DUXBURY was founded by the Pilgrims Myles Standish and John Alden in 1624, incorporated in 1637 and named by Myles Standish after Duxbury Woods in his hometown of Chorley, Lancashire, Great Britain.  The first Pilgrims who settled in Duxbury came to work their farms in the warmer months, and then returned to the Plymouth during the winter.  Eventually, they began to build homes on their land and requested permission to set off as a separate community.  

Duxbury was primarily a farming community through the 18th century, and known to be solidly rebellious during the Revolutionary War.  Soon after, the newborn nation was granted fishing rights off the Grand Banks.  Several families took advantage of this opportunity, and built large fishing schooners which eventually gave way to larger brigs and three-masted ships.  By the 1840s, Duxbury boasted about 20 shipyards and was the largest producer of sailing vessels on the South Shore.  By the 1850s, steamships and railroads made these vessels obsolete.  Although an unusual number of federal period houses from that time have survived along Washington Street, St. George Street and Powder Point Avenue, few physical traces of this remarkable industry remain today.

By the 1870s, Duxbury gained a reputation as an idyllic summer resort, and railroad passengers from Boston could pay $1.50 for a round trip ticket to enjoy the town and stay at a number of boarding houses or summer cottages.  Years later, the town’s population exploded after the construction of Route 3 brought thousands of year-round residents.  Today, about 15,000 people call Duxbury home.

The DUXBURY BAY MARITIME SCHOOL is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of programs for all ages.  Last year, DBMS served over 1800 students from 90 Massachusetts towns, 20 states and 4 foreign countries.  On-the-water programs include sailing and rowing for children and adults from beginners to racers, windsurfing and kayaking for children, sailboat rental program for adults and motorboat training for teens and adults.  On-shore programs include ecology programs for ages 3 through 12, boating safety courses, and a variety of seminars and guest speakers.

We are pleased that US Sailing has recognized DBMS as one of only nine community sailing centers in the country that provide exemplary training and educational programs consistent with the curriculum standards of the US Sailing Training Department.  Additionally, DBMS is especially proud of two of its outreach programs, ACCESSAIL and Maritime Adventures, which provide meaningful experiences that improve the confidence and self-esteem of physically and cognitively challenged and under-privileged children.  Clifford Hall, located on the second floor, offers amazing views of Duxbury Bay, and is available to rent for corporate meetings and events such as weddings.

Adapted from information from duxburyhistory.org/local-history, town.duxbury.ma.us and dbms.org.

Dedicated to stimulating the values of leadership, self-reliance, sportsmanship,

and an enduring love and appreciation of Duxbury Bay.

Duxbury Bay Maritime School, a non-profit organization

457 Washington Street, Duxbury, MA - 781-934-7555  - dbms@dbms.org - www.dbms.org


  2. MILLBROOK- Benchwarmer’s Pizza & Subs, Green Light smoothies, Barney’s Gas, Farfar’s ice cream, Fire & Stone Pizza, My Little Bakery, more
  3. ALDEN HOUSE- open Fri & Sat, 781-934-9092
  4. KING CAESAR HOUSE- open Fri & Sat; great place to watch Green Fleet sail! 781-934-6106
  5. SNUG HARBOR- French Memories bakery, Snug Harbor Wine, Snug Harbor Fish Market & Restaurant, Talbots (2nd oldest store!), Post Office, real estate
  6. HALL’S CORNER- Depot Street Market prepared meals, D’Orazio’s Italian Marketplace, Duxbury Pizza, Foodies groceries, Peel Pizza, Rock Paper Scissors toy store, Tsang’s Chinese, Wildflower Café, Post Office, Sport Werks, misc. wine & gift stores and more
  7. MILES STANDISH MONUMENT- Crescent Street, 508-747-5360


Bradford House- 931 Tremont Street

Island Creek Oysters Store- 296 Parks Street

Sun Tavern- 500 Congress

Winsor House Inn & Restaurant- 390 Washington Street