on the floor, dazed and hurt, seeming to be watching in despair as Lucius did whatever he was doing. The fox opened his eyes, emitting a white glow on the scene, and slowly, time resumed and Steelio watched as the fox explained everything…

        “Okay, Steelio. Listen carefully,” he said, pointing his staff at Lucius. Lucius started to release his hands as he just floated over the floor. Lucius struggled his hands open as a hole started to open through his fingers, like he was tearing a poster open but literally in the middle of nowhere. Then, it was open. It looked like a portal that lead to The Sacred Haven, except everything was clean like it was before everything turned corrupt, flowers blooming and grass shining in a grey sun, except nothing was moving through the portal. The fox continued, “Lucius will be opening a portal to the Caltraxial where he will enter and take your friends out of there and turn them into his minions for him to gain all the power he wants. What Lucius forgot was that the Caltrax use a LIMITED power source. If he were to collect all of your friends, he wouldn’t make it in time as the power would have been completely drained and the whole universe would crumble from the wrong amount of power. The Caltrax keep heaven and hell and the Caltraxial in contact, meaning the whole universe is in contact. Without power, it will all die because of Lucius using the power dry.”

        Steelio looked at Kevin who looked like he was in a lot of pain as the bottom tip of the sharp portal was coming out of where the spark came from, his waist, “What does Kevin have to do with this?” The fox pointed his staff at the Zoxian, “Kevin is unaware that he has the ability to open a portal to the Caltraxial as well. He can actually save us all. He has something, a gift, from his mother. He can use himself as a Caltrax with unlimited power. If he were to enter the Caltraxial and used himself as the new Caltrax, he could save us all and we won't have to worry about the universe ever going low on power. Kevin is the portal, he is the seal.”

        Steelio looked at his fallen self, “Why are me and Bengt here?” The fox pointed his staff at the two, “You guys tried to help, but failed in the process as Lucius put you down. Now it is time I told you how to save the universe and how to stop Lucius. Here is the plan to save the universe. If you do not follow the plan, you will fail the universe.” Steelio gulped, “Alright. What do I need to do?”

        The fox blinked and everything changed again. Now he was back where he had fallen and met the fox. Steelio was now floating over the floor like Vince was. Steelio saw himself looking in a certain direction. The fox pointed his staff where past Steelio was looking, “Here’s what you must do. Step 1 is to move this way and find this shed. It is not the same one you found the plane in. There are about seven of these in this empty terrarian, but only three of them are filled with the gear you need.” Without warning, time skipped ahead to where Steelio was supposed to head, a shed with the same (X) over it. Steelio watched himself enter and saw himself grab a mountain climbing set. It was some cable and a hook that could stab through stone like a mountain side. The fox looked at real time Steelio, “There will be another goo beast here, remember that. It is the beast of Eddie.” Oh jeez, poor Eddie! Now he had to fight him, and that would be pretty hard, he already knew.

        Then time slipped ahead to a near by shed that Steelio saw not far from the one he was just being presented, so he knew where to go. Again, same (X) on the shed. Steelio watched himself get out a gun. It looked rather nice, but rusted. The fox pointed at the now armed Steelio, “You must grab this gun and use it for the next step. The next step is to climb up the following mountain that is in this direction. The fox pointed south of the shed, and time skipped ahead again. Steelio saw himself climb up a mountain using his grapple and mountain gear. The fox continued, “The following mountain is where the Caltrax is as Lucius told his men to move them to a more hidden location. This place is only accessible to him and his men, so there are security cameras around the mountain. There will be a bridge leading to the top of the mountain. In the top of a mountain is where a cave is located, and you will be able to find the tomb I showed you earlier, of Lucius opening the portal to the Caltraxial. The security cameras are programed to catch anyone who is not assigned as one of Lucius’ men. If it is an intruder, the bridge will self-destruct. You must run as fast as you can as the mountain has nowhere to grapple onto. You must run faster than you ever have.”

        Skipping ahead again, Steelio saw himself at the cave, hiding behind the entrance. The fox then pointed his staff at the hiding Steelio, “Once you hear Lucius start to groan from struggle of opening the portal, that is when you must shoot him in the back. He will stop opening the portal, and Kevin will do the rest. That is what you must do to finish this war one and for all.” Steelio just sat and thought. This was not going to be easy, but this was the final mission. This could end this once and for all. After all, you can end something unless you start it. This was the beginning of the end. It was time to finish this.

        “I won’t let you down, Vince my almighty.” The fox chuckled, “Oh, and take this, you’ll need it to fight Eddie and for a few more obstacles. It’s my Caltraxian Sword. Use it wisely, and don’t make a fuss if it breaks. It’s not important to me anymore anyways.” Vince pulled out a sword from thin air, and he handed it to Steelio. Steelio held the handle. It was warm like bread fresh out of the oven, steaming a fresh aurora of bakery. Steelio nodded his head and closed his eyes, “Thank you for helping me, Vince.” but once he opened his eyes, everything was back the way he was. He was back in the middle of the terrarian. However Vince was gone, air slid through Steelio’s ears, and he could’ve sworn he heard, Don’t let me down…

Steelio started to run.

