Lucy Biederman CV

Lucy Biederman

Department of English, Guilford House

Case Western Reserve University

10900 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44106



Educational History

University of Louisiana: Ph.D. in English, University Fellow, May 2016

George Mason University: M.F.A. in Creative Writing (poetry), honors, May 2010

Washington University in St. Louis: B.A. in English Literature, honors, May 2003

Dissertation. “ISABEL: Studies in Classic American Literature.”

Teaching Interests. Professional and Technical Writing. Hybrid and Experimental Writing. Creative Writing. American Women Writers. Poetry and Poetics. 19th-Century American Literature. Modern and Contemporary American Poetry. Small Press Publishing. Jewish American Literature.

Professional Appointment

Case Western Reserve University, Department of English. Lecturer in English, 2016-.


Book. The Walmart Book of the Dead. Grand Finalist, Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award. Vine Leaves Press, forthcoming 2017

Chapbooks. As Yet, Country Music Press, 2014

The Hardest Part Is Done, Grey Book Press, 2013. Chosen from open reading period selections by Mary Jane Ryals as a special project. Named a “2013 Favorite” by The Esoterrorist.

As I Walked Into the Middle of the Night Squinting, Red Bird Press, 2013

The Other World, Dancing Girl Press, 2012. Finalist, Slash Pine Press Open Reading Period, 2011.

Articles. “After the Year of Henry James: The Undermining of Authority in Short Fictions by Cynthia Ozick and Joyce Carol Oates,” Henry James Review, 2017

“A Promise Song: Gaines’s Early Fictions and the Community of Black Women Writing.” Studies in the Literary Imagination, 2017

“Experimental Poetry From the ‘Disputed Territory’: Rereading Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day and Lyn Hejinian’s My Life.Women’s Studies: an inter-disciplinary journal, forthcoming 2017

“Unauthorized Editions: New American Poets Remediating Dickinson.” Under Review: The Emily Dickinson Journal

Book Chapters.“New Female Poets Writing Jewishly,” A Sense of Regard: Essays on Race and

Poetry,  ed. Laura McCullough, University of Georgia Press, 2015

“Gerald Stern’s Jewish Poetics,” Insane Devotion: On The Writing of Gerald Stern, ed. Mihaela Moscaliuc, Trinity University Press, 2016

Fellowships and Awards


Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab Fellow, 2017-18. $750 to fund participation workshops and special sessions and completion of proposed creative/scholarly project.


2017 Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award. $500 prize and publication.  


Nominee, 2015 Pushcart Prize (poetry), for “Pedagogical Uses for The Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson


Finalist, Ryan R. Gibbs Award for Short Fiction, New Delta Review, for “Little Novel: Love in a Time of Steel, Cast Iron, and Lead,” 2015


Nominee, 2013 Pushcart Prize (poetry), for “The Crown of His Head”


Finalist, Best of the Net 2013, poetry category, for “From Here”


Nominee, Best of the Net 2012, poetry category, for “Song”


Second Place, Muriel Hoff American Jewish Poetry Award, University of Hartford, for “Jewish American Princess,” 2013


Squaw Valley Community of Writers, 2011. $650 to attend summer writing workshop


Tin House Scholar, 2010. Tuition to attend Tin House Summer Writers Workshop



Nord Grant, Case Western Reserve University, 2017. $3,720 to fund development of a website promoting professional and creative communication among engineering majors.


Jamie and Thelma Guilbeau UL Lafayette Research Fellowship, 2015 (with Jennifer Morrison). $500 to fund archival research in the Ernest Gaines Center.


Florence Sanders Jones English Endowment Award for Outstanding Graduate Student, University of Louisiana, 2015


Shelley A. Martin Award for Best Graduate Seminar Paper in English, University of Louisiana, for “‘Don’t Dismiss Us, Don’t Forget to Include Us’: Making Room for Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day in a Feminist Genealogy of Experimental Women’s Poetry,” 2014

selected print and online literary journal publications


“Spell to Shed One’s Ideology in the Gods’ Domain” wigleaf, forthcoming 2017

“A Cabinet,” Gargoyle, forthcoming 2017

“Trinkets,” Bat City Review, 2016

“Dream House,” The Collagist, 2013

Literary Essays and Creative Nonfiction

“Gerald Stern’s Poetics of Protest,” Birmingham Poetry Review, forthcoming, 2018

“Later,” AGNI, forthcoming 2017

“Border Stories: On Americo Paredes,” Ploughshares, 2016

“A Memory of the Future: On Bernadette Mayer’s Memory,Poetry Magazine Editor’s Blog, 2016

“Waiting Round,” Pleiades, 2016

“Mark Twain’s Lucy Biederman,” Common-Place: The Journal of Early American Life, 2015

