Day 2: Observing in a public place

I used the EarthCam site and app for this.

Abbey Road, England

A man in a heavy backback stands at the side of the road with his iPhone. His short sleeved button down shirt is untucked. He's along. He hold his camera up and takes a picture. Looks. Leans back to get a better view or angle with the camera. Leans back further and almost topples over backwards before finally snapping his picture. Satisfied, he walks away.

But a minute later he's back. Walking back and forth looking at other people. Is there an angle he missed? A sight he didn't know were there?

A man stands at the corner and starts brushing his hair with his fingers. Bed head? He is vigorously trying to mash his hair down onto his head.

A man stops in the middle of the road to snap THE Abbey Road shot, and a red double-decker bus creeps up behind him and stops. He is nonplussed. There is no beep. The man finally turns around and then scampers off to the sidewalk.
Once the bus passes, he takes up his don't-hit-me position... and the group of kids he's with cross and he finally takes their picture.

Even the construction vehicles are Mercedes!

The posing-like-the-cover-of-the-album walk is repeated again and again...

New Orleans Bourbon Street (@St. Peter)

It must be early, but the road crew is out. You know the old joke, "How many State workers does it take to dig a hole? ... One to hold the shovel and five to watch."

Apparently this isn't just a NY thing. The neon-yellow vested crew is just sitting and watching. Nothing. They occasionally lean forward and scan the road, then turn their heads the other way. Are they looking for the boss? Checking that they're not BUSTED standing still? The slick black ponytail of one "observer" dances on the back of his neon vest as he turns his head side-to-side. It "shortens" as he bends his neck to look at his phone.

Nothing happening here. Moving on...

Dublin Pub Cam

I'm outside the Temple Bar. Would it surprise you that Guinness is featured prominently in the window? I'm surprised by the number of hanging flower baskets on the building. It doesn't strike me as an Irish thing...

The rain makes the cobblestone road glisten. A family of three--little girl holding her own leopard-print umbrella--stops on the corner and asks a native for directions. The local starts pointing down the road and indicates that they should go straight to that spot there, then swoop left around the corner.

Why do some people carry umbrellas while others don't seem to care about the rain? Some wear hats...

What is affection? A man puts his arm around his stroller-pushing wife as they near the intersection. Cute.