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Multimedia Resources

Multimedia Badge Checklists:

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Book Creator

iOS app or

Web tool for Chromebooks

How to Use Book Creator's New Web App

Book Creator tutorials for iOS

Book Creator For Chrome: Product Review, Tips And Tricks For Teachers from Vicki Davis

Try Book Creator In Chrome to Create Multimedia Books

Adobe Spark 


iOS, Android and Web

Adobe Spark: How to Use It uploaded on 10/5/17

How to Use Adobe Spark

by Richard Byrne

Intro to Adobe Spark Video Maker by Eric Noah

How to Insert Video Clips Into Adobe Spark Projects by Richard Byrne

How to Use Adobe Spark to Create Webpages

Adobe Spark Video (A quick look at Adobe Spark Video for the iPad) from M. Sammartano

13 Ways to Create Unforgettable Multimedia with Adobe Spark from Ditch that Textbook, Matt Miller

10 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in Schools from Richard Byrne

Adobe Spark Now Lets You Insert Videos into Your Videos from Richard Byrne

Adobe Spark Ideas For The Classroom from Claudio Zavala Jr.

Four Things Students Need to Create Book Trailer Videos

Important News About Adobe Spark and students under 13

3 Free Tools for Slideshow Projects

(Google Photos Movie & Adobe Spark Video)

Included in the listed article

3 Free Tools for Slideshow Projects 

Included in the listed article

15 Video Tools

15 Videos About Making Videos

by Richard Byrne


A video response/reflection tool.

An “approach to using video for igniting student discussion and engagement. Available on iOS, Android, Chromebook, and all major browsers.”

FlipGrid Tutorial

Getting Started with Flipgrid

Flipgrid Resources

DIY Flipgrid Booth from Claudio Zavala Jr.

Introducing...Flipgrid Ideas 

The Educator’s Guide to Flipgrid

Flipping Out with FlipGrid

Catch the Flipgrid fever! 15+ ways to use Flipgrid in your class

Flipgrid Classroom/Lesson Ideas

Students make 90 second response videos, can watch and comment on others if you choose.

Flipgrid instructions for students from Claudio Zavala Jr.

Flipgrid Explorer Series


Voices with Antarctica: Laura's Adventure

When on the site, click on "Title" to see the posts in order.

Teachers can choose to moderate...approving each video before
it is posted for the class to see.

Flipgrid has a free version and a paid version.
In the free version you can have 1 grid, but unlimited topics.
So, you could use topics to break up the responses by class period if needed.

Flipgrid works on all devices.


iOS, Android and Web

WeVideo Academy for tutorial videos

Top 10 reasons why I like WeVideo so much (includes a 1 minute intro to the tool)

For the free plan, a person gets 5 minutes of published video per month. If several teachers are using it with students, you may run into problems without a paid plan.


Animatron Tutorial Videos

Getting Started in Animatron

Create Animated Videos & More With Animatron by Richard Byrne

Animatron's free plan limits you to ten seconds of download time. The free plan will let you embed and or share longer scenes via social media. The other limitation of the free plan is that you can only create five projects before you'll have to delete one.”

iMovie on iPhone/iPad

(free download for all iOS devices purchased since September 2013; for everyone else, it's a $5 download.)

Making Movies with iMovie on Your iPhone! (film and edit on one device) by Matthew Frattali

Complete guide to iMovie for iOS

10 tips for getting started with iMovie for iOS

My Simpleshow

Heavy focus on writing a script and thinking through the images that will be seen. Use their voices to read it or do your own voiceover. Can be exported to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or downloaded as an MP4.

How to Create an Explainer Video on

Try My Simpleshow for Creating Explanatory Videos by Richard Byrne

Google Tour Builder works great on chromebooks

How-to Use Google Tour Builder

Google Tour Builder for any Subject

Launch Tour Builder Tours in Google Earth with One Click

A nice tool that allows students to enter locations on a map along with dates, images, video and text about that location. Works well with Chromebooks, but students will need to choose the "Story 2D" setting.

Scale Your Image

Scale Your Images with Ease!

“Use Scale Your Image when you (or your students) want to reduce the pixels and/or overall size of an image for print, email and/or use in web sites, wikis and blogs.”


Screencastify Tutorial 

Make a Screencast with Screencastify (for Free) by Amy Mayer

Super Screencastify Activities for Schools - scroll down under the video for more resources for this tool.

14 ways to create great classroom video with Screencastify  (Many require the use of a webcam, opening up great possibilities!) by Matt Miller


SoundBible - Free Sound Effects for Multimedia Projects from Richard Byrne

Apple Clips

Free iOS app

10 tips and tricks for Apple's new Clips app

Hands-on with Apple Clips: How to use the iOS video-editing app and why you’d want to

10 tips and tricks for Apple's new Clips app

“Apple Clips is like iMovie meets Snapchat.”

Voice Recordings and Audio

AudioBoom is Eliminating Free Plans - Try These 5 Alternatives from Richard Byrne


Using Colors and Hex Codes


ColorPick Eyedropper

General MultiMedia Resources