“Love, Lucy/Love, Charlotte”: An Interview with Charlotte Boulay, Fiction Writers Review, 2015

“On Reading Jeffrey Renard Allen’s ‘Days,’” Obsidian, 2015

“Elegy,” Epiphany, 2014

“Hell is Form[less]: A Treatise on Form in Exactly 500 Words Under the Influence of Susan Howe,”

Unsplendid, 2014

“Poems for an Unnamed Age: On Schizophrene, by Bhanu Kapil, Imperial Nostalgias, by Joshua Edwards, and As Long As Trees Last, by Hoa Nguyen,” West Branch, 2014

“This is my Text to the World That Never Texted Me,” with Traci Brimhall, The Collagist, 2013

“After All This Time: Revisiting Poetry First Loves,” Her Kind (, 2012

“Two Songs About Death,” Barrelhouse, 2008



“My Life as a Full-Timer,” “Why I Am So Wise,” “Earthling,” “Little Novel: Love in a Time of Steel,

Cast Iron, and Lead,” Conjunctions (Web), 2016

“Settings for a Film Version,” Whiskey Island, 2016

“After the Drawings of Emmeline Grangerford,” the minnesota review, 2015

“I Am From the Future,” “Another Sip,” “The Darkest Night Is History,” “Words of Wisdom,” “Often I Am Permitted to Recall How,” “Long After Adorno,” Common-Place: The Journal of Early

American Life, 2015

“The Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson,” “Learning to Live With It,” The Laurel Review,


“Pedagogical Uses for The Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson,” La Vague, 2015

“My Destructive Impulses,” “Elegy on the Occasion of the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s

Third National Climate Change Assessment, May 2014,” Epiphany, 2014

“July 3, 1989,” “1984,” “1992,” “1993-1997,” “1987,” SCUD, 2014

“Civil Obedience,” elsewhere, 2014

“Little to Sing but Himself,” Many Mountains Moving, 2014

“I Am From the Future,” Sixth Finch, 2014

“In the Absence of a Witness,” Denver Quarterly, 2014

“I Am From the Future,” “Why I Love Country Music,” The Pinch, 2014

“Small World,” “A Cappella,” “Sears Modern Home,” “Third Shift,” “Every Ship Is A Romantic Object, Except That We Sail In. Embark, and the Romance Quits Our Vessel, and Hangs on Every Sail in the Horizon,” BOMBlog, 2013

“32 Years Here,” “Duck Duck Goose,” “2008,” “The Whole Time My Heart Was Working,” DREGINALD, 2013

“As I Walked Into the Middle of the Night Squinting,” Literal Latte, 2013

“The Crown of His Head,” “He,” Unsplendid, 2013

“A Haibun for Me,” subTerrain, 2013

“California Hallway, c. 1940,” “An Example,” The Literary Review, 2013

“Whether I Can Prove It Or Not,” Bone Bouquet, 2013

“My Walter Benjamin,” Matter, 2013

“Lullaby,” 30 x Lace, 2013

“Nature Poem,” H_NGM_N, 2013

“Don’t Get Too Attached to the Girl,” RHINO, 2013

“Nocturne,” The Tusculum Review, 2013

“Anxious” and “The God of Shadows,” SCUD, 2013

“Elliott Smith,” Requited, 2013

“Indoor Pastoral,” Handsome, 2013

“That’s enough of that” and “Airliner,” Shampoo, 2013

“All our hits are accidents,” Sugar House Review, 2013

“Information Is an Island,” Parcel, 2013

“The Standard Club,” Unsplendid, 2013

“Nobody in the whole country loves you,” Momoware, 2013

“To Be Written In No Other Country,” New Delta Review, 2013

“From Here,” “Elegy,” Sixth Finch, 2012

“I Would Go Away,” Ping Pong, 2012

“Late in Life,” Connotation Press, 2012

“Manly,” Word Riot, 2012

“With Sleep for Everyone but Me,” Gargoyle, 2012

“Song,” ILK, 2012

“November Unstrung,” The Apalachee Review, 2011

“Even You,” “Six Days in New York,” “The Party of No,” Country Music, 2011

“(It’s a Mighty Thin Line),” PMSpoemmemoirstory, 2011

“Dealership,” “His Perfect Hand and the Many Short Voyages,” “Semi-submersible,” “Dialogue for One Voice,” The Journal, 2010

“My Hold,” MiPOesias, 2010

“Domestic Piece,” “Abjuration of the Realm,” “Fire & Ice,” “Stanzas Ending With the Same Line,” “She Cuts Down Lakes So They Appear Straight,” No Tell Motel, 2010

