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Fifth Grade Newsletter No 38

May 29 - June 1, 2017

Mrs. Svirida | (916) 331-7377 ext. 3191

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Dear Parents,

        Your children have grown so much this year and learned a TON of new things. I loved working with each of them. They have all grown so close to me that I am very sad to see them go but happy that they made it through. Please let them keep in touch with me if they want to; I would love that.

        On the last day of school we will have our Farewell Party! We will be doing some contests and games as well as a craft. I ask that you help me with this party. I would like each student to bring one thing. The students have told me what they want to bring, so speak to them about this and decide if that is fine and let me know. I put there name beside each item. The following options are their ideas for what they would like to have for their class party.

*  OPTION #1: Pizza (bring or delivered to class hot by 12:00 or bring in the morning the “take and bake” from Papa Murphy’s so that I can pop them in the school oven), Faith

*  OPTION #2: Large dish of MAC and CHEESE to be reheated in the oven (Or come to school and make it for the class in our kitchen), Isaiah

* grilled chicken or ribs, Miki

*  salad or veggie platter, Jacqueline

*drinks (no caffeine please), Rosey

*dessert, Alexis

*fruit, Marcus

If any of you cannot do so, let me know so that I can arrange it. We will be playing games and I will have a few prizes for those participating.

8th Grade Graduation Ceremony -  Thursday, June 2nd, 7PM in Main Sanctuary

Join us to celebrate our 8th Graders! Students will have orchestra practice on Wednesday and Thursday mornings for the eighth grade  graduation.  All students need to be at the graduation Thursday evening to play in the orchestra. Students are to be in the Sanctuary by 6:20 for rehearsal.  Dress code is chapel attire.  The ceremony will begin at 7:00 and the orchestra will be done by 7:15.  You may pick up your child in the foyer at 7:15 or remain for the rest of the graduation ceremony.


Monday: Memorial day/No school

Tuesday: Math Test 23

               Health test 4 (cumulative)

Wednesday: Math exam (cumulative)

         History Test 12

There will be homework so please look for that this week in their assignment pads. Thanks!

Music Homework - Preparing “Pomp and Circumstance” for Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony.  

Bring your instruments Wednesday and Thursday for practice.