Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Twin of Andariel and another spawn of Tathamet, Duriel lorded over the Realm of Pain. Like his sister, he helped the Lesser Evils overthrow the Prime Evils in a bid to rule hell. However, constant bickering between Azmodan and Belial sobered him up to the fact that the Prime Evils would not be gone forever.

Switching sides to once again serve the Primes, Duriel was placed in charge of guarding the Tomb of Tal Rasha. In time, heroes would journey east to slay him on their way to stop Diablo.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Illuminating the Chamber”

Duriel is considered one of the most difficult boss fights in all of the Diablo games. When Duriel is defeated “the chamber will be violently shaken and explosions occur on all sides, illuminating the small room.” In Heroes of the Storm I am going to attempt to bring something like this to his trait. When defeated on the battlefield the hero that dealt the final blow will be “Illuminated”, revealing them on the battlefield for the entire length of Duriels Death timer. This utility trait can really come in useful for the friendly team that is aware of the mini map.

Mount- No Mount, moves his centipede legs faster when “mounted”

Q- “Master of Pain”

“Duriel considers himself a master of pain, but is only interested in physical torment rather than mental anguish. Many writings suggest that if Duriel was not in a position to inflict pain on a victim, he would subject himself to excruciating pain and be sated.”  Duriel can activate this ability in 2 ways:

WIth an enemy unit in range: Duriel will reach back with his massive insect arms and began thrashing the target with 3 swift blows. If the target is hit with this attack they will be stunned.

Enemy units out of range: Duriel will inflict the damage on himself causing him to go into a berserk rage. All of his damage dealing abilities will be increased and his movement speed is bumped up.

W- “Frozen Hell”

When this ability is activated Duriel will launch 3 ice orbs (exactly like the ice from the frozen punisher) These Ice balls will have targeted places on the battlefield in front of Duriel and will have a projected explosion spot. This will work exactly like the frozen punisher… just a smaller radius and only three orbs at a time.

E- “Duriel’s Shell” Passive

Each time that Duriel is attacked he will begin to fill the meter of this ability. When the meter for this ability is full Duriel will passively shed his exoskeleton and drop armor on the battlefield that can be picked up by friendly heroes. When this skin is shed Duriel is vulnerable, but has increased attack speed for a very short amount of time.

Heroic 1- “Ice Meteor”

This is a very simple idea but I don't think anything like this is out there. This is a global ability that Durial can call down for a large ice meteor to plummet to the battlefield and stun all heroes hit by it. I am thinking that this ability will have a “minimum range” and will need to be cast at a location that is beyond a certain distance from the player.

Heroic 2- “Frozen Pain” 

This is also a simple heroic… but if used correctly it could be devastating to the enemy team. This allows Duriel to place ANY mercenary camp or boss on the battlefield in a frozen state. The frozen camp will not be able to attack or be attacked… but its frozen state will slowly tick away at its health. When the health is gone the came has been defeated.. But not captured. Players from either team are able to capture the camp in the normal fashion.

Specialty Skin: Space Reaper Duriel.

Dance: Body Rolls (the worm) Yuck...

Kristen’s Choices

The ol’ slip ‘n slime.






        Mucus Madness (Aura)

Pulsing outward, Duriel emits mucus that coats nearby enemies, slowing their movement and impairing their ability to escape. The more damage he has dealt to a single target, the slower they go.


        Moves Faster

His move animation is too cool not to keep using.



Using his massive arm claws, Duriel swipes a single target, repositioning them directly in front of him.



Gallop works as a charge, propelling Duriel quickly through his enemies. If hit by him, enemies are locked in place though they can still attack, trapped in hardened mucus.


Get Litty

Roaring with laughter, Duriel can choose to ignite his mucus once a certain amount has been left around the battlefield. This deals damage over time to any standing on it or any coated in it.


Maggot Madness

Outnumbered or ready to wipe the enemy team, Duriel releases the maggot swarm hiding in his oothica (o-uh-thee-kuh - roaches & mantises). This swarm attaches to and attacks a target enemy hero. When they do, the target is coated in stacks of mucus. Duriel can then retarget them to cover as many enemy Heroes in mucus stacks as possible.


        C’est Fini

Just like his twin, Duriel can choose to endure a heroic death - one that mimics his demise in Diablo II. In an area around him, explosions of fire go off, dealing damage to any standing near them. If they go off on mucus, it is ignited.



The arms are pretty much the same.


Mantis Shrimp

        Make Duriel more colorful by turning him into this adorable but deadly crustacean.


        The Monkey

Like in Johnny Bravo, he would hold out his little arms and move them up and down facing one direction then switch directions and do it again.