Episode 37 : Climbing the Mountain

        Steelio ran to the location of the first shed, holding the sword of Vince. Steelio felt older, more grown up, now that everyone depended on him. It was up to him to save the universe now. It was his time to shine. Yet, this was no time to brag. He was running out of time. Who knows how long it would take for him to save the world. He mustn’t let himself get distracted by anything. He had to follow the road, not go on the sidewalk and stare at passing by cars.

        Once he made it to the shed, he could already hear Edd inside, moaning and making strange noises. Steelio took a deep breathe, and he readied his sword. Starting to slide open the shed doors, the goo seemed to have slithered out immediately. Then it formed the shape of Edd and seemed to have made an alerted scream. It readied it own sword out of it’s goo chest and got into battle stance. Steelio got into his battle stance and prepared to fight, “I’m sorry, Edd.” Luckily, he learned a few moves from some movies he saw in the past. Let’s see how they helped him.

Try listening to the song Burning Ice by. Stratosphere while reading this scene.

It would fit quite nicely for a more epic reading experience!

        Edd swung her sword at Steelio from below towards his next, but Steelio raised the sword and set the flat end of his sword behind his shoulder in a slash form (an \). The move was blocked and then Edd swung his sword over Steelio head and at the other side of his neck. Steelio did the same move, he did before, blocking by putting the flat end of the sword behind his shoulder. Edd was blocked once again, and Edd bounced back and lunged the sword at Steelio’s stomach. Steelio acted fast and swept his sword under Edd’s sword and then he pushed Edd’s up with his own. Steelio then went for the kill. With Steelio’s sword still held up high, he quickly lowered again and lunged at Edd’s stomach. With a smiley *SHHK*, the sword was inserted right through him.

        But, Ed was still standing. Steelio could see a smile form over the beats’ face. Steelio then was startled as the sword was pulled right out of his grasp, and entered the goo. Then, the sword slid into Edd’s other arm. Now, Steelio had no sword, and Edd was dual wielded. This wasn’t good at all. Edd swung both swords at the sides of Steelio’s stomach. Steelio jumped upwards, making the swords clash together. Steelio was now on top of the swords, and he leapt over Edd’s head, landing right behind him. Steelio thought, ‘What do I have to do to kill a goo beast? The eye thing was a one time thing… What about now?’

        Steelio had a flashback of when Edd saved him by killing the Chubz beast by stabbing Chubz in the chest, and taking out a crystal and smashing it to the ground. Steelio had to do that to Edd’s beast! The crystal is a different kind of Caltrax, a life source to a goo monster!

Steelio grappled into the beast's’ chest, and retract the crystal out.

The monster fell onto the floor, dead.

        Steelio caught his breath and calmed down, now that the crystal was in his metal hand. Steelio looked at it curiously. It glowed a sandish color, bright yellow, but sometimes it would bring a black purple color around, kinda like the crystal was filled with water and a light in the center, reflecting the purple colored waved on the bright yellow ocean. It was pretty, but it had to be destroyed.

        Steelio smashed it against the ground, hearing some of the quotes Edd said while she was still alive. They echoed in his ears as a strange blue white and black dust floated out of the broken crystal pieces. May she rest in peace now instead of being enslaved in that gooey prison. Steelio took the sword back, cleaned the black goo off of the handle, and entered the shack. There it was, the mountain climbing set. Steelio took the set and wrapped the mountain climbing belt around his waist. The belt had everything he needed for climbing the mountain. There was also something extra. He saw a scabbard, a belt that goes around your shoulder and had a tube where you could keep your safe next to your hip. Steelio smiled and he slipped the belt over his shoulder and slid the sword into the tube. It fit quite nicely. Now, it was time to move on to the next shed.

        Steelio ran to the next shed that he saw not far in the distance. Steelio soon enough stood in front of the door. Steelio set his ear on the door to see if anyone was inside. It sounded pretty silent. Steelio held his breath as he started to open it up. Luckily, nobody was inside. Steelio sighed and entered the shed. There it was. The gun. The gun he was told to use to stop Lucius. Steelio checked the ammo clip…

One bullet.

        Steelio only had one shot at this. He only had one shot at him. If he missed, this could be the end of everyone. Steelio had to make this shot. Steelio then started to run to the mountain. It was time to arrive around the final step.

