Prophet Velen

World of Warcraft/Hearthstone

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Featured Forger: Trappy Jenkins


The Burning Legion. Ner’zhul. Gul’dan. It can all be traced back to Prophet Velen.

Leader of the Eredar alongside his close friends Kil’jaeden and Archimonde, the three ruled their homeworld in peace until they were found by Sargeras. Offered a chance to help bring peace throughout existence, it was only Velen that was able to see through Sargeras’ honey-coated lies. Unfortunately for him and his people, Kil’jaeden and Archimonde refused to believe Velen, giving over to Sargeras’ promise. By the time they realized Velen was right, it was too late.

Aided by the N’aaru, Velen was able to escape with some of his people, now known as the exiled ones, or “draenei”. Throughout the universe they fled and every planet they settled on, the Burning Legion found them and then destroyed it.

In time, they came to know peace for a long while on Draenor and even worked well with the native orcs. It was not to last as Sargeras’ troops found the exiled draenei and began plotting. First he worked through Ner’zhul - the future Lich King - and then through Gul’dan.

Velen and his followers managed to escape but their space ship became lost in time and space until a surprise crash landing on the world of Azeroth.

More recently, he hired heroes to help him retrieve O’ros - the key to unlocking the mysteries behind Light’s Heart, a sentient N’aaru core. During this quest, however, Rakeesh, an eredar, kills O’ros and threatens to explode the entire structure it was in, forcing the Hero to attack. In the final seconds, Velen attempts to stop the adventurer for his vision had come to pass. Rakeesh was no stranger. It was Velen’s son kidnapped long ago by the Burning Legion now lying dead in the priest’s arms. A revenge 10,000 years in the making. With this, Velen now plans to leave Azeroth with his fellow Draenei as the light died there that day.

Trappy’s Choices

Role: Support

Trait: “When Need is Most Dire”

~The power of Velen’s abilities are directly related to the health of his target.

Velen has lead his people for countless millennia, which means he's a very old dude. It takes a lot for him to get off the couch on the Exodar and actually help. Velen only uses his skills when need is most dire, causing his power to really shine in “clutch” moments of the game. Velen is a playmaker who can dictate the course of battle with the strength of his will and the power of the light.

Mount: King’s Elekk

Because Velen is so dependent on a second person, I want him to have a special mount. Being a Draenei, he would use an Elekk mount, but I pictured a much more elaborate elek, with armor and lumbering size. I want this to be the first two person mount. So if Velen is mounted, someone else can jump on the mount with no cast time. So you can do a drive by and pick someone up, if you're quick enough to not get hit. I think this could make for some very exciting game play moments.

Q: “Disorient”

~Enemies hit by disorient will have their inputs scrambled. Move direction does not coordinate to inputs, and any ability can trigger when an ability is used. Longer disorientation on lower health targets.

Inspired by Mayor Nogginfogger in Hearthstone. This idea sounds really intriguing to me. You kinda lose control over your character, but there’s potential for really exciting moments if by some random act of RNGesus you manage to land a game winning hit.

W: “Velen’s Chosen”

~Buff an ally's attack, movement speed and health total.

Like the rest of his kit, the power and duration of this ability is tied to the targets health. And what I mean by increase health total is Velen will increase your health bar by 50%, then add 50% health of that new total. The numbers are just examples, that’s where the balancing would be. But imagine if your health was 100, it would be buffed to 150, and you would be healed for 75.

E: “Holy Nova”

~Velen releases a wave of energy in front of him that has bonus damage against light armor units.

I’m not sure if there already exists a type of attack that’s stronger against some armor types, but I really like that idea. This gives a bit more of a check against being an overpowered character. On someone like Tracer or Kal'thas, Holy Nova is a great finisher, but it basically tickles characters like Cho'Gall. This is also his only attack, it's ok to wave clear, but very bad against full health heroes on average.

Heroic 1: “Avatar of Light”

Seeing as all hope is lost, Velen fuses with the last of the Naaru. Xe'ra. Together they become the avatar of Light. Greatly increasing in power, Velen’s moves also temporarily become more aggressive in nature.

As the Avatar of Light, your abilities get replaced with the following:

Q: Staff strike, a basic attack with high crit damage

W: Holy blast, a powerful wave attack with knockback effect

E: Holy smite, high damage to single target with high crit chance

Heroic 2: “Will of the Light”

~A giant bubble encircles Velen and a large space around him. Enemies within that space are blinded and silenced.

