Last Minute Summer Vacation Ideas

for You and Your Pet

At Deceased Pet Care, we love summer vacation. It means more time with friends and family. More time to do what we love, and do it with who we love. But let’s face it, as summer vacation winds down and the kids are mere weeks from school, our idea bank and wallet can be teetering on empty. To combat this summer vacation fatigue (is there such a thing?), we came up with a quick and cheap list for you, your pets, and even your kids to get the most from every last day of summer vacation.

active family and pet.jpg

Beach Day: Admit it, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a day at the beach. Let your pet jump, play, and swim while you work on your best tan yet. Just don’t get upset when he dives headfirst into a freshly formed sandcastle.

Sign Up for a Family 5K: You already take your pet for a couple walks a day. Why not add a few more blocks to your route and start training for a 5K? It’s only 3.1 miles. Your pet and your waistline will thank you.

Go Camping: Most campsites are pet-friendly. We say bring fido along for the fun. And having your dog ensure the kids will enjoy the technology free time too! Just save a bit of room in your tent, and get ready to watch your pet explore and wag the day away before crashing by the evening campfire.

Doggy Dates: There’s nothing to say pets can’t have play dates too. If your bestie has a pet of her own, invite them over to enjoy an afternoon of social enrichment… and a glass of sweet tea for the two of you.

Jogging: If you’re already a regular runner and could crush the aforementioned 5K, we suggest adding your dog to your exercise routine. With a bit of training, they can lead you to your next goal, and enjoy all the physical and emotional benefits you receive from running as well.

Trail Hiking: Clear your mind with an afternoon on the trail, and bring your pooch along for the fun. We recommend Cherokee Trail at Stone Mountain Park right outside of Atlanta. It’s an afternoon neither of you will regret.

Take A Day in the Park: Taking your dog to the dog park can be a blast. Just make sure you know the lease laws, your pet is properly vaccinated, and watch for signs of bullying. Check out our previous blog for more on that.

Fetch: This one is a tried and true staples of the pet population. The only caveat is we recommend avoiding sticks and branches. They can be choking hazards, or create bad habits of eating/chewing things that could be a danger. Stick with balls, toys, and frisbees.

So what’d you think of our list? All these activities are an easy, cheap, and active way to get your pet and your family out of the house. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby everyone can enjoy, and the weather for most of these activities keeps getting better as the months pass. At Deceased Pet Care, we love our pets and our families, but who doesn’t need a few extra ideas to make the most of that free time? Do you have any awesome late summer ideas? Let us know in the comments below.