Known Issues

Release 46: September 28, 2017

This is a summary of issues that players may encounter. Shroud of the Avatar developers are aware of these issues; players do not need to report issues already on this list. Returning players should know issues that are new as of this release are marked as [New] and highlighted.

Graphical and Visual Effects (VFX)

  1. [NEW] Ring of Cuttlekin turns avatar skin grey instead of translucent.
  2. It is currently difficult to find harvestable resources in scenes with the Surveying skill. This will be revisited after a VFX review/redesign of this system.
  3. Rain and snow can be observed falling inside some buildings, especially on low graphics or in very complex scenes.
  4. LOD (level of detail) objects are still being implemented, so players may occasionally experience objects visually “popping” in and out of existence, or between visual states.
  5. Some armor and clothing items from different sets will sort through one another.
  6. Many NPCs are currently using placeholder models.


  1. Steam: Players may be unable to restart the game client from Steam if any window or browser was opened from within the game client (such as using the in-game features to submit a bug on our forums). Steam will recognize the open browsers/windows as the client still running. Closing these windows or restarting Steam will work around this issue.
  2. Launcher sometimes cannot apply update patch. (This issue can sometimes be troubleshooted by having the game client closed while patching. Also, make sure you have enough disk space to download and apply the patch.)
  3. The following firewall ports must be open for the Launcher and Game Client to run properly.
  1. Launcher:
  1. TCP Port 5074
  2. UDP Port 55721
  3. UDP Port 6881
  1. Game Service:
  1. UDP 5054
  2. UDP 5055
  3. UDP 5056
  4. UDP 5057
  5. UDP 5058
  6. UDP 5059


  1. [NEW] Orb quest items in North Shattered Hills do not leave inventory after use.
  2. [NEW] Pets cannot follow players onto elevators.
  3. [NEW] Elven Mage Staffs incorrectly salvage for metal scrap.
  4. Not all Add-On store items listed in Release Instructions will be immediately available.
  5. When a client first logs in as a trial visitor then relogs as a full account, many Trial permissions will still be present (inability to trade) until the client is restarted.
  6. Setting a pet’s name back to default will cause the pet’s name to appear blank.
  7. The Piercing Breeze combo ability does not do damage to Dragons as expected.
  8. When a party member dies while targeted, the target focus is reset.
  9. Deleting a character will reset the local settings for the entire client. Other accounts, or offline/online characters will also have their settings reset.
  10. Some scene instances may be bugged in which it is easy for players to fall through the ground. An existing workaround is to reload the scene.
  11. It's possible to get stuck in buildings when colliding with moving doors.
  12. Many areas in Novia Overworld are using temporary, blocky collision.
  13. While Gems can be socketed into ranged weapons (like bows), they do not yet unlock additional enchanting options for ranged weapons.
  14. Obsidian weapons may not be inflicting bonus damage on Obsidian Golems correctly.
  15. Wands and staves do not currently scale well compared to bow and melee weapons. Their functionality will be rebalanced in future releases.
  16. Not all skills are balanced, implemented, or working as intended yet. Skills missing an icon on the skill tree are not finished and should not be used, though you may need to purchase them to unlock other skills in the same tree.
  17. Weight and gold values for objects throughout the game are still being adjusted and are not finalized.

Housing, Decorations, and Player-Owned Towns

  1. Kindred players can place deco Flyers on other players’ private Bulletin Boards
  2. Many rugs and Sigil decorations can be placed beneath existing pavers, making them inaccessible.
  3. Players with Tenant permissions on a Lot cannot place their own Player Vendors.
  4. When moving NPC Buildings, it’s possible to crash the client by overlapping structures/boundaries during placement.
  5. Some decorations placed in basements may shift through walls and end up in inaccessible locations. Please be cautious while placing decorations in basements. If you believe an item has been lost while placed, please contact
  6. Island-Based Water Keep/Water Castle lots placed on islands cannot, yet, be transferred to land-based lots.
  7. POTs using underground biomes do not yet have dynamic population identifiers in the overworld map.
  8. Water Lot Markers for POTs can be placed on shorelines but not docks.

