Digital Library Pedagogy Subgroup: Resource Sharing & Professional Skills Development


Call info:


Phone: 202-750-4186 . No PIN needed.

Attendees: Melanie, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Tom, Jessica, Liz

  1. Introductions

  1. Collaborative note taking

  1. Environmental Scan  
  1. Updates:
  1. DLF blog post

  1. Professional Development requests from the DLF working lunch
  1. Ask the discussion list or use SLACK channel
  2. Virtual office hours for working group members to test this idea?
  1. volunteering if tested: Liz Rodrigues, Jessica Otis, Jennifer Nichols, Lisa Hinchliffe
  1. Does DLF have a SLACK? Or as subset of DH Slack?
  1. DH Slack would remove some barriers to access
  2. Liz and Jessica looking at creating channel in advance of next #DLFteach (May 9)
  3. Time to pop in and ask whatever questions you have; don’t need to pre-plan topics/questions
  4. Pedagogical support group!
  1. Publicity--Twitter chats, hold at same time?

  1. Coalition to Advance Learning discussion continued (Previous meeting notes here)
  1. How can we use this to shape our work?
  1. Dig into what specific digital competencies people want, build off of environmental scan
  2. What are the barriers to participation in smaller, scaffolded technology skills building?
  3. Is there room in DLF to analyze what the field needs as a whole?
  1. What are OUR goals?
  1. Learn more about DH
  2. Keep focus on how to teach this material
  3. Synergies with library publishing prof dev (lurking, not steering)
  4. Thinking critically about digital pedagogies
  5. Connect people w/resources, collaborate on projects. Community building.
  6. Making digital pedagogy a leading area
  7. How do we lower barriers? What is OUR niche?

  1. Announcements?

Slack Office hours notes

Blurb for promotion:

Title: #dlfteach Slack Channel & Office Hours

Professional development doesn’t always take the form of a course or a tutorial to learn a new skill. Sometimes, what we need is an informal space to talk over new ideas and share experiences. As an experiment in creating such a space, the DLF Pedagogy Professional

Development subgroup will be holding office hours on the Digital Humanities Slack on Tuesdays, 2-3pm EST starting June 6 in the channel #dlfteach.

Slack is a free tool for large group chat. Within a group, chats are saved, searchable, and browsable so that people can check in and contribute in real time or asynchronously. Each group has multiple channels with designated topics (such as #announcements or #introductions). While the #dlfteach channel will remain open for asking questions at all times, during our office hours, one or more DLF Pedagogy working group members will be present for real time chat. If you can’t make the scheduled times, you can still post your question in the #dlfteach channel.

To get started, you will need to create an account for Slack and request membership in the Digital Humanities Slack group. Requesting membership is simple and fast. Visit to get started. Digital Humanities Slack is open to anyone with a curiosity about DH and/or related interests (e.g. digital libraries, museums, and archives). Here is an overview of DH Slack and here is an overview of how to use Slack. It can be used via the web or as a stand-alone app on your desktop.

We hope that this will become a space for the kind of questions that are best answered in the course of conversation--such as, what do you think of this lesson plan? What are your experiences on this kind of project? We also hope that it can become a space for the kind of informal conversations that might take place in between conference presentations, but without the need for travel!

This is an experiment, and we welcome ideas and suggestions! We are particularly eager for feedback on how to make this space accessible and productive. If you have feedback, questions about getting set up, or would like to volunteer to host an office hour or two, please email Liz Rodrigues at