No one will ever know you to the depths of your goodness, and badness. To your highest highs, and your lowest lows. To your greatest shames, and your triumphs. To your raw being full of flaws and aspirations and dreams and fears. No one, but God. And no one will ever accept you for the absolute being you are from within your absolute depths. The unknown you that you hide from the world. No one, but God. Nor should we expect another human being, a voyager on their own journey, a protagonist in their own story, to understand the fathomless echo of our innermost self. Doing so only sets them, and ourselves, up for failure. God is god, and man is man. Only ever relinquish your total absoluteness with the absolute being. And take comfort in the embrace of a whispered storm, full of grace, forgiveness, acceptance and love. For it is here, and only here, that we are found.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/23/20

Why is it that people who cannot sustain harmony and peace in their own home and relationships think they know what's best and how to “fix” America?

~ James D. Maxon, 05/31/20

I believe that God reveals Himself to one person at a time, but only if you genuinely seek Him with an open heart.

~ James D. Maxon, 04/12/20

No, no. Say a blessing, not a curse. In doing so your enemies will have no power over you.

~ James D. Maxon, 03/10/20

Saying a prayer of blessing for your enemies removes the power they have over you. Whereas saying curses gives them victory over your emotions and imprisons guilt into your heart.

~ James D. Maxon, 03/10/20

The Church is run by fellow flawed people. They make mistakes too. So I try not to hold God accountable for their errors.

~ James D. Maxon, 03/06/20

If being nice makes me a sucker, what does being a jerk make you?

~ James D. Maxon, 02/20/20

Why are so many Christians consumed with controlling the exterior of a person? In this, they fail to realize that the Holy Spirit is about changing a person from the inside out, not the outside in. Must we get everything backwards? It’s no wonder the world thinks we’re confused.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/12/19

Dear Church. We’re not all alike. God made us unique. Don’t expect the person sitting next to you to have and chase after the same spiritual gifts as you.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/06/19

Joining the unity of the body of Christ has nothing to do with joining a uniformity. Be different. Be who you are. Be who God made you to be.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/06/19

The core of the world is desperately seeking for unity, not uniformity. The one is so easily mistaken for the other. Christians should not be looking down on people or seeking opportunities for conforming. But reaching out and seeking opportunities for embracing. Loving. Accepting. You don’t win people by making them into what you want. You win them by meeting them where they're at.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/06/19

I'm opposed to the idea that: this is who you are, so be it. I much prefer: this is who you are, so beat it.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/29/19

No one wants to be a part of someone else’s craziness. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to lose your cool.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/20/19

Those are your personal convictions and I respect that. But they are just that, personal. Don't go and force the world to follow them too. We have our own convictions that God is working us through. We grow where we are at, not where you are at.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/13/19

It's not the struggle I face as much as the struggle itself. Circumstances change, but the struggle remains.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/9/19

Even on a busy day, birds find time to sing.

~ James D. Maxon, 6/3/19

Resisting is less painful than giving in.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/21/19

The thing that helps me with temptation is knowing I will feel worse about giving in than I will about resisting.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/21/19

What you should kill isn’t yourself, but the things in you that are causing the misery. Bring an end to what should end, and a beginning to what should begin.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/21/19

If you want to change the world, perhaps first you should change yourself. Strive to fix the brokeness in your own household. Drive politely. Be courteous, friendly and caring toward others in public and online. Be helpful, encouraging and professional at work and pull your own weight. Avoid being toxic and demoralizing. If everyone worked on changing themselves, perhaps then the world really could be a better place.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/24/19

We’ve become so focused on changing the world that we fail to repair the crumbling foundation under our feet.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/24/19

Despite popular belief, I cannot change the world. But I can change my world and make it a better place for those who live in it. Small as it is.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/24/19

It’s only natural that a broken world would produce broken people.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/24/19

If you're tempted to view God as an evil overlord waiting to smite the world, just remember, He created puppies.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/23/19

The way I see it, there are two chances of experiencing what a mom or dad is. To have one, and to be one. While we have no control over the former, we do the latter.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/25/19

The past is for learning, the present is for living, and the future is for growing.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/20/19

We are all walking issues, seeking somewhere between survival and dominance. Whether fighting one another or together, issues will always remain.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/8/19

If you’re caught up in heaven, you needn't concern yourself with hell.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/3/19

If you worry about everything, you’ll never be comfortable with anything.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/10/19

The moment you cease to examine yourself is the moment hope is lost.