        Once Steelio arrived around the mountain, he looked up. He could see a wooden bride, or actually, wooden blanks stabbed into the sides of the mountain going around the side until it arrived at the top, where he could slightly see the cave, and a velvet red glow, and some moaning from sounded like Kevin and Bengt! Lucius had Bengt too? This started to enrage Steelio. Steelio started to twirl the hook of the mountain climbing set like a lasso, then threw it to the top of the mountain side, clashing to the top and stuck into the ground. Steelio then started to walk onto the mountain wall, and started pulling himself upwards while looking up. It was like he was defying gravity, everything changed to a new orientation.

        Steelio continued to walk upwards, pulling himself up. It was a huge struggle doing this as it was hard to carry his own weight this way. Once he finally reached three fourths to the top, he felt a slight tug on the rope he was climbing on. Steelio moaned, “Oh, come on!”


The grapple slipped…

Steelio started to fall…

… until he stabbed his claws into the mountain side.

        Steelio saved himself by inserting his claws into the mountains wall. Ugh, it felt and sounded like scratching finger nails on a chalk board. It hurt, slightly making his fingers bleed. Cringing his teeth, he struggled up to the top and climbed the way up.

        He eventually reached the top, his whole body sore and his fingers bleeding and swollen. He already felt like he didn’t want to proceed. But, he must or else he wouldn’t be alive anymore. He wobbled when he got back up, and remembered what he had to do for this step. Security cameras and blowing up mountain sides. He had to run faster than he had ever ran. This was run or die mode. Steelio caught his breath, readied his legs, and started to run.

        As soon as he took his first step, he could already hear the explosives going of from inside the mountain. Then, they started to blow up as he got further away from the start. The trpa has been set, and now he had to escape it. Steelio continued to run and run and run, hearing the deafening sound of dynamite exploding in his ears. Steelio soon enough realized he wasn’t going fast enough, and that the explosions were getting louder and closer.

        Steelio then thought fast. Steelio swiped his sword out of his scabbard and he stabbed it into the cliff side wall. He then pushed himself upwards and he climbed up to the bridge above him. Now that he was farther away from the trap explosives, he ran again. He ran and ran and ran, until he finally made it to a safe place where the explosives no longer blew up. He escaped the trap.

Now he is at the final step.

I bet your thinking I’m gonna say it was time to end this.

Me, as the author, I have said that many times.

But this is for real

It was time to end this…

Outroduction: The End to the Start

        Steelio was finally on the top of the mountain. Steelio hid himself on the side of the cave entrance. This was it. All he had to do was shoot. This was the end of it all. If he missed, it would really be the end of it all. He felt the pressure rise in his veins. It would be time soon. He had to do this or else he wouldn’t have another chance. This was his only chance.

“HAAAHAAHAAAA!!! IT’S TIME!!!” *rrrrrrrrgh*!

Steelio could hear him laughing and struggling.

It was time.

The time was now.

Steelio turned and started to aim at Lucius who was hovering over Kevin, who was moaning in pain.

Steelio focused.

Held his breath.

Pulled the trigger.

        Lucius smiled as he felt a strange sensation go through him. Something was coursing through his veins. It felt wonderful. It continued charging up and it grew. He never knew power felt this way. He wanted more. He wanted it all. It all came from his back, though. Suddenly, he noticed, his hands were open, and that the feeling started to disappear. Lucius slowly started to turn around and saw Steelio, staring right at the suddenly shocked wolf. Then the wolf felt something cold drip from the corner of his lip. Blood.

All the power was gone. No portal appeared. All that was in the air and Lucius’ veins was failure.

“Failure. I hate the feeling. It’s cold and wet.”

        Kevin opened his eyes. The shock was gone. Strange, all that was in Kevin’s eyes was a shining white. Shining white, kinda like Vince’s eyes. Lucius stopped hovering. All he could do was sit on his knees and cough up blood every few seconds or so. Steelio hit him good. He did it. He actually hit him. Kevin got up and him himself hovered over the cave floor and walked over to the Caltrax that were in a triangular form.

        Kevin stood in the center of this triangle, in the center of the Caltrax. Steelio looked at Lucius who just sat silently, slowly dying and unable to get up. Steelio then looked at Kevin, “Uhh, Kevin?” Kevin turned to looked at Steelio, “Steelio? Is that you? What are you doing here?” Steelio shuddered as he shwed Kevin the used up gun, “I-I shot Lucius.”

        Kevin had his jaw wide open, Steelio stopped Lucius. Kevin smiled, “Steelio! You did it! Now that he’s down, I can finish the job.” Steelio smiled the biggest smile he had ever smiled until he saw Kevin close his eyes and hover higher, spreading his arms. Steelio looked confused, “What are you doing?” Kevin then emit another spark from his waist, “I am the ultimate Caltrax. I am the only thing that can put the world back to balance. I will go to the Caltraxial and finish this.”

