AP 3D Design Syllabus 2016-17        

Enloe Magnet HS Klenow

About AP 3D Design; Students take AP Art to create a body of work that is of the highest quality, is self-driven, and at a college level of difficulty.  Students create about 9 works (12 digital images)of 3-d design art connected into a cohesive unifying idea (called a concentration)and an additional 8 pieces which showcase a variety of design skills to the level of collegiate mastery (called breadth). Students are shown work from the ap central site and college board portfolio examples as a model. A variety of media, materials, and design approaches are explored throughout the year.


Students will create a website and post digital images of their work on a regular basis, meeting

deadlines are critical in an AP studio course.



Supplies; Students must purchase a set of their favorite media to use at home (examples; a set of prismacolors, acrylic paint, or pastels) and pay a class fee of $20

To pay online go to; Supply Fee

Introduction to class; procedures, rules, rewards, website

Design name tag for drawer in a style of your choice from art history, must have a 3D component (relief) and show texture.

Deconstruction book setup; prime cover, glue pages, attach homework list, make folder.

Art Trading Cards -Design 2 sets of art trading cards to share with all students in class.  One set shows black and white with value, the other full color.  Use any media, show your original personal style with 3D elements, focus on texture and surface play


Finish Trading Cards, photograph, cut up and exchange.

Technique Tuesday -Continuous Line Self-Portraits from mirror or photo then sculpt in wire


                                                        Mark Jenkins


Start Tape Sculpture/Installation -Tape in box or corner of art room.

Show balance, contrast, line, balance of positive and negative space

Homework- Book cover design due 9/16; 1. Name design for book cover- bas relief using cardboard, foil and india ink. Include name or initials.

-Graffiti in Design - Paper sculpture, In the round.  Use graffiti as the inspiration point for a high relief or in-the-round work.  Focus on movement, line, and rhythm

  Jenn Stark

Graffiti inspired relief sculpture

Homework contour self portraits DUE 9/30


October 17-28  Cardboard Tool -

 Claus Oldenburg

Use cardboard to work in high relief or in-the-round. You may invent a tool or re-create a real tool larger than life.  Consider trompe l’ oeil texture using foil and ink.

Homework due 10/14, Tool drawings-multiple views


Homework -city photoshoots DUE 10/28


Look at; Futurism, Ghery, Frank Lloyd Wright

Computer Lab 11/14-11/15-How to photograph your work, how to create a website, make an account for Scholastic

Homework Website set up Due 11/18 Website update google presentations linked to 8 or more breadth pieces labelled with media and size and concentration button linked to google presentation. Portfolio Review

Scholastic Independent Study 11/18-12/12 - study last year’s national winners and push yourself to create a new never before seen work of art/technique. http://www.artandwriting.org/student-showcase/award-winning-works/

Regional Scholastic due 12/17


Homework 12/9 2 pgs; geometric pattern, a number, a silhouette, part of a face, a plant/flower, & a part of a machine (cut into book)


December 17-1/13

Furniture Design or Dwelling -Consider natural materials like Patrick Dougherty

Use recycled materials cardboard, VHS tapes, slide mounts, embellish a chair


Homework 1-6 -6 thumbnail sketches of concentration, at least 2 views each piece

Midterm Book Check 1/11