 ~ James D. Maxon, 1/4/19

There is no such thing as a perfect church. So just be a real one.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/18/18

Dear Church, you are not God. “God’s money” is not yours. God’s mind is not yours. God’s decisions are not yours. If that were the case, then every Christian church would be identical. You are fellow flawed humans trying to understand the vast and boundless mind, heart and will of God. Don’t mistake your attempts as the thing itself. Otherwise you are no better than a cult.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/27/18

When things are bad, remind yourself of this: You can survive it. And if not, there’s heaven.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/25/18

“It’s God’s money,” says the Church. “So give it to us.” Wouldn’t that make it their money? Not God’s? The Bible tells us to be wise stewards. Charitable, not blind. Falling into the trap of human desperation goes beyond the individual and into the organization, even a church. Fear-mongering and guilting your congregation isn’t the answer, trusting in God is. If it’s meant to be, He will find a way. The right way. One that depends on faith, not a chokehold.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/25/18

If one dog has meat put upon the table and is told no, and another has no meat, is the one who disobeys worse than the one who had none? It’s easy for the self-righteous to act holy when little to no temptation is presented.
~ James D. Maxon, 6/24/18

Often, the difference between “those sinners” and the self-righteous is nothing more than a lack of opportunity. Having regrettable decisions judged by someone walking a different path is not a reflection of God, but of insecurities. An unconscious fear that they too may have fallen if presented with the same log to trip over. It’s true that avoiding dark corners is a way to holiness, but not everyone is born near the sun. Is it not better to ignite a candle than a fuse? One gives sight, the other harm.
~ James D. Maxon, 6/24/18

The scientific process, while intrinsically valuable, cannot answer the deepest questions of life.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/21/18

Good friendships can be trusted, but not all the time. We are flawed and will hurt one another no matter how hard we try not to. It's those two-sided relationships that hold an endearment toward restitution that make it worthwhile. Those special relationships with genuine apologies and steps toward reversal of said failure.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/13/18

Resisting one’s urges; is that such a bad thing? It’s like yelling no to a dog about to lick its own vomit.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/25/18

When people are appreciated, work is less of a chore, perhaps even enjoyable. When people are treated with toxicity, there's little less demoralizing.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/17/18

We were designed to frolic in the garden. While sin forced upon us a life of labor and toil, of survival and necessity, it is good to come back to our roots on occasion. To reflect, enjoy, relax, and appreciate.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/17/18

It is best to keep a balance between the real and creative world; do not get so caught up in life that your need for imagination and creative becomes lost, but do not become so obsessed over it that you disconnect from the here and now.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/28/18

God does not have to give an account to me. I have to give an account to Him.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/21/18

Positivity builds stairs. Negativity digs holes.
~ James D. Maxon, 2/8/18

The purpose of communication is to convey information. The purpose of snobbery is to insist it be done a specific way.
~ James D. Maxon, 12/15/17

Gifts of wisdom and insight are not for the forming of elitist groups that stagnate into seclusion, but for the larger pool of mankind who possess an inquisitive mind.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/09/17

Law is a solution, though not a perfect one. Only when grace abounds in the hearts of mankind--all mankind--will law find its restitution.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/11/17

A good life will give you most of what you need, some of what you want, and a healthy portion of what you don’t expect.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/7/17

This is the view of life I had taken: that beauty is here only for a moment, and then is gone. To enjoy it now while it lasts for the future has only ugliness ahead. Yet I find this to be in error. Each day I survive, new beauties find their way. It’s just up to me to find them.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/28/17

I mistook my desire for being godly to being godlike, when I should have aimed for being a child rather than a king.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/28/17

Think first. Act second.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/26/17

Cheating may help you win the game, but it’ll cause you to lose in life.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/05/17

It may be harder to walk on a path full of protruding roots and winding weeds, but it’s still our responsibility to maintain a forward pace. Not someone else’s.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/19/17

It’s not the last words you say to a person that matter. It’s the ones you say to them throughout their lifetime.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/11/17

If courtesy forces good people to the back, then this world has become an uglier place.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/14/16

The thing about crazy is you either look at it in the face and laugh or you look at it and shudder. I think I’m in the mood for a good chuckle.
~ James D. Maxon, 05/30/16

The biggest insult from those who have hurt you isn't that they won't apologize, it's that they won't admit to any wrongdoing.

~ James D. Maxon, 05/2/16

I'm not a Christian because I'm good. I'm a Christian because I'm acceptably flawed.