Meaning the only thing the enemy team can do is run. This ability is channeled, so Velen can't use his other abilities while holding the shield. But imagine doing this on a big team fight around a Ravenlord tribute or on Dragon Shire. Massively powerful in team fights, but not as useful one on one.

Specialty skin: “Gandalf”

“Not all who wander are lost”

A poem to Frodo from Gandalf describing Aragorn

        All that is gold does not glitter,

        Not all those who wander are lost;

        The old that is strong does not wither,

        Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

        From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

        A light from the shadows shall spring;

        Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

        The crownless again shall be king

Grey (Stormcrow), Blue (Istari of the East), White (After Reincarnation)

Dance: Running Man → Spin → Cossack Dance → Click heels

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Gift of Sight”

Velen, unlike his Archimonde and Kil'jaeden was given the gift a “sight.” This is a difficult thing to represent in the nexus. With this trait Velen is able to see all of the abilities chosen by the enemy team and their cooldowns. Similar to the sports overlay that we see at esports tournaments. Velen would be the only one on the team able to see this- but would have the ability to community this information to the team. The fantasy here is that Velen would be a support character in the nexus- using a combo of his basic and heroic abilities to support the team in a non traditional way.

Mount-  Ornamented Elekk

Q- “Surge of Faith”

Velen’s Hearthstone card is a 7/7 legendary card for the Priest deck. He grants twice the healing/damage done by spells or hero powers. Powerful! This “Q” is themed after this ability. When activated this allows players that are close to Velen to receive a bonus to their passive healing and mana regeneration. This would be in the form of a buff that would live on the player until they take damage or are fully healed/mana regen.

W- “Protection of the Naru”

This ability allows the Velen player to draw a line on the battlefield that acts as a shield. It works in the same way as Alarak’s Telekinesis, but instead of moving a character with the line drawn, it allows the player to draw a line that deflects all attacks and abilities for a short amount of time.

E- “Leap of Faith”

Positioning is such a huge part of any MOBA, Heroes of the Storm Especially. With this ability Velen Selects a hero on the battlefield and instantly transports them to his location. During this transportation they are healed for a very small mount. This ability has a large range and might just be the tool that saves a hero's life.

Heroic 1- “Holy Presence”

Vellen Reaches up and calls down the power of this ability. When Activated he smashes his staff down on the ground and a beam of light travels from the heavens to the staff. This allows Velen to be invulnerable (and not able to move) for a short amount of time. During this time pulses of light in the form of Orbs will be  randomly traveling down from the heavens to Velen. It is then the goal of the Velen player to activate this ability when the Orb reaches Velen. Each time the ability is activated at the correct time Velen will let out a huge wave of AoE healing. This can be talented into later in the game to allow Velen to do an additional massive healing wave if all Orbs are activated on time. Basically… Guitar Hero for Healers.

Heroic 2- “Afterlife”

With the gift of foresight Prophet Velen would be able to manipulate the battlefield, and this ability would be be a powerful tool in his kit. When activated this allows the Velen player to select a hero on the battlefield and bless them. This blessing allows them to turn into a Spirit (similar to Leoric) when they die and move to any location on the battlefield during their death timer. Once their death timer expires they respawn in the location that their spirit is located.

Specialty Skin

        “Pope Velen”


“Carlton Dance”

Kristen’s Choices







Velen can call upon his staff to increase the damage dealt by his allies as well as increasing their healing received.



                Is picked up by one, hands out, and is floated to his destination.


Holy Nova

Focused on him, a blast of holy power explodes outward, dealing damage to all enemies it hits while healing all allies it touches.


Holy Blast

Velen launches a projectile of light that hits an enemy, dealing damage and marking them. If that enemy is killed while marked, their corpse will explode with light, healing any friendly allies in range.


Staff Strike

When an enemy gets too close, Velen can call upon the power of his staff to deal a massive blow to the enemy that got too near. This stuns the target as well as dealing damage to them and causing them to suffer reduced healing effects for a short period of time.


They Found Me

The Burning Legion is forever on Velen’s path, dedicated to his annihilation and any planet he leads them to. Locking on to his position, the Burning Legion provides a buff to the enemy team. Simultaneously, Velen is given a global team teleport where when, once they land, the enemy team loses its buff and Velen’s team is invisible for a slight period of time.



Gifted with the power of sight, Velen can now see into the future, making sure that what he sees comes to pass. When activated, the past few seconds of a fight on his own team are rewound, giving his allies a second chance to live and fight another day.


        Egyptian God - Ra

Has falcon head and balances an orb on top of that.


        Line Dance from South Park

Just look them straight in the eye and give them this.