Chat, Dialogue, and NPCs

  1. [NEW] Significant changes were made to conversations in R46. Most bugs relating to NPC dialog keywords and responses have been addressed. However, edge cases may still exist. Please keep an eye out for NPC dialogs that may appear broken or incorrect.
  2. Some NPC prefab mouths will not properly animate when talking.
  3. Gawain, the wounded knight in the Battle of Highvale, will incorrectly stand up when spoken with.
  4. Chat content from one account may be visible by a second account if logged in from the same client.
  5. Single-Player Offline: The first companion, Fiona FitzOwen, is able to be recruited and will fight alongside the player. Her model is currently a placeholder and her dialogue is still incomplete at this time; when talked to, she will comment on NPCs in the bar she is recruited within, but will not "chime in" with other NPCs at this time.
  6. As an explicit note, the state of the main plot progression as of R46 is as follows: The entire main plot should be able to be taken from opening to completion. There remain many issues involving polish and not quite enough side quests to assure proper progression which will be addressed in future releases.
  7. Necropolis: You can repeatedly do the Necropolis scene, with different spirit guides each time. Will not be fixed until the Path of Love is considered polished and complete to aid in testing.
  8. The Ravensmoor/Agents of the Oracle quest is currently not working and will not be fixed until a Hidden Vale polish pass is scheduled.
  9. Although you can sometimes see the aftermath of a riot in the Clink, it appears at random and does not have anything to do with your actions or prior visits. Myron in the Clink no longer is in a cage, but the pit that was below the cage, to help solve issues with completing his quest. The Clink has several issues that will not be fixed until a Hidden Vale polish pass is scheduled.

User Interface, Menus, and Controllers

  1. Adventurer Levels, when viewed from the Character Sheet, do not properly update values based on equipment.
  2. The avatar may appear too tall when viewed in the Character Sheet UI.
  3. If an item’s name is in Runic, its flag as “Private Property” will also appear in Runic.
  4. Logging off will not clear previous party associations. UI will show previous party members.
  5. Summoning creatures and pets may cause your focus to display incorrectly to party members.
  6. USB Game controller devices (joysticks, steering wheels, gamepads, etc.) can cause unexpected input signals.


  1. [NEW] Hitching may occur when using UI windows like “Options” or “DeckBuilder”
  2. Players may be unable to interact with objects via double-click if their framerate is low. A workaround is to use the “E” interaction key.
  3. Memory leaks can occur when changing scenes. To the Overworld especially.
  4. Crashing has been tied to issues with DX11 for some, but not all, players.
  5. There may be framerate issues and slowdown in game, as optimizations are ongoing.
  6. The game may “hang” for several seconds after loading into select scenes.


  1. Moving between the QA and Live servers can cause achievements to be lost and/or regained.


  1. [NEW] Phonograph audio cannot be heard if it is approached while already playing.
  2. In-game audio settings are ignored if an audio device is switched in-game, and will play at Max volume.
  3. A number of Audio SFX may be unlinked from volume sliders or missing. These need to be addressed case-by-case, so reports are still welcome.
  4. Some instruments may not be playing correct notes, or have notes missing
  5. Sound FX used in game are not final and in many cases may be placeholders.


  1. If the patch process is terminated while updating (e.g. computer/patcher crashes) user may need to uninstall and reinstall to finish the patching.


  1. Screen may turn black/white if clients are launched with Anti-Aliasing turned on.
  2. Officially, we only support Ubuntu. However, it should run on other distributions (but might require some work).
  3. The Linux installer and client are not read/write enabled by default. You must use Control+click on them to start them.
  4. NVIDIA users: nouveau works, but is slower than the official drivers and might crash; full-screen and resolution switching might be buggy with nouveau. (Use of latest official drivers recommended)
  5. AMD/ATI users: radeondrmfb works, but is slow and might show graphical artifacts, use the latest and official ATI/AMD drivers instead (e.g. AMDGPU PRO, however do not use experimental drivers).
  6. Switching graphics mode, resolution and full-screen might be buggy on Radeon cards. (Switching back from full screen can cause graphical anomalies. Try this workaround: Switch out of x11 and back).
  7. Screen tearing may occur in performance intensive scenes and/or during low frame rates.


  1. We only support two-button mice currently. One-button mouse support will be coming in a later release along with remappable keys.
  2. Mac client isn't developer signed, so if you have the default gate-keeper settings set, you won't be able to directly run the app. If you control-click when you click on the file, it should allow you to open. Once you do that, you will be able to run the app without issue.
  3. The version of the Unity game engine used starting with R8 seems to suffer from a deadlock in the logging-module, potentially leading to a complete freeze of the game, only displaying the rotating beachball. We have been in contact with the Unity developers to find a solution as of R11. Unfortunately, this is still present in some configurations, although work to fix this went into R14+. Please report any freezes you encounter. Unity is still looking into this as of R39. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Pledge Rewards and Add-On item Functionality/In-Game Status

Some items have working models and may be equipped or placed as decorations, but have not yet had their full functionality finished and implemented.  eh

  1. Fyndoro's Tablet of Finding: Unable to be used to find another player.
  2. Puzzle Box: No weekly puzzles or rewards yet.
  3. German Beer Recipe: Alcohol system not in game yet
  4. Customized Avatar Head: work not started
  5. Name on Tombstone and in Domesday Book: No tech to support nor data entry for players to select what name to display
  6. Name in Credits: No Credits page
  7. Family Crest: no tech to support
  8. Additional Character Slots: no tech to support