~ James D. Maxon, 04/10/16

To box God into human understanding is to seek the sunrise with a veil.

~ James D. Maxon, 03/20/16

You may know of God through study and meditation, but you will not truly know God until He touches your very being.

~ James D. Maxon, 03/20/16

God cannot be found by wisdom alone; He must be perceived in a realm that surpasses human boundaries.

~ James D. Maxon, 03/20/16

People with genuine smiles are less likely to cause frowns.

~ James D. Maxon, 03/8/16

What does it mean to trust and obey the Lord, if it doesn't mean to give Him every bit of you -- including your dreams?

~ James D. Maxon, 12/26/16

Simplicity is where true complexity resides.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/11/15

Love has amnesia. Remind it daily.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/25/15

Prayer isn’t some magical solution to get your own way. If anything, it challenges you to change your heart and thus your desires.

~ James D. Maxon, 07/26/2015

Is a man searching for truth ever wrong for his reasons even if his vision is blind?

~ James D. Maxon, 07/10/2015

The more time you focus on what you don't have, the less time you appreciate what you do.

~ James D. Maxon, 6/28/15

I trust God and have faith that in bad situations, I will have a way through it. What I don’t trust is man. Man has a way of bringing about that which causes grief. Therefore I find it best to avoid this type of folly, if possible.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/10/15

Kicking a loyal dog while it’s being obedient is the worst thing one can do. Nothing will kill its spirit faster. And I ask myself, how much kicking can we bear before that obedience falls to the wayside?

~ James D. Maxon, 4/06/15

People’s hearts cannot be changed by force. This element only seeks to control the exterior, often with much misery. Whereas wisdom--when directed by love--invokes true change.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/13/15

If we show the world what we are for rather than what we are against. If we start listening to people’s hearts, really listening, then maybe, just maybe we can reach them in a way that really matters.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/9/15

Be cautious of passage pokers – aka people who pick verses and use them to prove a point. The Bible is meant to be taken as a whole, not as splinters wedged underneath fingernails.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/31/15

The thing that ultimately stabilizes our foundation is not well placed arguments or years of study, it's that invisible bond that only our eyes can see.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/26/15

Throw me, and I will land. Punch me, and I will heal. Trample my spirit, and it will soar.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/23/15

Performing to mathematical accuracy and perfection uncovers a path to harmony. Yet taking a step beyond and breaking out of the mold uncovers a larger path that leads to fulfillment.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/09/14

Those who lie to themselves are stuck in life--miserable with their own existence. But those who take a long, honest--often painful--look inside have the true potential to grow.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/24/14

Moving forward: we don’t do it because we’re strong, we do it because we accept our weakness.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/2/14

As couples grow together, it should be less about passion and more about contentment. Just like a puppy that is fun in the beginning, but too much work if never grown into a more peaceful dog. There's nothing like the comfort and understanding gained in that matured love.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/2/14

Everything you have been through has gotten you to this moment. Further evidence that God has not given up on you yet.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/29/14

In the story of life, the prologue and epilogue are written by God. Yet the plot has been given to us; therefore we should write the best prose we can.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/23/14

If to elevate ourselves we have to lower others, then the prison of the abyss is already our home.
~ James D. Maxon, 9/18/14

Don’t look down on a person even if you think they are an idiot. Chances are, they may be slow at one thing but a thousand times faster than you at another.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/18/14

When someone deliberately hurts another the world dies a little. And their ability to love does too.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/18/14

You don’t have to win to be a valuable and worthwhile human being. Contentment offers a trophy of its own.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/15/14

Dear world. You can punch me, kick me, and push me down. But your punches are weak, and the armor I wear is strong. My family pulls me back to my feet and the good lord increases my strength. So keep on hitting and biting like the little child you are. I’ll stand tall as an adult with the knowledge that, like many naughty children, one day you will receive your due.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/15/14

When you draw upon the world, emptiness eventually ensues.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/1/14

We as men want to leave our mark on the world whereas God as father wants to leave His mark on us.

