using Internet for Charts

Our hope is that all we have to do is copy & paste the column of our data.

(start using keyboard shortcuts)

After pasting, scroll through your data and look for blank spaces or numbers that you do not want (-9, -999, 0 if it makes no sense)

a) Box & Whiskers plot  (

(will not like % or $ symbols)

Look at all the information this website gives you...

b) Stem & Leaf plot (

c) Scatterplot (geogebra, desmos also make graphs) 

You need TWO columns of data (an x & a y) , something you are comparing

Make sure you have a y for every x...

no relationship in this one

d) Histogram (having trouble with the “plug-in” maybe these will work) (   

or  (you can set X min to -0.1)

e) Pie chart                f) Bar graph

You will need to “chunk your data “manually” do the count yourself...

what are the groups

how many in this group, how many in the next group...

I created these two columns....

decided on categories and

had the computer count how many in each

and enter that data in the “creator”

adjust the settings (font, color...) and click create

(lots of options in the second one, colors & fonts &...),s,FFFFFF|c,s,FFFFFF&max=100&