Sangeet Ankur Guidelines

Bay area music (vocal/instrumental) and dance teachers (heretofore referred as teachers) will work with parents to actively communicate the policies stated herein.


Mode of Payment

Guide to Calculating Payment

Let’s say a parent would like to have their two children perform in a Sangeet Ankur event one as artist and another as accompanist. Then first they become annual member (unless they are already members), and this is $15. Then they add the $15 for one child who is artist performer, and $10 for other child who is accompanist performer. The total fee then is $40. A check of $40 can then be mailed. Please write the names of the students on the check.

Basic Guidelines

  1. All teachers and parents need to be members of Sangeet Ankur. Annual membership fee is $25 for teachers and $15 for parents. Payments made anytime during the year, will apply to the calendar year, and the next payment will apply starting Jan 1st of the next calendar year.  Payment is non-refundable.
  2. Teachers can suggest the names of high performing students for participation in a given Sangeet Ankur event.
  3. We recommend teachers to not suggest the same students in consecutive concerts, as far as possible.
  4. Each teacher can register for up to 4 performances in a single event. A performance can be either individual artist or a group of artists together. If they register a group performance, they should mention the full name of the primary student (any one) and also the remaining students in the group. We request them to provide full details, so these can be announced, and the certificates can be prepared accordingly.
  5. Sangeet Ankur will make the final decision on the selection of students based on above mentioned rules and first come first served basis.
  6. All artist participants will pay $15 per event. All accompaniment participants will pay $10 per event. Payment is due before the performance. Payment can be made either by mailing a check to “Manoj Joshi” at address 3653 Santa Croce Ct, San Jose, CA 95148 or at the venue in cash.  Payment is non-refundable.
  7. Accompaniment artists may not volunteer to play for more than two performances in any given event.
  8. If there are multiple participants who are performing the same raaga, Sangeet Ankur will recommend the teacher to select another raaga for their student.
  9. We implement equal representation of vocalists and instrumental as both these categories have equally high demand.
  10. We will also feature dance performances in the concert from time to time based upon interest.

Performance guidelines

  1.  It is necessary know that each vocal artist can start with the aaroha/avaroha or introductory alaap for 3 minutes, and for the next 7 minutes, perform either a bandish or Tarana.
  2. Performance for classical raagas should not exceed more than 10 minutes. (Ages: 10 - 18)
  3. A buzzer will be used 1 minute before pre-scheduled completion, which is an indication that within the next 1 minute, the performance should be stopped, in fairness to allow other participants to perform on time.


 Concert categories each year include the following.

Classical Dance

Concert categories each year include the following.

Pradeep Joshi,

President, Sangeet Dhwani