~ James D. Maxon, 6/3/14

It's as if childhood is about gathering baggage so we have something to remove as adults. Something to help refine us. Like a lump of gold going through the fire so that, in the end, can be molded into something more beautiful.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/19/14

We learn more about heaven by wading through hell than we do by floating on clouds.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/6/14

There are so many different ways to view life. If we wanna see blue, it helps to avoid yellow lenses.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/28/14

Man in his great preeminence cannot stop the rain. The best he can do is shelter from it.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/28/14

 There is no challenge to growth like one in the midst of trial.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/25/14

The less you dream about a false utopia, and instead focus on the here and now, the better perspective you will obtain in life. Otherwise your future will only ever contain unending disappointments.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/22/14

The line between success and corruption is but a blur.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/11/14

If those in charge reach their posts through countless compromises, what makes us believe they will be trustworthy when at the top?

~ James D. Maxon, 4/11/14

We live in a world that takes good men and transitions them into scoundrels. The biggest scoundrels succeed while honest men fall to the wayside.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/11/14

Baby steps eventually lead to a trot, but not without many falls.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/12/14

Breathe like a sniper, fight like a samurai.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/11/14

Unfortunately, most of us are not adorable puppies . . . so we gotta work at being lovable.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/7/14

Everyone is the protagonist of his or her own story. Those around you are not extras, but other protagonists . . . and should be treated as such.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/29/14

If failure is not an option, then growth is impossible to obtain.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/17/14

The longer you are in the deep, the more likely you are to drown. #lightenup!

~ James D. Maxon, 12/23/13

Our circumstances allow us to identify with people. Curses can bring blessings, and injuries healing. There is no shoulder like one that has been through the same hell.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/23/13

It’s not about being religious. It’s about finding answers.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/18/13

God allows in just enough despair to keep us from becoming conceited. Better to find our own paths to humility than to face His discipline.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/11/13

Pause. Take a deep breath. Do you smell that? It’s called life!

~ James D. Maxon, 11/25/13

If there is a way that seems right to a man that only leads to death, then how important it is to not lean on our own understanding?

~ James D. Maxon, 11/20/13

We have not been given eyes to see the path ahead, only feet to walk the ground below.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/20/13

Looking back brings knowledge and understanding; but looking back too long brings anger and despair. Keep your eyes on the prize.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/17/13

There is no greater destructive force in our lives than ourselves.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/15/13

If you only do the right thing when it's convenient, then you've already failed the test.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/14/13

By not letting go, we often bring about the very things we fear happening.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/12/13

I sometimes think it would be nice to have no more pain. But then I realize that with pain comes feeling. And I’d rather suffer the tips of a hundred daggers than to be numb to the embrace of my loved ones.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/6/13

When I think how much I love my daughter and would stop the world for her, I consider how much greater God’s love for us must be.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/5/13

Coming to accept our failures isn’t the end of ourselves, but the beginning.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/4/13

Life rarely offers the chance to get away physically, which is why it’s so imperative to do so emotionally. #ReadAGoodBook.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/18/13

Fear comes from assuming faith is defined by dogma rather than the Spirit of Christ.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/17/13

If our foundation is built upon Christ Jesus, then everything else is just a wobbly structure sitting on top.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/17/13

Looking adversity in the face and giving it the finger; that's easy to do. Looking it in the face and playing its game; now that's a challenge.

~ James D. Maxon, 09/27/13

How beautiful was that garden? To have seen and been cast away. How beautiful . . . will we ever know?

~ James D. Maxon, 09/14/13

I've come to find that the world doesn't give a damn about me. But the one who formed and created it does. What's more important than that?

~ James D. Maxon, 09/13/13

Fantasy is an excellent platform to shine new lights on old truths.

~ James D. Maxon, 09/13/13

Good fiction is not defined by the masses, but by the tentative ear.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/18/13

A great writer weaves words like a painter mixes colors.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/15/13

The steepest mountains have the most satisfying peaks.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/4/13

There's a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Those with a propensity of looking down on others -- simply because they lack a particular nugget of information -- are the fools.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/4/13

Our heart songs might be viewed as garbage in the eyes of the world, but to God there is little more precious.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/2/13

You cannot change the past, but you can work hard toward the future. Those who find themselves saying "I'm bored" are those missing this vital concept.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/1/13

Turning toward Christian exclusivity is a mistake; embracing all that reflects God's handiwork helps others to see Him for who He truly is.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/22/13

It is true that love overlooks a multitude of sins. But when that love waivers, sins are hard to ignore.

~ James D. Maxon, 6/15/13

Worship me, says the author.

Idolize my words and adorn my story.

Entertain me, says the reader.

Feed my hunger and quench my thirst.

