Web Design Pre / Post Class Assessment


Directions:  Read the following questions and choose the best answer.  Mark your answers in Data Director.

1.  In what year was the Internet invented?

a.  1999                b.  1979

c.  1969                d.  1959

2.  Which country invented the Internet?

a.  China                b.  The United States of America

c.  Japan                d.  Russia

3.  When saving a file for the Web, you should…

a.  always use capital letters                b.  never use capital letters

c.  never use spaces or capital letters        d.  none of the above

4.  What program do we mainly use in class for Web Design?

a.  Word                b.  Excel

c.  PowerPoint        d.  Adobe Fireworks

5.  In which format should you save a Fireworks file?

a.  PNG                b.  GIF

c.  JPEG                d.  TIFF

6.  In Fireworks, what do we call the main screen where everything is designed?

a.  stage                b.  canvas

c.  panels                d.  workspace

7.  In Fireworks, what tool is used to turn an object?

a.  modify                b.  group

c.  transform        d.  transcribe

8.  In Fireworks, which tool should always be selected as a safety precaution?

a.  pointer                b.  sub-select

c.  the thing        d.  rectangle

9.  When resizing an image, what button should you hold down to constrain or keep the image from distorting?

a.  Ctrl                b.  Tab

c.  Shift                d.  Alt

10.  In Fireworks, what button is used to copy a section of an image?

a.  pointer                b.  undo

c.  cut                d.  marquee

11.  In Fireworks, what does the fill button look like?

a.  paint brush        b.  pencil

c.  paint bucket        d.  a circle

12.  What is this file name missing…rschneider_graphic1_

a.  nothing                b.  the class hour

c.  another underscore        d.  the date

13.  What is this file name missing…schneider_graphic3_4

a.  underscore                b.  nothing

c.  a space                        d.  first initial

14.  In Fireworks, what is the purpose of the group button?

a.  to glue everything together                b.  keep things separate

c.  none of the above                                d.  none of the above

15.  In Fireworks, what button should you select before you group?

a.  transform                b.  select

c.  select all                        d.  select most

16.  What is a HotSpot?

a.  a spot on fire                b.  a web-link to another page

c.  a broken URL                d.  none of the above

17.  On a Webpage, where should the banner be?

a.  bottom                b.  side

c.  middle                d.  top

18.  In Fireworks, to delete major areas of a section, which tool should you use?

a.  wand                b.  rectangle

c.  marquee        d.  delete

19.  If you want to look at different pages in a Website, what should the general person look for?

a.  navigation machine                b.  bar

c.  nav area                                d.  navigation bar

20.  How will you export for final portfolio?

a.  as a fully functional Website uploaded to a server

b.  as a fully functioning PDF

c.  we are never going to see it because I will lose it

d.  as a somewhat functioning Website

Web Design | Pre and Post Class Assessment