Name___________________________ Period_________________ Date________________

Jamestown Colony, Virginia, 1607

  1. How was the original story of John Smith and Pocahontas biased?

  1. Why did the English settle in Virginia?

  1. Virginia looked like paradise at first because the _____________________ were not yet mature enough to “nail” you.

  1. Even though there were no women, the men paid close attention to their _____________, especially their _________________ and ________________.

  1. What archaeological evidence found by Kelso’s team supports the idea that the tribes had joined together to drive out the English?

  1. What effects did the first Native American attack have on the English settlers?

  1. What did the archaeologists NOT find that proved the settlers were reliant on trade with the Indians?

  1. At the site, the archaeologists found a __________________ which supported Smith’s story of how he contacted Powhatan.

  1. What did the Indians do every day that the English didn’t?

  1. What saved Smith from being hanged?

  1. What theory about the relationship between Indians and settlers does Kelso hope to prove with artifacts from around the site?

  1. Friction between the _______________ was worse than that with the Indians. Many did not want to work, so Smith said “No work, No _________________.

  1. What discovery supports the idea that the English didn’t get along?

  1. In 2002 a ____________________ was discovered and dated with the _______________ that were found around it. They needed a well, because the river water was _______________ the settlers.

  1. After John Smith was forced to leave, the 500 settlers found themselves _____________ in the fort by the Indians. It was a time called the _____________________________.

  1. What evidence is found to support the “starving time?”

  1. What method did they use to prove the bad winters of 1606-1612?

  1. What evidence did scientists find to support the idea of the starving time?

  1. Instead of saving the settlers the supply ships run into ________________ and lose their supplies, leaving the colony with _____________ more mouths to feed.

  1. What is a very rare archaeological find?

  1. What unbelievable event occurred to save Jamestown in 1610?

  1. For today’s archaeologists, the __________________ is pay dirt.

  1. The cash crop that saved Virginia was _______________________, which becomes the __________________ _________________ of the colony.

  1. Later, Jamestown was _____________________ and forgotten for 400 years.

  1. Jamestown Colony was based on ______________________, but the survivors find that the true promise of the new land is the __________________________ that lies inside them.