~ James D. Maxon, 6/7/13

Authors rip out their emotions, take a look inside, and weave their innards into the pages.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/10/13

Much exertion and crafting turns paper into flesh and words into blood. With proper fermentation, they become as sweet as wine or as bitter as vinegar; to be sipped or spat against the floor.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/10/13

That which drains the author has the potential to fill the reader.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/10/13

If an author completes a work without having poured emotions into it; then the reader will see but a face with dead eyes.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/10/13

If writing didn't create emotional risk, then it wouldn't be worth doing.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/10/13

There are smart, brilliant people in this world, and then there are those who are expert fakes. If I fall into either category, it would be the latter.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/5/13

Christianity is either the biggest scam the world has ever seen, or the one true answer we are all looking for.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/26/13

And so, some of the tension fades away . . . but then comes back in a flood of despicable confusion like that of a salty morsel drenched in a vat of lava as spherical blistering gas eats through the surface, exposing both the sophomoric and buffoonish nature of man.

~ James D. Maxon, 4/4/12

You’ve grown too old when the world ceases to be magical.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/25/12

Don’t let the opinions of others define you.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/25/12

Why does it feel like the whole world has an ulterior motive?

~ James D. Maxon, 1/25/12

Evil will not swallow me up; the shell tastes like bitter crimson.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/23/12

Our bodies are dying from the moment we take our first breath; it’s just a matter of time. Never cease to sharpen that inner part which lives on.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/16/12

If you feel your writing is boring, simply plan out a scene, then have it all go to pieces.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/15/12

There is a beauty in sadness. When one comes to the end of their schemes. Scoffing laughter and wicked grins have no place, and a long look inside reveals scales that have been found wanting.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/11/12

Of tales and stories there is no end; of dreams and beauty are many words to share.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/6/12

As children, many of us pretended to be adults. Years later, I still find myself chasing after this imaginary game.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/28/12

I used to think there’s not enough time in the day. Then I got an education, married, full time job, a family, a house, and a mountain of hobbies and interests. Then I realized there’s not enough time in life. Enjoy it while you can; it passes so quickly.

James D. Maxon, 11/28/12

There are two types of forgiveness. The one-sided kind where you let go of the hatred and bitterness, and the two-sided kind where you restore the relationship. The latter does not automatically come with the former.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/24/12

Weed killer in a garden nips at more than one root.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/19/12

It is so easy to lift up or tear down the spirit of a dog just by the way we talk to it. I wonder, are we really that different in this regard?

~ James D. Maxon, 11/14/12

All the wisdom in the world cannot mend a fractured heart. Like a broken chandelier, it must go back to the hands of its creator where a proper repair can be performed.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/09/12

Both sides of the coin are made by men; one day we’ll all have to pay our dues. #politics

~ James D. Maxon, 11/08/12

There are two types of fighters. Ones who fight to know the truth, and ones who fight to hide from it.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/07/12

Men messed up this world in the first place, so what makes us think they can fix it?

~ James D. Maxon, 11/07/12

God opens doors. It’s up to us to walk through them.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/07/12

Journeymen of faith search for truth no matter how ugly it is, or how much it hurts, so that the beauty inside can forever imbibe.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/5/12

Is belief in Jesus nothing more than belief in Santa Claus? If so, then I choose the larger world of belief than the smaller one of doubt.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/3/12

Creation, nature, graciously reminds me that life is so much bigger than me.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/1/12

If you spend too much time in the deep, you may forget how to swim.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/18/12

Fulfillment from the world is ultimate emptiness.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/12/12

Money makes the external problems easier, but contentment is a difficult beast to fulfill.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/12/12

Baby steps are sometimes more important than leaps. It's easier to climb than to jump out of a pit.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/12/12

The person who is not content in poverty will not be content in wealth. It's a state of mind, not situation.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/12/12

A god that proves Himself to one person at a time seems more real to me than one who falls into the trap of promulgation. A Hollywood god, I want none of that.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/20/12

Blessings and curses. Sometimes hard to know the difference.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/7/12

Would it be better to cut off one’s right hand than to lose all imagination?

