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VMware vSphere 5 Course Content


1. Overview of VMware vSphere 5



-Pakaging and Versions

-Cloud Computing

2. Installing VMware ESXi 5


-ESX server



-Initial Configuration

-Installing vSphere Client

3. Using vSphere Client


-vSphere Client

-VM Guest Remote Control

-vSphere Client Hotkeys

-Search Virtual Infrastructure

-Sorting and Filtering

-Exporting Data

-Running Reports

4. Creating and Modifing Virtual Guest Machine

-Three ways to Create VM


-Datastore Browser

-Secure Copy Protocol

-Using SSH

-Creating a New VM

5. Installing and Configuring VMware Tools

6. Installing vCenter

7. Configuring Virtual Infrastructure


-Adding Datacenters, Folders, and Hosts

-Configuring vSphere Licensing

-Server clock and NTP

-vCenter Server Settings and Plugins

-System Logs, Sessions, and Status

-Monitoring Host Health and Hardware Status

8. Using vSphere Web Client


-Installing the Server for Web Client

-Authorizing the Web Client Server

-Using the vSphere 5 Web Client

9. Tasks, Events, and Alarms

-Understanding Tasks and Events



10. Virtual Storage and Terminologies

-Virtual Disks and VMFS

-Data Transfers

-Storage Technologies

-Storage Area Network

-Fiber Channel SAN

-iSCSI Storage


-Storage Options

-VMFS Specs

11. vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA)


-Cluster Design Options

-VSA SAN Maintenance Mode


12. Creating iSCSI SAN with OpenFiler




-Connecting vSphere to the OpenFiler iSCSI SAN

13. Administering VMwarre ESXi Server Security


-Default Roles

-Adding, Modifying and Removing Users and Groups

-Windows AD Users and Groups

-Defining and Applying Roles and Permissions


-Securing Guest VMs

14. vSphere Virtual Networking

-Vitual Networking

-Network Adapters

-Virtual Standard Switches (vSS)

-vSS Functionality

-Similarities between pSwitch and vSS

-Differences between pSwitch and vSS

-Types of Switches

-Virtual Switch Ports


-MAC Address Changes

15. vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch (dvswitch)

-vSphere Distributed Switch

-Private VLANs - pVLANs

-Networking Policies


16. Moving Virtual Machines with vMotion


-vMotioning VMs

17. Moving Virtual Storage with svMotion


-svMotion and Thin Provisioning

-Using svMotion

-Migrating VMs with Snapshots

18. Performance Optimization with DRS



-Creating DRS enables Cluster

-DRS/HS Cluster Settings

-Resource Pools

19. Implementing High Availability with VMware HA

-VMHA Master/Slave


-Best Practice

20. VMware Fault Tolerance (FT)




-Enabling VMware FT

-Testing failover with a Virtual Machine

21. Upgrading vSphere 4 to vSphere 5


-Update Manager Upgrade

-ESXi Upgrade

-VM Upgrade

22.vSphere CLI

-Using CLI

-Four CLI Options

-Tech Support mode

-esxcfg and esxcli


-Project Onyx

-vCLI Basics

-Installing and Using vMA

23. vSphere Auto Deploy


-First Boot Proces


-Installation and Configuration

24. Storage DRS


-Datastore Clusters


-SDRS Load Balancing

25. Policy-driven Storage

26. vSphere vRAM pooled Pricing and Licensing

27. Network IO Control

28. Storage IO Control

29. ESXi Firewall

30. Data Protectiona

31. vCOps

32. SRM