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House Captain Checklist
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House Captain Checklist

_______ Attend Tuesday Evening meetings with Faith Based organizations

_______ Select a home to be captain of during meeting

_______ Set up initial meeting with home owner prior to GDS official dates to meet and make sure to communicate what GDS is going to be doing

_______ Take a ‘before’ picture of the house

_______ Get homeowner consent form signed ***If applicable: Please mention prayer time to make sure that homeowner is aware of certain faith prayer times and is ok with prayer being done outside/inside of their home

_______ Estimate how many days and hours are needed to complete the task

_______ Estimate how many volunteers are needed to complete the task

_______ Estimate the supplies needed to accomplish the task

_______ Attend kick off meeting to greet volunteers and answer questions and/or concerns they may    have

_______ Greet and verify everyone has filled out a homeowner and volunteers waiver on day of GDS

_______ Assign roles to volunteers

_______ Work with homeowner and volunteers to make sure work is getting done and everyone has what is needed

_______ Work with GDS main hub to make sure food is delivered in a timely manner

_______ Work with GDS main hub to make sure supplies are ready or needed

_______ Make sure everything is cleaned up and taken care of before leaving

_______ Take pictures of the ‘after’

_______ After work is done, take an ‘after’ picture with homeowner and volunteers

_______ Verify we have their updated information so we can send/give them their volunteer hours/certificates

_______ Attend GDS appreciation meeting