~ James D. Maxon, 8/23/12

The worst villains are those who try to be overly bad. The best villains are those who are scarily relatable.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/17/12

Transformation is a most painful process, but little matters more.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/26/12

Life is but a speck of dust where one strives to be better than a piece of dirt, and more like a heavenly being.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/26/12

Living by grace alone is like making decisions based on emotions. Living by law alone is like directing one’s steps by logic. The individual facing the light is he who has both.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/22/12

In my lifetime, I've developed a love/hate relationship with humanity. I've also come to feel the same way about myself. What wretched beings we are, of which I am quite fond.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/22/12

This place, this world we live in now will not last forever. It's a temporal home, a shadow, a stop along the road before our true adventure begins.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/21/12

Imagination is the stuff worlds are made from.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/10/12

God is a father who is pleased with His child’s first steps, yet is not content to leave hobbling around.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/10/12

It seems to me that man is too much of a complex and emotionally wretched being to have been evolved from something as simple as a fish.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/2/12

There is no one I despise more than myself, and yet no one who's comfort I give the most heed. What wretched beings we are.

~ James D. Maxon, 7/2/12

Dear Jesus,

I deserve nothing, but you've given me everything . . .

Thank you

~ James D. Maxon, 7/2/12

For the most part, I don’t believe in excuses, I believe in reasons. Excuses nullify whereas reasons are a true cause, which can often be overcome.

~ James D. Maxon, 6/18/12 

Accuse someone of doing good, and they just might prove to be guilty.

~ James D. Maxon, 6/14/12 

What good are rules and laws without love to guide them?

~ James D. Maxon, 5/18/12 

Some Christians make a life of pointing fingers, others make a life of grasping hands.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/14/12 

Dear Lord, thank you for helping me to grow up as less of a fool. Now if you could only do something about that idiot thing.

~ James D. Maxon, 5/7/12 

Fighting the good fight is rarely easy, but by God's grace victory can prevail. 

~ James D. Maxon, 5/4/12 

Is knowing one's self equal to seeing the face of the enemy?

~ James D. Maxon, 4/19/12

Sin cannot be taken away. It cannot be covered up. Like a festering wound, it languishes forever. The only solution is to pay it off.

~ James D. Maxon, 3/3/12  

Show me a believer who has known pain, and I'll show you someone with a genuine faith.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/29/12  

Fiction gives us a reach into the lives of individuals that would otherwise be a closed door. If we are gifted with a desire to tell tales, then we should tell them . . . if only to reach a few.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/6/12

Powerful words are like water. At first, they may seem odorless, tasteless, and hard to grasp. Yet when given time, they can cut into the very stones of existence.

~ James D. Maxon, 2/2/12

Writers who do not embrace humility will never experience growth.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/23/12 

Thank you Jesus for the good things in life. And thank you for those other things that make the good things stand out.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/16/12 

People change about as fast as water cuts into rock. We can change our words and our actions, but the temperament inside remains. Only when God puts us on a new path can true change occur. And even then, it often takes an endless amount of strides to get there.

~ James D. Maxon, 1/11/12

Jesus gave simple visuals so others could understand complex matters. Should we not do the same?

~ James D. Maxon, 12/16/11

Heaven is me minus the baggage plus He who equals life.

~ James D. Maxon, 12/1/11

The man who faces death and says I am saved, I am safe with absolute certainty is one who has not truly searched the cavities of his heart.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/30/11

I think the fact that we as men cannot prove God's existence in the realm of our understanding is part of what makes the concept of Him that much more real. When something comes without any hiccups or question marks, one has to be wary. So, in a sense, a certain amount of agnosticism is natural and healthy. It's when that agnosticism takes the forefront of our beliefs that we have taken a bad turn.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/30/11

Music is the breath of heart which exhales countless dreams.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/10/11

Who should we be trying to make the most proud? Our family? Our friends? Our teachers or bosses? What about the one who molded us out of the earth itself, who formed us like clay, and instilled within us the very breath of life that shaped the universe?

~ James D. Maxon, 11/4/11

That which is most precious is often that which takes the most work.

~ James D. Maxon, 11/4/11

Many youths of today expect the world to come to them. What happened to going out into the world, working hard, and making a life for oneself?

~ James D. Maxon, 11/4/11

If you measure your life by what you own, the cavern of your heart will never be filled.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/28/11

In her youthful ignorance, a small sticker brightens my daughter's face, and she thinks that jumping a little higher is all it takes to grasp the moon. I can't help but think how different her world will be when she grows as big as me. Yet I ask myself, which of us really sees life for how it was meant to be?

