OkashiraIf the Oniwabanshuu had fought in Edo, the new era would have been ours.Where is Battousai?

" As I said before, villains of your ilk will be sent to the dark pit by those same dark powers. That is the last duty of the Okashira of the Oniwabanshuu.”

Name: Shinomori Aoshi

Nicknames: Okashira (Leader)

Age: 26

Weapons and Attacks: Kodachi, Kaiten Kenbu, martial arts training

Love Interests: Misao

Closest Friends: The Oniwabanshuu

Enemies: Shishio, Kanryuu and Kenshin

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Aoshi was a great fighter even as a child and assumed leadership of the Oniwabanshuu when he was 13. As the guardians of Edo Castle during the Bakumatsu, Aoshi and his Oniwabanshuu never saw combat. Years later, Aoshi and his remaining companions broke away from the main Oniwabanshuu and went in search of adventure. This led them into the employ of Kanryuu Takeda and would eventually bring Aoshi into contact with Himura Kenshin who would prove to be a rival worthy of his steel.

Aoshi now seeks to fight Kenshin again to prove that he's the greatest warrior in Japan, so he can put "flowers of glory" on the graves of his fallen comrades.

Personality Profile: Aoshi is very quiet and reserved. For a time he forgets his true reason for fighting and becomes consumed by lust for power. He also forgets his love for the young girl, Misao.

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