Computer Programming II (CTE,M)

2315 (STEM)

Duration: Year (1.0)

Grades 10-12

Graduation: Required CTE, M

Homework: 1

Prerequisite: Computer Programming IA-IB.

This course offers elective Math credit and is an advanced course in computer programming. This advanced course in computer programming and software engineering reviews and builds on the concepts introduced in Computer Programming IA-IB. Students will explore more advanced designs in controlling and automating Mindstorm Lego robots. Participation in major robot challenges at institutions like UVU and BYU will be required. Students will explore more advanced programming techniques of python/Java and Android operating systems with the end goal of developing an application that could be made available for download on the Internet. The intention of all hands-on activities will be to help the student develop an understanding of advanced programming concepts which utilize data structures like arrays, classes, recursive processes, and text and data files. Through the involvement of special programming projects, like robotics, game-making and hand-held application development students should gain an understanding of Computer Science principles like dynamic allocation of data, utilization of object-oriented design classes, GUI (Graphical User Interface) techniques, and recursion. Advanced game-making tools will also be utilized.