“Textbook,” American Poetry Journal, 2010

“The Sonnet of Sexual Dependency,” The Cimarron Review, 2009

“Pastoral,” Gargoyle, 2009

“A Consecutive Sentence,” Smartish Pace, 2009

“The Last Act,” “The Portrait of a Lady,” Front Porch, 2008

“English Basement,” TYPO, 2008

“Fall Says It’s a Song,” “During the Holidays,” New Delta Review, 2007


Book Reviews

Try Never, by Anthony Madrid, The Rumpus, 2017

Brightfellow, by Rikki Ducornet, Kenyon Review Online, 2017

At the Autopsy of Vaslav Nijinsky, by Bridget Lowe, Kenyon Rev. Online, 2016

Backup Singers, by Sommer Browning, Sink Review, 2014

Liner Notes, by Andrew Mister, H_NGM_N, 2014

Getting Lucky, by Nicole Steinberg, H_NGM_N, 2014

Goat in the Snow, by Emily Pettit, Sink, 2013

NODS, by Carrie Lorig, Coldfront, 2013

Tongue Lyre, by Tyler Mills, Rattle, 2013

Right Now More Than Ever, by Nate Pritts, Coldfront, 2013

Mother Was a Tragic Girl, by Sandra Simonds, Sink, 2013

Thunderbird, by Dorothea Lasky, H_NGM_N, 2013

Madame X, by Darcie Dennigan, Third Coast, 2013

The Canopy, by Sandra Marchetti, Prick of the Spindle, 2012

Lust Series, by Stephanie Dickinson, Tarpaulin Sky, 2012

Conference Presentations and panels

“Suzan-Lori Parks: Writing in Public.” Chair and Panelist, Surface Writing Roundtable. Midwest Modern Language Association Conference. Cincinnati, OH (2017)


“‘Who would I show it to’: The Elegy in Deep Time.” Repasting the Elegy Panel. Midwest Modern Language Association Conference. Cincinnati, OH (2017)

“Case Studies in a Poetics of Memory.” Panel discussion with Arthur Russell. Case Western Reserve University English Colloquium. Cleveland, OH (2017)

“From ‘ISABEL: Studies in Classic American Literature.’” Transforming Early American Research into Creative Writing Roundtable. Society of Early Americanists Conference. Tulsa, OK (2017)

“The Birth of the Experimental Female Publisher: Dorothy, a publishing project, and dancing girl press.” What Is A Woman Writer? Panel. Society for the Study of American Women Writers Conference. Philadelphia, PA (2015)

“‘Some Major Déjà vu’: New American Poets Speaking Through Dickinson.” Emily Dickinson Critical Institute. Amherst, MA (2015)

“The Rise of Chapbooks.” Panel. George Mason University New Leaves Writers’ Conference. Fairfax, VA (2015)

“I Am From the Future.” Creative Writing Session. Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. New Orleans, LA (2015)

“Their Henry James.” Biographical Fiction Special Session. Modern Language Association Conference. Vancouver, B.C., CA (2015)  

“‘A Map of a Spiral’: Access, Accessibility, and Difficulty in Small Press Poetry.” Poetry, Place, and Social Justice Panel. South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference. Atlanta, GA (2013)

Courses Taught

Case Western Reserve University, 2016-

Professional Communication for Engineers (ENG 398)


Cleveland State University, 2017

American Gothic Literature (ENG 501)

The 21st Century Novel (ENG 553)


University of Louisiana-Lafayette, 2013-2016           

Writing and Culture (ENG 102)

Early American Literature (ENG 205)

Southern Gothic Literature (ENG 210)

The Lyric Essay (ENG 210)

Introduction to Creative Writing (ENG 223)

Advanced Writing (ENG 360)

Introduction to Technical Writing (ENG 365)


South Louisiana Community College, 2014-2015

Composition and Critical Thought (ENG 1020)


Judge, Celebration of Student Writing, Case Western Reserve University, 2016-2017.

Judge, Emily M. Hills Prize, for best poem or essay written by a woman in the College of Arts

and Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, 2017.

Reviewer, Activism in Twentieth-Century to Twenty-First Century American Women’s Writing

Panel, Society for the Study of American Women Writers Session, American Literature

Association Conference, 2017.

Founder, Modern War Stories Reading Group, Lafayette Public Library, 2014-2016. Conceived,

planned, and co-host monthly book club targeted toward veterans.  

Co-Founder, Hothouse Reading Series, 2012-2015. With colleague at Louisiana State University,

established, organized, and presented events to build bridges between literary

communities in Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Poetry Reviewer, Jewish Book World, 2013-

Reader, Rougarou Literary Journal, 2013

Reader, So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, 2009-2010

Membership Coordinator, Association of Writers & Writing Programs, 2008-2011

Professional Affiliations

Modern Language Association

Society for the Study of American Women


Association of Writers & Writing Programs

Poetry Society of America

Society of Early Americanists


Available upon request.