        Steelio then thought of something. If Kevin was going to the Caltraxial to use himself as world balance, wouldn’t that mean him staying there forever? Steelio felt the urge to walk over to Kevin, “Wait, what’s gonna happen now? Let me come with you!” Kevin shook his head, “I’m sorry, Steelio. But you cannot come with me. If a mortal like you came into the Caltraxial, they would not survive. The bad omens still roam the Caltraxial. I must use myself as a barrier to protect my power. The omens would eat you and kill you.”

        Steelio felt a tear go down his cheek, “Kevin, please no! I can fight! I can fight those omens!” Kevin shook his head again, “No, Steelio. You must stay here and live.” Steelio took a step forward and started to cry more, “But every guardian I have ever had, they left me! First Doug, Lucario, the team, now you?! I hate having to lose people I care about! I hate it so much! I’m tired of being alone! Please don’t go!!!” Kevin smiled, “In your case, you will never be alone. Close your eyes and look away. This will not be nice to your eyes if you look.”

        The three Caltrax started to glow. The heaven Caltrax glew white. The hell Caltrax glew red. The surface Caltrax glew green, like Kevin’s fur. The Caltrax then raised themselves to towards Kevin, and Steelio hid himself behind the cave entrance again, closing his eyes and plugging his ears with his hands. Suddenly, there was a loud *BOOOOOOOOOO*- But before the explosion ended, it just stopped abruptly. As if there was something missing. Steelio now knew it was over. He just turned his head and peeked inside. The Caltrax was gone and where Lucius lay, was only dust, being blown through the entrance and off the mountain’s cliff. The cave was empty with nothing but a fainted Bengt, Steelio just noticed him lying there. It was just the wolf and the lion now. Even Steelio’s sword was gone. Steelio continued to feel tears fall onto his furry cheeks, and all he could do was make a faint squeaky whisper…



        “Yeah, and he kept on telling me that all my life I was holding the pencil wrong. He just hated the fact that I was right.” Steelio said, walking back home with Bengt walking by his side. They were both alive, and here on Earth. They survived long enough to be called adults. Everything rebuilt and new and fresh. Society was officially reborn from the war. It was like it had all never happened, but everyone shall remember and tell the tale of the hero who saved the universe. Except, everyone told the tale wrong. Everyone says that the hero’s name was never told. The fact is nobody really knows who saved the world. To keep Steelio’s identity safe from the fans, he didn’t care about being famous. He just hid and told everyone he was just a normal guy with a strong appetite.

        Bengt chuckled, “Patrick can be so immature sometimes, that snake, him and his immature scales.” Steelio chuckled as well, “Yeah.” They continued to walk home. Bengt sighed, “What do you think he’ll be doing when we get home?” Steelio set a finger to his chin, “Hmm… Either playing World of Warcraft or doing research on the Caltraxial.” Bengt rolled his eyes, “Or maybe when we get home, he’ll be playing World of Warcraft but be startled by us and click another tab and pretends we was doing research all along!” Steelio laughed with Bengt as they again continued to walk home.

        Steelio looked sad for a second, or more ‘hard-thinking’, “Do you think it’s gonna be possible to find a way into the Caltraxial without being harmed by the bad omens?” Bengt sighed, “Well. Actually, I don’t know. The Caltraxial is a sacred place, and building our own portal to getting there are making suits to protect us and weapons, that’s gonna be hard.” Steelio turned and looked at Bengt, “Do you think we’ll be able to get in there and bring Doug and the others with us to the real world? To resurrect them? To set them free? To at least communicate with them?” Bengt sighed a sad sigh, “I don’t know. I mean, after about five years of doing only research, I’m starting to think we’ll never find a way to see them again. But hey, nobody can live forever, right?”

        Steelio nodded his head, “Right…” So then it was quiet. They started to walk down a hill that lead to their house when they took a right. They just walked as it was quiet for the rest of the way. As they started to get closer to their house, Steelio looked at Bengt again, “If Doug were still alive, what do you think we would say? What would he be doing?”

        Bengt gulped from a question like that, and he looked at Steelio, “Well, I’m sure he would be protecting us like a dad and he would be proud of you.” Steelio chuckled, “Proud of me? He would be proud of you, too. He would be proud of everyone if they were still alive!” Bengt shook his head, “No, Steelio. Look, you may say no, but you have really gone through more than we have. You lost an eye, a hand and a foot. There is evidence on your body that you have felt a lot of pain.” Steelio looked at his metal foot, walking on the sidewalk. He saw with his eye, seeing a red image in front of him. He moved his metal fingers, and made a fist, then setting his metal hand back down to his waist. Bengt smiled, “You are the real hero, Steelio. You ended it. You fought like we never had. You took big risks. If people knew of your past, if people knew the true hero to tell the tale, they would always mention you as the one who saved us all. The one who saved me. You are a hero wether you like it or not.”

