To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Donna Noble and I am the Director of Finances of Wells Fargo the Walnut California branch number 34879.  My employee Jane Doe is the head of the Financial Foreign relations at our branch and it is required to attend a series of conferences in Cardiff, England at the HSBC quarters.  Her duty is to oversee and strengthen all relations with the English and also to concrete a plan for better communication with the England branch.  She will report to me, and the company as a whole her progress and plan to increase business with HSBC England.  The series of conferences will commence on September 1st to September 15th, she will be staying the Holiday Inn and her schedule will be strict:

Monday 9am to 5pm

Tuesday 9 am to 5pm

Wednesday Free Day

Thursday 9am to 5pm

Friday 10 am to 4pm

Saturday and Sunday are recreational

If there are further questions please contact me:

Thank you,

Donna Noble

Director of Finances, Wells Fargo

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