MOC General Meeting

November 13, 2013


Trip Reports


Liz had a whole week off and ate a lot of bacon and ribs! She also walked one thousand metres!


Elodie went “climbing” with people. It was snowing and unsafe and so instead they did not climb. She deemed it too sketchy. They went hiking and played games instead!




Dave and friends tobogganed down Jay Peak. There was something involving a barrel, a puppy, and an emergency shelter. I don’t wanna know….


Sarah drove down to the states to visit the famjam. In her car were two people who were going to go ice climbing on Mount Washington. She stacked wood with her father and had pleasant chats.


Skyklar did archery in NDG. He won, obviously.


MOC is having a gear sale! For the intelligent and brave of heart as this is old gear. Super cheap $20 for boots and skis. Also selling climbing shoes for $5. This sale will be at the meeting next week. AJ and Skylar are also trying to sell 5 pairs of downhill skis for $40 each or best offer! Talk to them next meeting!



Trip Announcements


There are 2 driver spots available/very much needed for Amandine’s Icebreakers trip on November 23rd- 24th! Only $35 for drivers!


Max is doing his own Icebreakers trip December 7th-8th! Going pretty late in the year so he wants only people who have experience canoeing. Last year they were in a blizzard, so no newbies! Or noobs. There have been emails sent out on the listserv, check it out although the trip is nearly full.


Intense one-day deadly craziness of trail work just this Saturday with Sarah. You will be “up to your tits in mud”. Sound tempting?


Bike un-race a.k.a poker run this Sunday! You will get a map with 5 points in Montreal and you choose your route of how to get there. You will get one card at each station you get to. You can get prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd) for best poker hand or best blackjack hand. An email will be sent out – come volunteer or participate!


MOC now has bike helmets to rent! (2)


Sarah is planning on going to the Torngats over this winter break. If you want to join her for some badassery, contact her!






Important MOC Things!


Due November 18th:  Adventure Grant

We are willing to give you money to go on a cool adventure, you just have to write up what you want to do and your tentative budget. You must submit it by this coming Monday, November 18th, 2013. No regrets, folks! $200!!!!! If you can budget skillfully, this could fund your whole trip. The trip has to be mostly self-propelled – no road trips, folks! We ain’t paying for your gas money. Extra awesomeness also gets you points. The clincher: IF you return, you have to give us a sick presentation with lots of cool pictures, videos, and a story about fighting off that cougar with your bare hands.


November 27th: Elections!


You need enthusiasm more than skills to apply, so don’t be scared! Come to the meeting and run, and/or encourage somewhat competent friends to run. There will also be donuts at the meeting, at least one reason to come!


Positions Available:

Cross-Country Skiing

Downhill Ski/Snowboard

Ice Climbing

Winter Camping

Winter Recreation

Telemark Skiing