“Thank you, Bengt.”

“No. Thank you.

The both of them smiled and continued to walk home.

        “I really think it’s them, Owen!” Paula said, peeking through the curtains of the windows. Owen also peeked through a curtain, “It does look like them, doesn’t it? B-But look at his eye and his hand and his foot! Could that really be-” Paula felt her heart start to race, “Oh, come on Owen! It has to be! Look at the eye that’s not metal junk, it looks just like yours. Remember? He had your eyes!” Owen smiled, “And the wolf had your nose…” Paula stopped looking through the curtains and moved over to the door, coughing and wheezing from her old age, “Come on *GAACK* *GROOOHOOOMM* It has to be them! We need to say something before they pass the house!” Owen caught up with her, “Paula, wait! Are you sure you want to do this? The reason we got rid of them was because of the bills! A-And we erased their memories of their past that included us! They might not even know who we are anymore! What if the bills start piling up again? What if we need to get rid of them again?” Paula started to feel angry, “They are grown men now! They can fend for themselves! All I want to do is say hello and see my children again! Please, help me Owen!” Owen just stood there, silent and afraid, until he forced himself to grab Paula’s hand, “Alright, Paula. Let’s say hello.” The two of them slowly started to open their front door.

        Steelio and Bengt stopped in their track once they heard a door creak open and they heard a cough. They stopped and turned to see an old couple, holding hands and looking at the two passer-byers. The old couple just stood there, looking at the lion and the wolf. Suddenly, the both of them noticed something. The old man was an old lion. Bengt saw the old lion’s eyes and looked at Steelio’s one real eye. It was the old man’s eye. Steelio saw the old wolf’s nose and turned to look at Bengt’s nose. It was her nose. Now the two young adults were in awe, staring at each other. Then, they quickly turned their heads to look at the old couple as the lion spoke, “It’s good to see you boys again.” Bengt gulped and spoke to Steelio while looking at the old wolf, “Steelio?”

The old female wolf spoke…

“Steelio and Bengt?”

Steelio’s heart stopped.

“What. the. hell?”


written by. Troy Chittock

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tpod 2012-2014


character bios (all or most of the characters)

Doug (Douglas Angelo)

Doug is known as the main character. He ‘adopts’ Steelio and Bengt and lives with Lucario.

Lucario (Lucario Blackstone)

Having a mysterious past and a dark secret, he can shoot fireballs and leads his team to victory.

Steelio the Lion

Unable to remember why he was abandoned on the streets, he is protected by his guardian, Doug.

Bengt the Wolf

Just like Steelio, he was abandoned but could not remember why. Also protected by Doug.

Maxwell Angelo

Being Doug’s evil corrupted father, Maxwell owns something called The Matter, an evil dark legion of soldiers.

Pete the Husky (One of my real pets)

Dying of old age, Pete is a smart dog who has a secret himself. Mysterious and tough, he is always there for the fallen.

Raleigh the Chiwawa (Another one of my real pets)

As a soldier, he fights for the team but likes to feel like a leader. Like most chiwawas, he’s a yipping time bomb, but mostly trustworthy from his actions.

Boo the Cat (Again, one of my real pets)

Boo is a fat cat, but she is fast and stealthy like a ninja, even if her ninja outfit barely fits her.

Kevin (Rightfully belongs to MissCharmy at

Kevin is a Zoxian. His past is that his mother tried to teach him that killing was good, but Kevin ran away. Now, he loves to hit on girls but has a caring side.


Xio can be pretty greedy when it comes to gems. Using his special teleporting powers, he can go from place to place with some of his other powers.

Luis ‘Chubz’ Barbedos

They call him Chubz because he is what they say, chubby aka fat. He loves to eat and be fat. He is loving and caring, and loves to use his gut for a fight. Fit for fat, huh?

Project X

He is a mysterious machine told to be created by Maxwell as a secondary him. But, the truth behind X is that he has a secret as well; the truth.


Once called ‘Mystery Man’, he is a dangerous and powerful foe and is known as the main enemy.


With impressive flying skills, she is a fast lady and is great with sword fights, and vows to take care of her little brother.


Little brother of Eddie, Isaac is an honest bird that loves to help others for who is in need.


Known as Doug’s fake mother for The Bloomberg IV plan, Farah is Maxwell’s assistant.

Jolene Briggs (Doug’s Mother)

Doug’s real mother. She was killed when she saw Maxwell hiding one of his corpses. That was when Farah came in.

Killian Bloomberg

The owner of The Bloomberg IV, he is rich and he is the father of the one and only Chloe.

Chloe Bloomberg

Daughter of rich Killian Bloomberg, she knows a lot about ear and tries to teach others what she thinks, even if it’s wrong.

Fredrik Angelo

Known as Doug’s lost brother, he died when he was trapped under the debris from when Maxwell took over LA. Could he had been Doug’s twin?

