The 9 Age

May 27th & 28th 2017, Williamsburg Va.

Todd Wiatt


Great Armies and Great People!

Are you prepared for Memorial Day Mayhem?

     It's here... THE tournament to be at... Colonial Carnage IV – May Mayhem, Memorial Day weekend (May 27th-28th 2017). This event, due to popular demand, is going to be a European Team style event pitting teams of 4 players vs each other to see who the best 9th Age players are. You will have to use strategy to get the best match ups ad scenarios for your armies and skill to defeat the enemy! Should be a something different for us all that is fun and challenging.

    This will be a
 4,500 point 9th Age grand tournament. Brought to you from historic Williamsburg Virginia curtesy of the Williamsburg Muster war gaming convention.

As this is a TEAM event the number of participants is going to be locked in multiples of 8. I would love to get 40 players. 32 might be more realistic. We shall see. If you do not have a team I will aid in forming mercenary teams for individuals that need help. Feel free to post on the 9th Age form for this tournament and communicate with each other there. This should be a great opportunity for some smack talk and fun.

What you need:

A 4 man team.
4,500 points of any 9th age version 1.0 army.
A painted army of said race.
List are due by August 20th at Midnight. A -2 point overall penalty will be slapped on you if you are late. I'd like to post matches before the even so... late people screw that up some.
We will use standard 9th age victory points for scoring match ups.

Hotel Info

The Williamsburg Muster for 2017 has made The Doubletree in Williamsburg, Virginia its home.

The Doubletree is extremely well suited for our convention to grow - there is a lot of really exciting space, for all sorts of gaming and events - as well as really attractive and inviting public spaces (lounges, lobby areas, restaurant, cafe, bar, etc).

Rooms will be available at a very special Memorial Day Weekend rate of $119 per night, just mention that you are with the Williamsburg Muster group (group code: HAM), when you register by phone 757.220.2500

The prefered method to register is online with DoubleTree's link prepared for our event DoubleTree - The Muster.


$45 per entry. Out of that money I will take care of the event entry fee for the weekend. SO DO NOT BUT A TICKET TO THE CONVENTION. I can get them at a discount as we are a bulk group. Of course, as many of you know, I will have killer prizes. Please paypal to 

NOTE: please send it as money to a friend and not as a business transaction so PP won't hold taxes on it. Payment for the event past APRIL 25th at midnight will be considered late and have a $10.00 'pain in my ass fee' added on unless arrangements are made in advance. This GT in particular is important to have your name in and registered as we need multiples of 8.  If anyone wants to come and not play you can always help me with admin or be a ringer if needed. Let me know beforehand so I can get you name on the list to get in for free as you will be "working". Also, if the payment date is bad for you make arrangements with me personally. We can work something out. I am going to be strict on the fine this time as last GT was a real pain chasing people down for money. I don’t like to do that. So help me help you and pay up early.

The Williamsburg Muster Event:

This is a historical gaming convention. The guys that put it on are very good people and have been very good to us. The theme this year is Hollywood goes to war so there will be a lot of cool historical battles going on. Be sure to check them out. The gentlemen that run the event always has a charity raffle whose money goes to helping injured Veterans here in the local area. The military is a big deal around where I live in Virginia and many of the people running and attending this event have served so I strongly encourage the Mid Atlantic 9th Age community to chip in and help these guys out. It's doesn't take a lot to go a long way in helping someone out that gave their blood, sweat, and tears for your freedoms. For those that have not attended before the feel of our tournament within the grand convention will be pretty normal. We normally have our own room and do our own thing. If you have any questions please ask. There are also many vendors at this event from miniature and terrain making companies. There are a lot of discounts! Also, they do a mini flea market on Sunday mornings so you might be able to nab some old figures for cheap!!! You also get some discounts at local restaurants as well so visit the website!

Local stuff:
Water Country USA water park ... om=Top_Nav

Busch Gardens Park: ... h-gardens/

James Town historical settlement

Historic Yorktown Battle Field where the English army tapped out to the USA – JUST RENOVATED ... ory-center

Historic Williamsburg

All of this is within 15 min of the GT! You can spend a week doing it all!!!! It is a long weekend so get out and see some history!

How This Team Event Works

Teams of 4, using different 4,500 point armies.

 Matches will go as follows:
Flip a coin/roll off.
Winner (team A) drops a list from his team.
The other team (team B) puts out two lists.
Team A picks a list to face its' list.
Team B drops a list.
Team A drops 2 lists.
Team B picks the match.
With 4 lists remaining both teams place all remaining list face down.
Team A picks a list from team B and vice versa.
This completes the match ups.

There will be 4 book scenarios that will be used. They will have the following numbers:

1 - Hold the Ground

2 – Break Through

3 – Capture the Flag

4 – Secure Target

The scenarios will rotate each round.

Round one match 1 plays scenario 1, match 2 plays scenario 2, match 3 plays scenario 3, match 4 plays scenario 4.

Round two match plays scenario 2, match 2 plays scenario 3, match 3 plays scenario 4, match 4 plays scenario 1.

Round three match 1 plays scenario 3, match 2 plays scenario 4, match 3 plays scenario 1, match 4 plays scenario 2.

Round four match 1 plays scenario 4, match 2 plays scenario 1, match 3 plays scenario 2, match 4 plays scenario 3.

Round five match 1 plays scenario 1, match 2 plays scenario 2, match 3 plays scenario 3, match 4 plays scenario 4.

Deployment will goes as follows for all games:

Round 1 – Frontline Clash

Round 2 - Refused Flank

Round 3 – Encircle

Round 4 - Counter Trust

Round 5 – Frontline Clash


Scoring will be done using the 0-17 +3 system laid out in the 9 Age rule book. Scoring units are defined in each army book. So a max win would be 20 points total for each game.

Each round teams will add the scores of the four players together to get a team score. For rounds 1-3 the score will be capped at 60 points. Rounds 4 & 5 will have no limits (so 80 would be a max score). At the end of the tournament the top team is the winner.


Sportsmanship is the most important part of our hobby. You will grade your opponent in a hit or miss system. If they were a good sport, played fairly, worked with you on rule questions, etc. they get a passing score. If your opponent is not fun or does any manor of things I will not get into he gets a failing score on sports for that. If, somehow, a player gets 2 failing scores at my event they will not be asked back for the next event. Each player will vote for their top two favourite opponents after game 5. This will determine who gets the best sports award as an individual for the GT (ties being broken by that players personal battle scores). Each member of a team that gets a failing score will affects the teams overall score by -1 per vote. If I find a team/player is using this


Unpainted miniatures, unbased miniatures, or total weirdness (using a TMNT truck as your steam tank) will score a zero here. I consider a mini unpainted if it has less than 3 colors on it. No priming a mini white and globing 2 shades of wash on it is not 3 colors. Paint your stuff or suffer. Period.

As this is a team event I am not going to judge painting as we normally do. However, I will still do a players choice award for army, regiment, and single model. The prestige is in that order so one player (Miguel) can only win one award. You can enter all three though.  

Friday After 4pm and Sat, 8:00am; I will be setting up around this time so anyone who wants to help may earn a beer(s).

Round 1: 9am-12pm
Lunch: 12pm-1pm
Round 2: 1pm-4pm
Round 3: 4:20pm-7:20pm

Round 4: 9am-12pm
Lunch: 12pm-12:45pm
Round 5: 12:45pm-3:45pm
Cleanup/awards: 4pm clean up and be on the road by 5pm!

1st Place Team

2nd Place Team

3rd Place Team

Best Sportsman

Players Choice Army

Players Choice Regiment

Players Choice Single Model