~ James D. Maxon, 10/28/11

I can never truly be a great representative of Christianity. There are too many scars and shadows within my heart for that to be. Yet if God can still use this broken down vessel in some way, then may His light break through the cracks, and His glory come forth for all to see.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/19/11

I don't fear darkness. I fear others seeing the darkness within me.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/19/11

Dear muse, please stop visiting me at night. It gets crowded in here with the Sandman rapping at the door.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/7/11

God's plan is not to take away what is most precious, but to pick us back up when it's gone.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/7/11

Of course all things happen for a reason, I just don't believe they all happen for a purpose. If I step on my cat's tail, it's because I wasn't looking, not because God planned for me to do it. What God does do is to take those happenings, purposeful and not, and turn them around to reveal goodness in our lives.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/7/11

God's arms -- the only safe place to fall.

~ James D. Maxon, 10/5/11

What happens when we run out of sugar? Do we coat our words with something else?

~ James D. Maxon, 9/29/11

We all have the breath of God filling our lungs, the question is whether or not we have it filling our hearts.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/27/11

A single kind word can redirect the path of someone's entire day. Let us be a people who change paths, shall we?

~ James D. Maxon, 9/22/11

It's not about changing the way you live your life, it's about improving who you are.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/9/11

Children use a great deal of energy by whining. Much more than is required to accomplish the task at hand. I wonder, do we ever truly grow out of this? How much more could we accomplish if we did?

~ James D. Maxon, 9/7/11

We are all just flawed human beings, either walking down the path of togetherness or separation.

~ James D. Maxon, 9/7/11

Many groups play off our fundamental need to belong, snagging people by fulfilling a contorted version of that need, and then turning it around as a war to be waged against differing forces. Do not fall into this trap.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/23/11

Humanity, at its basic foundation, flocks to like-minded systems that battle against anything that challenges what they believe. Fewer follies exist than this.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/23/11

We may disagree. We may not always see eye to eye. But as iron sharpens iron, together we can muddle through this thing called life.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/6/11

Much study makes weary, but creative expression refills the bones.

~ James D. Maxon, 8/5/11

The more I try to control life, the more anxious and tense I become. The more I let go, the better prepared I am.

~ James D. Maxon, 8-3-11

Three hundred plus words a day keeps the stories underway.

~ James D. Maxon, 8-1-11

Christians are not blind, they just learn to see through different eyes.

~ James D. Maxon, 6-30-11

Merely existing isn't enough. There has to be some level of amazing.

~ James D. Maxon, 6-27-11

A domino that falls years ago has the ability to tip the scales of today.

~ James D. Maxon, 6-14-11

On your left hand, count your struggles. On your right hand, count your blessings. Fold them together and give thanks for a life well lived.

~ James D. Maxon, 3-28-11

To become a believer doesn't mean to lose out on fun. An untainted laugh brings more joy than a hollow snicker. We merely choose to turn from the ways of deception, and follow a path of fulfillment.

~ James D. Maxon, 3-18-11

We can't all be cheerleaders, athletes, doctors, actors, or famous musicians. But we can be what we were created to be, and that's something special, unique, and irreplaceable.

~ James D. Maxon, 2-23-11

The Spirit of Christ is the only true salvation. That said, just because a man doesn’t have the right terminology, or painted visual, do you honestly believe the Spirit of Christ won't reveal itself to the heart of a Buddhist who is genuinely seeking?

~ James D. Maxon, 2-1-11

If time was food, then age has a big appetite.

~ James D. Maxon, 1-1-11

Heart isn't something you find in soap operas and Harlequin novels. It’s that pure essence--sheltered deep inside--that occasionally makes its way to the surface. Give heed lest it ever trend to waste.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-10-10

Artists help us view the world in a new light. To see the common as uncommon and to take a fresh breath of renewed passion.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-7-10

If you hear a voice telling you it's not enough. It's never enough. Then you just might be sensing the pang of realization that there's something more, something this earth cannot provide.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-27-10

Follow your personal convictions, but always be open to let God mold you should His voice take you in a different direction. Just be sure it's His voice that's speaking, not yours, not others.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-9-10

Let God be the one who defines you, not men.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-9-10

Legalism is like pouring toilet water on a delicious piece of steak.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-9-10

Sin is often fun during the act, but the bite will come later. Looking ahead can save you years of pain.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-5-10

Moving on is a hard process, but nothing is more important to our personal growth.

~ James D. Maxon, 10-14-10

Life is one big conundrum from beginning to end. What happens in between isn’t as important as how we react to it.

~ James D. Maxon, 10-14-10

If old doors are left open, sometimes it helps to talk to someone about getting them closed.

