Chromebook Quick Reference Guide

Checking Out Chromebook Carts (click here for a video tutorial)

Open Google Calendar. (

Click on the day you want to reserve a cart and create a new event.

After entering a title for your event (for example, “Chromebook Activity”), click the Edit event button.

Uncheck the “All day” checkbox and select the specific hours you need the cart.

Note: select the exact times you need it. For example, for first period enter 7:40 - 8:33.

Next, click on “Rooms” and look for an available SHS Chromebook cart (it will only show carts that are available for your event time frame).

Available carts will be green.

Click on the cart you would like to check out to reserve it.

The cart you reserve will show up under the Participants list.

Finally, save your event!

Using Chromebooks (click here for a video tutorial)

1. Sign in with your email/password



S!0123456 (S ! + their lunch code)

You will be signed in to your Google account as well as to the Chrome browser. If you have bookmarks and extensions attached to your Chrome account, they will load shortly.

2. The Chromebook desktop:

  1. App Launcher
  • Opens a window containing all the apps connected to your Google account.
  1. Shelf
  • Similar to the Dock on a Mac - a customizable area for quick access to commonly used apps.
  1. Status Area
  • Opens a window with options for signing out, connecting to wifi, locking the screen, etc.
  • This area also pops up notification windows.

Chromebook Diagram.jpg

Using Chromebooks (continued)

3. The Status Area Window

In this window you can:

  • Connect to a wifi signal
  • Manage bluetooth connections
  • Control device volume
  • Access Chromebook settings
  • See current battery level
  • Shutdown the device (power icon)
  • Lock the device (lock icon)
  • Access Google’s Help Documentation (? icon)

To sign out of a Chromebook, click the Sign out button in the top-right corner.

Screenshot 2017-02-23 at 11.24.34 AM.png

4. Accessing the Internet

Open Chrome by clicking on the Chrome icon in the Shelf (B), or by clicking the App Launcher (A) and clicking on the Chrome icon in the App list.

Once Chrome is open, it will operate just like it does on any other computer. You and your students can access websites, Google Apps, and your Google Drive.

Returning Chromebook Carts

1. Make sure all Chromebooks are back in the cart and the power cables are securely attached to each device.

Note: If the cable isn’t secure, the device may not charge.

2. Lock the cart.

3. Take the cart back to the SHS Library.

4. Make sure the cart itself is plugged in and all Chromebooks are charging.

5. Return the keys to the librarian.

Note: while in possession of the cart, please keep the cart locked at all times (even while students are using the Chromebooks) and keep the key on your person. The only time the cart should be unlocked is when retrieving and returning the Chromebooks.

Congratulations! You are a Chromebook expert! Now put the Chromebook back in its cart and attach the power cable securely to the device.

If you need a refresher, here are two video tutorials that cover the information from this document: