Glenn Ellisor, OD

This is the best tool for increasing contact lens annual supply sales and improving patient trust in your practice.

The tool allows your staff to easily and almost effortlessly show patients that your prices are competitive and to offer them the latest rebates from the manufacturer.


Jonathan Cargo, OD

We're really excited about the product.  We have been doing something similar on paper, but CL Compare's web-based program made it automated, much easier and more professional.

It has been a great success from the beginning.  For example, we had a very good contact lens capture rate of 70%.  However, we wanted to improve this and with CL Compare we got to 90% within the first month of using it!


Jennifer Planitz, OD

I have to admit, I was skeptical when approached about this at first.  After all, we were already at 65% sales of annual contact lens supplies.

How could this extra step help our practice?  "Our practice is different!"  Sound familiar?  I was, however, tempted by the free trial period without entering credit card information.  What did I have to lose?

The results?  Three months later our annual supply sales have gone from 65% to over 90%.  Our most skeptical team members are believers.  Their bonus check for this month emphasizes that!  Our contact lens sales since we started using CL Compare are up 14%.  Our accountant is impressed.

Try Contact Lens Compare TODAY.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


David G. Chandler, OD

I immediately recognized the benefits of CL Compare.  I have spent many hours yearly revamping my contact lens pricing sheets, trying to keep up with my costs, patient rebates, patient total costs, my profit etc.  It was my single most dreaded update of the year.

Once I finished the administrative setup, I could not ask for a simpler and more user-friendly program.  With the periodic updates to the program, I no longer have to make multiple calls to check on rebates and their updates.  I can review in one screen what are my profit margins for any one or group of products, seeing if there are discrepancies between similar lenses of different manufacturers.  It helps me to prevent losses in revenue by having a real time, up-to-date system that tells me every single parameter I need to know about CL profit, patient costs, etc.


One aspect of the system I find the handiest is in comparison of different lens modalities.  You can show the patient in one simple screen what their costs will be including insurance payments, office discounts for annual supply purchases (or any other discount you extend) and rebates.  This is very handy when trying to relieve the fears many have about moving to daily lenses.


I believe that CL Compare is a big time saver, but more importantly, it helps me keep my contact lens profits up to date in a real time fashion.  The folks at CL Compare do most of the work.  Patients have also responded very positively to the cost calculator in helping them see on one screen (with printout given to take home) what are their total out-of-pocket costs for their contact lens annual supplies.



Joe Pfeifer, OD

The CL Compare tool is indispensable for the modern contact lens clinic.  

Internet savvy consumers have grown accustomed to having information at their fingertips and expect the same technology from their eye doctor.

Online services like Trivago and Expedia give consumers the ability to instantly compare prices for hotels and airlines.  CL Compare does this for contact lenses.  It is simple to use, easy to explain and improves our ability to sell yearly supplies of contact lenses.

CL Compare reduces the chaos of organizing and maintaining your contact lens pricing structure.  Excel-type spreadsheets provide quick pricing comparisons between your contact lens fees and those of your competitors affording you the opportunity to make adjustments if warranted.

We use it every day and you should too!


Corey Christenson, OD

Our office has used CL compare for a few months now.

This tool makes pricing products and staying competitive extremely easy.  Additionally, it allows us to easily educate patients that our pricing is very competitive.

This tool will certainly increase year supply sales for any practice.

Highly recommended!


John Schachet, OD

We have been using the CL Compare Software tool in our practice for several months now and I would have to say that this has helped us capture quite a few annual sales that we would have lost had we not presented the information this software system has to offer at the time of discussion about their supply of lenses.

We keep it minimized at all times in our exam rooms so that it is readily available when we need it.

If you haven't seen the CL Compare program, you are doing yourself a great disservice and your potential sales will go out the door when there is no need for this to happen.


Scott Lewis, OD

If you and your staff are not using CL Compare, you should really look into it. 

Once you see this in action, you will be shocked how much 1-800, Costco and Walmart fluctuate their prices.

This tool allows you to show your patients how your prices compare to the other three vendors and if your price is less than either one, it will show up on the screen to show that patient.

It also lets you compare your prices with VS discounts and rebates to more intelligently price your CL lenses.

This can really help improve your "year’s supply" sales and reduce your CL Rx walkout.


Vasi Alevras-Sztukowski, OD

CL Compare has been a great addition to our practice.

We have CL Compare minimized on every exam room computer so that it is convenient to pull it up quickly.  It is so simple and easy to use and patients can see their savings right from the exam chair.

CL Compare allows us to present the annual supply savings in a fast and easy way manner, and by openly showing our pricing vs. the competition, our patients are much more confident purchasing from us.

Our annual supply sales have grown as a result.


Tom Quinn, OD

CL Compare has been a wonderful & trustworthy addition to our practice.

It's visually pleasing display makes it easy for staff to "make the case" for purchasing an annual contact lens supply from our office.

Because it automatically takes into account discounts and rebates, and can even account for special cases (e.g.: toric in one eye only), it provides a bottom line number you can count on.

The fact that it displays competitor cost when yours is lower is a real plus.

By openly showing our pricing vs. the competition, our patients are much more confident in purchasing from us.  As a result, our annual contact lens sales have increased 14% since we started using CL Compare.  I expect that to continue to grow.


Christy DeHoff, OD

My staff loves CL Compare.  We were actually at about a 50% capture rate with annual supplies before, and now we are considerably higher since using CL Compare!

What I like so much about this tool is how much time it will save my office manager from having to constantly update CL price sheets, keep up with rebates, etc. 

I also love that the tool is so user friendly.  It is great for my staff that is not as familiar with CL pricing and also for newer staff.


Wade Ellisor, OD

We use CL Compare currently to price our products competitively (if possible).

It is an amazing service that allows you to set your pricing for products and it will continually show you how your prices compare to 1800 etc.  Some might show that you are losing money and could increase your pricing and others may show you need to decrease pricing to be competitive.

It also has a patient presentation that is awesome. There is a video that shows proper CL wear and care that can be used for the education requirement to bill diagnostic fits (for VSP and such).

It also has the capability to show the patient your pricing, your rebates and you can enter their insurance information to show them how affordable purchasing lenses with you can be.

Nothing but great things to say about the service.


Jim Beckwith, OD

CL Compare alerts me so that I can stay competitive with contact lens pricing and provides a professional way of showing this to our patients.

Instead of staff fumbling around with rebate pads, calculators and spreadsheets, they are confidently and quickly selling.

This increased staff confidence has led to increased sales.


Hale Kell, OD, FAAO

CL Compare is a wonderful and very unique practice management tool.

In order to keep up with the different demands and strategies that an up to date contact lens practice requires, we would have to routinely analyze our specific lens pricing, research competitor lens pricing, and keep up with all the different rebate amounts and expirations.

Time often flew by and these details were missed.  CL Compare helps do all that for us.  The regular and frequent competitor pricing updates help assure we are still in the ballpark regarding our pricing.

The up-to-date status of the different manufacturer rebates helps make sure we are accurate on our pricing conversations with our patients.  Having this all so easily accessible saves much time and effort and results in confidence regarding our price structure.

CL Compare also provides a means to help us present fees in a systematic way.  The videos and worksheets help emphasize the value of purchasing a year’s supply.

All of this together helps show our office is organized and competitive, which helps keep contact lens sales in our practice.


Alex Martin, OD has become an indispensable tool within my practice for the purpose of: is easy to use during the patient examination flow for the staff or doctor and easy to understand for the patient.  Setting the link on any display terminal within the office allows the staff or doctor to present to our patients anytime during the examination.

The 90+ second video conveys an excellent message regarding CL compliance, the value of a year supply purchase, options that lower cost and financing options available to patients.

The real time price comparison ensures we are quoting comparison pricing accurately and setting pricing accordingly.  All combined, this tool increases our CL sales capture rate, increases our annual supply sales and saves staff time.

Furthermore, the back office features identify our current pricing in relation to the measured competitors.  It allows us to quickly update any pricing that we determine to be outliers that require adjustment.

I would recommend this product to any eye care provider looking to improve these metrics and save time.


Julie, Clinic Director

The CL Compare tool has become an integral part of our contact lens protocol.  It’s ease of use allows all staff members the ability to quote an annual supply of contacts to patients without fear of miscalculation or confusion.

From a sales standpoint, it gives clear & concise figures including special offers and rebates so patients see the savings, rather than just being told.

I love the print feature!  We always quote at the time of the initial fitting and now the patient can leave with a quote in-hand, leaving no surprises on price when they are ready to order.  When patients see competitor’s pricing clearly included on our quote sheet they see our products truly are the best value and we have nothing to hide.

