At ISB, homework is an opportunity for students to reflect on what they have learned, practice essential skills and communicate with their parents/legal guardians about what they are doing in school.  It is intended that students always receive homework in an amount that is appropriate for their age, current level of performance and development.  It is essential that students leave school at the end of the day knowing what their homework is as well as how to do it.  Finally, it is expected that all homework can be completed by students in a time frame that will leave them plenty of time for relaxation, pursuit of hobbies/interest and spending quality time with their family.

If parents/guardians/students feel that homework assigned to students does not fit the above description, a formal discussion with the teachers needs to take place. The teacher may need to reassess what work is going home and make changes that will make their homework assignments more manageable for their students.

We are bringing the students up so that they become responsible for their learning, are organised and appreciate the importance of completing and returning homework on time and in an appropriate form. This is a process that takes time and a skill that needs to be developed with help of the whole team (the teachers, students and parents). Therefore we rely on parents´ cooperation and encourage you to talk to your child about their homework and help when needed.

As a guideline, the following are considered an appropriate amount of daily work for the different age groups.  Please note that homework can be assigned on Friday though the amount will not be more than the daily average.

How homework works in different divisions


Kindergarten children do not usually receive any assignments apart from reading. Occasionally they may have a family project to complete and return. This will be a fun and authentic activity that will give the child an authentic learning experience with their family at home.

Homework Folders in primary

Homework procedures for individual years however in general our primary students receive an assignment on Monday in the Homework Folder and it will be due on Monday of the following week. Tasks can be based on themes and skills of the week or review of the previous week. Part of the homework folder may be a sign-up sheet for the parents/legal guardians which needs to be signed.

Recommended default times of HW/prep time according to Years:

Year 1

Years 2 - 4

        Total: 30 minutes

Years 5 & 6

Total: 50 minutes

Year 7 - 9

Total: 70 - 80 minutes

Years 10 - 11

Announcing homework

When homework is assigned, the following must be made clear to students:

For secondary and high school, all homework that will be formally assessed must be entered in ManageBac.  However, work that students must complete in order to simply be prepared for the next lesson may not be entered in ManageBac, depending on the teacher.  These are called Red Tasks.

It is important that students develop their own organisational systems.  If all homework assignments are entered in ManageBac, then students do not have the chance to do this.  Red tasks are intended to ensure students learn the best way for them to keep track of their own ‘to do’ lists.

Red tasks are homework tasks that:

If students do not complete Red Tasks, their Collaboration grade will be affected.  

Late work policy

Due dates may be extended for individual students provided they contact the teacher before the due date and provide a valid reason for the work being late.  It is up to the teacher to determine if the reason is acceptable.

Any late assignment submitted within 48 hours of the due date will be marked with a % deduction determined by teacher (unless the student has contacted the teacher).

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