Oak Haven Resort:

1947 Old Knoxville Hwy

Sevierville, TN  37876


Contact person:

Sarah McBrayer

Toll Free: (800) 652-2611

TDF staff to contact with questions:

Kalen Arnold


Cabin Info:

YOU are responsible for your own lodging. If you want to bunk with others in a cabin, please ask for roomates in the group, look for people wanting to roomie up on the spreadsheet Stacey Becker made,  or book your own and then offer up for girls to stay with you. You may stay offsite if you choose, however during the “free time” hours it may make it more difficult for you to travel back to your hotel if traffic is heavy that weekend. Your event ticket price doesn’t include lodging, so staying elsewhere is fine just please be aware that Pigeon Forge is a heavy tourist area and during peak season it can take an hour to travel 5 miles ;)

In the attached photo, Sarah  put the size of the cabin and the maximum the cabins will sleep.  These figures are based on 2 people per bed and 2 people per sofa sleeper.

Cabin 98 is the main cabin.  Sarah blocked all the cabins that were available that were closest to cabin 98, so please make sure you are aware of these upon booking.

When calling to let us know we have a room block for Train Dirty Fitness.  We can then assign them cabins from this block unless a certain number is requested. If you do NOT let them know you are with the TDF group (use TDF’s full name), you will not be placed according to close proximity of the main cabin.

The cabin block is held until January 10th, 2015. After January 8, she will contact Kalen with which cabins have not been booked and l decide then if we need to cancel or add on additional cabins.

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