~ James D. Maxon, 10-14-10

Life is a sequence of holding on and letting go. Knowing which to do and when is the challenge.

~ James D. Maxon, 10-6-10

Last time I looked, the Doctor was the one who treated our sickness. Christians are at most a slightly more rehabilitated patient.

~ James D. Maxon, 07-15-10

Christians have taken the "be like Jesus" thing in the wrong direction. Being transformed in His image is not the same thing as taking His place of authority.

~ James D. Maxon, 07-15-10

My life's aspirations are not to disprove what you believe, but to improve what I do.

~ James D. Maxon, 06-12-10

If you are right, you have nothing to lose. If you are wrong, you have everything to lose. If I am wrong I have nothing to lose. If I am right I have everything to gain.

~ James D. Maxon, 06-12-10

When we are born into this earth, we find ourselves in a foreign land. The time thereafter is spent searching for our way back home. In the end, we are either brought closer or pushed farther away.

~ James D. Maxon, 06-12-10

There is no irrefutable evidence in the land of life and decadence, which is why we call it belief. All we can do is seek for truths as best we can, and follow the path that hopefully leads us to life in the end.

~ James D. Maxon, 06-11-10

If God gets blamed when things go wrong, why do we get the credit when they go right?

~ James D. Maxon, 05-20-10

At some point you have to just trust that God is directing your path. Do all you can, and let Him do the rest.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-20-10

Be thankful with a little, strive to become better, and find contentment with where you are.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-20-10

Brooding only makes the pot boil faster.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-20-10

The more you fret the harder it is on you, and the harder it is on you the more you fret.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-20-10

Life is a series of doubts and attempts to resolve them.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-10-10

There is nothing that lies to us more than our innermost self. Nor is there anything which requires more painstaking change.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-10-10

It begins with a thought where actions hopefully follow and feelings find their way.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-10-10

There is no pit of vipers more deadly than those who claim to be saved.

~ James D. Maxon, 05-04-10

We were made to live forever, but thankfully not in these bodies.

~ James D. Maxon, 04-30-10

Preachers who focus on money are like David who counted his fighting men (2 Samuel 24). Both without the things of God at heart.

~ James D. Maxon, 04-29-10

The things we do and say today, make or break another day.

~ James D. Maxon, 03-31-10  

Misery and unhappiness arises when we act with our own best interest in mind.

~ James D. Maxon, 03-29-10

Beauty is what passes us by when we are in a hurry to live.

~ James D. Maxon, 01-21-10

Everyone thinks they deserve a place in paradise. But if we think about it, really think about it, we know deep down that none of us do.

~ James D. Maxon, 01-10-10

It's God's job to change my heart, watch over my situation, and guide my path. My only job is to allow Him to do this. So why is that so hard?

~ James D. Maxon, 01-08-10

Hatred has a tendency to keep us from moving beyond the surface.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-28-09

Telling a lie is like digging a hole. From the first moment the shovel hits the dirt there is an almost certainty that it will become deeper than ever imagined.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-28-09

When we over tolerate a thing, we often kill another.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-21-09

I'm less concerned about this generation leaving the world a better place than I am having them leave this world a better person.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-21-09

Men with good intentions are often detrimentally wrong; therefore, what makes us think we can do this on our own?

~ James D. Maxon, 12-09-09

If the world is my oyster, then where's the jumbo sized butter and garlic platter?

~ James D. Maxon, 12-09-09

If all the peoples of the world united, wouldn't there just be another Babylon?

~ James D. Maxon, 12-01-09

The value I assign myself means little. The value others assign me is impracticable. The value God gives me is everything.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-01-09

I measure myself and I come up short. I allow others to measure me and I come up even shorter. I allow the law to measure me and I am found wanting. But He who has saved me measures me by himself.

~ James D. Maxon, 12-01-09

Someday I will fly up high into the sky and find the place my joy resides. And with the keys you've given me, I will unlock the doors to eternity.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-25-09

The lazy get a free ride, the rich find loopholes, and the middle-man ends up chewing the bullet.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-13-09

There is none who better knows the wickedness of the heart than oneself. Therefore, it never ceases to amaze me how so many believe they are good people.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-13-09

Ignorance is the food of many, so why is the world so hungry?

~ James D. Maxon, 11-13-09

There are none more violent than those who insist peace is the answer.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-06-09

No matter what generation, year, or century, the tipping back and forth of the scales is always the same. The answers never fulfilled by men.

~ James D. Maxon, 11-06-09