FAQ-Going to the Library from Study Hall

Keefe Library, Boston Latin School


I want to go to the library during study hall. What do I need to do?

  1. Go to the study hall (Oculus) link in SIS. You will need to set up an account the first time you use it. You may sign up up to one hour before your study hall, if space is available.
  2. Students should report directly to the library at the beginning of the period. Do not go to study hall. Attendance is taken and shared with study hall teachers electronically.
  3. If a student has a question or concern about their study hall sign up or account, they should come to see a librarian before school.
  4. 7th Grade Group Work Support - The library will coordinate with teachers to have a group sign-up during Science Fair and Capstone project time.
  5. 5-minute print pass is allowed any time during the school day.

How often may I go to the library from a study hall?

We want to give as many students as possible access to the library. Here are the guidelines for sign-up:

When I arrive at the library what should I do?

  1. Check in at the praefect station to scan your I.D.
  2. You may then check out a laptop at circulation desk, use a desktop in the computer area or sign up to use a group study room.

When can I print homework?

What is the I.D. scanning system?

  1. All students spending their study hall period in the library need to present their ID cards to be scanned.
  2. Each period attendance is taken and shared with study hall teachers electronically. Study hall teachers will mark the students AE in SIS from this shared list.
  3. Students who don’t scan may receive a cut.  If a student is concerned about an attendance issue, they may come talk to a librarian.

If I need to leave during study hall what do I do?

If you need to leave and plan to return, obtain a pass from a librarian and sign out at the clipboard at the main desk.

Are students allowed to go to the library during R5 or their lunch time?

Students are not allowed to drop in during their lunch period unless they have a pass from a teacher or administrator.

How can I sign up to use a group study room during study hall?

Grades 8 -12 may sign up for study rooms in a binder at the main circulation desk. You may sign up in advance, but not more than 2 reservations are permitted at a time for students. Groups who do not show up within the first 10 minutes of a period give up their reservation. After school if you do not arrive by 2:30 p.m. another group may take the room. 7th graders must speak with a librarian to use a room.

Can I use my phone in the library?

Phones are only allowed in the library after school. If you have an academic reason to use your phone during study hall in the library, please talk to a librarian. As in other areas of the building, phones will be confiscated if they are being used without permission from a faculty member.

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August 20, 2018