Calendar 2017 - 2018 Children and Youth      

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Sunday, September 3        Labor Day Weekend

Saturday September 9        Dance on the Lawn Noon

Sunday, September 10        Sunday School Registration

Wednesday, September 13          Junior Choir Begins

Sunday, September 17         Picnic /Sunday School

Sunday, September 17        Confirmation Class 12-2 pm Rectory

Sunday, September 17        Youth Group Begins

Sunday, September 24        Mission Trip Shareholder’s Dinner        

Sunday September 24        Kids in the Kitchen   9:30 a.m. after Celebrate!



Sunday, October 1        Pumpkin Delivery

Sunday, October 1        Youth Group

Sunday, October 1        Kids in the Kitchen  after the 9am service Toni’s Kitchen

Friday October 6 – 8        Youth Retreat at Crossroads

Sunday, October 8         Junior Choir Sings

Sunday, October 8        Confirmation Class

Saturday  October 14        Fall Pumpkin Festival

Sunday, October 29        Youth Group

Sunday, October 29        Junior Choir Sings

Sunday, October 29th         Continue the Service . after the 10am service Toni’s Kitchen

Sunday, October 29th         6pm Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


Sunday, November 5        Pumpkin Clean up
Sunday, November 5        All Saints

Sunday, November 5        Youth Group 

Sunday, November 5        Kids in the Kitchen  after the 9am service Toni’s Kitchen

Thursday, November 9        Teacher Convention Weekend

Thursday, November 9        Safeguarding for teens

Sunday, November 12        Confirmation Class

Sunday, November 19        Youth Group

Sunday, November 26        Junior Choir Sings

Sunday, November 29        Thanksgiving Weekend

Sunday, November 29        Continue the Service . after the 10am service Toni’s Kitchen        

Sunday, November 29        No Youth Group


Sunday, December 3        Youth Group

Sunday, December 3        

Saturday, December 9        10:00 a.m. Pageant rehearsal for narrators

Sunday, December 10        Confirmation Class

Sunday, December 10        Lessons & Carols

Friday, December 15        7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. -- Santa Set Up Youth Group

Saturday, December 16        Breakfast with Santa

Sunday, December 17        Christmas Pageant

Sunday, December 24        Christmas Eve Family Service 4pm

        Junior Choir Sings Sings

Monday, December 25        Christmas Day Service at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, December 27        No Youth Group


Sunday, January 7         Parade of Kings and Queens

Friday January 12 - 13         Pre CIA at St. Luke’s (HS)

Sunday, January 14         Confirmation Class

Sunday, January 14        Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend

Friday January 19-21        CIA Youth Retreat

Sunday, January 28        Junior Choir Sings

Sunday, January 31        Youth Group 


Sunday, February 4        Souper Bowl of Caring

Sunday, February 4        Youth Group

Sunday, February 11        Confirmation Class

Tuesday, February 13        6:00 p.m. Pancake Supper

Wednesday, February 14        Ash Wednesday

Friday, February 16 - 18        Crossroads Elementary School Retreat

Sunday, February 21        Youth Group

Sunday, February 28        Junior Choir Sings


Sunday, March 4        Youth Group

Sunday, March 6        No Youth Group

Friday, March 9 – 11        Crossroads Middle School Retreat

Sunday, March 11        Confirmation Class

Sunday, March 18         Youth Group        

Sunday, March 25        Palm Sunday

Friday, March 30        7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Easter Bunny setup

Saturday, March 31        Easter Bunny Egg Hunt


Sunday, April 1        Easter

Sunday, April 10        Confirmation Class

Sunday, April 17        Youth Group

Saturday, April 21        Confirmation at Grace Madison

Sunday, April 29        Junior Choir Sings


Sunday, May 6        Rite 13

Sunday, May 6        No Youth Group

Sunday, May 13        Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 13        No Youth Group

Saturday, May 19        Election of New Bishop

Sunday, May 20        Pentecost / Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 20        Youth Group

Sunday, May 22        Youth Group        

Sunday, May 29        Memorial Day

Sunday, May 29        No Youth Group


Saturday June 2        Youth Group Year End Combined Day Trip

Sunday, June 10        Junior Choir Sings

Sunday, June 17        Picnic

Sunday, June 17        Father’s Day

Sunday, June 17        Old Testament Film Fest Begins


Sunday, July 1

July 2nd-14th

Sunday, July 8        

Sunday, July 15

Sunday, July 22

Sunday, July 29

Monday, July 30th -Aug 3rd

July 4th Weekend

General Convention in Austin,Texas

Crossroads Day Camp Sunday

Crossroads Daycamp


Sunday, July 1        July 4th Weekend

July 2nd-14th         General Convention in Austin,Texas

Sunday, July 8        

Sunday, July 15

Sunday, July 22        

Sunday, July 29        Crossroads Day Camp Sunday

Monday, July 30th -Aug 3rd        Crossroads Daycamp


Sunday, August 5   Mission Trip

Sunday, August 12

Sunday, August 19

Sunday, August 26