The entire CL Compare team has been fantastic to work with, we couldn’t ask for better customer service!

If you are not using CL Compare you are missing out!!


Valerie, Contact Lens Technician

The CLCompare product is a great asset to use.

It gives patients information that no one has ever shown them before.

It opens their eyes to our competitive prices, which further demonstrates how we truly care as a practice.


Alyssa, Lead Contact Lens & Ophthalmic Technician is simple to use, professional in appearance and effective with improving annual supply sales.

After using CLCompare, we've experienced a notable decrease in contact lens Rx only walkouts and a significant increase in annual supply sales.

In part, I believe this has to do with patients seeing exactly what their lens costs are and how their discounts (insurance, HSA/FSA, etc.) are applied.

In addition, because we demonstrate that our prices are competitive with 1800contacts and Walmart’s online contact lens pricing, their trust of our pricing is improved.  Combining this information with the other benefits we offer (free shipping, rebates, quick replacement of torn lenses, free sunglasses, etc.), we can easily demonstrate that our CL fees are their best value.

From a contact lens team leader perspective, is a very helpful training tool.  Without having to memorize contact lens prices, remember rebate values or hand calculate pricing, a new employee or someone cross training from a different department can easily navigate through CLCompare to quickly provide a patient with accurate contact lens fee information.

Not only is this true for live patient use, but also for patients who call to place an order or those shopping our prices.  Our telephone receptionists can quickly address any pricing questions the caller may have - without bothering the CL technician staff ;).

Using the CLCompare tool and following its uniform fee discussion process allows new CL team members to become quickly proficient and assures me that we are all following the same, successful sales method.


Christeen, Contact Lens & Ophthalmic Technician

I’ve been using CL Compare for several months now and it has been amazing!

It’s a quick and simple way to calculate your patient’s cost for an annual supply of contacts.

It also helps to be able to actually SHOW the patient the numbers right then and there.  Even for my patients that want to take their contact lens prescriptions “to go”.

We print our price quote page so the patient has our awesome prices and rebate offers available with their prescription.  I’ve recently had two patients come back from Costco to purchase from our office.

It also works well for those patients who wear contacts (every single day) but have no idea what brand of contacts they wear.  I’ve pulled up the different modalities and let the patient pick the box that they recognize.

The CL Compare has been a great tool that I reach too often!


Brandie, Contact Lens Technician

The CLCompare website makes a big difference.

By showing the website’s video first and the fee calculator afterwards on the computer with the patient, it helps them better understand the product they are purchasing and the price they are paying.

Rather than us just telling them, the patients comment that they love being able to see their price shown in a simple to understand, step-by-step fashion.


Shelby, Contact Lens & Ophthalmic Technician

The CLCompare website is amazing.  When used, we receive about 90% annual sales for monthly sphere products.

Not only has the website boosted our annual supply sales overall, but has also improved the pricing education our contact lens patients receive.

For most patients that I talk to who usually go to 1800contacts, they do so because they think they are getting a great price for their lenses.  Once I show them 1800contacts’ and our price including everything else we offer in addition, they are amazed at how much money they were losing by purchasing from 1800contacts!


Denise, Receptionist & Contact Lens Technician is beneficial to both the patient and practice.  It delivers a concise, engaging, and easy to understand explanation of contact lens modality, care elements, and pricing that includes a detailed explanation of annual supply purchase benefits.

Also, when helpful, the program provides ability for the doctor or technician to quickly demonstrate how the practice’s contact lens prices compare to online prices from Walmart and 1800contacts. also exhibits our practice’s Contact Lens Service Agreement that outlines the additional value items we provide to patients who purchase their lenses through our office (e.g.: free pair of select plano sunglasses, excellent contact lens exchange policy, 24/7 emergency availability, personal service, etc.).

After using the CLCompare program, our patients clearly understand their contact lens pricing elements, recognize that our prices are fair, and appreciate the extras we deliver that our online competitors have a tough time matching.  Because of the valuable assistance the tool provides, annual supply purchases through our office has become commonplace.

After all, who doesn't want the confidence knowing that through our office they are purchasing a great product, at a competitive price, while experiencing excellent service - without the hassle of feeling compelled to shop elsewhere?

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