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  1.    Enter the room quietly and sit in your    chair.
  2. Fill in the target in Google calendar.
  3. Check board for necessary supplies and quietly get them out.
  4. Check Class Dojo.
  5. Read quietly.
  6. Listen for Mrs. Beran’s instructions.

Breakfast Guidelines

Birthday breakfast in bed!,

  1. Get your breakfast.
  2. Go to your locker to get your necessary supplies for class.
  3. Wait quietly in the hallway for permission to enter the classroom.
  4. Enter room quietly and sit down to eat your breakfast. **Finish by 8:05**
  5. Put your unopened food into the black crate.
  6.  Throw all of your trash on, under, and around your desk away in the large trash can.
  7.  Spray and wipe off your desk. Throw your paper towel away.
  8. Last person finished with breakfast needs to set the black trashcan into the hallway.  
  9. Follow classroom readiness guidelines.

Exiting the classroom

Old Fire exit

  1. When Mrs. Beran says to start cleaning up, make sure to clean the top of your desk, around your desk, and under your desk. Put everything away. Don’t leave a mess.

  1. When Mrs. Beran says it’s okay to leave the classroom, push your chair in and walk out of the room quietly. Go to your next class promptly.

*Do you have your computer?

*Is your computer fully charged?

*Do you have your pencil?

*Do you have your homework?

You will need them!!!