Kevin’s Mother (Also belongs to MissCharmy)

Not really mentioned in the book, she in mentally insane and tried to teach her son, Kevin, that murder was okay and was best for all occasions.

The Matter

Dark soldiers from way back in time, they are suddenly brought back into commission when things go upside down.


The hotel keeper of Cozy Camper back in LA. Doug thought he was holding a rifle at one point. What was he up to? (Spoiler alert, he may return in future content!)


The team meets him in the transition of Steelio’s death. He is smart and people like to call him the scientist of the group.

Paula and Owen (Steelio and Bengt’s Parents)

The parents of Steelio and Bengt, they were forced to get rid of them when they were low on money and they could no longer take care of them.

Special Content #2

Alternate Ending : Lucius ‘wins’

        Steelio focused… Held his breathe… But, right before he could shoot the bullet, another goo monster came out of nowhere and toppled onto Steelio, pinning him to the ground! Steelio gagged and screeched, “NO!!! LET ME GO BEFORE-”

It was a goo monster of Doug.



        Lucius laughed as the portal opened, and Kevin twitching and coughing blood from his mouth, nose, ears, eyes, even fingertips. Kevin, as what was keeping the universe in tact, his power was used up as he died from all of his blood gushing out of him from an electric shock. Empty of all blood and organs reorganizing and his spine snapping, Kevin was dead. Meaning only one thing…




        Lucius was frightened to hear Steelio just repeat the same r over and over again. He was in the middle of blinking, and now he was just looping that same blink and r. It was like lag in a video game, he just couldn’t catch up with the rest of the game, except this was no video game. In fact, everything else was stuck in a loop but Lucius himself. Lucius just watched as everything glitched, and all the sudden, he no longer existed. He couldn’t even breathe. He couldn’t think about him not existing. His thoughts were ERASED. He was nothing. He was not part of anything. Imagine not being part of life. When you close your eyes, you can see the dark universe that in your closed eyes.

Now imagine that but you can’t even blink.

You can’t see what is no existence.

Nobody will ever know what is the garbage can of used life.

You can’t see it because you can’t reach it, meaning I can’t even finish this book…


Special Content #3

authors note

        Hello, reader! My name is Troy Chittock, the author of D(X)UG. I am so glad you took the time to read my book, so I am going to tell you how I came up with the idea of design of Doug himself and where it all came from!

        It all started about two to three years ago when I was searching the interwebs, doing my business, until I stumbled upon a picture that intrigued me. It was a dog, but it had arms and legs and was standing like a human. I decided to look for more images like the one I saw, and I found that this furry man was a thing through the internet! I pretty much fell in love with this genre of creature.

        They call them ‘furries’ or ‘anthros’. Furries are people (humans), but have animal characteristics. For example, a human with a snout, covered in fur, pointy ears, paws and a tail (and maybe wings). Furries are in an assortment of all kinds of animals. You can create your own furry by just thinking of your favorite color or animal, and just build from there. You can even make a furry of yourself. I, myself, do not have a furry, but I would probably be a fox with blue fur and would wear a t-shirt that has a (X) on it (the caltrax logo or DOUG logo).

        I also discovered that people dress up as furries and go out and dance and stuff in something called a fursuit. Forget what that dude wore in What does the Fox say?, the fursuits I’m talking about are way more complex and they are adorable and cuddly. I saw few at the Portland Wizard comicon in 2014. It looked like Link from Zelda and some kind of wolf or dog. It was adorable and we decided to have a chat. That furry was nice, and I know most furries love to be nice. Don’t be afraid to give a furry a high five.

        But anyways, back with D(X)UG, after a year of thinking about furries, I created Doug. After another year of having Doug in my head, I stopped waiting to do something with him and started writing the book, which was originally D(X)UG Season 1 : Troubles in the Family but now all 12 seasons of the book or just one giant book (the one you are holding).

        Once I finished about Season 2 (Dreamscapers), I decided I wanted to make the official D(X)UG comic series. But, I had to make Doug an actual design that somebody could draw out on paper. Here’s something I want to note; once you have the character in your head but you have no idea how to draw a furry, you're gonna go through what I like to call the practice phrase.

        I looked at some of my favorite fursuiters back on the internet and I kinda looked at them and inspected them carefully, and started to create my cartoon design. I saw on one photo that the snout likes to be long, and it all starts kinda in between the eyes, and hard to notice but there is an arch that blocks the other side of the face, so I kinda learned about beady eyes and snout design.

        I then inspected the chest, arms and legs. The arms are always normal, but on the hands, you can’t forget the paws (unless your animal does not have paws). When I saw the chest, all chests are usually puffy (like on wolves). So, I gave Doug a puffy chest around his rib-cage. Most feet on furries love to be round and plush-like, so I kinda take the cartoony design of the toes asI nice warning that it won’t hurt if they kick you. I took that playful design and added it to Doug as well.

