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‭Sunday January 27 2013

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“Almost Live‭” ‬Sweep

Opening Monologue

Rave on Radio QSL received via Email for their 1/19/13 “Sugar Baby” broadcast. (RD)

Thomas Witherspoon

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Pirates in the news

FCC Watch

Starting off with the Forfeiture Orders:

News Items

From the Blogosphere:



HF Underground

desmoface is trying to get a ham net up and running to talk about pirate radio.

DimBulb  posts a link to A new stand-alone SDR has (or is about to) hit the market:  $500 and it even has buttons. Check it out at

RCCI asks Do you use a Preselector, an Antenna Tuner, Both? If so what brand?? A good discussion follows.

‭Alt Radio Pirate

‭FROM The...... FREE RADIO WEEKLY #886, January 26, 2013

Covering Free Radio activity from January 19 to 25, 2012

Stations heard on air this week include stations of:

All Along the Watchtower Radio

Captain Morgan

Radio Jamba International.

Rave on Radio

Radio Gaga

Southern Relay Service



‭Stations sending out QSL's this week are the stations of:


OP Promo

‭on air now?

Warn on F bombs.     Check the drop!

Off Air Recordings‭   (no need to notify me, I’ll see the new upload)

Be sure to have the freq/date in the title or the ID3 tags, there’s also a shoutbox on the page, and don't forget to say who uploaded the clips, I’d like to give you credit.

Southern Relay Service 6925 AM  23:55- 1/21/13 SIO 252

frequent female robotic ID and email address given  “Gold Chain” urban Mx Masturbation PSA. relay of latest PiratesWeek (RD)

Sealord down in Florida using a Ten Tec RX-340 with a 4 Sq. Antenna

TurtleHead Radio 6925Usb 0314z-0350z  01-24-13

Radio gaga 6925 usb 23:30-00:12 12/25-26/13 SIO 353

Loverboy,Live ID by Op  Weiner chant, Blinded me with science. mas tequila. 00:02 off with a “stand by, tech diff” anncmt.  back at 00:04 (RD)

Renegade Radio 6925 usb 13:40-14:06 1/26/13 SIO 343

Came up strong overtaken a much weaker Rave on Radio with MX and CW. Strong signal with no interference by 13:45. Here comes the Sun, Bungle in the Jungle, Leroy Brown. Off with single ID.  (RD)  SIGN OFF

Achims Free Radio Desaster Detmold Germany NRD 525 GF with a Dressler ARA 30 active antenna

NMD Radio 6325 08:00 utc 1/26/13

“PW New URL1‭” ‬Sweep


‭Other Radio News:



Ken Burns- Empire of the Air

‭Shout out to WGXC who has been airing the PW 90.7 FM broadcasting just south of Albany NY

What did we learn this week?

Boat Anchor Sweep

Worst Pirate

96‭ ‬bit,‭ ‬41000,‭ ‬40bit‭ ‬41000 ‭MONO



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Low bit rate file can be downloaded on the FTP 27MB

Broadcast versions no longer available, ya get what ya get.


A couple websites to check out,  — The SWLing Podcast shortwave listening news, interviews, reviews and more. Fourum for London Pirate listeners. and a few AM tube rigs.

No pirates in the news this week. but we have sSelect postings from the Free Radio Network, HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly

Off Air Recordings include the stations of: Southern Relay Service, Turtle Head Radio, Radio gaga and Renegade Radio.

Check out Ken Burns- Empire of the Air

‭Shout out to WGXC

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International Radio Report



Free 103.9 newsroom


 Glen Hausers World of Radio.

The Jackass-Penguin Show, Quicksand Project, Guillermo Del Noche, Jerry Criner aka Cryout, Brandon Sollins