        I then moved on to the color phase. I always imaged Doug in black and white, but I thought on what breed he would be.

*drum role* The moment you have all been waiting for…



He is a german shepard!

        So I used the german shepards colors and used it for Doug.

        Now that I had the character itself, I started doing more sketches and tried to get used to my new design. Finally, after about two months of practice (and I finished series 1 by then), Doug himself was complete and colored, and I can draw him for you in a snap!

        I got inspired by so many people from the internet and artists, they helped me find what I liked and what I was missing.

I hope you enjoyed this little note!

Special Content #4

Sneak Peeks



The Corruption is an interactive story adventure game when you play as a boy named Christopher Mars, and he slowly steps into a zombie apocalypse! The game will be a trilogy, meaning there will be three parts. This part, here, was used in the Teaser trailer for it, so enjoy!


How do you live life?

Do you live life devilishly?

Do you life life honestly?

In life, every choice you make changes your ending, your fate.

Yet sometimes, you never know when you may choose to do something that could change EVERYONE'S ending.

"Breaking news today discusses a man that got sick from a recently discovered drug and died. This new drug was called Kilozontinophys (kill-ohs-ahn-tein-oh-sihs) and it was recently discovered and made when it was found in somebody's garage only days ago. Nobody knows who made it, but we will get back to that later. The neighbor of the man who died which was Barry Quinton who died, the neighbor got a call saying that he needed to come over right now and help him. The neighbor did whatever he could to save him, but failed as 'there was nothing he could do', so he says. Further leads on the drug will be released once we have discovered it.

"I really tried to save him, I really did. He just kept on coughing and coughing, and eventually, I think an hour before he died, he started coughing up blood. It filled up a whole glass! It was monstrous... My kids would go over there and play with him whenever I was at work, and we were good friends, too. We would watch the big game together. Now what's even the point, I'm thinking, of watching the big game? It's just so sad. Me and my whole family are gonna miss him. I'm sorry if there was something I could have done to save you, yet I never thought to do it. I'm so sorry..." said neighbor Harry in our interview.

"Breaking news. Once again, we return to the kilozontinophys story. We found out that the man who died is confirmed to have taken the drug when we discovered it when it was hidden in his closet as we were looking for evidence. We took the hidden drug and we did research on the drug. Strangely, we were unable to discover what was in the ingredients for the drug, meaning we have no idea how to make more, and we don't know if we even want to make more because scientists recommend to not take the drug as it might kill you just like it did to the man, and are discussing if the drug should be banned or not. Back to you, Peter." *** "Thanks June. So, we shall start our weather segment of the show. Everything is just like casual summer, the temperature is 94 degrees, hot indeed! We would recommend finding a way to cool down before you fry to a crisp *haha*."

"We just got an interesting call from a man, yet the call suddenly cuts off around the end. Let's play it, shall we?" *** "911, what is your emergency?" * "Uhm, I have no idea what the hell is going on, but my neighbor is walking around my house!" * "What's the trouble in that, sir? Is he armed, is he trying to assault you?" * "Well, first of all, he was supposed to be dead! I saw him die on his own couch now all of the sudden he looks rotten and he is literately walking around in my house, growling with his eyes all glowy and stuff!" * "Sir, is this a real situation?" * "Yes, you gotta believe me! He looks dead yet he's obviously still alive somehow! He died only a week ago, who knew somebody could rot so fast!" * "Sir, this must be only your imagination. Have you taken any drugs recently that cause dizziness or hallucination?" * "NO, godammit! He is really there! I can smell him! I don't drugs make you smell things, do they? I don't take drugs! He- (groooack...) oh shit, he's getting close to my hiding place... (grraaaooooocckkh!!!) SHIT HE FOUND ME! (THUNK) (GRRAAAAAAA!!!) LET ME GO! (HACCK) AAGH! THE SON OF A [CENSORED] BIT ME- (SLAM) OW! GET OFF OF ME!!! DON'T PUT YOUR- (SSSHHLK) AAAAAAAHH-" * "Sir? Sir are you alright?" *** And the call ends there. Investigators are currently trying to find evidence on what happened to the man."

"Breaking news today discuss an unusual event that has started about two days ago. Our charts are showing that a strange amount of people are dying mysteriously, without trace of assault. Scientists think it is the kilozontinophys that is doing this, but investigators find no traces of the drug when they search the scene. About 12% more people are dying nowadays from whatever this is causing people to die."

"Both of my daughters are sick and both of their eye colors are turning white! I am worried about them! What is causing this? Both of them were too sick to go to school four days in a row!" says man in interview.

You never know when something is going to happen to you...

"Our weather man today just died, sadly. May he rest in peace. Now we will have our new weather man come in as his replacement. Greg, will you come in please and start our next segment?"

... to your friends...

"All of my son's school friends died mysteriously. I watch the news and I think this is from the sickness in the air deal. Whatever this is, fix it now because I don't want to see my son cry into his pillow every hour of the day."

... or to the world.

"Breaking news, we are returning to the unusual death story. In just one month, over 50% people in america are dying at at unusual rate. Scientists are struggling to find out what is causing this. We hope you stay healthy in your homes."

"Daddy? Uncle Jerry and mommy are knocking on our windows." said the little girl to her father. The father looked away from the television screen, "Honey, you know Jerry and mommy are not here anymore. Who is it really?" The daughter screamed as she saw dead Uncle Jerry and dead mother crash through the windows and run after the daughter. The father was horrified at the sight and guarded the daughter, "Get back honey! Get back!"

In life, every choice changes what is going to happen next...

No matter how you love it...

"One bullet... That will end my pain... Oh, god! What the hell do you expect me to do, god?! I DON'T WANNA BECOME ONE OF THEM!!! SOMEBODY GIVE ME ANSWERS!!!"

... there will always be tragedy...

"Breaking news *cough* *cough* discusses and continues the unusual amount of deaths... *gack* It seems that in only a month had over 87% percent of the Earth had died, all humans and flowers. Everything is dying... *cough* *wheez* We struggled to even broadcast this message and-" (whispers) (whispers) "... it seems my colleges are telling me we gotta stop the broadcast... (why? i can't just end it this way! what if-) (whispers) (are you serious?) Umm... agh... I have to end this now, we aren't alone... Agh, shit! We recommend staying indoors at all costs, and to stay away from any dead bodies. If you get sick, then try to stay away from others! Stay safe and- (what?! BRYAN, NO!!!) (A LOT OF GROANING NOISES PLAY IN THE BACK ROUND AND THERE IS AN EXPLOSION THAT MAKES THE CAMERA TURN TO STATIC) (KKKSSSKSKSKSSSKSKSKSKKSKS)



".......god forgive us............."

*Broadcast terminated.*

>ZooM< presents...

Written by. Troy Chittock



MAY 2014



This is a story about a boy named Arti, as he is a victim of being bullied. Everyone is a rag doll, and they all live in the town of Leather. The reason why it’s called OPPOSITE is because Arti is the opposite of something; everyone in town is a bully besides him.


    Arti continued to listen to the music. It was playing a nice little tune. It was one of his favorites. He sighed as he continued to sway to the music... He wanted to stop swaying, but he couldn't stop because he was strapped by his ankles onto a tree and they pushed him and spun him around, almost like a pinata. He had no choice but to remain up in the air until somebody came for him, but he knew, from everyone, that nobody would come for him, because everyone hated the opposite in town, and in the world, he remains the;


part ONE

    Arti woke up from the sound of his mothers clapping. He groaned as his mother busted his window blinds open so the sun shone in his eyes. He turned and his mother shook his around. He decided that he might as well get this over with. Soon enough he would be awake, from a nice bowl of cereal and some teeth brushing. Oh yeah, he was a doll. So he couldn't brush his teeth at all. In fact, everyone was a doll, with button eyes and their mouths stitched closed, even when everyone knows they could have had their mouths born open. Arti lived in the town of Leather. The whole town, even the world, the world with no name, was just made from the hands of some kind of creator. Nobody knows how this world got here, and nobody may ever find out. All they know is that they drive Hot Wheels for cars and drink out of Polly Pocket plastic cups. Everything was fake to us, but to them they live in a real world- and they do because they are all really living.

    Basically, they are all living rag dolls in a town made of our scraps, and they ignore the fact that they don't know how they were created. They may never know. But, that wasn't the issue. The issue was that everyone was mean and hurtful, except for Arti, the opposite. He was born because his mother wanted a child, but she never knew she would get something she didn't expect. She got an opposite, and he was the only opposite. You will realize what I mean as you read on. You will know how he is the opposite...

It was his first day of school.

    He hopped out of bed and had his bowl of cereal. He got dressed and hugged his mother goodbye. But, right before he left, his mother pulled him right back into the house. She made a face that said, "Don't be afraid. If anyone asks, just act normal. Do not let anybody hurt you, and you will be fine." She then made a face that said, "I almost forgot." She pulled out something from her pocket. What was it? What was Arti seeing his mother pull out of her pocket? Was it a cell phone? Yes, yes it was, and it was heading towards Arti. Arti smiled without moving a muscle and hugged his mother as he had now found a way to contact his mother. Finally, he was more safe and able to go outside, finally, a way to go outside after twelve long years, he could step outside.

He stepped outside.

No turning back now.

{  }

D(X)UG : An original TPOD seires

By. Troy Chittock

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